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ktstylefest entry #2

Title: Power Play
Author: read0write
Prompt: #63 – Sky High
Pairing(s): Kris/Tao, minor Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Summary: As the son of two of the greatest superheroes ever, everyone is expecting great things from Kris. However, there’s just a slight problem: he has no powers to be able to save the day.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: story is not mine, I tweaked as I saw fit
Warning(s): slight genderbend for a few characters
Word Count: 4349
Author's Notes: so I may have stuck a bit too close to the movie but hopefully it’s alright? Actually maybe I butchered it a bit >.<

Originally posted here

Kris sighed as he woke up, not excited for the first day of school. Thing would be fine if he didn’t have such pressure weighing down on him. As the son of two of the greatest superheroes in the world, he was expected to do great things. Sad thing was he had no superpowers to speak of. His mother, Leeteuk, could fly as fast as a jet with knowledge of all types of combat. His father, Kangin, had super strength. But him, he had no powers to show his proud lineage, as his father liked to preach on occasion.

With one last glance in the mirror, Kris headed downstairs where his best friend Tao was already seated at the breakfast table. “Where are my parents?”

Tao pointed towards the TV where live news coverage showed his parents, The Commander and Jetstream, saving the city from a giant robot. With a little sigh, Kris shut off the TV and the two headed towards the bus stop together.

“Welcome, students, to Sky High, where your journey awaits. Each of you will be placed on a different track: Hero and Hero Support. Now the things you learn here will help you explore and practice your powers. What you decide to do with them after graduation will be your choice. We are only here to help you learn and grow as a person. Now enough talk, time to begin your journey.” With a burst of light, the principal flew away. In her place stood someone that could only be considered a gym coach.

“Welcome, freshmen. I am Heechul or Sonic Boom. I am in charge of your power placement. This means you will come up here and demonstrate your powers, in front of everyone, where I will determine which class you belong to: Hero or Sidekick. My decision is final so no whining about your chosen class. Now who wants to go first?” Heechul glanced at his clipboard and then out at the sea of freshmen.

One by one, students went up and demonstrated their power. His friend Lay got up and stated he could glow but it was hard to tell in the brightly lit room. One student got up and revealed his multiple arms. Another could change his appearance to anyone’s. One kid, Suho, could melt into a puddle. Another girl, Xiumin, could shapeshift into a guinea pig, only a guinea pig. His best friend, Tao, refused to show her powers because she didn’t like whole labeling thing. Tao was a very free spirit which Kris respected and found amusing but also sweet. Before it was Kris’ turn, the lunch bell rang but Heechul singled him out to be the first one right afterwards.

Kris followed Tao and his new friends to the cafeteria. As he sat down, he felt eyes staring at him. He turned and found a pair for dark brown eyes glaring at him.

Suho gaped. “Oh my gawd, that’s Chanyeol Park.”

“The Chanyeol Park?” Lay took another glance at Chanyeol.

Kris looked at them confused. “Who’s that?”

Tao perked up a bit, always happy to talk a bit of gossip. “Oh I know him, his mom’s a superhero and his dad is a super villain.”

Suho nodded his head. “Yeah, your dad put his dad away.”

“No chance of parole until after his third life.” Xiumin gave a small smile before digging into her food.

Kris took a glance back and sighed. “Great, first day of school and I already have an enemy.”

“Don’t worry.” Tao patted his back.

“Is he still staring?”


Kris turned his head and caught Chanyeol’s gaze. “I thought you said he wasn’t looking.”

Tao shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t worry. There’s nothing to fear.”

Kris shifted on stage as all eyes stared at him.

“Alright, so what’s your power?”

“Oh uh…I-I don’t have one.”

Heechul laughed loudly. “Oh that’s rich. You’re pulling my leg. Car.”

Kris immediately dropped to the ground as the car fell on top of him. “Are you insane? I don’t have super strength.”

“Oh right, then you must have flying like your mom.”

Before Kris could react, he was flung into the gym wall. He coughed as he slowly sat up.

“Hey, stop fooling around. We don't have all day. What’s your power?”

“I don’t have one.” Kris slightly glared at Heechul as he brushed the dirt off his shirt.

Heechul gave a small sigh before inhaling deeply and shouting out “SIDEKICK!”

Kris held an ice pack to his head as the nurse checked him over.

“Well everything seems to be in order.”

“Except for me having my powers.”

“Well, maybe you’re just a late bloomer. Those with one super parent and one normal parent tend to show their powers early on. Those that get bitten by a radioactive insect or fall into a vat of toxic waste have their powers show up the next day or they die. Those with two super parents tend to inherit one or maybe both of their parents abilities or, in rare cases, never get any powers.”

“Oh really? Like who?”

The nurse gave a smile. “I only know of one: Donghae, the bus driver.”

Kris looked out the window to see Donghae fooling around with a broom. He gave a small sigh and accepted the lollipop the nurse handed him.

“Hey, Kris, how was your first day of school?”

“Oh uh well Dad, we kinda need to talk.”

Kangin grinned. “A Hero to Hero talk? I know just the place.”

Kris followed Kangin into the study. “Alright, Dad –“

“Oh not here.” Kangin hit a button, input a code, and scanned his hand before a wooden panel slide back to reveal two poles. “There.”

“No way…” Kris’ jaw dropped. “The secret sanctum.”

“Yep, now that you’re going to follow in the family footsteps, it’s time I trusted you with the secret sanctum. I inputted your biometrics and I’ll give you the code later but now you have free access. Come on.” Kangin waved towards the poles. “Let’s go.”

Kris and Kangin slide down into the secret sanctum, which housed memorabilia from his parents’ past fights, some hi-tech equipment, and a seating area with a pinball machine, pool table, and mini bar.

“Wow…this is amazing.”

“Great, isn’t it? So what did you want to tell me?”

Kris looked at his dad’s shining face and balked. “Uh…that I’m going to beat you at pool.”

“Ha, we’ll see about that.”

Kris stared up at the night sky, at all the stars shining brightly, and heaved a heavy sigh. He heard some rustling behind him and turned to find Tao resting on a tree. As soon as she stepped off the limb, the tree shrank down.

“Hey, did you tell your dad yet?”


“Kris, you’re going to have to tell him.”

“Yeah but not today. I tried but then he showed me the secret sanctum. Like what was I suppose to do?” Kris sighed, burying his head into his hands.

Tao reached over, gently stroking his back. “It’ll be fine. Remember, you have me when it gets tough but you have to be the one to tell him.”

“Thanks.” Kris gave her a grateful smile, head leaning down to rest on hers. He knew he could always count of her to be there for him for anything.

The day Kris told his dad about him having no powers, Kris had to leave the house, running to Tao’s while his dad stormed around the house. His mom texted him when it was safe to return.

Although his dad wasn’t thrilled about it, Kris found he enjoyed the Sidekick class (real name: Hero Support but it was really the Sidekick class as many people that graduated from the class moved on to be sidekicks to people in the Hero class). It helped that he had many good friends there and his teacher, Eunhyuk, was sweet, if a bit silly.

Of course, along with the good, came the bad. This was in the form of Chanyeol Park and the two bullies of Sky High: Kai and Sehun. They loved to pick on all the Sidekicks, never failing to give someone a swirlie or stuffing someone into a locker. Lay was a typical victim of locker stuffing. His glowing body helped show his location where someone would later free him. Suho was unlucky, on the receiving end of many a swirlie.

The only time Kai or Sehun wasn’t bully someone was when Kyungsoo, the perfect student council president, was around. She was a petite smiley girl, usually accompanied by her bright and bubbly cheerleader best friend Luhan. Kris had been caught staring at Kyungsoo a bit too long by Tao who normally gave him a small jab in the side.

Things were going well at school until the incident happened.

On one of the rare occasions when Kai or Sehun picked on him, Kris tripped during lunch, thanks to Sehun’s super long arm, spilling his food all over Chanyeol. The cafeteria fell silent as Chanyeol stood up.

“You think just because your dad is the Commander you can do whatever you want?” Chanyeol gripped the neck of Kris’ shirt.

“Look, I’m sorry my dad put your dad in jail but this has nothing to do with us.”

“Don’t you ever talk about my dad.” Chanyeol’s hand burst into flame. Kris reacted quickly, pushing him away, before any of his clothes could seriously burn.

Chanyeol roared a bit as both his hands caught fire. Kris’ eyes widened and he hurried away as the first fireball came his way. He was just able to avoid them as he moved around the cafeteria. He crawled under a table as Chanyeol rained fireball after fireball at him.

“Where’s your sidekick, sidekick?”

“Right here!” Lay, Suho, Xiumin, and Tao stood out from the crowd.

Chanyeol roared, letting the flames grow bigger. Suho instantly melted into a puddle.

“Leave them alone!” Kris pushed at the bottom of the table, lifting it and Chanyeol up. Using his newfound strength, he tossed it and Chanyeol aside.

Chanyeol and the table crashed into the cafeteria wall. The students cheered, coming to gather around Kris.

“Hold it right there!” Chanyeol came out of the wreckage, arms blazing. Before he could come any closer, the principal came through the crowd of students.

“You two, follow me.” Kris and Chanyeol followed the principal into a completely white room. “This is the detention room. Don’t even think about using your powers since they won’t work here. Now you will spend your time reflecting on your actions. We don’t teach you how to use your powers, that is up to you, but hopefully you make the right choice for yourself.”

After that, everything seemed to change. Kris was transferred from his Hero Support classes to the Hero classes. He was suddenly Mr. Popular, thanks to his newfound powers plus his two superhero parents. His parentage made no difference when he was a Sidekick but now that he was Hero, almost no one could get enough of him. This was great since he now found himself the source of Kyungsoo’s attention but this was bad since he had less time with his friends.

It was worse when during their “Save the Citizen” game in PE, Kris had been paired with Chanyeol against Kai and Sehun and had actually won. His popularity shot through the roof. He couldn’t walk anywhere without being mobbed.

All seemed great but Kris found himself missing his friends, the longer he spent amongst his adoring friends and Kyungsoo and Luhan. He had thought being with Kyungsoo would be great but found it to be boring and a slight drag. There was something off about her personality but Kris couldn’t figure it out. That didn’t stop him from offering to take her to Homecoming, which had been sealed with a kiss.

Somehow during his time away with his friends, he noticed them hanging out with Chanyeol Park. Tao was being especially close, almost clingy with the guy, which bothered Kris. He didn’t know when it happened but it wasn’t hard to miss since almost everyone except for his friends and Chanyeol Park would hang around him as much as possible.

Kris snuck across the street, trying his best to stick to the shadows as he made his way to Tao’s house. He threw a rock at Tao’s window, who opened it quickly to stare at him.

She had a slight look of disgust as she looked down at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Can we talk?”

Tao crossed her arms as her glare intensified. “About what?”

“School…anything. It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to talk.”

“Haven’t you been busy with your new friends and Kyungsoo? What do you need us for?”

“Come on, Tao. You can’t really mean that.” Kris stared pleadingly up at Tao.

She let out a sigh. “Fine, I didn’t mean that but I’m tired right now. Let’s just talk later.”

“When later? Want to go to dinner tomorrow night at your favorite restaurant?”

“Sure. Meet you there at 7.”

“Hey Kris.” Kyungsoo smiled as she clung to Kris’ bicep. “I was wondering if I could come over tonight?”

“Oh uh…my parents are on a distress call so they won’t be home but if it’s just you, I guess that’ll be okay.”

Kyungsoo smiled brightly. “Great.”

She stood on tiptoe to peck Kris’ cheek before rushing off to class.

Kris stared around the room filled with partying teenagers. He found Kyungsoo in a midst of Luhan and some other people enjoying themselves.

“Kyungsoo, I thought it was only going to be you.”

“Oh well, Luhan here was feeling down and needed to get away and I thought you wouldn’t mind if I brought her over. But you know, one thing lead to another and so everyone is here. You don’t mind, do you?” Kyungsoo ran a hand up and down Kris’ arm.

“Well, I mean as long as you don’t trash the house and leave before my parents come home, it’s fine.”

“Great.” Kyungsoo beamed before turning back to chat with Luhan and the others.

Kris gave a tiny sigh as he moved through the house, making sure nothing got destroyed. He ran into Tao at the back door. “Oh hey Tao, what are you doing?”

“I came to check up on you to see why you were late but now I get it. You were too busy with your new friends and girlfriend to spend some time with your best friend. I see how it is. Well, since I no longer mean anything to you, I’ll just see you around.”

“Wait, Tao, Tao!” Kris moved to go after her but found his arm caught in Kyungsoo’s grip. “What are you doing, Kyungsoo?”

“Kris, we need more drinks but no one can reach them.” Kris arched a brow. “Could you be so kind as to get them for us?”

“Really? You stopped me from going to talk with my friend so I can get you and your friends some drinks? You know what? You and your friends can leave. This party is over.”

Kyungsoo gaped at Kris. “What are you saying, Kris?”

“I’m done with this crowd, this scene, and you. I’m not taking you to Homecoming, Kyungsoo, not anymore.”

“Are you dumping me?”

“Uh yeah. Alright, everyone out!”

“Don’t make them leave on our account.” Everyone turned to stare at the Commander and Jetstream standing in the doorway. “On the count of 3, I want everyone out of this house!”

Before he could start counting, everyone booked it from the house. Kris stood in front of his parents who were staring at him with identical frowns.

“We leave you at home while we’re on call and come home to find a party. I thought we raised you better than this.”

“Look, I didn’t plan this. It just happened.” Kris moved to go to his room.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t walk away from us when we’re talking to you.”

“Look, I just had a stressful night and don’t want to be talking about this now.”

Kangin crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Well, tough luck. We’re going to talk now.”

“I don’t want to.”

“If you continue to walk away, we won’t let you go to Homecoming.”

“That’s fine with me, since I’m not going anyway.” Kris turned away, walking up a few steps.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Leeteuk placed her hand on Kris’ arm. “We had wanted to wait to tell you but Kyungsoo had asked us to go to Homecoming as special guests. We wanted to surprise you but we’re telling you now, hoping you’ll change your mind. We were hoping to unveil the Stronghold 3, the greatest superhero family ever.”

Kris looked at his parents, saw the joy shining in their eyes, and just gently shook his head. “I’m still not going.”

Kris continued walking up the stairs. At a loss, Leeteuk looked at Kangin, who shrugged.

Kris was hanging in the secret sanctum, just rolling a ball back and forth on the pool table. He heard someone come down but didn’t turn to look.

“Hey sweetie, care to talk to me about it?”

Kris looked at his mom with a slightly sad smile. “Have you ever messed up so badly you don’t think anything you do will fix it?”

“Did something happen with your friends?”

“With them…with Tao.”

“Well if they’re a true friend, it won’t matter too much what you did as long as you put in the effort to make up. Don’t let something little ruin a friendship.” Leeteuk gave him a small smile. “So you don’t want to change your mind about going to the dance?”

“Nah, I’ll just chill and sort out my thoughts a bit.”

“Alright then, have a good night, sweetie.” Leeteuk kissed Kris’ cheek and left.

Kris continued to roll the ball around, letting his thoughts flit around his head. One thought stuck and he pondered it for a while before it really sunk in.

“Come on, Donghae, hurry up, please. The school may be in danger.” Kris fidgeted in his seat as Donghae drove as quickly to the school as possible.

“So you want me to come in and help you or…?”

“Just stay here but if anything bad happens, go call for help.” Kris clapped a hand on Donghae’s shoulder. “And thanks for the ride.”

Kris hopped off the bus and hurried into school, hoping he wasn’t too late.

A light was glowing from the air vent and Kris moved to yank it open.

“Oh hey there.” Lay beamed at Kris. “Nice to see you.”

“Hey, are you guys okay?”

Lay, followed by Suho, Xiumin, Tao, and Chanyeol, came out of the vent. “Fine except for the fact that Kyungsoo has gone psycho, calling herself Royal Pain and turning everyone into babies.”

“Yeah, even your parents are babies. We’re the only ones that made it out safely I guess.”

“Alright, so got a plan?”

“Not really but who knows? It might come when we’re under attack.”

“You better hope it does.” The six of them turned to find Luhan, Kai, and Sehun with matching grins on their faces.

“Well, well, well…why am I not surprised to see you guys are in on this?” Kris glared at the three before turning to look at Tao. He reached for her, pulling her close and leaning his head down.

“If we make it out of this alive, I have something I want to talk to you about.” He pressed a gentle kiss to Tao’s cheek. “You guys take care of them, I’ll go find Kyungsoo.”

Kris smashed through the walls, heading towards the gym where the dance was being held.

Lay and Xiumin hid back in the vent as Luhan went after Tao, Sehun took Suho, and Kai went for Chanyeol. Using quick thinking, Suho was able to trap Kai in the same toilet he received swirlies in. It helped him that Sehun could stretch his limbs however he wanted; it sucked for Sehun that he got his head stuck in the toilet due to this ability. With Suho’s help, Chanyeol was able to land a hit on Kai who was speeding around everywhere. Tripping on the puddle that was Suho (which hurt a tiny bit), Chanyeol was able to throw a fireball to Kai’s ass. In the cafeteria, Tao had Luhan and her copies wrapped up tight in vines. Even when pushed into a corner, Tao refused to fight until Luhan punched her in the face. Then she unleashed her powers, shocking Luhan and her copies.

As Tao was leaving the room, Luhan’s cries stopped her. “Don’t leave us here. Royal Pain is going to bring down the school. She sabotaged the anti-gravity device.”

Tao paled a bit and hurried off to find the others. With his skills, Suho was able to get a blueprint of the school. After searching carefully, the only way in was a small tunnel.

“Alright Xiumin, it’s your turn. Go guinea pig and save the school.”

Xiumin rolled his eyes but changed shapes, allowing Suho to carry her towards the opening. Lay, with some help from Suho, shouted out the directions to her. Tao and Chanyeol went off in search of Kris to see if he would need help.

Kris was fighting Kyungsoo with all his might, throwing her around as she blasted him with shocks of electricity generated from her suit.


That moment of distraction cost Kris as Kyungsoo revved up for a powerful hit, making Kris fall out the window and off the edge of the school.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Tao would have rushed forward but Chanyeol’s hand on her arm stopped her.

Donghae watched from his bus as a skinny man in tights began to load babies into another bus. He took a deep breath and walked out, heading towards the man and the babies.

“Excuse me, but who do you think you are?”

“I’m Chen.”

“Well Chen, are you authorized to be transporting superheroes?”

“What?” Chen raised a brow, placing the baby down and crossing his arms. “Are you serious?”

“Very serious. I’m Donghae, bus driver, and only I, and a few select others, can transport superheroes.” Donghae punched Chen in the face, knocking him out in one blow.

Kyungsoo smiled as she stood before Tao and Chanyeol. “Well…how will you two like to go?”

“How about like this?”

Before Kyungsoo or Tao could react, Kris flew through the air, catching Kyungsoo, pulling her up and dropping her hard into the ground. He came down and slammed a fist into the side of her head.

Tao ran over, hugging Kris tightly. “Who knew you could fly?”

“I know, handy, isn’t it?” Kris grinned.

“You’re not so bad, Wu.”

Kris gave a crooked smile. “You too.” He bumped fists with Chanyeol.

They heard a small noise. With a snap of her fingers, Tao caused vines to appear and bind Kyungsoo, stopping her from pushing the button to activate her device.

The doors burst open and Xiumin, Lay, and Suho walked in with smiles on their faces.

“We destroyed the device so the school is safe.”

“Yeah but what about the babies?”


Everyone turned to see Donghae holding one of the babies. It was the Mad Science teacher, Sungmin.

“Uh hello, I may be able to help you guys. It’ll just take me a few hours to reconfigure the Pacifier, that machine Kyungsoo used to change us, and then we’ll be all set. Now would someone be so kind as to carry me and the Pacifier into the Mad Science lab?”

“Uh sure…”

“And if you would be so kind as to change my diaper, since regrettably, I have made a boom-boom.” Sungmin smiled as everyone took a step back from him and Donghae.

Kris held Tao’s hand as they wandered outside. Inside, Donghae, Lay, Xiumin, Suho, and Chanyeol were helping Sungmin as the babies were transformed back into their original state. It was quiet outside, the stars shining brightly down at them.

“So…what was this thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Oh well…first, I want to apologize for how I’ve been such a horrible friend to you. I allowed Kyungsoo to sweep me up and even if I didn’t like some of the things she did or how she acted, I just let her since I thought that was what I wanted when in reality, it was. I wanted some far better, something I already had but may have lost and –“

Tao pressed a finger to Kris’ lip to stop his rambling. “Want to get to the point?”

“I like you…wait no, I love you. I think I loved you since we were little and you told me you could make plants sprout wherever you wanted and – mmph” Kris’ eyes widened as Tao pressed her lips against his.

“Oh finally, that’s all I was waiting for.”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

“I kinda figured out your feelings for me earlier which was good because it’s been eating me up, this whole one-sided love thing.”

“Wait what?”

Tao laughed as she wrapped her arms around Kris’ neck. “Oh don’t worry about it now. Hey, think you can fly us somewhere a bit more private? I think it’ll be okay if we leave them to finish up. Plus I think by now the principal has been restored and she’ll take over.”

Kris grinned. “Alright.”

Holding onto Tao tightly, Kris flew the two of them off into the night sky. They’d face the heat from everyone else later. For now, they wanted to enjoy each other and their love without interruptions.

Mini Epilogue:

Chanyeol’s hand burned as emotions ran rampant through him. But as quickly as his hand heated up, it fizzled out when someone placed her hand in his.

Chanyeol looked and found Baekhyun Byun beaming up at him, her ice cold hand putting out his burning hot hand. A small smile crept up his face. I think we could be a perfect match.
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol, one shot, tao/kris

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