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Title: My Pet, The Pleasure Slave
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1827
Summary: Queen Luhan's daily check-up on her many pleasure slaves but one in particular is giving her trouble. - PWP
Warning: fem!Luhan, fem!Baekhyun, fem!Suho, a little pet play (not really but kind of), bondage, use of a cock ring, mentioning of pleasure slaves

Luhan smiled from her new throne. She had it redesigned to be able to seat Sehun beneath her whenever she wished. Currently, she was sitting on his dick as she surveyed her many pleasure slaves. She had 100, collected during her reign.
Her pleasure slaves stood before her in their naked glory except for the colored sash marking their body. Each pleasure slave was designated with a specific color. Her personal favorites, of which there were now only two, had gold sashes wrapped around their body in some way. The rest had various colors depending on where their new position was.
Luhan was a kind ruler and treated her pleasure slaves well. She kept all the pleasure slaves given to her, rarely buying one unless one caught her eye. Many were used for casual dalliance but few ever had intercourse with the queen and fewer still had got to see the queen orgasm. Some pleasure slaves were given to the queen and given a new job straight away, not even being used as a pleasure slave. Luhan believed in reusing everything, hence the many servants to attend to her many tasks. She rarely ever hired anyone new to work in her castle that hadn’t been there before.
Sehun had a hand wrapped around her waist as another hand was playing with her clit. Luhan tried her best to keep the sparking desire from showing on her face. She did not want anyone to know her weakness for him but many of the servants and staff already knew of her interest in the new pleasure slave and were betting that in time, he would sire the heir to the realm.
Luhan allowed one hip grind, hands gripping tightly at the arm rests, before sitting up straight again, letting Sehun’s dick slip out of her hole. She fixed herself on top of Sehun, perched on his lap as she looked at the pleasure slaves. Her eyes checked each pleasure slave, noticing if anything was amiss. Many looked healthy and well. Everyone was treated well in the castle and many of her pleasure slaves soon took to one another to relieve their desires. Many a happy match was made between her pleasure slaves, some matched by her hand with good results.
“Please line up according to position for personal checks.” Luhan smiled serenely as each of her pleasure slaves came forward for a short chat. She liked to talk with her pleasure slaves every once in a while, as they had become good friends during their stay at the castle. There were weekly checks with her pleasure slaves and sometimes meals with one or a group when there was time.
Luhan shivered a few times, thanks to Sehun’s naughty hands. She made a note of it for later when she was done with her personal check ups on her pleasure slaves.
Luhan smiled brightly when Baekhyun stepped forward. Sehun slipped a finger into her hole, causing Luhan to pause a moment. She reached down and none-too-gently gripped Sehun’s wrist in warning. Sehun quietly slipped the finger out, resuming his teasing of her clit.
Luhan saw the glint in Baekhyun’s eyes and glared. Baekhyun looked down for a moment in shame but Luhan saw the smile tugging on her lips.
“Insolent lil brat.”
Baekhyun gave Luhan a cheeky grin before the two talked amicably for a moment, arranging to meet later for a proper chat.
She beamed as Joonmyun stepped forward for their chat. It had been some time since they last had any time together and she missed the other’s company.
Sehun chose this moment to thrust three fingers into Luhan’s hole, causing the queen to pause a bit as the stretch burned. Luhan reached down, gripping Sehun’s wrist and pulling his fingers away to settle it onto the arm of her throne. She removed his other hand from her waist and set it on the other arm of the throne. She kept her hands on top of his, gripping tightly as she spent a long while talking to Joonmyun. The two arranged to meet for a meal to talk properly.
Once Joonmyun left the room, Luhan let go of Sehun’s hand, standing up from the throne. She walked down the steps and glanced back over her shoulder where Sehun still resided, his dick still hard and leaking and his fingers coated with her juices. She headed towards one of the chests set on the side of the throne room. Slowly opening it, she made a show of searching before pulling something out. She walked back over to Sehun with a hint of a smile on her lips. She stopped in front of Sehun.
“Now, naughty boy. It’s time for your punishment.” She slipped a golden cock ring over his dick. She fastened golden cuffs around his wrists and ankles. A golden collar was placed around his neck. A thin chain connected the cuffs and collars to a bracelet around Luhan’s wrist.
“Come, my pet. It’s time to show you who your master truly is.” Luhan led Sehun from the throne room, through a side passage straight to her bedchamber. She took off the bracelet. “Lay on the bed, my pet.”
Sehun scrambled to quickly comply with Luhan’s request. He lay there, watching as Luhan wandered around the room. She took her tiara off and set it on its cushion. She grabbed her brush and ran it through her hair a few times. The soft candlelight made it glow a warm honey color. When she was finished, she turn to see Sehun’s eyes, filled with hunger, staring at her. She let her lips curve into a smile.
Walking slowly to the bed, she reached down and gently undid the chains connected together. Taking one, she looped it around the ring embedded on the side of the bedpost. Repeating the action with the other three chains, she smiled down at her handiwork, Sehun spread on her bed, his limbs tied to the bedposts.
Leaning down, she gently licks up Sehun’s length, seeing him grit his teeth at the pleasure. She smiled, glad Sehun remembered the rules. She knew he liked to break the rules when they were in public so he could be punished in private. In truth, she enjoyed it too. She was caring a lot for this pleasure slave, more than any others before, even Joonmyun and Baekhyun, her oldest and closest pleasure slaves.
She trailed her tongue from the base of his cock, up his chest, trailing over the faint outline of his abs. She straddled his legs as her tongue trailed up his chest to his neck. She licked around his collarbones, nibbling and sucking. She could feel the restrained tension in his body, doing his best not to move as her mouth wrecked havoc on his sensitive spot.
At the same time, she slowly began to rub up and down his length, coating it with her juices. She moaned as she felt it rubbing against her, oh so deliciously. She couldn’t wait to get it back inside her but Sehun’s punishment wasn’t over yet. He wasn’t even close to the brink yet.
Luhan pressed her lips against Sehun’s neck, slowly moving up to his cheek, to his forehead, everywhere but his lips. His eyes pleaded with her, begging for one little kiss, but she denied him, taking pleasure in torturing him as he had tortured her earlier.
She climbed off him and stood to the side, just staring at him, her eyes raking over his body. She enjoyed seeing the marks around his neck but it wasn’t enough. She leaned down and sucked little marks along his hipbone. Her tongue flicked out over his nipples. She heard his quick intake of breath. She continued to tease him with her tongue, taking little licks at his hard cock. Once, she placed her mouth around the tip and sucked.
Luhan stood back and admired her handiwork. She could see Sehun’s body tight with tension, sweat covering his skin, as he held in his emotions. She could see his cock standing tall and proud, golden cock ring gleaming in the candelight.
“I think you’ve received enough punishment for now.” Luhan smiled as she leaned over, lips pressing a kiss to Sehun’s hard cock as she slipped the cock ring off. In a flash, she was straddling his hips, sinking down onto his cock with a groan. She slowly moved up and down, gently riding him.
Sehun lay still on the bed, body held stiff, as he allowed Luhan to do as she pleased.
Bracing her hands on his chest, she continued to slowly bob up and down, torturing the both of them.
With a small sigh, Luhan reached over and unchained his wrists. She leaned down, lips a whisper from Sehun’s. “Fuck me, Sehun. Fuck me so hard I scream your name for everyone to hear.”
She pressed a gentle kiss to Sehun’s lip, giving him permissions to do as she requested.
His hands held her hips tightly as Sehun began to furiously thrust his hips up into her. It was difficult to get the leverage he needed with his ankles still tied but he did the best he could, moving Luhan up and down as his hips moved.
Luhan’s hands began to dig into his chest, a sign of her incoming orgasm. Sehun sped up his hips, hoping to bring her over. She gasped, hands leaving nails marks as her orgasm hit. He continued to pump his hips, making her orgasm last longer.
Luhan breathed deeply as she came down from her high. “That was good, but not good enough. Shall we try that again?”
She leaned back and unchained his ankles. With his ankles released, Sehun flipped the two over and thrust his hips in and out. Luhan’s legs spread further, allowing Sehun more space to fuck her. Her nails dug into his arms as she could feel her orgasm nearing again.
Sehun looked into her eyes as his hips continued to thrust. He saw the moment she began to come undone and sped up his hips even more. He changed the angle, making her gasp out in shock.
“Sehun!” Luhan screamed as her orgasm was ripped from her.
Sehun continued to fuck her through it, his own orgasm pulled from him as his hips kept a relentless pace. He pulled out and collapsed next to her, chest heaving as he tried to regain his breath.
Luhan turned her head to look at him. “Not bad but I don't think I was loud enough. Maybe next time.”
Sehun gave a sleepy nod, eyes beginning to droop.
“Sleep well, my pet. Tomorrow, we have a long day ahead of us.” Luhan’s hand teasingly stroked Sehun’s soft dick, pulling a soft whine from him. She gave a little chuckle, snuggling in next to him and falling asleep. Sehun’s arm wrapped around her as he, too, drifted off to sleep.

A/N: so here's another fic from part of my sex harem au. just one day in queen luhan's life with her new pleasure slave.
i actually have a third one already done but wanted to wait to post it.
this is really just pwp though maybe a bit more plot in there. i do hope this is okay :3
Tags: r/nc-17, sehun/luhan, sex harem

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