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universexo: for everyone (originally for phaggotkai)

Title: I’ll Be Your Light In Your Darkness
Pairing: Kai/D.O.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3204
Summary: Gods!AU On his daily route across the sky, Kai, the god of light, spots someone on Earth who intrigues him. But this isn’t any mortal but Kyungsoo, the goddess of magic and the night. His amorous intentions may have a slight roadblock but nothing will stand in the way of Kai when he wants a female.

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Kai sat in his chariot, waiting for the time for him to ride. He still had time and looked out at the dark landscape waiting to be lit up with his light.

His twin sister, Sehun, had done her job, and was about to arrive to bring the moon back. If he looked carefully, he could make out another person in the shadows. Her name: Kyungsoo, one of the forgotten goddesses but still a very important part of life. His heart fluttered a bit looking at her pale round face, large round eyes, long black hair, and small petite body.

Like many gods and goddesses, they chose a human body for their form, typically a young man or woman, sometimes an animal, depending on their venture. Kai himself liked to be seen as a young male. Very few ever saw gods and goddesses but there were some lucky few, if they followed the proper rituals.

He glanced over at his city, Delphi, and smiled at his temple, well taken care of by his oracle and priestesses.

“Yo, Kai, get it into gear.”

Kai looked back to see Sehun looking back at him, already starting her job. He grabbed the reins to his chariot and got his horses in motion.

As he rode across the sky, he tried to catch a glimpse of Kyungsoo again but she had disappeared, probably to her home somewhere in the Underworld.

Kai finished his ride across the sky, petting his horses’ mane as he settled them into their stalls. He looked out at the bright landscape and smiled. He turned around, heading into his home for a bit of relaxation.

Before he could settle into his chaise lounge, he felt a tug and looked out to see one of his priestesses calling him.

A young man, needing some advice, was seeking his help. He grabbed his lyre and descended down towards the temple. He kept hidden but watched as his priestess gave the man his answer. The young man offered some food as thanks, which the priestess accepted and set at his altar.

The burning of incense sent the smell wafting up to his nose. Although he couldn’t eat it, it smelled delicious. Kai’s stomach grumbled a bit, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten anything yet.

With a strum of his lyre, he headed home for some ambrosia.

Kyungsoo headed to her home, secluded away from everyone, mortal and immortal. She opened the door, letting it shut behind her, as she headed to her bed. A hand rubbed over her familiar, a dog she named Midnight. Along the wall, many books about herbs and magic filled the shelves. Her cloak hung on a hook next to her lantern, torch, and staff. Letting her body fall onto her bed, Kyungsoo burrowed into her sheets. Her dog came up, lying down next to her. She buried her face into her dog’s side, letting its warmth fill her body.

Her days had barely changed although the rulers had changed. Kyungsoo had been left free to do as she pleased. As one of the three goddesses ruling over the earth, sea, and sky, she had control over many things but was generally left alone. During the reign of the Titans, she had done her job without interference and now, during the reign of the Gods, she was doing the same.

Kyungsoo sighed as she closed her eyes to drift off to sleep before some person called for her.

Kai roamed the lands where his sun shined brightly. He saw villagers playing and working; he saw the occasional theft and fight. He could see the many emotions at play in the world down below. At the same time, he saw the many altars dedicated to different gods and goddesses, to him or his relatives.

Many homes contained a small shrine to Lay, the goddess of the hearth. Those about to be married or expecting pregnancy would visit a shrine dedicated to Baekhyun, the goddess of marriage and married women. Many fishermen and seaside towns had shrines dedicated to Xiumin, the god of the sea. Many lovesick fools or those seeking beauty would pray to Luhan, the goddess of love and beauty. For victory in battle, many would visit either Kangin, the god of war, or Kyuhyun, the goddess of wisdom. Many people spoke of Kris in whispers, fearing the god of death, but Kai knew something most of the others didn’t know of yet, thanks to him being the god of prophecy. Suho wasn’t going to be happy about it but things would hopefully turn out well; Tao would be a good sport about it, judging from how she normally was. Kai nodded his head in acknowledgement when Leeteuk whizzed by as he delivered message after message, occasionally stopping to help one of his “criminals”.

While the people had the free will to do as they chose, they still believed many of their actions were based on divine intervention and paid the proper respects to the specific deity in charge. It was nice to be appreciated for the things they did though it may be small. Many things were ruled by divine intervention, but many individual choices were their own unless a god or goddess had a bet going, then all was fair in love and war, as the saying went.

Many of the events that happened on Earth amongst the humans normally had a touch of divine intervention like the many heroes and wars that occurred and a few of the fantastical creatures that appeared. Many gods and goddesses were unconcerned with their sexual partners or when mating humans together. Everyone tried to keep out of each other’s affairs but when things overlapped, then arguments and fights were bound to happen, especially in a twisted family such as theirs.

A shadow moved in the corner of his eye and Kai turned quickly to catch a small glimpse of a long black cloak. His curiosity pulling at him, Kai moved quickly to follow. He wandered through the brush, leaves swiping at him, branches snagging on his clothing, as he delved deeper and deeper.

After following so many twists and turns, having leaves and twigs caught in his hair and clothing, Kai found himself amongst a private clearing where a small group of people was gathered in a small circle. A small fire burned in the center as people knelt down, hands clasped together. Someone came forward and placed food where a makeshift offering table was set. Once everything was in place, everyone began chanting.

Shivers ran down Kai’s spine as he listened to the words being murmured. A cold wind blew threw the area, causing him to shiver and bring his arms around in a semblance of warmth.

In the next breeze, a figure appeared on the opposite side of the clearing in a dark cloak, pale hand gripping the staff tightly. Kai sucked in his breath. He could recognize that hand from anywhere, having stared from afar for so long. The next breeze blew the hood of the cloak, revealing the softly rounded face of Kyungsoo, the goddess of magic.

Kyungsoo came forward, standing before the offering table. With a wave of her hand, she granted their request. She didn’t even stay to watch the outcome of her decision, already turning to leave as silently as she had arrived.

Without thinking, Kai followed after her.

Kyungsoo wandered through the forest, taking her time to get home but also to shake off the presence following her. She could feel eyes boring into her back as she moved around trees and bushes.

No matter how she moved, the person was always one step just behind her. Having no other choice, Kyungsoo stopped and turned, ready to face her pursuer.

Her eyes widened a fraction when she recognized the tall, tan male standing before her. She froze, waiting for the man to catch his breath.

He looked at her with a bright smile like the sun. “Hi.”

Kyungsoo swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. “Hi.”

“My name is Kai. What’s yours?”


Kai smiled. “Kyungsoo…what a pretty name.”

Kyungsoo blushed a little at the unexpected compliment. “Thank you. Uh…may I ask why you were following me?”

“I just wanted to know who the beautiful girl was that had captivated my attention.”

Kyungsoo coughed. She knew of Kai’s reputation but that didn’t stop the flush from rising to her cheeks. “Oh uh thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

Kyungsoo turned away but found her hand caught in Kai’s. She looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Can I see you again?”

Kyungsoo bit her bottom lip. “If you happen to look around and see me, sure. But to purposely seek me out, then no. Sorry.”

Kyungsoo let her hand slip from Kai’s loosened grip and hurried away, melting into the shadows as she used a nearby tunnel to return home.

Kyungsoo sat in her chair, stroking her pet as her thoughts wandered to the events of today.

In all her years of living, she rarely ever saw the other gods and goddesses, be it during the Titan or Olympic reign. All of a sudden, Kai was following her because he found her beautiful. Why would Kai, god of the sun, prophecy, music, arts, and all that, be interested in her? She was dark where he was light. She dealt with magic, necromancy, and travel in some cases. They had nothing in common. She was more compatible with his twin sister and in many cases, people would confuse the two or forget her.

Kyungsoo was used to being forgotten and ignored and actually preferred that. Unlike many other gods and goddesses who craved attention or needed the reassurance of love and devotion, Kyungsoo was content to be in the shadows and do her job quietly. As long as she bothered no one, no one would bother her.

It was odd for Kai to want her but if she understood things correctly, Kai lusted after many females, mortal and immortal alike. She had heard many stories about him and his love for females. Many did not end well. One girl, Daphne, called to be saved and was turned into a tree.

Kyungsoo sighed and stared around her small home. With a wave of her hand, her pet Midnight brought her crystal ball over. Holding it carefully, she looked at it and smiled, seeing the people enjoying life. She looked at all the celebrations and the funerals, making sure none of the souls got lost on their way to the Underworld. The few souls that did she sent a guiding light to them. She felt her heart tug a bit at the rituals asking for her help.

Kyungsoo had a small group of devotees, many within the same family or town where her story was passed down from generation to generation. With a wave of her hand, she could choose to bestow her gift to those who prayed to her. She always thought carefully before allowing a certain action as each choice and action had a different consequence. Rarely did someone ask for more or take her gift for granted. She smiled, seeing everything going well.

A flash of movement caught her eye. She looked closer and let out a quiet gasp. Kai stood in his chariot, standing at the ready to ride across the sky. The rays from the rising sun shone around him, highlighting him in a golden halo. The rising sun gave a healthy glow to his tan skin and dark hair. She couldn’t make out his eyes but she could remember the startling brown eyes, so clear despite the dark color.

Kyungsoo watched as Kai rode his chariot across the sky, leading the sun to shine brightly on the vast land and chase away all the dark shadows. She could just make out his twin sister Sehun before him, the moon following in her wake. He seems so majestic in the sky, sun shining behind him.

Kyungsoo sighed. She set her crystal ball aside with a sigh, turning to stare at her fireplace, flames crackling, smoke swirling up, as she got lost in her thoughts.

Kai petted his horses before leaving the stables. He wandered through his home until he reached his solarium. He loved to lounge in the bright sunlight as he played his lyre or thought up some poems. He had a lovely fountain on the side, the water sparkling under the sun’s rays.

Kai relaxed against his chaise lounge and looked out at the blue sky. He grabbed his lyre and plucked at the strings as his mind wandered back to the fair maiden who had captured his attention.

Kyungsoo was such a mystery. Her skin was as pale as the moon and her hair was as dark as midnight. She lived in the shadows but there was a glow about her, something that drew his eyes to her. Every day, he tried to catch a glimpse of her but so far, nothing. It was like she had disappeared or was no longer appearing on Earth amongst the humans, which sadden him as he had no other way to try and reach her if she never wandered the land. It was risky for him to venture towards the Underworld in the hopes of finding her and he couldn’t risk asking the other gods and goddesses, most likely they didn’t even know her or remembered her at all.

Kai sighed. His best bet, if he really thought about it, was to ask his twin sister who had a similar affinity as Kyungsoo. But he hesitated to go to her. He didn’t want anything to interfere with his courtship of Kyungsoo. But he wasn’t doing so well himself.

With a sigh, he sent a message to Sehun. Leeteuk came by to send it over. With a wave, Leeteuk was off. In a few minutes, he returned with Sehun’s reply. Kai looked at the scroll and made a face.

With a flash of bright light, Sehun appeared before him. She frowned as she crossed his arms.

“What is this favor you wanted?”

Kai scratched the back of his neck, causing Sehun to raise an eyebrow. “Uh…well, I was wondering if you could find someone to me.”

“You’re asking me to search for someone for you?” Sehun took a seat on one of the lounge chairs, setting her bow and arrows aside. “Why me?”

“Well because you and her have a kind of connection.” Kai sat down on his lounger, looking at his sister.

“A connection?” Sehun looked at Kai skeptically. “What kind of connection?”

Kai coughed, clearing his suddenly blocked throat. “Well…you two…have a similar power I guess you can say.”


“Affinity you could say.”

“Affinity…” Sehun looked carefully at Kai. “Is she mortal or immortal?”

“Immortal,” mumbled Kai.

Sehun’s eyebrows rose. “Immortal…well that’s new. You haven’t gone after an immortal for a while. Care to tell me who she is?”

Kai stared at his feet and mumbled his response.

“Sorry but I can’t hear you.”

“It’s Kyungsoo.”

Sehun’s eyebrows really jumped from her head. “Kyungsoo? As in goddess of magic and the night. That Kyungsoo?”

Kai nodded his head.

Sehun let out a low whistle. “Well…you didn’t pick an easy one. But then again, you never do.”

Kai scowled as his sister.

“I’ll see what I can do, okay?” Sehun got up from the chair, grabbing her bow and arrows. “I’ll let you know my progress in about a week, alright? Bye.”

Sehun disappeared just as she had appeared.

It took almost two weeks before Sehun returned with news. “Here’s the information you wanted.”

She tossed a scroll at him. Kai quickly caught it with a frown at his sister. “Hopefully you’ll stop chasing females once you get her. She won’t accept infidelity. And crossing her would be worse than crossing one of the other goddesses if you had decided to chase after one of them. She’s the goddess of magic; let that sink in a bit. Bye, I have a hunt to get to.”

Kai watched his sister leave before turning to the scroll. He rolled it open and quickly read it. A grin spread across his face. Putting the scroll away, he headed off to Kyungsoo’s home.

He arrived in front of a wooden door to a small little cottage hidden deep within the woods. Fixing his clothes and hair, he knocked on the door.

“Yes?” Kyungsoo opened the door, her eyes widening when she recognized her guest. “Kai?”

“Hi, Kyungsoo. May I come in?”

Kyungsoo looked around before giving a small nod, stepping away and allowing Kai to step inside. She shut the door as Kai wandered further inside.

His eyes looked around the place, noticing the familiar resting in front of the fireplace. The decoration was simple but gave off a very comfortable home-like feel. Everything was set close together, very different from his own home that was so open and spacious. He turned to see Kyungsoo standing by the door, hands clasped in front of her.

“Would you like to sit down?” Kai gestured to the two chairs by the fireplace. “What I have to say may take a while.”

“Alright.” Kyungsoo walked over, taking a seat in one of the chairs. Kai sat across from her. “What made you come here?”

“Well I wanted to speak with you.”

“Oh…about what? Your sister wasn’t very specific when she came asking for information for you.” Kyungsoo crossed her arms in front of her.

“Oh well…remember when we first met?”

“Yes…?” Kyungsoo raised a brow. “What about it?”

“Well…I was wondering…if you’d be interested in having a relationship with me?”

“A relationship? What kind of relationship?”

Kai coughed. “Oh you know…the typical relationship, dating, sleeping together, the usual.”

“The usual…” Kyungsoo looked at Kai carefully. “Does that mean infidelity as well? Because as a god, many of you can’t stick to one girl, even if you’re already married.”

“Yes. I can be faithful to you.” Kai smiled in a reassuring manner. This was not going as he had thought. His eyes looked over Kyungsoo sitting calmly before him.

“Really? Because you know if you aren’t, I can do all sorts of things to you, horrible things, things you didn’t even know could happen.” An evil smirk crossed Kyungsoo’s face.

Kai’s eyes widened.

“You sure you still want this?” Kyungsoo’s smirk widened.

“Yes. I’m willing to accept anything if it’s from you.”

“A bold statement when you barely know me, Kai.” Kyungsoo gave a quiet chuckle. “But fine, I accept your suit.”

Kyungsoo got up from her chair and walked over to Kai. She bent down and gently pressed her lips against Kai’s.

Kai smiled into the kiss. Kyungsoo’s lips were softer than he had imagined. He could stay faithful to her as long as he had these lips every day and if he couldn’t, he’d spend a lifetime convincing her to keep him around. They had all the time in the world for each other and now was as good as any to start.

Kai smiled, pulling Kyungsoo closer to him and taking her back to his place in the sky.

A/N: Cheat sheet of the mentioned gods and goddesses
Suho – Demeter
Baekhyun – Hera
Lay – Hestia
Xiumin – Poseidon
Kai – Apollo
Sehun – Artemis
Kyungsoo – Hecate
Luhan – Aphrodite
Chen – Zeus
Kris – Hades
Tao – Persephone
Chanyeol – Hephaestus
Kangin – Ares
Kyuhyun – Athena
Leeteuk – Hermes
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot

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