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Title: Bundled Up
Pairing: Suho/Kai
Word Count: 223
Summary: Suho's all bundled up for the cold but she's missing one thing (well two actually).
Warning: fem!Suho
A/N: inspired by michelle's tweet

Joonmyun was toasty warm, bundled up in many layers with a large puffy coat on top. Her scarf was wrapped tightly around her neck several times. She had forgotten a hat but the many layers and scarf still kept her warm.

Jongin smiled to himself as he waited by the lamppost. He could see Joonmyun walking down the street, bundled in her big puffy jacket, the ends of her straight brown hair fluttering in the cold wind. She looked so adorable, like a giant marshmallow. He shifted his hands in his jacket pocket, making sure it was there.
When she was a few steps away, Jongin moved away from the lamppost, standing in her path.
Joonmyun looked up, eyes widening before becoming crescents. “Jongin-ah. What are you doing here?”
Jongin chuckled. “Do you really have to be asking that every day? You know why I’m here.”
He pulled the item out of his pocket and slipped it onto Joonmyun’s head. “You always forget a hat, silly girl.”
He grinned, dropping a kiss on her red nose. He reached down and intertwined his gloved hand with hers. “Shall we go get that cup of hot chocolate now?”
Joonmyun beamed at him. “Sure.”
The two strolled down the street, intertwined hands swaying, as they headed for the local coffee shop for their morning hot chocolate.

A/N: super short lil drabble. not even sure what this is or suppose to be :3
Tags: one shot, suho/kai

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