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trying to fix what's damaged

Title: Hungry for a Wiener?
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Word Count: 343
Summary: Chanyeol's making dinner for Baekhyun.
A/N: inspired by tracy's tweet (she's a wonderful, terrible influence)

“Honey! I made dinner~!”
Baekhyun set down the book he was reading and headed towards the kitchen. He froze in the doorway when he saw what his husband had prepared.
Chanyeol stood naked in front of the counter, holding a hot dog bun right where his dick was. On closer inspection, he noticed Chanyeol’s dick was inside the hot dog bun.
“Chanyeol…” Baekhyun spoke carefully, “what are you doing?”
“I made you dinner,” Chanyeol beamed. “Eat up before it gets cold.”
“Chanyeol…I am not eating that hot dog.”
“But honey, I made it especially for you.” Chanyeol pouted as he waved his hot dog around.
“No. I am not eating that. Put that away and make us some real dinner or so help me, you’re not getting any for a week.”
The pout became more pronounced but Chanyeol did as Baekhyun commanded. He tossed the hot dog bun into the trash and turned around to begin cooking.
Baekhyun rolled his eyes, not even going to comment on his husband cooking naked (he had seen him do weirder things, not including what went on in the bedroom). He went back to his room and began to read as he waited for dinner to be cooked.
“Honey~ Dinner is ready.”
Baekhyun came out again and saw the table set but no food. “Chanyeol…where’s dinner?”
“Right here.” Chanyeol gestured to himself.
Baekhyun’s eyes widened as he saw his husband lying on the ground with various pieces of food. There was an assortment of sweets amongst syrups and a few little pieces of meat.
“Chanyeol…” Baekhyun pinched the bridge of his nose. “This is not what I meant by real dinner.”
“But honey…aren’t you hungry?”
“Actually, I’ve lost my appetite. I hope you like sleeping on the couch.”
“Baekhyun!” Chanyeol stood up, syrup and food falling onto the floor, making a giant mess.
“And you’re cleaning that all up.”
Baekhyun walked away without a backwards glance.
Chanyeol frowned when he heard the definitive click of the lock. He sighed and began the long task of cleaning up.

A/N: so i totally skipped on the smut part and i was going to add it later but then i got lazy so i'm just leaving it as is. who knows if i'll ever write a smut to this but yeah :P
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol, one shot

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