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xingdae birthday prompt fest #4

Title: Fighting to the Heart
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: R (to be safe)
Warnings: talk of sex and masturbation, underage drinking, Jongdae being manhandled and tied up
Prompt: In either college or high school, Yixing and Jongdae are rivals who mask their attraction to each other by pretending to hate each other.
Summary: Jongdae doesn’t know what to make of the new Chinese student. So what he doesn’t know, he automatically dislikes even if his friends think it’s a bit stupid. And so begins Jongdae’s rivalry with Yixing.
A/N: uh…I may have strayed from the prompt a bit…but I hope you still enjoy it
Word Count: 5158

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“Did you hear about the new student from China? He’s supposed to be really smart and really handsome.” Baekhyun whispered across the table at lunch.

“What’s with the whispering, Baek? I thought you only had one volume and that was loud.”

Baekhyun scrunched his face at Jongdae. “Excuse you, that is Chanyeol. I can control my volume when I want.”

“What about me?” Chanyeol smiled as he set his tray down, immediately snuggling into Baekhyun’s side like a little puppy. Baekhyun smiled, patting Chanyeol’s head and cooing at how cute he was.

Jongdae made a face. “Nothing, just that you have no other volume than loud.”

“Hey!” Chanyeol looked indignant.

“And you just proved my point.” Jongdae appeared calm as he continued eating his lunch.

Chanyeol huffed, only placated by Baekhyun’s soothing hand on his thigh.

“He’s right though, Channie. You rarely ever talk in a lower volume.”

“Oh really?” Chanyeol placed his mouth right by Baekhyun’s ear, whispering something that caused the other to giggle.

“Can you save your bedroom talk for later?” Jongdae rolled his eyes.

“Eww, did not need that visual.” Jongin gagged as he sat down next to Kyungsoo who had been quietly ignoring the other three. Sehun sat down next to him, already digging into his food.

“Oh puh-lease, we already know you want in on Kyungsoo’s pants though he’s been successful in resisting your charms.”

Jongin spluttered, mumbling incoherent nonsense. Kyungsoo patted Jongin’s thigh, not even sparing the other a glance. Jongin flushed a little but quieted, finally eating his food. No one saw the small smile on Kyungsoo’s lips.

Jongdae rolled his eyes, wondering why he was even friends with them.

“So did you hear about that new student from China or what?” Baekhyun looked expectantly at everyone.

“Oh you mean Yixing hyung?”

“What?!?!? You know his name?!?!?!” Baekhyun gaped at Jongin.

“Yeah, he goes to that dance school me and Sehun attend.” Jongin smiled as he munched on his sandwich.

“What?!?!?!?! Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“Didn’t know you’d be interested. And didn’t know he was going here. We just met him last Saturday. Oh look, there he is. Yixing hyung!” Jongin waved at someone standing a bit lost at the entrance to the cafeteria.

He was of medium height with soft-looking brown hair. He had on a tank top, showing off his lean muscled arms and sculpted chest, and skinny jeans. His purple backpack hug off his back as he held his lunch tray in front of him. He gave a small smile when he noticed Jongin waving at him. With slow careful steps, he headed towards the group.

“Hi.” Yixing bowed his head. “My name is Yixing. May I sit with you?”

A chorus of agreement reached Yixing’s ear. With a grateful smile, he took a seat between Jongin and Sehun.

“Everyone, this is Yixing. You already know Sehun. This here is Kyungsoo.”

Yixing smiled and nodded his head; Kyungsoo returned the greeting in the same fashion.

“The giant puppy is Chanyeol who is snuggling up to Baekhyun. Next to him is Jongdae.”

Yixing smiled, nodding his head in greeting to the other three. A look of recognition crossed his face and his eyes widened as he looked at the group again. “Oh, so you guys are the Puppies I’ve heard about.”

“Puppies?” Sehun looked at Yixing confused. “Why are we called Puppies?”

“Because of your puppy-like personality. Or did you not realize?” Kyungsoo looked at Sehun with an arched brow. “Those three over there are called the Beagle Line since they’re energetic puppies when they get together, even with their little fights. You and Jongin are very puppy-like as well, being all cuddly with each other.”

Sehun frowned. “But that’s no reason to call us Puppies.”

Kyungsoo shrugged. “Blame it on your fangirls. I have no part in this at all.”

Sehun huffed and shook his head. “Stupid girls.”

He grabbed his food and started munching away, angry glare on his face.

Yixing looked on with confused rapture. “So uh nice to meet you all and thank you for letting me sit with you.”

He smiled and bowed his head to each person in turn.

“Wow…you’re really polite.” Baekhyun chuckled, smiling at Yixing.

Yixing blushed. “Well…that’s how I was raised.”

“So what class are you in?” Kyungsoo smiled at Yixing.

“Oh uh…here.” Yixing pulled out his class schedule, handing it over Kyungsoo. Everyone gathered around to look.

“OH MY GAWD! YOU’RE SMART!” Baekhyun stared at Yixing in awe. “You’re in all the same classes as Kyungsoo and Jongdae.”

“Oh great. Then you guys can help me catch up on the assignments. I’m afraid my school did things differently.” Yixing smiled. “I would really appreciate the help.”

“Of course, I’ll be happy to help.” Kyungsoo smiled. “Here, let us exchange numbers and we’ll figure out a time to meet and study.”

Yixing smiled, talking with Kyungsoo about classes.

Jongdae munched on his food, looking at the two. He wasn’t sure how he felt about the new kid but he seemed to fit into the group really well. He seemed super nice and polite, very different from the rest of the group, but it was refreshing in a way. He just seemed to smile a bit too much for Jongdae’s taste. He needed to talk to the kid more before he could make an opinion but Yixing seemed normal, if smart considering his class schedule. It was exactly the same as Jongdae’s so he would have many chances to observe and get to know the new kid.

Jongdae watched as Yixing introduced himself to the class before taking the empty seat next to him. He kept sneaking glances at Yixing throughout the class, wondering how the boy was adapting. He took a peek at his notebook and saw few notes but many doodles in the margin. He frowned, wondering why a new kid like Yixing wouldn’t be taking more detailed notes like him.

Throughout the whole day, Jongdae kept an eye on Yixing, noticing he always did the same thing in class. He wasn’t sure if Yixing was actually taking in the information though it looked like he was paying attention.

When the final bell rang, Yixing gathered up his things and walked over to Kyungsoo’s desk. “Ready to study?”

“Sure. Just give me a moment.” Kyungsoo smiled and gathered up his things.

Jongdae walked over to the two. “Hey Kyungsoo, are we studying today?”

“Oh right.” Kyungsoo lightly smacked his forehead. “Would you mind if Yixing joined us today? I mean we can both help him with his assignments, yes?”

“Oh uh sure…that’s fine I guess.”

“Great. So if you’re ready, let’s get going.” Kyungsoo smiled before walking out the door, Yixing and Jongdae following in his wake.

Jongdae tapped his pencil on his notebook as he watched Kyungsoo explain a concept they just learned today to Yixing. Kyungsoo was very patient as Yixing asked him to explain this or that. Jongdae turned back to his own assignment, working hard.

He frowned at one of the problems. “Hey Kyungsoo, can you help me with this?”

“Huh?” Kyungsoo looked up from his notes and smiled. “Oh, we’re going over that right now. Here.”

The three worked together trying to figure out the problem when Yixing piped up with the solution.

“Hey, that’s right. Good job, Yixing.” Kyungsoo smiled, patting Yixing’s back.

The three continued to work on their homework late into the night.

“Well, would you look at the time?” Kyungsoo looked at his watch and stretched his arms above his head, working out the kinks from being hunched over for a while.

“Oh, I should be getting home. I need to make dinner.” Yixing quietly began packing up his things.

“Oh yeah, I should get home. I have other assignments to work on.” Jongdae gathered up his things. “Well, thanks for having us over, Kyungsoo.”

“No problem, study buddy.” Kyungsoo smiled as he walked them to the door. “And don’t forget I’m available whenever you need help, Yixing.”

“Thank you, Kyungsoo.” Yixing smiled and bowed his head.

“Yeah, thanks again, Soo. See you at school tomorrow.” Jongdae waved and smiled.

Jongdae started walking home but paused when he noticed Yixing still waiting at the front of Kyungsoo’s door. “Uh…Yixing?”

“Hmmm?” Yixing looked up at him with a gentle smile.

“Aren’t you going to go home?”

“Yes, once I figure out which way to go.” Yixing continued to smile gently at Jongdae.

Jongdae shook his head. “Here, I’ll walk you home.”

“Oh, thank you, Jongdae.” Yixing beamed and hurried to catch up with him.

“So where do you live?”

“Uh…hold on.” Yixing pulled out his phone and showed Jongdae the address.

Jongdae paused. “Well that’s easy. You live right near me.”

“Oh really? That’s great.” Yixing smiled. “Shall we get going?”

Jongdae sighed. “Yeah, let’s go.”

The walk home was silent. Jongdae occasionally glanced at his companion, still unsure of what to think of Yixing. All too soon, they had arrived. Jongdae bid Yixing a farewell and returned to his home. He was no closer to understanding Yixing than before and that annoyed him.

Yixing slipped easily into their little group, almost like he had been there from the beginning.

Jongdae was still wary of Yixing. He seemed like such a pleasant individual that he was faking it. No one could be that nice or that forgetful. Jongdae was suspicious of everything Yixing did, especially one time they had gotten back their tests and Yixing had scored a perfect while Jongdae had missed a few questions. No way Yixing was that smart to ace the test without taking any notes. Jongdae doubted the boy had even studied. It just wasn’t fair.

Somehow it had become Jongdae’s goal to beat Yixing. At what? At everything. He made the Chinese boy his ultimate rival, not wanting to be beaten by someone like him.

At first, it was the grades. Somehow Yixing always sat next to Jongdae in all their shared classes, which gave Jongdae the perfect opportunity to peek at Yixing’s scores whenever a graded assignment or test was passed back. Jongdae would check their scores to see who did better and kept a running tally in the back of his notebook. It always irked him that Yixing would do better than him but brought him great joy when he did better than Yixing.

When Yixing joined the school choir, Jongdae did his best to show off his vocals. And not to brag but he had one of the best voices in school, along with Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. And while he did beat Yixing vocally, he could admit to himself that Yixing had a lovely voice.

In gym, for any game or exercise, Jongdae kept an eye on Yixing and made sure he did better. He always tried to be on the opposite team of Yixing and sometimes he would win but sometimes Yixing would win.

Soon everything became a competition and it wasn’t long before Yixing and the others were catching on. His other friends were confused by his behavior but Yixing accepted it with a smile, even trying to make it more of a competition for Jongdae.

“What’s up with you, Jongdae? Why do you keep competing with Yixing?” Kyungsoo looked at Jongdae like he was crazy.

Jongdae just shrugged his shoulders, not bothering to give him a response.

Kyungsoo just stared at him like he was insane. “Yixing’s a nice guy. If you let yourself, you two would actually be great friends.”

Jongdae scrunched his nose. “Why would I be friends with someone like him?”

“For one thing, he’s actually a good guy and very smart.” Jongin came over and draped himself over Kyungsoo. “Plus he’s a fantastic dancer and could actually help you, self-proclaimed dancing machine.”

“Uh, excuse you but I already know how to dance and very well.” Jongdae stuck his tongue out at Jongin who stuck his tongue back at Jongdae.

Kyungsoo reached up and grabbed Jongin’s tongue, tugging it a bit, causing said boy to flail behind him.

“Oww! Hyung~” Jongin pouted at Kyungsoo who laughed and kissed his pouty lips.

Jongdae just gaped as Jongin flushed bright red. “Uh…excuse me? But when did that happen?”

“If you weren’t so wrapped up in beating Yixing, you would’ve noticed.”

“And I thought you were too busy with Chanyeol’s dick to have noticed.” Jongdae narrowed his eyes at said couple walking up to them.

“Uh excuse you, unlike some people, I’m not so self-involved with my love interest to forget about my friends.” Baekhyun grinned as he wrapped himself around Chanyeol who was just grinning a bit stupidly, probably imagining things Jongdae did not want to know about.

“Love interest? What the hell are you talking about? I don’t have a love interest.”

“Looks like someone’s in denial.” Baekhyun grinned as Jongdae glared at him.

“Yeah and that’s you. I think Chanyeol’s dumb is rubbing off on you a bit too much. Better lay off his dick for a while.” Jongdae ran away laughing as Baekhyun chased him down the hall, screaming “TAKE THAT BACK, YOU WHORE!!!!!”

Needless to say, Jongdae and Baekhyun were serving detention later that day.

“Guys, guys, guys! Luhan’s holding a party this weekend and we’re all invited.” Sehun came over, immediately running towards his hyungs gathered around the tree in the schoolyard.

“Uh…who’s Luhan?”

“The guy Sehun’s in love with.” Jongin looked up from where he was staring at Kyungsoo reading . “He goes to our dance school and it took weeks before Luhan agreed to let Sehun and his friends come as long as they wouldn’t do anything stupid.”

“Stupid? Uh…that’s kind of hard with Chanyeol and Baekhyun in our group.” Jongdae smirked at the two arguing over who could stuff more marshmallows into their mouth. They finally stopped arguing but were now stuffing as many marshmallows into their mouth as they could. “And what kind of party is this?”

“A college party.” Jongin smirked.

Jongdae’s eyes widened. “And Sehun plus everyone else is allowed to go? Wow…he got lucky.”

“Not yet but he’s hoping.” Jongin grinned as Jongdae grimaced.

“Thanks for that image.”

“No problem, hyung. I know you need to think about someone else for a change. Must be tough to only have Baekhyun and Chanyeol or Kyungsoo and I to think about when you’re getting hard.”

“OH MY GAWD, SHUT UP JONGIN!!!” Jongdae would’ve lunged for his neck but Kyungsoo grabbed Jongin and shut him up with his mouth.

Jongdae let out a frustrated scream as he saw Kyungsoo’s hand wandering. “Not you too, Kyungsoo. Why am I friends with you all?”

“Because you love us,” said Baekhyun but it came out all jumbled, thanks to the marshmallows stuffed into his mouth.

Jongdae groaned, running his hands through his hair.

“And you didn’t deny Jongin’s statement so do you really think about us when masturbating?” Baekhyun had on a shit-eating grin as he looked at Jongdae.

“OH MY GAWD, I WILL KILL YOU!” Jongdae would’ve attacked Baekhyun but a strong arm around his waist stopped him. He turned his head and found Yixing smiling gently at him.

“Now I know you don’t really mean that. You wouldn’t hurt your friends like that.” Yixing smiled sweetly at Jongdae as he held him in his arms.

Jongdae just blinked, at a loss for words. He could only stare at Yixing’s bright smile and shining eyes. When he realized he was staring, he pushed Yixing away and ran away, not noticing his friends’ matching grins while Yixing just stared at his retreating back, smile not as bright as before.

“You made it.” A smiling blonde boy came over, arms reaching out to hug Yixing as the group came through the door. “Oh and are these your friends?”

“Luhan hyung!” Sehun beamed as Luhan looked his way. He almost jumped up in joy, having his hyung smiling at him, before he realized he was supposed to be mature. He schooled his face into a serious expression, mouth pressed into a line.

“Hello, Sehunnie. Jonginnie. Care to introduce me to your friends?” Luhan smiled at everyone. “If you didn’t already know, I’m Luhan and this is my party.”

Yixing smiled. “Well the boy Jongin is clinging to is Kyungsoo, his boyfriend. The couple very handsy right now is Baekhyun and Chanyeol. Be warned when Chanyeol hears music, he likes to wave his limbs around so people may get injured. And this is Jongdae.”

Luhan’s eyes held a glint as he looked at Jongdae then Yixing then back. “Well welcome to the party, guys. Do try not to go overboard or I will kick you out. Have fun.”

He gave a little finger wave before disappearing back into the crowd. Sehun made to follow him but a strong grip on his wrist had him pausing.

“What, Jongin?”

“Behave yourself. Don’t be a puppy and blindly following him.”

Sehun pouted. “Well what else am I suppose to do? How else will I get him to like me?”

“On second thought, go on and follow him. That way you won’t be here to bother us while we’re trying to do things.”

“Ewww…that was more than I needed to know.” Sehun grimaced before moving away, off to search for Luhan.

Jongdae just followed his friends, unsure of what to do in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by unfamiliar people.

“Hey there, you must be Luhan’s dance friends.” A brunette came over, holding a red cup. “My name is Minseok. I’m Luhan’s friend from university. You guys enjoying yourself?”

“Um…yeah.” Jongdae gave an uneasy smile.

“You sure…? You seem a little unsure.” Minseok gave him a friendly smile. “Here, let’s get you to loosen up a bit.”

He grabbed Jongdae’s wrist and pulled him towards the kitchen. Baekhyun and Chanyeol had already disappeared in the crowd, probably looking for some dark place to fool around. Kyungsoo was following with Jongin in tow though he kept trying to tug Kyungsoo towards the makeshift dance floor. Yixing followed obediently along.

In the kitchen, Minseok headed over to where the drinks were, quickly mixing stuff together and passing them to the four of them.

Jongdae looked at his for a moment before taking a sip. His mouth scrunched up in distaste but another sip had Jongdae rethinking the taste. The next sip tasted even better and so did the next and the next until the entire cup was empty and Jongdae was smiling just a bit goofily with lightly flushed cheeks.

Yixing looked at Jongdae gently swaying. He plucked the empty cup from Jongdae’s hands and led him towards the crowd of dancing people. Some people were actually dancing, moving their body in tune to the music, while others appeared to be grinding on each other, trying to get into each other’s pants.

Jongdae began moving his body along to the music, waving his arms in the air. He noticed Yixing a few feet in front of him, moving along to the beat. The way he moved struck a chord in Jongdae as he frowned.

“I challenge you to a dance off. I am the dancing machine of the group and no way can you dance better than me.” Jongdae pointed a finger at Yixing who stopped and stared, not sure of what was happening or what to do. A few other people turned to look but soon turned away, sure it was the rambling of a drunk person.

Jongdae stared at Yixing waiting for a signal. Yixing gave a slight nod of his head, allowing Jongdae to start by clearing a small space for him.

With a toss of his head, Jongdae let out his inner dancing machine. He let the music sweep him away, moving his limbs as he pleased. With a crook of his fingers, he signaled for Yixing to step forward.

A corner of Yixing’s mouth lifted as he took the challenge. With a step forward, Yixing let the music flow through him, moving his body in sync to the beat.

Jongdae’s mouth fell slack as he watched Yixing’s body move in ways he had only dreamed about. The beautiful lines of Yixing’s body were highlighted as he turned and moved this way and that. Jongdae could only stare at Yixing’s long, lean torso, his slender neck, and toned arms and legs.

Jongdae’s eyes just about popped out of his head when Yixing did a particularly sinful hip thrust in his direction, coupled with a lip bite. Obviously his brain was no longer functioning due to a combination of the alcohol and Yixing’s dancing because in the next moment, Jongdae had walked to Yixing, grabbed the collar of his shirt and smashed their lips together. Of course, being drunk meant his aim was off and he got the side of Yixing’s mouth, causing their teeth to bang together painful.

They moved apart and an embarrassed flush went over Jongdae’s face as he raced out the door.

“So where did you disappear to, Jongdae? You left the party early.” Baekhyun’s eyes twinkled like he knew something Jongdae didn’t.

“I realized I had something to do so I left early.” Jongdae shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh I thought you left because you kissed Yixing and felt ashamed that you actually do have feelings for him and so ran away from him even though he totally likes you back.” Baekhyun had a smug grin on his face as Jongdae just stared.

“You’re lying.”

“Actually he’s not.” Kyungsoo walked over, tray in hand and Jongin and Sehun in tow. “Only you with your insane ideas of competition thought he hated you as well when everyone else knew he was totally smitten with you from the start. And that you were totally attracted to him too but like a child, you turned the like into hate.”

Jongdae gaped like a fish, not really sure of what was happening.

“Hey guys.” Jongdae turned to see Yixing smiling as he walked towards their table. He didn’t even think, he just jumped up from the table and ran, not caring about all the stares he was getting.

“Um…is this going to be a daily occurrence?” Yixing tilted his head, looking at the group confused.

“I don’t know, depends on what you do about it.” Kyungsoo smiled at Yixing.

Yixing sighed, looking at the group. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were absorbed in feeding each other between kisses and touches. Kyungsoo was calmly eating as Jongin kept vying for his attention via pouts. Sehun was absorbed in his phone, probably texting Luhan, now that he’d finally gotten his number at the party, something Yixing was wondering if Luhan regretted due to the sheer amount of texts he was probably receiving from Sehun.

Yixing pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Luhan.

How are you holding up to Sehun’s barrage of texts?

He is annoying cute. I regret it and yet…he’s just so cute.

Hahaha you must have it bad.

Shhh don’t tell him. I like seeing his efforts to chase me. They’re adorable.

Yixing pocketed his phone with a smile on his face. Now if only his love life could go just as smoothly…

After a few more days of Jongdae trying his best to avoid Yixing, which only worked outside of classes, Yixing finally decided to corner him with the help of their friends.

“What the hell do you think you guys are doing?” Jongdae struggled against the arms holding him down as someone tied a gag around his mouth.

“Shhh, we’re doing this for your own good.” Baekhyun made sure the knot was secured.

Jongdae glared at his friends as he was further restrained, hands tied behind his back, before being dragged by Chanyeol and Kai towards some unknown destination.

They ended up in an empty classroom away from the rest of the students and teachers. He was pushed down into a chair, Chanyeol and Kai keeping a restraining hand on his shoulders.

Jongdae’s eyes widened as Yixing walked in. He struggled, not liking his rival to see him in such a position, but froze when Yixing suddenly sat on his lap.

Jongdae’s mouth would have fallen open if it weren’t for the gag. He could only stare as Yixing smiled gently at him.

“Hello, Jongdae. Now you can’t run away while we talk things out.” Yixing nodded to their friends who slipped away to let them have some privacy, but they were all perched at the door, ready to eavesdrop. He turned to look at Jongdae. He smiled sweetly like this was perfectly normal, him perched on a tied-up Jongdae’s lap.

“Now why don’t we talk about that kiss you gave me…the one that made you run away from me and avoid me after.” Yixing laid his arms on Jongdae’s arms, staring straight into his eyes.

Jongdae wanted to look away but Yixing rested a firm but gentle hand on the back of Jongdae’s neck, forcing him to stare into his eyes. The dark brown eyes were swirling with emotions Jongdae couldn’t decipher.

With gentle hands, Yixing removed Jongdae’s gag, allowing him to speak.

Jongdae coughed a bit before staring hard at Yixing. “Why’d you let those idiots do this to me?”

“Because there’s no other way you’d come here,” Yixing smiled, trailing fingers up Jongdae’s chest, “and besides, I think I like you tied up, free for me to do whatever I want…”

His fingers toyed with the collar of Jongdae’s shirt.

Jongdae’s eyes widened. “Yi-Yi-Yixing…what are you doing?”

“Hmm…” Yixing looked up from where his fingers were, “Oh right, tell me why you kissed me and why you ran away after.”

“C-C-Can we not talk about that? That was a mistake. A one off thing, a result of me being drunk.”

“Are you sure? Sometimes we’re a bit more honest when influenced by alcohol.” Yixing’s smile widened as he leaned in to brush his nose against Jongdae’s. He could hear Jongdae’s quick intake of breath; his smile widened further. “So how about we try this again? Why did you kiss me and then run away after, Jongdae?”

Jongdae nervously swallowed. “Well…uh…because you looked so damn hot I just had to kiss you but then I did and I just felt embarrassed and a bit ashamed so I ran away and avoided you and yeah…so will you let me go now?”

Yixing looked thoughtful for a moment. “Hmmm…not just yet.”

He beamed. “Since I have you in my arms with no chance of escape, I’m free to do all the things I’ve been wanting to do to you since I first saw you.”

“Since you first saw me? Wh-What do you plan on doing to me?”

A smirk crossed Yixing’s face. He leaned in close, pressing his lips against Jongdae’s ear. “Later I’ll show you since our friends are waiting outside the door, wondering if we’re officially together yet. I think we are but I’m not sure how you feel about it.”

“Wait what!??!?! Officially together? But you-you don’t even like me.”

Yixing laughed, burying his head in the crook of Jongdae’s shoulder. “You really are blind, even though I know you think I’m a bit dense. That whole rivalry thing was in your head. I never felt any animosity towards you. But I think it was cute, you making me your rival when I know you actually like me.”

“What?!?!? What makes you think I like you? I don’t! I…” Jongdae trailed off as he looked at Yixing’s amused face. “Alright fine, so maybe I don’t feel any hate towards you…but me like you?”

“Yes, of course you like me.” Yixing nuzzled his nose against Jongdae’s, seeing a flush begin to creep up. “I’m surprised you were able to resist me for so long when I’ve been so nice to you.”

“Nice to me? But you didn’t do anything!”

“Not that you noticed but I was definitely being extra nice to you, helping you with your little rivalry.”

“What did you do to help?”

“I’ll tell you later. But right now, can I kiss you again? One where we both want it and not when you’re drunk.”

“Um…well you’re kind of on top of me so if you want to kiss me, I can’t really deny you.”

Yixing scrunched his face. “I was hoping for a more enthusiastic response since you like me and I like you.”

“I’m not gonna make this easy for you since you did have me tied up and forced a partial confession out of me.”

“Partial confession? That’s not good enough. I want a full confession, kind of like the one I gave you.”

“But you didn’t give me a full confession either.”

“Fine, picky boy.” Yixing looked Jongdae straight in the eyes, not hiding anything. “I like you, Jongdae. I have since the first time I met you.”

Jongdae’s cheek heated. “I-I like you too…probably from the first moment as well but I was too much of an idiot to realize it.”

“THANK YOU FOR ADMITTING THAT! EVEN THOUGH WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!” The door opened, revealing Baekhyun beaming while Chanyeol held a video camera pointed at them. Sehun, Jongin, and Kyungsoo were behind them; Sehun and Jongin had matching grins of amusement while Kyungsoo just smiled.

“What the hell are you guys doing!?!?” Jongdae glared at his friends as Yixing chuckled.

“Just recording this moment for potential blackmail in the future or future teasing because we all knew this was going to happen but you were too dumb to realize it.” Baekhyun smiled as he walked over to the couple.

“So now that you’re all done, can we get going and properly celebrate with ice cream and karaoke?”

“Sure, just one moment.” Yixing turned, gripped the back of Jongdae’s neck, and pressed a kiss to his lips. Jongdae gasped in surprise, giving Yixing the entrance to slip in his tongue.

“OH MY GAWD, YIXING. KEEP IT PG!” Baekhyun shielded his eyes by hiding his face into Chanyeol’s chest.

Yixing pulled away with a laugh, Jongdae resting his head on Yixing’s chest and trying to catch his breath. “Oh puh-lease, like you have any reason to complain when you publicly grope Chanyeol.”

Jongin barked out a laugh. “And you’re not any better, Jongin though Kyungsoo does have you on a very tight leash.”

Jongin flushed, Kyungsoo smiling as he patted his arm in comfort.

“Alright, we’ll get going, just give us a moment okay?”

“Sure, we’ll see you in a bit.” Kyungsoo pushed the others out of the room, leaving the new couple together in peace.

Yixing turned to Jongdae. “So will you stay once I untie you?”

Jongdae sighed. “Yes. Now that we’re officially together, I’m gonna be stuck to you 24/7. I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Oh I do,” Yixing smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to Jongdae’s lips as he untied him, “and I’m looking forward to it.”
Tags: chen/lay, one shot, r/nc-17

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