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Title: Clean Up My Mess
Pairing: Chen/Lay
Word Count: 1160
Summary: The day has come...when Lay must protect his secret and clean up his mess. Sequel to Knock-Out Dress Up

Lay fiddled with his phone. The incoming text he was dreading had finally arrived. His foot jiggled as his mind filled with different scenarios.

Lay turned the knob of his shared room and stepped inside. Chen was laid out on his bed in a very provocative pose, which was actually an understatement.
Chen had on the maid’s costume from before, back against the headboard, skirt flipped up, legs spread as he fingered his hole and stroked his cock. His face would’ve seem innocent with the way Chen was looking at him from under his lashes but the smirk tugging at his lips contradicted it.
Lay stood frozen, back pressed against the door as Chen kept his eyes trained on him as his hands and fingers lazily played with his body.
“Enjoy what you see?”
Lay swallowed the lump in his throat. “Chen…”
“You know it’s okay to touch.” Chen winked. A moan slipped from his lips as he twisted his fingers, pushing a spot inside himself.
Lay moved automatically, shutting and locking the door behind him, as he walked towards the end of the bed. He stood there, staring down at Chen.
Chen frowned and sat up, fingers slipping out of his hole. “You did read my text, right?”
“Yes, but all you said was for me to come to your room. Nothing else.”
Chen groaned, rising to his knees to stand face to face with Lay. “Do I need to spell it out for you?”
“That would help.” Lay gave a small smile.
Chen looked at him for a moment, studying his face. It was like he could see through his mind. “I know you’re not that stupid, Lay. So come here.”
Chen’s hand reached up, grabbing a fistful of Lay’s shirt and pulling him forward so their lips crashed together.
Lay winced when their teeth banged together.
Chen frowned. “Sorry. Let’s try that again.”
He pulled Lay down onto the bed and climbed on top, straddling his waist. The skirt from his costume just barely covered Chen’s thighs and the front protruded a bit, thanks to his hard cock. Chen placed his hands on Lay’s chest, leaning down until they were a breath apart. His tongue came out, licking along the seam of Lay’s lips.
Lay parted his mouth and Chen slipped his tongue inside. Chen’s hands wandered down Lay’s chest, slipping beneath his shirt and running light fingers over his chest.
Chen grinned as he pulled away. He leaned down and gently blew across Lay’s neck, causing said boy to squirm beneath him. Chen’s eyes lit up when he felt Lay’s dick through his pants. He ground his hips down as he continued to assault Lay’s neck.
“Ch-Ch-Chen…” Lay’s hands came up, hesitantly holding Chen’s waist.
Chen licked a stripe up Lay’s neck and grinned down at the panting Lay. “Take off my dress, hyung. It’s getting in the way.”
“A-a-actually…d-d-do you think…you can leave it on?”
Chen’s eyes flashed. “Well, well, well…if you want to, I can. I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff.”
Lay’s face flushed red. “Oh well…it’s not that…I am, but more like you uh look very good in it.”
Chen chuckled. “You’re cute but why don’t we get back to the matter at hand?”
Chen’s hips ground down again, pulling a gasp from Lay. Chen scooted back and made quick work of Lay’s pants, pulling out his hard length. His hand quickly stroked it a few times.
Chen smiled as he positioned himself above Lay. Holding Lay’s length in place, Chen slid down until it was fully inside. He leaned down, gently kissing Lay.
“You feel so good.” Chen slowly lifted his body and lowered it down again. “Oh so good.”
Going slow and steady, Chen lifted himself up and down, riding Lay’s dick. Lay stayed still, allowing Chen to use his body as he wanted.
Chen frowned a bit and pulled Lay’s shirt off. He ran his hands appreciatively over the naked torso. He leaned down, peppering kisses where he could as he continued to ride Lay.
“It’s okay to touch me, Lay. I gave you permission.” Chen smiled as he grabbed Lay’s hands, putting them on his hips.
“But you know what I really want?” Chen leaned down, placing his lips at Lay’s ear. “I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t walk for a week. Think you can do that?”
Lay groaned, shifting when Chen nipped at his ear. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, very sure.” Chen nipped at Lay’s chin playfully. “Do you know how often I’ve dreamed of you fucking me? I was just waiting for the right time and got you right where I want you.”
Lay gave a breathless chuckle. “You didn’t have to go through so much trouble but I appreciate the effort. So why don’t I show you how much I really appreciate it?”
Lay flipped them over and rammed his hips into Chen. Chen gave a silent scream, holding onto Lay’s arms as Lay’s hips thrust rough and hard.
The bed rocked as Lay made good on his promise, fucking Chen into the mattress. The feeling of the costume scratching against his thighs was a turn on along with Chen’s endless babbling of his name.
Lay watched the pleasure running over Chen’s face. He leaned down to kiss him as his hips sped up even more.
“Oh gawd, Lay…” Chen’s grip tightened as the feeling built. In moments, cum was spilling out, staining the costume and splashing a bit onto Lay’s stomach. Lay came a few moments later, spilling inside Chen. He slipped out and collapsed on the bed next to Chen.
Chen snuggled close, not caring about the mess. “Mmm…that was nice. I think I can still walk later but that was a good effort.”
“What? That wasn’t good enough for you.”
Chen gave a cheeky grin. “Nope, so I suggest we do it again later.”
Lay laughed. “You’re such a brat.”
Chen stuck his tongue out. “But you like it.”
“Hmm…I don’t know about that.”
Chen’s mouth dropped open in shock. Lay laughed and placed a kiss on Chen’s nose.
“So want to do it again now or rest for a bit?”
“Rest.” Chen wiggled closer, head coming to rest in the crook of Lay’s neck.
“So you’re really not going to tell the other members what I did right?”
“Nope, as long as you keep fucking me like today, there’s no reason they need to know. I thought it was a good prank, very well done.”
“Why thank you. Now sleep. You’re going to need your strength ‘cause when I’m through with you, you won’t be able to do anything at all.” Lay beamed and kissed Chen before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.
Chen scrunched his face as he looked at the knocked out Lay. He shook his head but kissed Lay’s cheek before settling down to sleep beside him.
Tags: chen/lay, r/nc-17

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