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Title: Checking You Out
Pairing: Kai/D.O.
Word Count: 961
Summary: They met a grocery store where their relationship slowly blossomed.
A/N: this is a super short, quick fic. brought about from thea's tweet and this post kinda didn't go as i planned but when does it ever?

Jongin was wandering down the aisles, searching for the things on his list, when he noticed a young man struggling to reach something on the top shelf. “Here, let me help you.”
“Thanks.” The man smiled brightly at him as he clutched the item to his chest.
“You’re welcome. My name is Jongin by the way.”
“Kyungsoo.” Kyungsoo nodded his head. “Well if that’s it, I’ll just be on my way.”
He ducked down under Jongin’s arm and headed to his cart, walking away.
Jongin watched as the most adorable man walked away from him. He wondered if he’d ever get to see him again.

Jongin was wandering the aisles, doing his grocery shopping for the week, when he noticed Kyungsoo again, in the same spot, reaching for the same thing. “Need some help?”
Kyungsoo gasped and turned around, hand pressed to his chest. He smiled brightly when he recognized who it was. “Oh Jongin, you’re here again. Uh if you don’t mind…”
He gave a sheepish smile.
“No problem at all.” Jongin reached up and grabbed the item, handing it to Kyungsoo.
“Thanks again. Uh…this is a little embarrassing, you coming to help me twice.” Jongin opened his mouth to respond but Kyungsoo kept talking. “How about I give you my number so we can arrange our shopping trips together? Since it looks like I always need your help.”
Jongin gaped, not entirely sure what had just happened. “Did you…did you just ask me for my number so we could go grocery shopping together?”
Kyungsoo’s cheeks flushed. “Oh well…it’s it’s okay if you don’t want to but I just thought…”
“Oh no, it’s fine with me. I was just caught off guard. Here.” Jongin pulled out his phone. “Tell me your number and I’ll text you mine.”
After exchanging their number, the two went separate ways to continue their grocery shopping.

Hey Jongin, it’s Kyungsoo. I was gonna go grocery shopping today. Want to come with?
Jongin looked at his fully stocked kitchen. Sure.
He met Kyungsoo at the front of the grocery store, Kyungsoo already holding a cart.
“Hi,” Kyungsoo smiled and tilted his head, “don’t you need a cart?”
“Oh,” Jongin gave a small smile, “no, I don’t need to buy that much.”
“Oh okay, well if you need space, you’re free to share my cart.”
“Thanks. Shall we?”
The two spent the next hour, wandering down the aisles, shopping for groceries. Jongin got to know a bit more about Kyungsoo, where he lived, if he went to school or work and vice versa.
“If you don’t mind, could I text you when it isn’t related to grocery shopping?”
Kyungsoo smiled brightly. “Sure, anytime, Jongin.”

The two began texting each other daily, talking about little inane things that happened in their life.
Jongin found himself falling for the young man, the more he learned about him. Kyungsoo was so cute and endearingly sweet. Yet, for all their texting, Jongin wasn’t sure how Kyungsoo felt about him.

Hey Kyungsoo, want to go grocery shopping with me?
Sure. Be there in 5.

Jongin took a deep breath. Hopefully his plan would work…

Jongin met Kyungsoo at the front of the grocery store, cart already waiting.
“Hi Jongin.”
“Hi Kyungsoo.”
“So…what did you need to get today?”
Jongin just gave a small smile. “Uh…I’ll tell you once we get inside.”
“Okay. You sure you don’t want to show me the list?”
“Not yet.”
Kyungsoo looked at Jongin confused. “Alright.”
The two walked in and began to wander around. Soon they found themselves in the same aisle they first met in.
“Now if you don’t mind, let me just grab the thing I needed to get.” Jongin gave Kyungsoo a half smile before he was picking him up and placing him in the cart.
“Jongin! What are you doing?” Kyungsoo looked at him in disbelief.
“Getting what I came for.” Jongin beamed as he began to push the cart back towards the entrance.
“Jongin! Jongin! You’re crazy. Let me see your list.”
With a shy smile, teeth coming out to bite on his bottom lip, Jongin handed Kyungsoo his shopping list.

Shopping list:
  • Kyungsoo

“Jongin…” Kyungsoo spoke slowly and carefully. “What kind of shopping list is this?”
“Uh well…see? That uh first day we met, I was kind of checking you out a bit because you were this cute little guy trying to reach something on the top shelf. And then when I ran into you again, you just suddenly asked for my number in such a silly, cute way and then we got talking and well…I like you and I guess this is my dumb way of showing you. I had hoped to make this smoother than it actually turned out but uh yeah…” Jongin looked down at his feet, hands behind his back, as he tried to stop the embarrassment from flooding his face.
Kyungsoo stared for a moment before laughing quietly. “Oh you’re so adorable. But yes, I like you too, though this whole shopping cart deal is a bit too cheesy for me.”
“Yeah…sorry about that. I thought it would be more romantic seeing as how we met here and whatnot but it didn’t turn out that way. Sorry.” Jongin gave Kyungsoo a sheepish smile.
“It’s alright. You have time to practice your cheesy romantic skills on me when we go out on our first date.” Kyungsoo leaned up and pressed a kiss to Jongin’s cheek. “Now help me out of this cart. It’s getting a bit uncomfortable.”
“Oh right yeah.” Jongin hurried over and helped Kyungsoo out.
“Now let’s get a snack. After that thing you pulled, you owe me.” Kyungsoo smiled as he linked their fingers together and led Jongin away to a nearby café.
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot

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