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ktstylefest entry #1

Title: Call Me Your Boyfriend
Author: read0write
Prompt: #77 – Love Like This – SS501
Pairing(s): Kris/Tao
Summary: Tao has a slight fear of commitment, more like the term “boyfriends”, which is adorable yet frustrating for Kris, the one dating him. Enter some “helpful” friends and the frustration builds just a bit more before it explodes in an unlikely way.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: this fic went in a completely different direction than what the writer and probably the requester was hoping
Warning(s): long explicit sex scene due to Kris being extra careful of Tao losing his virginity
Word Count: 5726
Author's Notes: sorry but at first when I read the prompt, I thought of something else then I realized you probably meant the THING sex so yeah…kind of kept my original idea but blended in with the THING. Sorry if I butchered part of your request :P

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Kris smiled brightly, leaning down to kiss Tao’s cheek. “Hey babe, ready to go?”

Tao beamed up at Kris. “Yep, let’s go.”

Tao’s hand slipped into Kris’ as he led him through the mall.
By the end of the trip, Kris’ arms were laden with bags as Tao happily licked at an ice cream. Kris had an exasperated but happy smile on his face.

The two had met through a mutual friend, Luhan, about 2 years ago, when Tao was just a freshman in college. Tao had clung to Kris as soon as they had been introduced, stars in his eyes as he stared adoringly up at Kris. It had overwhelmed Kris a bit but as he got to know Tao, he grew to love that gaze and the boy who gave it to him.

It had started off with Tao following Kris around whenever they hung out to the two hanging out, just the two of them alone, until they started going out on what could be considered dates though the two never really called it that.

Their first kiss had been on New Year’s a year ago when a shy Tao had gotten Kris under a mistletoe still hanging up at Luhan’s apartment. It was brief but it had sealed the deal.

The two were together though no formal announcement had been made. It was kind of known to everyone that the two were together, Tao was almost constantly by Kris’ side, but each time Kris tried to bring up the topic of “boyfriends”, Tao would shy away or just cuddle close, distracting Kris so he would forget about what he was talking about. Kris accepted it but couldn’t deny the niggling feeling of doubt.

Kris looked at Tao, happily enjoying his ice cream. He saw a bit of it melting onto his fingers and without a thought, grabbed Tao’s hand, bringing it up to his face and gently licking the ice cream away. Tao blushed a bright pink, gently pulling his hand out of Kris’ and turning away in embarrassment. Kris chuckled and led the way back home.

To Tao, being boyfriends meant sex. Many of his friends had boyfriends that they essentially had sex with and nothing else. He didn’t want that and so over time, he equated the term “boyfriends” with sex and soon, he avoided having any boyfriends. There was no one he liked enough to get intimate with. He went out on dates but never considered any of them boyfriends, which was good as many didn’t last beyond a first date so they couldn’t even be considered a boyfriend.

But Kris was the first one to make him question his ideals. He really liked Kris; he’d been seeing Kris exclusively for a while now but he never let it progress very far. Whenever Kris would bring up the topic of boyfriends, he would distract him as he didn’t want to discuss it. He didn’t want to label their relationship and complicate things yet. Especially since Kris was beginning to get a bit handsy and Tao wasn’t sure he wanted to get physically intimate yet.

Tao smiled, looking at Kris carrying all his bags. Kris was so sweet and such a gentleman, Tao couldn’t have asked for a better guy. (Even in his thoughts, he avoided the term boyfriend). He happily licked his ice cream as Kris took them home.

It had taken a lot of convincing (well actually, just a bit) for Tao to move in with Kris six months ago. And it was a decision he was happy with. He never knew how comfortable it was to sleep next to someone and wake up to that same person. But he still couldn’t take that final step into commitment.

Kris was talking to Luhan and Yixing via Skype. He was getting frustrated with Tao and their relationship. Things were going great but there was still some block stopping them from fully being together.

“I don’t know what to do. He always shies away whenever I get close.”

“Shy away how?” Luhan arched a brow as he stared at Kris. “Like run clear across the room or distract you til you forget?”

“The second one.”

Yixing chuckled. “I bet you get distracted. If I recall, you love to stare at his tight little –“

“Anyway, I wouldn’t ask you guys for help if I wasn’t truly desperate –“


“– but I really am at my wit’s end.”

“Well have you just tried grabbing him?” Luhan grinned.

“Grabbing him?”

“Yeah, like just go up to him and grab his dick.”

Kris’ mouth fell open as Yixing started to laugh. “Is that how you got your boyfriend?”

Luhan winked. “You know it. So trust me, it’ll work if you do that, Kris.”

“I can’t just molest him like that. He’d slap me before I could even grab it.” Kris looked upset and slightly horrified.

“Then just talk to him.”

“I already told you I can’t. He just finds way to distract me.”

“That’s because you’re easily distracted by him. Remember that one time, we tried to get your attention and we were basically dancing naked in front of you –“

“in public~”

“– and you still didn’t pay any attention to us. We almost got arrested for public indecency until Tao came to our rescue.” Yixing laughed, seeing Kris’ flabbergasted expression.

“You’re lying.”

“Go ask Taozi, if you don’t believe us.”

Kris’ expression darkened. “No one gets to call him that but me.”

“Oh, stop being a possessive boyfriend.”

“Yeah, find a new term of endearment. We like calling him Taozi and he likes it too.” Luhan and Yixing stuck their tongues out at Kris.

“I’m hanging up.”

“Bye, Fannie.”

Kris glared at his two friends before he hung up the call.

“Babe, time for dinner.” Tao smiled from the doorway. “Did you enjoy talking to Luhan ge and Yixing ge?”

“Uh yeah, I guess.” Kris came over and kissed Tao’s forehead. “Remind me again why I’m friends with those two idiots.”

“Because you love them and they make your life interesting.”

“But I have you now so why do I need them?”

Tao’s face heated up as he playfully punched Kris’ chest. “Don’t say things like that. And for all the trouble they give you, you still love and stick around because you always have each other’s backs.”

Kris sighed. “You’re right. They’re some of my oldest and closest friends. I can’t just drop them like that. But sometimes they really –“

Tao chuckled. “I know. Now come on, let’s go eat dinner.”

Kris paused in the doorway of his office. “What are you guys doing here?”

Luhan grinned from Kris’ seat as Yixing smiled from the couch. Sehun was on his phone, leaning against the wall as Chanyeol was on his computer, doing who knows what, with Baekhyun leaning over his shoulder.

Thankfully, Jongdae wasn’t here and no way Joonmyeon would be here unless dragged.

“Hey, are we late?”

Kris turned around to see Jongdae leading Jongin and Kyungsoo, dragging Joonmyeon from his office a few doors down.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh goodie!” Jongdae reached over and pulled Minseok from his office. “Now we’re all here.”

“Um…someone care to explain all this to me?” Kris arched a brow at his filled office space. Luhan grinned as he moved around, grabbing Kris’ wrist and pushing him into his office car. He settled on Kris’ desk, not caring about the papers set there.

Kris grimaced but stayed quiet. He leaned early on to let them talk first then kick them out.

“So, I was thinking about your dilemma last night and thought I should put all our brilliant minds together so you can get into Taozi’s pants.”

“Wait, you guys haven’t had sex yet?” Jongin looked at Kris like he was insane.

“Taozi’s very protective of his ass. He doesn’t let anyone touch it. I know, I’ve tried.” Baekhyun pouted.

Kris glared.

Luhan snapped his fingers in front of Kris’ face. “Yo, pay attention. We’re trying to get you Taozi’s ass because you seriously need to get laid. It’s been months, before you even started dating Taozi.”

Several of their friends sniggered, making Kris turn his glare on all of them.

“Oh, get over yourself. You know we love you and want you and Taozi to be happy together.” Luhan laughed as he patted Kris’ cheek. “Now come on guys, let’s help Kris get into Taozi’s pants. Any plans?”

“Tie him naked to the bed.”

“We don’t want to scare him. Taozi’s a virgin and we want his first time to be pleasurable.”

“Well we’re going to have to find a way to get them alone together and keep them there. Tao shies from all relationship talk and skinship, if you haven’t noticed. Though he’s a bit better with Kris but he’s still hesitant.”

“Yeah, he still has that little commitment block going on.” Baekhyun leaned against Chanyeol as he texted someone on his phone.

“Why don’t we go on vacation together? We can room them together and lock them inside if necessary?”

“Hmm…that’s an idea.” Luhan stroked his chin, letting the wheels turn in his head.

“Hey, why don’t we –“

“What are you guys doing in here? And without me?” Tao stood in the doorway, hand on the doorknob, pout on his face, as he looked at his friends all gathered in Kris’ office.

“We were just discussing where to have our weekly dinner together. Haven’t decided so we’ll finish the discussion later.” Luhan smiled as he hopped off Kris’ desk. Kris tried not to wince when he saw the creases and mess of papers, thanks to Luhan’s constant wiggling on his desk.

“Hey, why don’t we let Taozi decide since we so rudely forgot to include him in this discussion?”

“Excellent idea, Jongdae. Well I’m off to work. See ya later.” Luhan gave a little finger wave before heading off to his office.

“I’ve got a meeting soon that I still need to prepare so see you boys later.” Jongdae waved and headed to his office. With that, everyone left Kris and Tao alone, some patting Tao on the shoulder, Baekhyun trying to ruffle his hair but missed.

Tao closed the door and stood with his back to it. “So uh…want to tell me the real reason why they all got together? Because it probably has something to do with you and me if it required all of them in your office.”

Kris waved his hand. “It’s nothing, just them being idiots. Or mostly Luhan.”

“Alright.” Tao shrugged his shoulders and came over to Kris. His hands came up to rub the tension in his shoulders. “So tense already? I guess you didn’t like what they had to say.”

“Eh, they’re a bit too much to handle this early in the morning.” Kris rubbed a spot on his temple.

“Come on, let’s go.” Tao reached down, hand encircling Kris’ wrist.

“Where are we going, Taozi? And at this hour too?” Kris just arched a brow but let Tao drag him along.

“You’ll see.” Tao smiled back at Kris as they exited the building.

The two of them were sitting on a bench by the river, hot dogs smothered in ketchup, mustard, and relish in their hands. Tao had already devoured two and was making eyes at Kris’. Without a word, Kris handed his hot dog over to the joy of Tao and it was gone in a matter of seconds. With a contented sigh, Tao leaned over, resting his head on Kris’ shoulder.

“So care to tell me what the others were doing?”

“Nope. Just that they’re idiots and should be –“

“Alright, I get it. So feel any better?”

“A bit.” Kris smiled, resting his head on Tao’s. “What do you think if we just took a short vacation somewhere next weekend, just the two of us?”

Tao smiled. “I’d like that.”

Kris smiled as Tao burst into the room like a child, running around to look at everything.

“Look at the view! Look at the bathroom! Have you ever seen –“

“I take it you like it then?”

“I love it.” Tao’s eyes were shining with joy as he looked at Kris. “I can’t believe you’d do all this for me.”

“I did it for us but sure, I did do it for you.” Kris set their bags down by the dressers. “Ready to go see the beach?”

“Yep. Just let me get changed.” Tao opened his bag, grabbing his swimming trunks and heading into the bathroom to change. He was still a bit shy about changing in front of Kris.

Kris just shrugged, grabbing his swimming trunks from his suitcase. He took of his shirt and unbuttoned his pants, pushing down his boxers and pants in one go. He heard a noise behind him and turned around to find Tao standing in the doorway frozen. The sight of Tao’s lean, toned muscles had his dick springing up in enthusiasm.

Tao flushed a bright red and hurried back into the bathroom, door slamming closed.

Kris stared down at his hard dick. “Well shit.”

There was barely anyone on the beach as Tao and Kris walked hand in hand on the sand. It had taken some time to coax Tao out of the bathroom but it had been worth it to see the joy light up Tao’s face as they wandered on the beach together.

“It’s so beautiful out here.”

“Not as beautiful as you but it is a pretty view.” Kris smiled, liking the blush on Tao’s face.

“Kris~!” Tao buried his head in Kris’ chest, lightly hitting it in embarrassment. “Why are you so cheesy?”

“Because you bring that side of me out. Of course, you bring out a lot from me like –“

“No, please stop.” Tao put a finger to Kris’ lips.

Kris pulled away with a smile. “You know it’s more effective when you use your mouth.”


“Come on, Taozi, no one else is around.” Kris wrapped his arms around Tao’s waist, pulling him flush against him.

“Kris~!” Tao blushed harder, trying to hide his face but Kris wouldn’t let him.

“It’s alright, Taozi. No one will know. Besides, isn’t it my right as your boy-mmph”

Tao leaned up and covered Kris’ mouth with his. It was a gentle kiss that grew more passionate as Kris pulled Tao even closer to him, one arm wrapped around his waist and the other cradling the back of Tao’s head. They continued to kiss until the lack of air forced them apart.

Kris rested his forehead against Tao’s. “Want to head back to our room?”

Tao took a few deep breaths. “Kris, I’m not ready yet.”

“When will you be ready? You know I care deeply for you and you care deeply for me. What’s stopping you?”

“I just…I can’t –“

“Hey! What are you guys doing out here?”

Kris and Tao turned to find Baekhyun beaming a few meters away. Behind him were the rest of their friends, making their way towards them.

“Oh crap, how did they find us?” Kris frowned as he held Tao tighter.

“Snooping on your computer of course.” Baekhyun beamed as he stood by them. “Now let him go so I can give him a hug.”

Kris just held Tao even tighter. “No way, I’m not letting him get anywhere near your grabby hands.”

Baekhyun pouted. “That’s not fair.”

“Life isn’t fair. Now deal with it.” Kris grabbed Tao’s wrist and dragged him away before their friends could trap them into doing some stupid like go skinny-dipping or have dinner together.

Tao sat on their bed, staring at Kris pacing the length of their room. “So uh what are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know but I didn’t plan for this. I just wanted us to have a quiet weekend alone together, just the two of us and now they come and ruin everything.”

“They haven’t completely ruined everything.” Kris looked skeptically at Tao. “At least not yet since we’re safely in our room.”

A knock sounded on the door. “Hey, are you two decent or should we come back later?”

Kris groaned. “Should I let them in?”

Tao smiled. “If you don’t, they’ll just bug us repeatedly.”

Kris sighed. “Fine.”

He walked to the door and opened it to find Luhan’s grinning face, followed by Yixing’s. “Hello, come in. Did you want something?”

“Hi to you too, Fannie. Hi Taozi. Did you guys want to join us for dinner tonight? We’re all going to an all you can eat buffet. Jongdae found it on his way here.”

Tao’s eyes lit up in joy. Kris gave a small sigh. He had been hoping for a quiet night in, maybe a chance to discuss their relationship, but he knew Tao loved all you can eat places especially since he was only allowed to go on special occasions (he could eat double his weight whenever they went to one which always had the management and fellow customers watching them).

“Alright fine, we’ll join you guys for dinner but no funny business.”

“Of course.”

Kris didn’t believe the innocent smiles on Luhan and Yixing’s faces.

Kris gave a long-suffering sigh when he saw three tables pushed together to make room for them all. Everyone was already seated, leaving two spots open in the middle just for him and Tao.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey Kris, Tao, thanks for joining us.”

“So how’s the vacation so far?”

“Good until you guys decided to join us.” Kris glared at his friends.

Everyone but Tao laughed and began chatting good-naturedly. They took turns getting up to fill their plates with food, Tao going up several times. Kris had to place a restraining hand on Tao’s waist when he made to get up another time.

“Leave some food for the other customers, Taozi. We don’t want to get kicked out again.”

Tao flushed and gave a quick nod in understanding. He settled back into his seat and leaned his head on Kris’ shoulder.

“So you guys want to go skinny-dipping later? I found the perfect spot away from everyone else so no one but us can see each other in our birthday suits.” Jongdae grinned at everyone.

“Oh uh…I think we’ll pass.”

“Aww come on, don’t be such a prude. We all got the same body parts, nothing new or surprising except maybe size but we already know who’s the biggest so no big deal.” Jongdae grinned as he wrapped his arm around Baekhyun who was sporting a matching grin.

Kris just groaned and covered his face with his hands. Tao made sympathetic noises, his hand rubbing Kris’ arm.

“Want to get away?”


Tao and Kris laced their fingers together and left without a backwards glance, not bothering to respond to their friends’ calls.

Tao watched Kris play volleyball with their friends. He was dressed in the same swimming trunks from before when Tao had accidentally Ever since he had accidentally seen Kris’ apparent liking of his body, he couldn’t get the image out of his head. He found himself thinking about it at random times during the day. He hoped Kris hadn’t noticed the blush on his face whenever he happened to glance at him when he was daydreaming. He had known Kris had a nice body but he had never seen the equipment as he’d always shied away from any more intimate contact.

It had only been 2 days into their vacation and Kris and Tao hadn’t had a moment alone ever since their friends descended on them. But Tao couldn’t help the niggling sensation that his friends were trying to get the two of them alone together. Too many locked doors had Tao very suspicious. But Kris always managed to get them out plus Tao had the bonus of seeing Kris try to enact revenge on the 10 of them but failing miserably.

But all the time spent being forced into confinement with Kris had gotten Tao thinking about their relationship. He really cared for Kris, well he did love him, but he was still scared and afraid. At first, Kris had tried to push a bit but when he saw how uncomfortable Tao was, he had stopped. Being the caring boyfriend he was (Tao was slowly trying to wrap his tongue around the word), he had kept most contact to friendly touches, some getting intimate but not enough to frighten him. Tao appreciated the sentiment but maybe it was time to change things.

Tao looked at Kris as he took a spill from trying to catch the ball before it hit the ground. Sand flew everywhere as Kris landed hard on the sand, ball bouncing right next to where his arm landed. Everyone gathered around when Kris didn’t move to get up.

Tao rushed over, pushing through his friends to get to his boyfriend (it was starting to get a bit easier to call Kris that even if it was only in his mind for now). “Kris, Kris, are you okay?”

Kris didn’t move, not even making a sound.

“Kris!” Tao leaned down, gently brushing his lips over Kris’.

Kris’ eyes fluttered open and he smiled, seeing Tao leaning over him. “Hey beautiful, were you worried about me?”

Tao’s face heated up and he let Kris’ head drop from his lap where he had been cradling it. “Uh I uh…”

Tao got up and rushed away, missing the confused and concerned look from his friends and the slight disappointment clouding Kris’ eyes.

Kris walked into his and Tao’s room to find Tao bundled up on their bed. He slowly walked over and gently sat on the bed. He gently shook the ball. “Hey Taozi, are you okay?”

“No, no I’m not.” Kris could hear the tears in Tao’s voice.

“What’s the matter, Taozi? Come out and tell me.”

“I’m so scared but I really want to have sex with you but I don’t know how to seduce you or ask you and I’m afraid what this will do to our relationship if we sleep together. Like what if that’s all you want from me and –“

“Taozi!” Kris pulled the blanket away to see Tao curled up into a ball. “Taozi, we’ve been together for over a year and in that time, has it seemed like all I wanted was to get into your pants? No. I am here for you. I love you Taozi, doesn’t matter when we have sex, if we ever have sex. I’m willing to wait for you, for when you’re ready. I’m not going to rush you. I love you and care for you.”

Tao’s bottom lip quivered a moment. “Do you mean that?”

“Yes, I do. I love you, Taozi. You’re my world.” Kris pulled Tao close for a hug, his head resting on Tao’s head.

“I love you too, Kris. And I meant what I said…I do want to sleep with you. I just…” Tao blushed as he buried his head into Kris’ neck in embarrassment.

“What is it, Taozi? You just…?”

“I don’t know how to seduce you or anything like that. I haven’t had sex before and don’t know how it goes or anything like that. You’ll be my first and, if I can be bold enough to say this, my only.” Tao’s face was now flaming red; Kris could feel the heat on his neck and chuckled.

“We don’t have to do it now, Taozi. We can wait until you’re ready.”

“Just do it now before I change my mind. I uh…can’t get that image out of my head.”

“What image?”

“Your-your…dick.” Tao tried to bury his face further into Kris’ body. “I…I’ve been daydreaming about it ever since I saw it. I didn’t realize it would be so…”

Kris chuckled. “Are you sure, Taozi? Once we do this, there’s no turning back.”

Tao nodded his head. “I’m sure. I want you to do this.”

“Alright.” Kris moved Tao’s head so he could kiss him. “But if you want to stop, just give me a hard push, okay?”

“Okay.” Tao bit his bottom lip before pulling Kris close for another kiss.

Kris gently laid Tao down, lips never leaving Tao’s as he made sure Tao was comfortable on the bed. He rested his weight on his arms as he continued to just kiss Tao. Tao made a sound and shifted on the bed, feeling uncomfortable in his own clothes as a heat slowly began to envelope him.

Kris understood what Tao wanted and slowly moved his hand down Tao’s body to grab the hem of his shirt. He slowly pulled it up and off Tao, tossing it aside. He removed his own shirt, tossing it aside, and just stood above Tao.

Tao’s eyes moved over Kris’ naked chest, his face flushing a light pink but he didn’t say anything. He shyly moved a hand to touch Kris’ chest.

Kris held his breath as Tao began a shy exploration of his chest, tracing the muscles.

Tao wrapped his arms around Kris’ neck and pulled him down, putting them chest to chest. Kris groaned and waited for Tao to say or do anything.

“This feels nice but uh…”

“I know…here, just relax and let me take care of you.” Kris gave a gentle smile. He leaned down and pecked Tao’s lips. He slowly moved his lips across Tao’s cheeks and down Tao’s neck. He pressed gentle kisses across Tao’s chest, stopping at the waistband of his pants.

“Are you ready?”

Tao gave a shaky nod. “Yes…please…”

Kris slowly pulled down the zipper of Tao’s pants. With careful movements, Kris removed Tao’s pants and boxers, letting Tao’s dick spring free. Wrapping his hand around Tao’s dick, Kris slowly stroked it to full hardness.

Tao moaned and writhed on the bed, this being his first sexual experience had him feeling sensitive to another’s touch. His hands had fallen to his sides and now he gripped the bedsheets tight as Kris slowly stroked him.

Kris watched Tao’s face, making sure to notice any signs of discomfort before he slowly brought a finger to tease Tao’s entrance. He ran his finger over Tao’s puckered hole, not breaching it but just circling around. He saw Tao stiffen and stopped.

“Are you okay, babe?”

“Uh…um yeah…I just…I’m nervous.”

“It’s okay. We can stop if you want.”

Tao shook his head. “No, I-I don’t want to stop. Just…be gentle.”

Kris smiled. “Always.”

He got off his bed, heading to his bag. He rummaged around and pulled out a box of condoms and a bottle of lube.

Tao just stared, not sure what to think.

Kris had the decency to blush. “Well…I-I was maybe hoping we could do something this weekend so I wanted to be prepared.”

Tao flushed a bit as he sat up. “Uh well…I…”

Tao nervously twisted his hands together. Kris understood what he was trying to say. He walked over and leaned down to kiss Tao. His hands set the box of condoms on the nightstand as he held on tightly to the bottle of lube. Kris gently pushed Tao back down on the bed, settling himself between Tao’s thighs. He pushed Tao’s legs wider and lifted his hips up a bit.


Tao gave a shaky nod.

“Relax, babe. I’ll take good care of you.” Kris uncapped the bottle, spreading a generous amount over his fingers. He let some dribble onto Tao’s hole. Tao flinched a bit at the cool liquid.

Kris watched Tao’s face as he slowly slid a finger inside. He pressed a gentle arm across Tao’s waist to keep him still. He could see the slight discomfort on Tao’s face and leaned down to gently kiss him. “Relax, babe. It’ll hurt less that way.”

“Kris…” Tao’s hands were holding the bed sheets tight. His body was tight as he held himself still but tried to relax to allow Kris’ finger to slowly prep him.

Kris moved slowly, only drawing out the finger a bit and pushing back in. He watched Tao’s face for signs of discomfort. When he saw Tao release his breath, he deemed him ready for a bit more, allowing his finger to move a bit quicker. He crooked it a bit and heard Tao’s breath hitch. Kris grinned and gently pressed against the spot again.


“Shh…it’s okay, babe. Just let me do this.” Kris leaned down, gently pecking Tao’s lips. He slowly pushed in a second finger and let Tao adjust before slowly moving it in and out. He crooked his two fingers and had Tao arching his back. He kept his arm steady, making sure Tao stayed still as he moved his fingers in and out at a slightly faster pace.

When Tao began to make small moaning noises, Kris figured he was ready for a third. He didn’t want to hurt Tao more than necessary so wanted to prep him as much as he could. Three fingers were a very tight fit and had Tao stiffening a bit but with some gentle coaxing and kisses, Kris was able to get Tao to relax so he could prep him a bit more. Kris made sure to spread more lube onto Tao’s hole as he slowly fucked him open with three fingers.

After a few moments, Kris deemed Tao prepped enough and reached over for the condom. He slipped it on and generously coated his length with lube. He dribbled some more around Tao’s entrance. The bottle was almost empty by the time he was done but he wanted to make this as painless for Tao as possible.

Kris lined up his erection with Tao’s hole and slowly pushed inside.

Twin groans filled the room as Kris fit himself inside. He looked down at Tao who had his eyes closed, breathing deeply. Kris leaned down and gently pecked Tao’s lips.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh…um…yeah. Is-is this it?”

“Not yet. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Tao shifted a bit and pulled a groan from Kris. “Um…yes…?”

“Alright, then just hold on.” Kris slowly pulled out, Tao whimpering a bit. When he pushed back inside, Tao gasped, hands coming up to grip Kris’ biceps. Kris kept a slow pace, watching Tao’s face for any sign of discomfort. It felt so good to finally have Tao like this but Kris wanted to make sure Tao was enjoying himself as much as him.

“Is this okay?”

Tao shifted beneath Kris. “Y-y-yes but I…I need you to…”

Kris got the hint and reached between them to grab Tao’s erection in his hands. He stroked it in time with his thrusts.

“Kris…faster…please…I-I need…”

Kris quicken his pace, hand moving quicker. At the same time, he chanced thrusting in harder, causing gasps and moans to fall from Tao’s lips. When Tao seemed to choke on his breath, Kris realized he had found that spot. He smirked and slowly but repeatedly hit it, causing Tao’s grip to tighten, sure to leave marks later.

“Kris…Kris…” Tao’s mouth was open as his breathing quickened. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could last.

“Just a bit more, Taozi. Just a bit more.” Kris laid his head next to Tao’s as he quickened his pace, chasing his own orgasm. Tao cried out, spilling between them. Kris came a few moments later, the feel of Tao’s orgasm pushing him towards his own.

Kris pulled out and lay down beside Tao. Their heavy breathing filled the room. Kris turned to his side and looked at Tao with affection in his eyes.

“Was it alright?”

Tao turned his head and gave Kris a shy smile. “It was great.”

Tao snuggled close, not caring about the cum on their bodies. “I feel a bit sore but that was good, that was nice. A lot better than I thought.”

“That’s good.” Kris smiled as he wrapped his arms around Tao. He pressed a kiss to Tao’s forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Tao gave him a sleepy smile. “Now let me sleep. I’m tired.”

Kris chuckled. “Alright, sleep, my baby.”

Tao smiled, closing his eyes and snuggling closer. The two drifted off to sleep, waking only moments later when their room phone rang.

Kris lifted a hand and grabbed the phone, mumbling an incoherent “Hello?”

“So did you and Taozi do it yet? Do we finally have a reason to celebrate?”

Kris just hung up, not in the mood to deal with their crazy friends yet.

A knock sounded at their door a moment later. A present was left at the door, addressed to the both of them.

Kris grabbed it, shutting and locking the door, before moving back to the bed. Tao was now sleepily rubbing his eyes as he blinked at Kris.

“What’s that?”

“I’m guessing something from our friends.” Kris sat on the bed and handed the box to Tao. Tao quickly opened it and flushed a bright red. Kris peered over and groaned. Inside was a box of condoms (the largest size for Kris’ dragon – the note from Baekhyun said), several bottles of lube, and a small velvet box. Kris reached inside, grabbing the velvet box. He opened it up and just stared.

Tao looked at it and squealed. Inside was a simple set of couple rings. Tao immediately grabbed one and slipped it onto his finger. Kris looked at the note attached and cracked a tiny smile.

Congrats on finally becoming true boyfriends. Thought I’d give this to the both of you to commemorate. And because I know you’d eventually get couple rings.

P.S. Actually I found this in the back of your closet so yeah. Hope it’s the right time.

- Yixing

Kris sighed but grabbed the other ring, slipping it onto his finger. Tao linked their hands together, their rings shining in the moonlight shining in.

“I love you, Tao, my beautiful boyfriend.”

Tao blushed, burying his head into Kris’ chest. “And I love you too, Kris…my boyfriend.”

Kris’ heart gave a little quiver, finally hearing those words fall from Tao’s lips. He leaned over, pecking Tao’s lips, before settling down to go back to sleep again. Tao smiled as he settled against Kris’ body.

“Boyfriends….I like the sound of that.” Tao fell asleep with a smile on his face, pressed close to Kris’ body.
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, tao/kris

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