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Title: Please Me Right
Pairing: Tao/Sehun
Word Count: 2123
Summary: Every night, Sehun can feel eyes on him. It pleases him to please an anonymous stranger and yet...he wonders about this stranger. (basically a PWP)
A/N: because Thea requested it so I wrote it :3 I hope it's okay

Sehun smiled to himself. He could feel those eyes watching him again. It sent a shiver down his spine.
Ever since he started to frequent this club, there have always been eyes watching him, watching his every move. Sehun did a subtle hip thrust to the beat, undulating his hips in time to the music. He enjoyed the anonymous attention, the thrill of pleasing an unknown stranger.
Fanning his face with his hand, he made his way out of the crowd of dancers towards the bar. He found an open spot and took the vacant seat. “Glass of water, please.”
The bartender nodded, passing him a glass. Sehun grabbed it and chugged it all down. Another full glass was placed in front of him. He chugged it down as well. Licking his lips, he smiled, finally taking a much needed breath. The dance floor had been extra crowded today, not that he minded as he always had space to move.
“You looked gorgeous out there.”
Sehun turned his head and found his gaze locked with someone. His heart rate tripled. Instinctively, he realized this was his secret admirer, the person that had been watching him these many nights. He said nothing, taking another sip from his glass.
The stranger lifted a brow. “May I sit next to you?”
Sehun took a glance at the vacant chair. “It’s not my chair. The bar is open for anyone to sit.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.” The stranger slipped into the chair. “My name is Zitao but you can call me Tao.
Tao smiled. “Yeah. My intimates call me Tao.”
“Your intimates?”
“Yeah, my friends, my family…my lovers…”
Sehun sniffed the air in distaste. “Your lovers, huh? Isn’t it a bit too presumptuous to lump me into that category?”
Tao shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe, but I’m sure we’ll be lovers in no time,” he checked his watch, “actually in about ten minutes?”
“Sorry, but I don’t like the forward approach. Come back tomorrow and try again.” Sehun drained his glass and set it on the counter before drifting back onto the crowded dance floor.

It was a few more nights before Tao approached him again. Sehun was in the middle of the floor, body moving along to the music. He felt a hand wrapping around his waist, pulling his body back against another’s. He turned his head and found Tao softly smiling down at him.
He reached down to remove Tao’s hand from his waist. “Sorry, but no touching without my permission.”
He strolled off the dance floor, back to the bar with Tao hot on his heels. “Didn’t I tell you I don’t like the forward approach? I guess you don’t really learn.”
“Oh I learned alright. I’m just trying to see what your limits are before you do something about it.” Tao smirked. “I can sense a lot of pent-up passion in your body and I want to be there when it all gets released.”
Sehun scoffed, nodding and smiling at the bartender who passed him a glass of water. “You’re delusional. Now go find someone else to bother. I don’t want to deal with you today.”
“Fine, I’ll go but expect to see me again.”
Sehun rolled his eyes.
“You’ve been eye fucking me every night I’ve been coming here so I don’t doubt you’ll see me again. Just keep your distance until you figure out how I like to be approached.” He made little shooing motions with his hands as he sipped his drink.
Tao rolled his eyes and grinned. “Just a little parting gift.”
He bent down and pressed his lips against Sehun’s cheek in a chaste kiss.
Sehun glared at his retreating back. He could still feel where Tao’s lips had left a kiss on his cheek and it didn’t make him feel any better.

Sehun was seated at the bar, sipping a drink, when he spotted a familiar head in the crowd. It had been a few weeks since Tao had last approached him and that made him frown.
No matter how much he tried, thoughts and images of the man appeared in his mind at all hours. He had replayed Tao’s chaste kiss many times but at some point, he began to imagine that he had turned his head to meet Tao’s lips, tasting those plush lips.
His frown deepened when he noticed those plush lips, looking extra tempting, as Tao moved through the crowd towards him. He downed the rest of his drink, setting the glass on the table. He reached for the next one the bartender pushed at him.
“Hello there, handsome. Want to buy me a drink?”
Sehun arched a brow. He ran his eyes up and down Tao’s body. He was decked out in skintight black jeans and a shimmery form fitted shirt. He could see the muscles hidden beneath the clothes. “Uh no, sorry.”
Tao frowned and slipped into the seat next to Sehun. He leaned in close but kept a small distance between them.
“I know you don’t like people to be so forward but that’s my confidence talking. I go for what I want and I want you,” Tao whispered in his ear, “any way I can have you.”
Sehun took a sip of his drink. “So you’ll let me top?”
“Of course.”
“Right now.”
“Whenever, wherever, as long as I get to have you.”
Sehun contemplated for a moment. He downed the rest of his drink. “Finish up your drink and then we’ll go to your place.”
A slow smile crossed Tao’s face.

Sehun pressed Tao against his door, lips devouring his. His hands slipped beneath Tao’s shirt, skimming over the ridges of his abs. Sehun smirked, lips trailing down Tao’s neck to lick. His hands roamed all over Tao’s body.
“Time to remove this.” Tao’s shirt was taken off, thrown behind them.
Tao’s hands lightly tapped along Sehun’s waist. “Can I take off yours?”
Sehun’s hands got tangled with Tao’s as he tried to remove Tao’s pants as Tao tried to remove his shirt. He growled, grabbing at Tao’s hands. “Let me just do it.”
Tao’s lips lifted in a small smirk. “As you wish.”
His hands fell away, letting Sehun undress them both. Soon they were both naked, Tao leaning against the door as Sehun trailed his mouth all over Tao’s body. His tongue came out, licking at the tip before coming back and sucking it.
“Don’t tease and just suck it.” Tao’s hands came down, threading through Sehun’s hair.
“Just for that comment, I’m not going to.” Sehun smirked as his tongue licked at the tip one last time before moving back up Tao’s body. He pressed a light kiss to Tao’s lips. “So the bedroom?”
Tao laced their fingers together and led Sehun into this bedroom. He climbed over the bed, ass sticking up in the air as he rummaged around in his nightstand drawer.
Sehun ran an appreciative gaze over Tao’s ass. His hand moved of its own volition, coming to stroke the curve of Tao’s ass.
Tao glanced over his shoulder. “Just wait a little bit longer and this ass will be all yours.”
He turned around, handing Sehun the condom. He rested his back against the headboard, legs spreading wide as he brought his own fingers down to his hole. Squirting some lube onto his fingers, he gently circled his hole before pushing two fingers in.
Sehun stared as Tao’s fingers moved in and out of his body quickly.
“Put on the condom and come here.” Tao crooked his fingers.
“Sure you’re prepped enough?”
“Yeah, now get over here and fuck me please.” Tao’s legs spread even wider.
Sehun groaned. “Don’t ever tell me what to do. But since it’s a good suggestion, I’ll listen this once.”
Tao rolled his eyes. “Just get on with it.”
Sehun growled, hands gripping the back of Tao’s neck to bring him in for a bruising kiss. At the same time, he fitted himself between Tao’s legs and thrust in.
Tao moaned, legs wrapping tight around Sehun’s waist.
Sehun’s hands gripped Tao’s hips as he worked his hips fast and furious against Tao’s. Moans left Tao’s lips as his hands clutched at Sehun’s arms.
“Please, please, please.”
Sehun grunted as he chased after his orgasm. His hips thrust harder and faster, changing angles. A smirk crossed his lips when he felt Tao’s grip tighten. Keeping that angle, he repeatedly hit Tao’s prostate.
Tao spilled between them, untouched, clutching tightly to Sehun as his orgasm flowed through him.
Sehun moaned as his orgasm hit. He collapsed on top of Tao, limbs weak.
Tao smiled, hand coming up to gently stroke Sehun’s head. “So how was it?”
“Great. You have such a nice, tight ass.” Sehun gave it an appreciative squeeze.
Tao chuckled. “So are you up for another round?”
“Possibly, but just give me a moment to relax.”
“Oh, don’t worry. You get to relax all you want.” Tao grinned right before he flipped them over.
Sehun didn’t even have time to react before Tao was hovering over him.
“I let you dominate me so you could relax but now I get to dominate you.” Tao’s eyes glittered as he looked down at the pale expanse of Sehun’s neck, laid bare for his claim.
“Wait a minute, aren’t you sore?” Sehun pressed a hand against Tao’s chest, stopping him from leaning down.
Tao paused for a moment, thinking. “Nope.”
He started to lean back down. Sehun put more force behind his hand. “Next time, I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to move for a week.”
Tao’s eyes glittered in challenge. “I’d like to see you try.”
And with that, all conversation ceased as Tao moved between Sehun’s legs, spreading them wide and leaning down to lick.
Sehun squirmed, a moan slipping from his lips. Tao’s tongue was doing things he hadn’t imagined. He could feel himself slipping close to the edge already. “No, please…stop…I’m so close…”
He tried to reach down to push Tao away but Tao’s hands gripped his wrist, trapping them to the bed.
“Well now...” Tao’s eyes gleamed, “that was a lot faster than I was expecting. Is this a first time for you?”
His tongue came out, circling around Sehun’s hole. “Or have you always imagined someone doing this to you but since you seem to like to top, no one ever has?”
Sehun moaned, hips trying to wiggle on the bed.
Tao leaned down and gently began to push his tongue inside. Sehun’s breath got caught in his throat.
Tao’s tongue moved around Sehun’s hole, getting it all wet. With his lubed fingers, he gently slipped one inside with his tongue. He worked Sehun open gently, getting another finger in alongside his tongue.
Sehun was writhing on the bed, hands clutching at the sheets. “Tao…”
Tao leaned back up. He wiggled his finger inside Sehun’s hole, watching the pleasure wash over his face. “Ready for more?”
Sehun bit his bottom lip. “Tao…”
“I guess that means yes.” He grinned as he reached for the other condom he had set aside. He slipped it on and then slipped inside Sehun.
Sehun gasped, nails digging into Tao’s biceps.
Tao waited a few moments, waiting for Sehun to relax enough so he could pull out and push back in.
Sehun moaned, Tao’s hips moving nice and slow, thrusting in deep. His hands moved up to Tao’s back, digging in deep. “Tao…”
“Yes? Does it feel good, baby?”
Sehun tried to frown but Tao swiveled his hips, making him gasp instead.
Tao grinned, repeating the motion.
“Shh, baby. Just relax. I’ll make it all good for you.” Tao continued to thrust.
“Shh…” Tao’s hand reached between them, gently stroking Sehun’s cock in time with his thrusts.
Sehun moaned, spilling between their bodies.
Tao groaned and came a few moments later. He kept himself off of Sehun, slipping out and then curling against his side. He snuggled close. “So, how did you like it?”
Sehun turned his head, chest heaving. “I should smack you for what you did.”
“But you enjoyed it.” A grin crossed Tao’s face.
“You're going to let me fuck you again so I can feel like I own this relationship.”
“Whatever you say, baby.” Tao ran a hand down Sehun’s body, coming to rest on the curve of his ass, giving it a loving caress. “Now go to sleep. We’re gonna go back to the club tonight, flirt outrageously, and then come home and do all this again.”
Sehun made some mumbling noise as sleep claimed him. Tao grinned, placing a kiss to Sehun’s forehead and neck before cuddling close and going to bed.

A/N: not sure what happened here but i do hope it's okay
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, tao/sehun

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