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Title: Waiting For You
Pairing: Baekhyun/D.O.
Word Count: 819
Summary: Baekhyun's been waiting for Kyungsoo to come home. PWP

Baekhyun reclined on the bed in only his bathrobe, waiting for Kyungsoo to come back. Kyungsoo walked through the door, his work clothes still on. His white button down was fitted, showing off his figure.
“Kyungsoo~ come join me on the bed.”
Kyungsoo sighed but joined Baekhyun on the bed. It was better to give in to Baekhyun’s smaller demands and then fight over the bigger ones. It kept them both happy and the relationship going smoothly.
Baekhyun scooted higher on the bed, making Kyungsoo rest on his chest. Kyungsoo looked at him a moment but allowed it. He snuggled close as he was pretty tired.
Baekhyun’s hand came up to play with Kyungsoo’s hair. “So how was your day?”
“It was alright. Same old, same old. You?”
“Same old, same old.” Baekhyun’s hand wandered down to the top of Kyungsoo’s shirt, toying with the buttons. He quietly slipped one off and then another and then another until Kyungsoo’s shirt was wide open, exposing his smooth, pale chest.
Kyungsoo raised a brow. “So exactly how long were you waiting for me?”
“Not too long, give or take an hour.” Baekhyun beamed at Kyungsoo who just shook his head.
“You’re insatiable.”
“I know. So are you going to kiss me or what?” Baekhyun smiled.
Kyungsoo shook his head but leaned his head up to accept Baekhyun’s kiss.
The kiss was gentle and sweet until Baekhyun shifted, tongue slipping into Kyungsoo’s mouth. His hands reached down to touch Kyungsoo’s chest, slipping the shirt off Kyungsoo’s shoulders as Baekhyun moved on top of Kyungsoo.
Baekhyun’s lips moved across Kyungsoo’s cheeks, down his neck, down his chest, to the top of his pants. Keeping his eyes on Kyungsoo’s, Baekhyun undid Kyungsoo’s pants, hand coming inside to pull out his half-hard length. With a smirk, Baekhyun leaned forward, taking it into his mouth.
Kyungsoo gave a quiet moan, hands reaching down to grip Baekhyun’s head as Baekhyun slowly moved his head up and down. Baekhyun’s tongue teased the tip, causing Kyungsoo to harden and tighten his grip on Baekhyun’s head.
Baekhyun pulled away and grinned at Kyungsoo. “Ready?”
“Normally you don’t ask.”
“Well tonight, I wanted to. So ready?” Baekhyun smiled as he moved up Kyungsoo’s body. He shed his robe, dropping it to the floor.
Kyungsoo’s eyes widened. “Is that a –“
Baekhyun’s eyes lit up in happiness. “Yep. I wanted to be ready for when you came home.”
Baekhyun reached back and pulled out the butt plug. He set it aside and straddled Kyungsoo’s waist, placing his hole right above Kyungsoo’s dick.
“So you ready?”
Kyungsoo looked at Baekhyun. “Are you really asking that now?”
“Yes but not expecting an answer now.” Baekhyun chuckled as he lowered himself onto Kyungsoo’s dick. The two moaned at the sensation.
Not giving time for either of them to adjust, Baekhyun lifted himself up and lowered himself, setting a rough pace. Kyungsoo could do nothing, just grip Baekhyun’s hips and let him take control. It was the least he could do after making Baekhyun wait so long.
“Oh Kyungsoo…I’m close.” Baekhyun’s hand came down to grip his dick but Kyungsoo slapped his hand away.
“Nuh uh. You’re going to come untouched like you always do.”
Baekhyun looked down at Kyungsoo with pleading eyes. “But Soo…”
“Nope. No amount of begging or pleading will change my mind.” Kyungsoo braced his legs on the floor and tightened his grip on Baekhyun before thrusting hard and rough into Baekhyun.
Baekhyun screamed, hands coming down to grip tightly to Kyungsoo’s chest. His nails dug in, leaving little red crescent marks that wouldn’t fade for a few days.
“Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo.”
Sweat dripped down Kyungsoo’s forehead but he didn’t stop. He knew Baekhyun was close. He shifted a bit and thrust in harder.
Kyungsoo grinned to himself and continued to thrust, aiming for that spot.
Baekhyun came a few moments later, spilling over Kyungsoo’s chest. Kyungsoo followed soon after, spilling inside of Baekhyun.
The two collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily as they waited for their strength to come back. Baekhyun smiled as he pressed a lazy kiss to Kyungsoo’s neck.
“Mmm…thank you, babe.”
Kyungsoo chuckled, arms coming to wrap around Baekhyun. “My pleasure. And yours. I can’t believe you would wear that butt plug for so long.”
“Hey, I wanted to be prepared for when you got home.”
“You are insatiable. We did it this morning.”
“That was too long ago.”
Kyungsoo shook his head and kissed Baekhyun’s forehead. “Go sleep. Rest a bit since I’m sure you’ll want to do this again later.”
“That’s right.” Baekhyun shifted, whining a bit when Kyungsoo slipped out, but positioned himself better to cuddle with Kyungsoo. “Good night.”
“Good night, Baek.” Kyungsoo smiled as they drifted off to sleep. He was going to make sure they showered before a second round. The cum drying on his chest was not a pleasant feeling.

A/N: basically porn. written in like half an hour or less. thanks to xoxo exo episode 2 (yes i am just watching it now and had to pause because this one image inspired this plot) so yeah...i am shameless, not really idk >.< :P
This was essentially the moment for those curious souls

so cute and adorable together ;-;
Tags: baekhyun/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17

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