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Title: What I Want Isn’t What I Thought (But I’m Okay With That)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kris/girl!Kyungsoo, mentioned Sehun/girl!Kyungsoo/Kai
Genre: fluff, smut
Word Count: 6451
Summary: After exploring her sexuality, Kyungsoo thinks she knows what she wants but one person might change her mind.
A/N: set in the same au as Three Times the Love, takes place some time after

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Kyungsoo watched the incoming students, making note of all the cute girls. She saw many great legs, beautiful boobs, round bottoms and soft-flowing hair.

“Checking out the newbies?” Her best friend Joonmyun nudged her elbow. “Any of them caught your eye?”

“They’re all nice to look at but no one is making me want a deeper look.” Kyungsoo pouted. “I was so hoping for a new play thing. I’ve already exhausted most of the girls here.”

“And a couple of guys.” Joonmyun wiggled her brows.

Kyungsoo scrunched her face and hit Joonmyun’s arm none too gently. “Oh come on, that was a one time thing –“

“Oh really? Then care to explain to me what last weekend was?” Joonmyun arched a brow.

“- before I realized I was more into girls than guys.” Kyungsoo spoke over Joonmyun, throwing a glare at her. “I already told them that and that I wouldn’t be seeing them anymore.”

“And yet...” Joonmyun nodded towards two guys. They were Sehun and Kai, two of the most popular guys at their school. One could never be found without the other.

Kyungsoo leveled Joonmyun with a look. “You know they’re my precious dongsaengs.”

Joonmyun grinned. “Yeah and –“

“Noona!” Sehun and Kai had matching grins as they each latched onto one of Kyungsoo’s arms.

“Sehun-ah, Kai-yah. How are my two beautiful dongsaengs?”

Kai pushed out his bottom lip into a pout. “What? No kiss for your dongsaengs?”

Kyungsoo laughed and reached up to ruffle their hair. “No, not anymore.”

“Aww come on, noona. Are you still not going to come back to us? You know we had a lot of fun together.” Kai leaned in, nuzzling into Kyungsoo’s neck, causing said girl to push his head away.

“We’re even open to your new girlfriend joining us when you get one, but just come back to us. We miss you.” Sehun wrapped himself around Kyungsoo, who just laughed and patted his butt.

“Sorry boys, but I’m no longer interested.”

“Oh come on, noona. I bet if we got you alone, we could convince you.” The two wore matching smirks as they stared at their noona.

Joonmyun laughed. “As much fun as this conversation is getting, I think it’s time we headed to class. See you boys later.”

She linked her arm through Kyungsoo’s and headed off to class.

It was the start of a new school year so the first day of class was filled with lots of rules and review. Kyungsoo had heard them so many times she could recite it in her sleep. This meant she didn’t have to pay attention and was given free time to check out her classmates and scope out a potential new play thing. She wasn’t looking for a girlfriend as she was still young and wanted the freedom to explore. If she happened to find the one while she was exploring, then so be it but she wasn’t going to specifically look for one.

Many of her classmates she had seen before or been with so there was nothing to really distract her.

“Class, before we begin, I’d like to introduce a new student.”

The door opened, revealing a tall blonde model. Kyungsoo’s eyes widened as she watched him stroll into the room, backpack slung over a shoulder. He towered over the teacher and stood before the class, exuding confidence. She could feel his magnetic draw from her seat and she was sitting near the back of the classroom.

His eyes raked over the classroom. Their eyes caught for a moment, causing Kyungsoo’s breathing to hitch a bit. Thank goodness, guys didn’t hold as much appeal to her or else she’d be soaking her panties from his gaze; it had held such heat and charisma she worried she might have caught on fire.

Kyungsoo let out a sigh of relief but that was short lived when the new student walked right over to her and settled into the seat next to her.

He gave her a small smile and held out his hand. “Hi, I’m Kris.”

Kyungsoo took his hand, noting how much larger it was. “I’m Kyungsoo.”

“I hope you don’t mind me asking you for help, since I’m new and all so I don’t really know what’s going on.”

“Well today’s just the first day of school so it’s just lots of rules and review. I’d advise you to pay attention so you can get a feel for the class. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.” Kyungsoo gave him a smile before turning away to go back to daydreaming.

The first thing Kyungsoo heard when she arrived at her normal lunch table was Baekhyun gushing over “the hot model” wandering around school.

“He’s so tall and he has this burning gaze full of charisma and wisdom. Like you know he’s done things. He’s definitely got experience with the way he walks and talks. I could just stare at him all day, he is so fine.” Baekhyun sighed, head resting on her hands as she stared across the cafeteria where the new student was seated alone.

Kyungsoo scoffed. “You would be into him.”

“I’m not the only one. Any girl would be interested in him. I bet even you are. I know Joonmyun appreciates his body even if she won’t admit it.” Baekhyun wiggled her eyebrows at Joonmyun who just ignored her, continuing to quietly eat her salad.

Kyungsoo rolled her eyes. “I’ll partially agree with your statement, that any girl interested in the opposite sex would be interested in him because he does have a very nice physique. But that’s about it. You don’t know anything else about him besides his looks. He’s only been here for a day.”

“Yeah and already he’s got a trail of broken hearts following him.”

“What?” Kyungsoo looked doubtfully at Baekhyun. “You’re lying.”

Baekhyun sighed. “Fine, but already a bunch of girls have been eyeing and tailing him already.”

“How pathetic. Like they don’t have anything better to do.” Kyungsoo snorted as she began to eat her lunch.

“And these are the same girls you were eyeing earlier.” Baekhyun grinned as she took a bite of her lunch.

“Uh no, like I’d be into a girl who’d fall for a pretty face. I’d like a little substance with my pretty which is very hard to find here.”

“Noona!” Sehun and Kai set their trays down on either side of Kyungsoo.

Kai immediately snuggled up into Kyungsoo. “So how was your day so far?”

“Same old, same old, except it seems most everyone is interested in the new guy.”

“Oh, you mean Kris? He’s a cool guy.” Sehun smiled as he dug into his sandwich, ignorant of everyone’s stares.

“Wait, how do you know that?”

“Because we’re old family friends. His parents know my parents back in college or something and we used to hang out as kids until his family moved out of the country. I heard they came back but haven’t had a chance to see him til now. Didn’t even realized he went to this school. I should probably go say hi.” Sehun stood up and walked over to where Kris was seated, the table watching in a mix of shock and amusement.

Kris looked up in surprise when Sehun tapped his shoulder but then a wide smile crossed his face as the two began talking animatedly. Sehun came back a few moments later, wide smile on his face.

“So…?” Baekhyun stared at Sehun.

“So what?” Sehun tilted his head in confusion.

“What’s the deal with the new guy?”

“Go ask him yourself.” Sehun stuck his tongue out before turning to Kyungsoo with pleading eyes. “Noona, can I have some of that?”

Kyungsoo said nothing but held up her spoon for Sehun to take a bite. Sehun grinned in satisfaction, placing a kiss on Kyungsoo’s cheek. “Sehun…what did I tell you about that?”

“But Noona~” Sehun looked at Kai who immediately snuggled up next to Kyungsoo.

“Yeah Noona~ come on.”

“No, I already told you.” Kyungsoo huffed. She placed both of her hands on their faces and pushed.


Kyungsoo just grinned, a little chuckle leaving her mouth as she stood up and walked away.

Sehun and Kai made to go after her but a strong grip on the back of their shirts kept them in place. They turned around to see Joonmyun holding on with a smile on her face. “I’d leave her alone if I were you.”

“But Noona~”

Joonmyun shook her head. “When Kyungsoo’s made up her mind, there’s no changing it. At least, not without some very good persuasion. And I think the two of you are tapped out.”

Sehun and Kai pouted.

Joonmyun laughed and patted the top of their heads. “Don’t worry. You’ll find someone better. I thought you two were together already. Why add another to the mix?”

“Because we need some variety. Besides, Sehun has this thing –“

“Okay, I think that’s enough talk for now.” Luhan placed a hand over their mouths. “We don’t need to know any of the kinky things you two might be into. We’re trying to eat.”

“But we could learn something useful.” Everyone turned to look at Yixing who was eating her lunch calmly. She looked up and noticed everyone staring at her. “What?”

“I think I’m going to head to class now. See you guys later.” With that, everyone left.

Kyungsoo sat in class, ready to daydream, when someone sat in the seat next to her. She turned her head and found Kris sitting next to her.


“Um…hi? Why are you sitting there?”

Kris arched a brow. “Am I not allowed to? All the other spots are already taken.”

Kyungsoo looked around and noticed at least one other spot that wasn’t taken. She didn’t say anything but just waited for Kris to continue.

“So, do you think you could share your book with me? Since I’m new and all.” Kris gave a sheepish smile.

“Sure. I won’t really be needing it. Here.” Kyungsoo pushed her textbook over to him and took up her position to daydream, head in her hand with her other hand poised like it was taking notes.

Kris gave a quiet murmur of thanks and turned to pay attention to the teacher who had just walked in.

“You guys, I think the new guy has a thing for me.”

Joonmyun arched a brow but said nothing, continuing to eat her lunch quietly.

“What makes you say that?” Yixing tilted her head questioningly at Kyungsoo.

“He’s always sitting next to me in class, which we share like a majority of them somehow, and he’s always borrowing my books even though he’s been here two months and should have his own set by now. He seems to be following me everywhere and will always look away in an obvious way when I spare him a glance, like he’s guilty of staring at me, which he is because I can seriously feel his eyes on me like everywhere. Even now.” Kyungsoo turned around to see Kris quickly turning his head back to his lunch. She narrowed her eyes but didn’t say anything. She turned back to see her friends looking at her with various expressions, Baekhyun and Luhan filled with doubt, Minseok and her nonchalant gaze, Yixing confused, and Joonmyun just staring carefully at her.

“I think lack of sex is making you weird. You should ask Sehun and Kai for another one of those sex marathons and then you’ll feel all better.” Baekhyun grinned as she took a bite from her sandwich.

Kyungsoo frowned, picking up a piece of lettuce from her salad to flick at Baekhyun. Baekhyun grimaced when it landed on her face due to her fail attempt at dodging.

“You know I’m not going to sleep with them anymore.” Kyungsoo huffed.

“And yet didn’t you spend some time with them last weekend?”

“That was just to go to the movies and shopping. There was no sex involved.” Kyungsoo waved her hand.

“Are you sure? Because I could have sworn I saw someone’s hand down your pants.” Baekhyun’s eyes twinkled.

“You’re not going to break me, Baekhyun. It’ll take a better person than you to break me. And really, there was no sexual activity between me, Kai, and Sehun. Not since I broke it off with them,” Each girl gave Kyungsoo a stare, “officially a month ago.”

Kyungsoo huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “It’s not my fault. They’re good at double teaming me.”

Baekhyun sniggered, making Minseok smack the back of her head. “And it has been a while you know. A girl’s got needs.”

“True dat. But you really should go see them again. You’re getting a bit uptight again and need to let loose.”

“See who?”

“Who’s uptight?” Kai and Sehun plopped down at the next, each taking a spot next to Kyungsoo.

“Noona? Are you feeling stressed again? Need us to help you out?” Kai stared imploringly at Kyungsoo.

“No, it’s nothing. Baekhyun’s just babbling again.”

“Are you sure? You do seem a bit tense. A good massage can help you relax.” Sehun reached up and began to massage Kyungsoo’s shoulders. A small moan slipped from her lips; Sehun knew just the way to touch her to unwind her. Her head fell back as Sehun’s hands melted all the tension from her body.

“Whoa there…I think you better stop. We don’t need your little sex show happening while we’re at school.”

Kyungsoo glared at Baekhyun. She grabbed her empty juice box and chucked it at the girl, who let out a mini screech as she dodged it. Most of the table was unaware of someone quickly leaving the cafeteria, hand covering their crotch, except for Sehun. His eyes twinkled as he let this new bit of information sink in.

Kyungsoo was seated at a table in the library, quietly working on her assignment when someone plopped down in the seat across from her. She glanced up and saw Kris giving her a small smile before he pulled out his books and began to work as well.

She did her best completely her assignment but paused when she felt a foot nudging hers. She ignored it the first time but when it happened repeatedly, she looked up to find Kris looking at her.

Kyungsoo huffed. “Yes? Did you want something?”

“Hmm…oh no.” Kris gave a gentle smile, shaking his head, and turned back to his homework.

Kyungsoo frowned a bit but ignored it, turning back to her work. She felt someone tapping her foot again. This time, she glanced beneath the table. She frowned when she noticed Sehun under there.

“What are you doing?” she hissed.

“I just dropped something. Don’t mind if I join you.” Sehun popped out from underneath the table and sat next to Kyungsoo who glowered at him.

Kris had glanced up, slightly widening his eyes when he noticed the intruder but said nothing, going back to his homework.

Kyungsoo’s eyes signaled to Sehun “no funny business or else.” Sehun just gave a guileless smile as he grabbed his homework and began working.

Kyungsoo’s lips pursed when she felt Sehun’s hand on her thigh. She tried to shake it off but he kept it firmly in place. She tried her best to ignore it but it was difficult when she felt his fingers creeping closer to her crotch. Any movement from her seemed to bring his hands closer until he was right above her crotch. He pressed on that one spot and began to rub it.

Kyungsoo pressed her legs tight together but that did nothing to stop Sehun, who moved his finger harder. She could feel her panties getting wet. “Stop that, Sehun.”

“Stop what?” The brat had the audacity to innocently smile at her as his finger increased the pressure.

Kyungsoo’s eye flared with anger as she bit her bottom lip to stop the moan from slipping out. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Kris occasionally glancing at her. Sometimes he bit his bottom lip, looking like he wanted to talk to her but decided against it. She fidgeted in her seat until a quiet moan slipped from her.

Sehun grinned and increased his finger, feeling how tense Kyungsoo was getting. He leaned in close to her ear. “Just let it go.”

His teeth nipped at her earlobe.

Kyungsoo gasped and fell apart, head falling back.

Sehun pulled his finger away and smiled when he noticed Kris quickly gathering his things and running off, hands in front of his crotch.

“You ass.” Sehun turned and found Kyungsoo throwing him a sleepy glare.

Sehun smiled. “Just trying to help out a friend. See you later, noona. Good luck with your homework.”

He leaned over and kissed Kyungsoo’s cheek before leaving the library. Kyungsoo narrowed her eyes, not entirely trusting him.

Kyungsoo found Sehun and Kai seated outside on a bench, sharing their lunch. “Alright, fess up. What are you two playing at?”

“We’re just sitting here eating lunch noona. Care to join us?”

Kyungsoo glared at the duo. “You know that’s not what I’m talking about. So spill, what’s with all the touching lately? I already told you we’re not doing that anymore.”

Kai shrugged his shoulders. “So? Still doesn’t stop us. I mean you haven’t tried to stop us either.”

Kyungsoo narrowed her eyes. “I’m not going to dignify that with an answer since I’m sure you already know why. But I need you guys to stop. You’re making Kris uncomfortable.”

“Are we now? Has he told you this?”

“He doesn’t have to. He always runs away whenever you two are around.”

“And is that a bad thing? I thought you weren’t interested in guys.”

“I’m not but I don’t like making a classmate uncomfortable.”

“Tell that to the other girls you cornered around school.”

“Oh please, they were asking for it. I saw in their eyes how turned on they got when I did that. So it’s not the same.” Kyungsoo crossed her arms in front of her. “So spill, there’s some reason you guys are more persistent than before.”

“How about no?” Sehun and Kai stood up, matching grins on their face. They leaned down, each of them placing a kiss on Kyungsoo’s cheek. “We’ll see you later, noona.”

“You two better stop this behavior before I spank you.” Kyungsoo waved her fist at them.

“Can’t wait. Have fun in class.”

Kyungsoo huffed, sitting down on the bench previous occupied by the duo.

“Tough time?” She looked up to see Joonmyun smiling down at her.

“I don’t know what’s up with those two. They were perfectly fine to stop when I told them so but now they’re just everywhere and touching me, and it’s making Kris uncomfortable. I don’t want to alienate my classmate especially since he still insists on sitting next to me in all our shared classes and stuff.”

“Oh Kyungsoo, you can’t be this slow, not after all that time you spent with those two. Soon Baekhyun will figure this out and then you’ll never hear the end of it.”

“What are you talking about?”

Joonmyun took a seat next to her best friend, placing an arm around her for comfort. “Think back, Kyungsoo. I know you know and when you do, I’m here when you want to talk. Now let’s head to class.”

Kyungsoo wiggled in her seat, feeling restless. It didn’t help that occasionally Kris would lean into her space as they looked over her textbook. He had forgotten his again so they were sharing. She had spent most of class thinking back on the last few weeks and it suddenly hit her. What she also discovered shocked her as well and had her ever more on edge than before. She had sent a quick text to her best friend to meet her after class. Now all she had to do was wait for the day to end.

Kris’ arm brushed against hers as he turned the page. She jolted, surprising the both of them.

“Are you okay?” Kyungsoo looked up to see Kris staring at her with worry and concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Uh what’s going on?”

“We’re covering this today.” Kris pointed to the problem in the book with his long finger.

Kyungsoo couldn’t help imagining where that finger could go. Heat started to bloom on her cheeks, causing her to put her head down and quietly take notes until the end of class.

“So you figure it out?” Joonmyun sat in her chair, a glass of iced tea in her hand, as Kyungsoo took a seat across from her, her own glass of iced tea in her hand.

“Yes and it doesn’t make me feel any better.”

Joonmyun raised her brow but said nothing, patiently waiting for Kyungsoo to continue on her own.

Kyungsoo sighed, setting aside her untouched drink. “Kris got turned on from all those times he was around when Sehun and Kai were touching me which they did on purpose to get his attention and I may have romantic feelings for Kris, a guy, even though I said I had a preference for female. But there’s just something about Kris, his long fingers, his tall body, his blonde hair, that just-“

“-calls to you? Attracts you? Because sweetie, he’s definitely got the hots for you. Which I’m sure you realize now thanks to your precious dongsaengs.” Joonmyun grinned as Kyungsoo looked embarrassed.

“Alright, alright, alright. Enough teasing. So what do I do now?”

Joonmyun smiled as she reclined in her chair. “Oh come on, you’re Do Kyungsoo, my smart, if oblivious, best friend. I’m sure you’ll figure out a plan soon.”

“How am I suppose to approach a guy that got turned on when my friends were touching me intimately, who has heard me moan and gasp as I came?”

Joonmyun laughed. “I would think it would be easy to do…unless someone is feeling embarrassed?”

Kyungsoo scowled. “I am so going to get you back when you have your own dating problems.”

“Unlike you, I have my love life all settled so I won’t really be needing any advice.”

“Not until you two have sex.” Kyungsoo’s grin widened as Joonmyun blushed.

“Let’s hope that never happens.”

“Oh you never know…things could come up if we girls ever get together.”

“Let’s hope that’s not any time soon.”

“For your sake, I hope not either.”

With her newfound knowledge, Kyungsoo started paying more attention to Kris. In class, he was a good student, taking notes but also occasionally sneaking glances at her and doodling in the margins of his notebooks. She would try to peek at his doodles sometimes but his arm was well positioned to stop any wandering glances. At lunch, he normally sat alone, eating his meal in silence. Sometimes Sehun would sit with him and he’d have a smile on his face as Sehun talked his ear off. Every so often, he glanced over at their table, which made Kyungsoo blush a little, knowing he was looking at her.

He was a very polite, shy guy, which meant she would have to make the first move. It’s been several months and he still hadn’t done anything beyond little conversations here and there and occasionally joining her in the library to do homework, even though she knew he probably liked her from the first day, given his behavior of sticking close to her and sharing her textbooks.

Kyungsoo smiled to herself. It was time to see what happened when she gave him her full attention and she couldn’t wait.

As soon as Kris took his spot next to her, Kyungsoo turned, giving him a bright eyed smile. “Hi Kris.”

Kris paused. “Uh hi Kyungsoo.”

“How are you today?”

“Uh I’m good. Uh…um…”

Kyungsoo kept smiling at Kris. She enjoyed how nervous he was beginning to get. She lifted a hand, gently placing it on his arm. She felt him jump a little, slightly shying away.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Kris? You seem a little…nervous.” Kyungsoo just beamed brighter as she began to rub her hand up and down in a soothing manner.

“Um yeah…I’m…I’m fine. Uh but…would you like to meet after school today?”

“Sure.” Kyungsoo beamed. “Here, so you can contact me.”

She grabbed her pen and scribbled her number on his hand, even adding a little winky face at the end. “Text me where to meet and I’ll see you then.”

Kyungsoo couldn’t stop smiling for the whole day, something her friends commented on at lunch.

“What’s with the goofy grin, Kyungsoo?”

“Oh my god, please don’t tell me you got laid.” Baekhyun slammed down her lunch. “That would be so unfair.”

“No, I haven’t gotten laid…yet.” Kyungsoo gave a mysterious smile, making Baekhyun and their other friends, except for Joonmyun, gape at her.

“Oh my god, who is this person that you’re going to sleep with? Guy or…oh my god, it’s him, isn’t it?” Baekhyun pointed her finger accusingly at Kyungsoo. “I can’t believe you. You’re way too lucky getting all the hot guys at this school. How is that possible?”

“Because I’m just that great. No one can resist my charms. You, however, need to find that one person your charm does work on. Because most people don’t like your chatterbox nature, Miss Diva.”

Baekhyun stuck out her tongue at Kyungsoo. “Just you wait. I’m going to find a boyfriend greater than your soon-to-be and definitely way better than Joonmyun’s.”

“Don’t bring my boyfriend into this fight.” Joonmyun didn’t even glance up, already used to their fights. Minseok wasn’t even fazed while Luhan looked on in rapt attention, head moving back and forth.

“Hey, what about us?” Kai pouted. Sehun nodded his head in agreement.

“You guys don’t count.” Kyungsoo just rolled her eyes when the two gave her matching pouts.

“Besides, you’re not even Kyungsoo’s boyfriends anymore so why would you?” Luhan questioned as she took a bite of her lunch. The two scrunched their face at her, which she just laughed at, waving it off.

“So, you’re finally going to claim him? Took you long enough to notice.” Luhan smiled as Kyungsoo leveled a stare at her. “At least this time, it wasn’t until he confessed to you which might have been another few months before that happened and then look at all that wasted time when you could spend it in each other’s beds, once you’re official of course.”

“Uh, shut up, Luhan. You’re rambling and not making sense.”

“Yes, I am. Anyway – mmph.”

“Thank you, Yixing.” Luhan glared at Yixing who had covered her mouth with her sandwich.

“So I take it you’re meeting him tonight.” Baekhyun smiled as she watched Kyungsoo’s cheeks flush. “I expect full details tomorrow at lunch.”

“Only if you’re on your best behavior.”

“Don’t you know I’m always on my best behavior?” Baekhyun grinned.

“Whatever, Miss Diva.”

Kyungsoo smiled when she noticed Kris standing right outside her classroom. “Hey, have you been waiting long?”

“Not really.” Kris looked shyly down at his feet. “Here, let me hold that for you.”

He grabbed her bag and books and carried them alongside his stuff. “So uh…where did you want to go?”

“Oh, wherever you want is fine by me. So how were classes?” Kyungsoo smiled as the two left school.

“Oh, they were fine. I mean just the usual. How were yours?”

“The usual.” Kyungsoo watched Kris as he kept pace with her. He looked so cute holding both of their school bags, but she could see the strength in his arms as he adjusted the bags to a more comfortable position.

“Did you want to go grab something to drink first or just go straight to my house?” Kris had a light flush on his cheeks.

“Oh, we can just go straight to your house. I’m sure you have something to drink there.” Kyungsoo smiled up at Kris.

Kris cleared his throat. “Alright then.”

It took them a few more minutes until they reached Kris’ house. He opened the door, holding it open for Kyungsoo.

“Nice place you have here.” She took of her shoes and wandered into the living room.

“Please make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in a bit.” Kris set down their bags and wandered off.

Kyungsoo sat down on the couch. Her gaze wandered around the room, noticing the different pictures around the room scattered among the knick-knacks. She smiled when she saw a picture of Kris wearing thick frames with a bright goofy grin.

“Here, I brought you some snacks and a drink.” Kris set down the tray on the coffee table.

“So what’s the story behind these pictures?”

“Oh, nothing much. Just from school and family gatherings.” Kris came over to stand behind Kyungsoo.

“You were so cute. Especially in those frames there. Do you still have them?”

“Uh…not sure. So uh…I hope you don’t mind, but we’re the only ones in the house.”

“Ah okay. That’s fine with me.” Kyungsoo smiled as she sat down on the couch. Kris sat down next to her, keeping a few inches between them. With a quiet chuckle, Kyungsoo closed the distance.

Kris tensed up when Kyungsoo leaned close.

“Oh, don’t be so nervous, Kris. Or are you not used to being so close to the girl you fantasize about?”

Kris choked. “Um…what-what are you talking about?”

Kyungsoo smiled. “You think I haven’t noticed your crush on me or the way you ran out of the room whenever one of my friends started touching me? I know you got excited by that which I must say was a bit of a surprise. What exactly excited you about it? My moans? My gasps? Tell me.”

Her hand came up and rested on his firm thigh. Her smile widened feeling how tense Kris was.


“Don’t be so nervous, Kris. You’ve liked me since you first came to the school right? That’s why you always sat next to me in class, borrowed my textbooks, joined me in the library occasionally, and keep staring at me when you thought I wasn’t looking.”

Kris’ face had turned a bright shade of red. His mouth opened and closed, no sound coming out.

“Oh don’t worry so much about your little secret. Thing is,” Kyungsoo leaned right next to Kris, her breath tickling his ear, “I like you too and I think you’re pretty hot but what I want most right now is your long fingers inside me. So go ahead and touch me. You’ll find me pretty wet.”

Kyungsoo pulled back and winked, laughing inside at Kris’ shocked face. She bit her bottom lip. “Am I being too forward? We can just sit here and watch a movie or something you’re more comfortable with.”

“Uh…well if you don’t mind actually…” Kris grabbed Kyungsoo’s waist, pulling her onto his lap. One hand went to the back of her neck to draw her down to his mouth for a kiss.

Kyungsoo smiled into the kiss, hands coming up to run through Kris’ hair. She settled herself more comfortably on Kris’ lap. Her crotch settled over Kris’ where a telltale bulge was beginning to form. She experimentally ground her hips down, pulling a surprised moan from the male beneath her.

Kris pulled away, breathing harsh as he stared into Kyungsoo’s eyes.

“About your fingers…”

Kris grinned. “In a moment…I have a few fantasies about you I’d like fulfilled first, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, as long as mine get fulfilled too.”

“Oh, don’t worry, they will.” Kris smirked. He stood up from the couch, Kyungsoo still in his arms, and headed towards his room. He gently laid her down on his bed, hovering over her. He leaned down and gently kissed her lips.

“Take your clothes off.” Kyungsoo tugged at Kris’ shirt.

“You too.” Kris reached for Kyungsoo’s shirt.

Their hands tangled together as they undressed each other. Soon the two were naked, Kris hovering over Kyungsoo as their eyes looked over each other.

Kyungsoo gasped, seeing Kris’ long, thick cock. Her hand reached out to touch but Kris took it instead, placing it by her head. He leaned his head down, nosing at her neck before moving further down. His tongue flicked across her nipple and dipped into her belly button.

Kyungsoo looked down and gasped, noticing Kris positioned between her thighs. He gently pushed her legs apart and stared down at her glistening entrance. He gently blew across it, watching Kyungsoo shiver. His tongue came out and licked her.

Kyungsoo gasped, hands gripping at the bedspread. The feel of Kris’ tongue against her entrance was like heaven. He knew just how to lick to wind her tighter. She gasped when she felt his finger trace her entrance and circle that tiny spot.


Kris grinned from between Kyungsoo’s legs. “Getting close? Well no orgasm yet.”

He pressed a kiss to the inside of Kyungsoo’s legs before crawling back up her body. “So…how do you feel about giving me a blowjob?”

Kyungsoo’s eyes twinkled. “I’d like that. Get on your back.”

The two switched places, Kyungsoo hovering over Kris. With a smirk, she leaned down and placed her mouth over the tip. Kris gasped, hips bucking up, pushing more of his cock into Kyungsoo’s mouth that she was expecting.

She pulled off and glared at him. “None of that, okay? Actually, to make sure it doesn’t happen again, I have a solution.”

Kyungsoo straddled Kris but instead of facing him, she placed her entrance right over Kris’ mouth as her mouth hovered over Kris’ cock. “Feel free to play if you get bored down there.”

Kris settled his hands on Kyungsoo’s waist as she slipped her mouth over his cock. He moaned as Kyungsoo slowly bobbed her head up and down. He leaned his head up a bit and licked at her wet entrance.

Kyungsoo gasped, the vibrations running through Kris’ cock. He licked her again and she gasped, sending the same vibrations down his cock. Kyungsoo groaned and returned her attention to Kris’ cock, head bobbing up and down faster as Kris continued to lick her entrance.

“Kris…” Kyungsoo shook above him as he slipped a finger into her entrance. He gently moved his finger around, trying to find that spot inside her. He felt her freeze and grinned to himself.

Using both his finger and his mouth, Kris gave Kyungsoo her first orgasm. He grinned from beneath her as she collapsed on top of him, head resting right next to his hard cock.

“Hey Kyungsoo…want to get off of me?”

“Oh, what?” Kyungsoo lifted her head and gave Kris a sleepy smile. “Right. Give me a moment to get the strength back. That orgasm really wiped me out.”

“And you still have at least another one on the way. We still have to fuck.” Kris grinned.

“Of course. I’m not going to miss this opportunity of getting this big, beautiful cock inside me.” Kyungsoo gave it a firm stroke before getting off of Kris. She lay down on the bed as Kris searched for a condom. He found out and slipped it on before slipping between Kyungsoo’s legs.

She spread them eagerly, pulling Kris closer to her. “Please, Kris.”

Kris smiled, leaning down and pressing his lips against Kyungsoo’s. He ran a finger over Kyungsoo’s entrance, feeling the wetness there. He positioned himself and slowly pushed in.

Kyungsoo’s hand dug into Kris’ back as he pushed himself in all the way to the base. The two breathed deeply, getting used to the new sensations. Kris leaned down, gently kissing Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo wiggled her hips. “Move, Kris, please.”

“Of course.” He leaned down, giving her one last kiss, before he pulled out and thrust back in hard. Kyungsoo gasped, moaning in delight. Kris took that as a symbol to keep going, going at a rough pace.

Kyungsoo moaned, thrashing her head back and forth as the pleasure built. Her nails left marks in Kris’ back as she got closer. “Oh god, I’m so close.”

“Yes, yes, come for me, Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo moaned, eyes closing as her orgasm hit.

Kris groaned, hips faltering as he could feel Kyungsoo’s orgasm rippling through her. Just a few more thrusts and he was coming. He collapsed on top of her, head buried in her neck as he tried to get his breathing back to normal.

Kyungsoo smiled, running a hand lazily through his hair. “Mmm…that was great.”

Kris kissed her neck in response. “Yeah…so you’re my girlfriend now, right, please?”

Kyungsoo chuckled, tilting Kris’ face up for a kiss. “Of course. You’re mine, just like I’m yours.”

“Great, that means I can now threaten Sehun and Kai to stay away from you.”

Kyungsoo laughed, wrapping her arms around Kris to cuddle close. “How long have you been waiting to do that?”

“Since day one. I was so jealous of them for being near you when I couldn’t. I know you have a history with them but I’m possessive and don’t like to share.”

“That’s fine. I’m the same way. Those two were a special case. But I don’t care about them like I do about you. So if any of those stupid girls that still hang around you are still there, I’m going to punch them in the face.”

“I’d rather you kiss me to show them that I belong to you but whichever you prefer.”

“I was going to do that afterwards…but I guess I can do the least violent route.”

Kris chuckled, pressing a kiss to Kyungsoo’s lip. He got up and tossed the condom away. He went and got a wet washcloth to help clean them up a bit before getting into bed behind Kyungsoo. He pulled her further into his embrace, head coming to rest in the crook of her neck. “Good night, Kyungsoo.”

“Good night, Kris. Is it really okay for me to be staying the night?”

“Yeah, my parents are actually out on a trip for a week and won’t be back til next week so if you want…”

Kyungsoo laughed. “I’ll think about it but I’m sure you could convince me to stay.”

“What about your parents?”

“I’ll just tell them I’m staying at Joonmyun’s and it’ll be fine. Now go to sleep. I want to do this again in a few hours and I’m going to need my strength.” Kyungsoo smiled, tilting her head back to kiss Kris.

“Yes, you are. I’m going to wear you out, everyone will know that you belong to someone, that you belong to me.”

Kyungsoo smiled, snuggling close. “I’d like that.”

Kris kissed her forehead. “Good night, Soo.”

“Good night, Kris.”
Tags: kris/d.o., r/nc-17

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