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ktstylefest entry #6

Title: Winter’s Cold Can’t Stop Me
Author: read0write
Prompt: #122 – Frozen
Pairing(s): Kris/Tao, Chen/Xiumin
Summary: After causing his brother Xiumin to flee their kingdom and set off an eternal winter, Tao goes after him to fix it.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: story isn’t mine and definitely tweaked things
Warning(s): none
Word Count: 2768
Author's Notes: some major tweakage going on? Sorry if I seemed to butcher a few things >.< and tried to add in what you wanted

Originally posted here

“What? No, you can’t.” Xiumin stared at Tao in shock.

“What do you mean no? It’s true love.” Tao clung onto Sehun’s arm.

“No, you can’t. You just met. How do you know it’s true love?”

“Look just because you don’t know love –“

Xiumin gaped before closing his mouth. He straightened his back and gave Tao one of his fiercest glares. “You are not marrying him and that is final.”

“Why can’t you be happy for me? Do you want me to end up miserable and alone like you?”

“Is that what you think of me?” Xiumin turned to glare at Tao. “If that’s what you think –“

“You shut me out. What else am I supposed to think?” Tao tried to grab Xiumin’s hands but accidentally pulled off his gloves.

“Hey! Give that back.”

“No, not until we actually talk or fight or something. I’m tired of being ignored.”

“I said give that back.”

“No.” Tao glared at Xiumin.

“Give it back.” Tao thought it was a trick of the light but Xiumin’s eyes looked a little watery as Xiumin bit his lip.

“Tao, please…I need those gloves.”


“Your highness?”

It happened in a flash, before anyone could react. Shards of ice flew from Xiumin’s fingers, creating a protective barrier around him. Everyone froze and stared. Xiumin reacted on instinct, running out of the castle gates and out of town.

Dark storm clouds filled the sky as a heavy snowfall began to fall. Tao stood in the castle gateway as he watched Xiumin’s figure disappear.

“Someone get me my horse. I’m going after him.”

“You can’t leave, Tao.” Sehun placed a hand on Tao’s arm. “With Xiumin gone, who will take care of Qingdao?”

Tao looked out at all the people looking towards him for leadership. “I leave Qingdao in Prince Sehun’s capable hands. I’ll return soon with Xiumin and we’ll stop this winter.”

Tao rode off into the storm, heading towards where he last saw Xiumin. The storm was harsh as he hurried up the mountain Xiumin was running towards. Something spooked his horse, causing Tao to fall and his horse to run away. He spotted a light up ahead and headed towards it.

He entered the cabin upon seeing the “Inn” sign out front.

“Hello, welcome.” A man sat behind the cashier. “What can I help you with?”

“Where are your winter clothes?”

The man pointed to a dingy shelf in the back that housed a small selection of winter clothes. Tao hurried over, grabbing the clothes. He was heading towards the cashier when the door slammed open and someone caked in snow walked in. He headed towards the shelf, grabbing some rope and a pickaxe, and placing it on the counter. He also grabbed a bunch of carrots.

“How much for all this?”

“30,000 Yuan.”

“What? You crook!”

“What did you call me?” The man behind the counter stood up, towering over the two of them.

“Um…” The man was tossed out of the inn without another word.

“So will you be paying for those?” Tao looked at his clothes and then the items the man had wanted. Without another thought, he paid for both and hurried after the snowman.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Kris stared at his reindeer, Luhan, who was giving him that look. “He wanted me to pay a ridiculous amount for those items. And yes, I’m sorry I forgot your carrots.”

“Hey you! I have a question for you.” Kris turned to find some man standing by the door.

“What do you want?”

“Do you know these mountains well?”

Kris looked him up and down. “Yeah, what about it?”

“I need to go up those mountains and I want you to take me there. Here.” Tao misjudged his throw and smacked Kris in the face. “Oh, I’m Tao, by the way.”

“I’m Kris and this is Luhan. When did you want to leave?”

“Now, right now.” Tao stamped his foot for good measure.

Kris looked inside the bag. “You forgot the – oof”

The carrots smacked him in the face. Kris grabbed them and stared at the spot Tao was at. He looked at Luhan. “Ready for another trip up the mountains?”

Tao was waiting just by the door when Kris and Luhan appeared. “Alright, so how are we going to do this?”

“Well I have a sleigh we can use that will work.” Kris pointed to a dingy sleigh a few feet away. He tossed his gear in and climbed on, Luhan taking his position at the front of the sleigh. Tao climbed in after Kris and held on as they headed towards the mountain.

The way up the mountain was tougher than Tao had imagined. They had to lose the sleigh when crossing a deep ravine. Now they were traveling through a forest where everything looked the same.

“Ugh, why did he have to choose this mountain to run to? Why couldn’t he have chosen somewhere else, somewhere closer to home?” Tao grumbled a bit as he pushed a branch out of his way.

“Oh I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him when you see him? Exactly why am I making this trip again?”

“Because I needed help and paid you for it.” Tao frowned and took some small satisfaction when he let the branch whip back and hit Kris in the face. He thought Luhan might have laughed a bit but it was hard to tell what noises the reindeer was making.

“Hi there! My name is Chanyeol and I love warm hugs.”

“Ahh!!!!” Tao jumped into Kris’ arms. A short little snowman stood right behind where Tao had previously been standing with a bright smile on his face.

“Hi, I’m Chanyeol and I love warm hugs. What’s your name?”

“Chanyeol?” Tao looked confused before recognition crossed his face. He crouched down to be eye level with the snowman. “Oh Chanyeol. Hi, I’m Tao and this is Kris and Luhan.”

“Oh hi there.” Chanyeol beamed and waved at everyone.

“So Chanyeol, did Xiumin make you?”

“Yep. Want me to take you to him? I’m sure he’ll be happy to have some visitors.” Chanyeol turned around and started walking away.

Kris stepped close to Tao to whisper in his ear. “Hey, don’t you think he looks a bit funny?”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s a snowman but missing a crucial little thing.” Kris tapped at his nose.

“Oh right.” Tao reached into Kris’ bag and grabbed a carrot. Without a word, he stuck it through the back of Chanyeol’s head.

“Ow! Headache. OH MY GOSH IS THAT A NOSE? I ALWAYS WANTED A NOSE.” Chanyeol beamed as he turned around, touching and admiring his new nose. “This is so beautiful.

Luhan noticed the carrot and tried to take a bite. Chanyeol moved out the way before Luhan could bite it.

“Oh look, he likes me.” Chanyeol patted Luhan’s head. “He’s so cute. Now come along. Xiumin lives this way.”

Tao and Kris stared open mouth at the ice castle that stood before them. It looked like it was part of the mountain, built right into the side of it. Light shone around it, giving it an ethereal glow.

“Can you guys stay here while I go talk to my brother?”


“Great.” Tao carefully climbed the steps towards the ice castle. He knocked twice before opening the door.


Xiumin came down the steps. “Tao?” He froze at the top.

“Xiumin. I’m so glad I found you.”

“What are you doing here?”

Tao started up the stairs towards Xiumin. “I came for you. We need to go home.”

“No, no. You need to go home. I’m staying here.”

“But Xiumin, the kingdom needs you.”

“No, they don’t. They don’t need someone like me.” Xiumin turned away, starting up the stairs. Tao hurried after him.

“Yes, they do. You uh…kinda set off an eternal winter.”

“What?!?!?!” Xiumin whirled around, eyes blazing. “No, it can’t be true. You must be lying.”

“If you look out your window you can see.” Tao pointed out the open doors to where Qingdao should be but a giant grey cloud was hovering over it, covering the town in white.

“No…no…that can’t be.” Xiumin turned away, hands coming up to run through his hair. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it started at the same time you left.”

“No…NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Xiumin dropped to his knees in despair. “It’s gotten stronger. I have no way to control it.”

“Hey, Xiumin…it’s fine. We’ll just return home and fix it together.” Tao walked closer to hug Xiumin but was stopped when he whirled around with a glare.

“No, don’t touch me. Just leave me be.”

“I can’t do that, Xiumin. We’re brothers.” Tao stepped closer but Xiumin stepped back.

“Look, I don’t want to hurt you, Tao. Just leave me be. You’re better off without me there.”

“No, we aren’t. No, I’m not. Just come back, Xiumin. You’ll see.” Tao reached out a hand.

“I can’t, Tao. I can’t.” Xiumin turned away, a sure sign of dismissal.

Tao reached out, placing a hand on his shoulder. Xiumin whirled around, an ice shard flying from his hand and striking into Tao. Tao gasped, collapsing on the floor.

“No…no.” Xiumin looked at his hands before fleeing. Kris came running in a few moments to find Tao passed out on the floor.

“Oh no, he’s ice cold.” Kris picked him up and carried him towards Luhan. “Come on, Luhan. We need to get going.”

Xiumin watched from his tower, Tao and his companions heading away from him. A corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile when he saw Chanyeol scampering after them.

“Hey! Help me, please.” Kris walked into the grassy circle. Rumbling was heard before trolls of all shapes and sizes gathered around.

“Oh it’s Kris and Luhan! Hi. So glad to see you.”

“Sorry but no time for small talk. He needs your help.” Kris gently laid Tao down. The elder troll came over.

“He’s ice cold. Some ice has pierced his heart.”

Kris looked pleadingly at the elder. “Can you save him?”

“No, only an act of true love can save him.”

“An act of true love?” Tao raised his head a bit. “Bring me to Sehun, my fiancé.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Kris got back on Luhan, cradling Tao close to him, as they headed back down towards Qingdao.

Tao was gently laid out on a couch. “Tao, are you okay?”

“Sehun…?” Tao opened his eyes and found Sehun smiling down at him. “Sehun, Xiumin accidentally pierced my heart and I’ll freeze without a true love’s kiss. So please kiss me.”

Tao puckered his lips.

“I’m sorry, Tao, but I can’t do that.”

“What?” Tao looked at Sehun in shock.

“You see…” Sehun walked over to the fireplace, pouring water on it to put it out, “I don’t love you.”

Tao stared as Sehun walked towards the door. “Have a peaceful death while I rule your kingdom like I’ve always dreamed of.”

He grinned and blew Tao a kiss before slipping out the door.

Tao gaped and began to breath deeply as the ice slowly crept through his body.

“Tao? Tao? Are you in there?” The window opened and Chanyeol came walking in. He spotted Tao shivering on the couch and rushed over. “Oh my gosh, Tao. We need to get you some help. Or maybe Kris can be your true love’s kiss. He did look awfully sad to leave you.”

“What are you talking about?” Tao looked at Chanyeol confused as he kept pushing him towards the window.

“Come on, let’s go. I just heard talk of people going after your brother to try and kill him.”

“What?!?!? Who’s going to kill Xiumin?”

“I’m not sure but that Sehun fellow was there.”

“Oh no.” Tao, looking inside himself, found the strength to propel himself out the room and out the castle. In the distance, he found two dark figures where the lawn would be. Something silver glinted in the fading light.

Gasping, Tao rushed forward. Using all the strength he had, he ran between the two fingers, the sword coming down onto his outstretched hand.

Xiumin looked up to see Tao frozen, standing protectively over him. “No! No, no, no, no, no. Tao!!!!!!”

Xiumin clung to Tao’s figure, tears spilling from his eyes as he wept over his dead brother. But something was wrong. Instead of cold, warmth filled his heart. He opened his eyes and found Tao standing whole and unfrozen in front of him.


“Xiumin!” Tao’s arms wrapped tightly around his brother as the two hugged for the first time in forever. “It was love…my love for you that saved me.”

“Love?” Xiumin looked puzzled before it dawned on him. “That’s it. Love.”

Xiumin stepped back and with a wave of his arms, he was able to stop the storm and restore everything back to the way it was. The two brothers grinned, hugging again before they remembered Sehun. They turned to find Luhan sitting on Sehun with Kris standing as a guard over him.

“Thanks, Kris.” Tao came over with a grateful smile. “Oh and this is Xiumin, my brother. That person Luhan is sitting on is Sehun, my ex-fiancé and, can I say a prisoner of Qingdao for what he tried to do?”

Xiumin laughed and nodded his head. “Come on, let’s get him to the dungeon and then we’ll see about sorting out this whole mess.”

Xiumin stood in the entryway of the castle, the villagers all waiting in the square. “Are you all ready?”

There were cheers and smiles. With a wave of his hand, Xiumin covered the courtyard in ice. He created a beautiful ice sculpture in the middle and covered the walls with little ice carvings. He smiled brightly at his handiwork.

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Oh thank you.” Xiumin turned around, smile dropping when faced with one of the hottest guys he’d ever seen. His light blonde hair framed strong cheekbones and his smile was infectious. “Hi, I’m Chen.”


The two shook hands and Xiumin gasped when he felt something cold slip around his wrist. He looked down to find a beautiful ice bracelet around his wrist. “Something beautiful for a beautiful person.”

“You…you can make ice?”

“Snow, ice, all that frozen stuff. Yeah…I’m sometimes called Jack Frost by a few people but I let my friends call me Chen.”

Xiumin’s smile widened. “Chen…well, if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind having you stay a few days. I’ve never had a friend with the same ability.”

“Oh well…I hope we can be more than friends but I’ll accept that for now.” Chen wiggled his eyebrows, causing Xiumin to blush. “May I ask you to take a turn around the ice rink with me?”

He bowed, hand held out in invitation. Xiumin smiled and slipped his hand into Chen’s, allowing him to guide him around the courtyard.

Tao smiled from the castle gateway, Kris standing behind him. “Oh, I have a present for you.”

Tao grabbed Kris’ hand and pulled him out the castle doors and towards the stables. Standing out front was a beautiful red sleigh. “I owe you a new one after what happened to the last one. Do you like?”

Luhan was showing his appreciation for the sleigh, draping himself all over it without damaging it too much. Chanyeol was already sitting in the sleigh, his own personal flurry snowing over his head as he admired the sleigh as well. Luhan reached up and nipped at Chanyeol’s nose, who just laughed and patted Luhan’s head.

“It’s beautiful, just like you.” Kris grinned before paling a bit.

Tao looked at Kris shyly. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“Well yeah, you’re that and courageous, maybe a bit silly but you have a good heart and – mmph.” Kris’ eye widened as Tao kissed him. He gasped a bit but allowed his hands to wrap around Tao.

“Well I think you’re handsome. But we’re not getting engaged until I know you better.” Tao stuck his tongue out at Kris.

“That’s fine by me. Just means you learned your lesson.”

“Yeah, it’s a lesson I’ll never forget. Now let’s go skating.” Tao grinned as he pulled Kris towards the courtyard. Xiumin passed by, making some ice skates for Tao and Kris. Tao pulled Kris onto the ice and lead him around the courtyard, smiles and laughs filling the once empty space.

Tao passed by Xiumin and beamed. “I love you, Xiumin.”

“And I love you, Tao.” The two hugged before looking out at their kingdom, finally feeling at peace.
Tags: chen/xiumin, one shot, tao/kris

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