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Title: The numbers add up but the words make no sense
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4.3K
Summary: Sehun is a whiz with numbers but a klutz with words. This doesn’t bode well when his crush is Luhan, the lit genius on campus. Cue the awkward attempts at wooing, thanks to interfering friends.
Warning/s: top!luhan

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“And that’s how x equals 1.” Sehun grinned as he turned away from the blackboard, wiping the chalk dust from his hands.

Jongin just stared at him with his mouth open. “How did we get from the topic of hotties to you solving a math problem?”

Sehun frowned and shrugged his shoulders. He sat back down across from Jongin and started packing up his things.

“So back to our conversation, what hotties –“

“Oh look, I have to get going. Have tutoring. Bye.” Sehun grabbed his bag and rushed out of the room.

“HEY! You can’t leave your best friend hanging like that. Super rude.” Jongin shook his fist at Sehun’s retreating back.

Sehun took a couple of deep breaths. It had taken more speed to outrun his friend than it normally did, but that could be due to the sheer amount of textbooks in his backpack today. He adjusted the straps of his backpack before heading into the library. He walked past shelf after shelf until he reached the study area where several tables and cubicles had been set up.

Settling down at an empty table, Sehun pulled out his textbooks, notebooks, and a pencil. Picking up a random textbook, he opened to a page and set it up so he could spy on the guy sitting a few tables away.

He had bright blonde hair, giving him a youthful look, but he was actually a few years older. He was also the resident lit genius on campus: Luhan, a Chinese exchange student who came here this year on scholarship.

Sehun remembered the first time he had seen the Chinese student. He had been struggling with the stack of textbooks the professor had wanted him to move when Luhan had come over and kindly offered to carry some for him. He’d smile gratefully and gotten lost in those beautiful brown doe eyes and that was it. He hadn’t been able to look at anyone else, but he had to hide his feelings from Jongin or he’d never hear the end of it.

Jongin loved teasing him about anything, especially a crush.

Sehun noticed Luhan moving his head and quickly ducked down. He realized he wasn’t on the right page and quickly turned to the correct one. He set the book down and decided to start doing his homework since he was here anyway.

Sehun’s eyes would stray only once every 10 minutes but would flicker back down if he noticed any hint of movement from Luhan. He didn’t want to be known as a creepy stalker.

Sehun checked his watch and was surprised to see it was already 6. He quickly packed up his things and left the library, noticing many people had left already, but not Luhan, still reading a book. With one last glance at the hunched figure, Sehun left the library, lugging his heavy backpack behind him.

jpeghealer: so how’s your crush doing?

4dfrowner: he’s not my crush >.<

jpeghealer: from all the staring you do, he is definitely your crush…or else you’re a stalker.

4dfrowner: I am not a stalker!

jpeghealer: then stop following him and staring at him all the time. He’s going to notice soon if he hasn’t already.

4dfrowner: shouldn’t you know this as his best friend?

jpeghealer: :)

4dfrowner: :( you’re not going to tell me, are you?

jpeghealer: nope ^^ it’s for your own good

4dfrowner: how is that for my own good?

jpeghealer: I’m not sure but I’m still not telling you

4dfrowner: whatever, hyung. Is this the only reason you messaged me?

jpeghealer: yep ^^ I have to check up on my dongsaeng and his love process

4dfrowner: my love process? Where do you get these words, hyung?

jpeghealer: internet ^^ it’s a marvelous place, don’t you think?

4dfrowner: not if it’s teaching you weird words like that

jpeghealer: you’re just a party pooper with a stick up your ass…well actually no, you need a stick up your ass so you can relax

4dfrowner: how is that going to relax me, hyung?

jpeghealer: because it’ll be Luhan’s dick and you’ll be screaming for joy once it’s inside you.

4dfrowner: eww, hyung, I did not need to know that

jpeghealer: like you haven’t imagined what it’s like to have sex with Luhan

4dfrowner: yeah but I always figured I would top

jpeghealer: whoa there. TMI, dongsaeng, TMI but yeah…good luck with that

4dfrowner: wait, are you telling me Luhan TOPS?!?!?!

jpeghealer: go ask him yourself if you’re curious ;) I’m sure he’ll be happy to show you

4dfrowner: YIXING HYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jpeghealer is unavailable. Your message will be sent when the user is online.


4dfrowner: WHAT KIND OF HYUNG ARE YOU!?!??!?!

Jpeghealer is online.

jpeghealer: the best hyung there is

jpeghealer: right after Luhan, if you’d ever talk to him.

4dfrowner: HYUNG!!!!!!

Jpeghealer is offline.


Sehun smacked his head on his desk, causing a loud thunking sound and red mark to appear on his pale forehead.


“Yo, Sehunnie! How are you today?” Jongin smiled brightly at Sehun as he slung an arm around his shoulders.

“What do you want, Jongin?”

“Nothing, nothing, nothing. Can’t I just ask to see how my best friend is doing?”

Sehun let out a heavy sigh. “Don’t tell me you set me up on a blind date or did some double date shit.”

Jongin pulled away with a gasp, looking woundedly at his friend. “What? How could you think that?”

“Who is it and what did you promise them?”

“Uh well, there’s this friend of mine in need of a math tutor so I offered you to tutor them after school 3 times a week.”

“WHAT?!?!?!” Sehun moved to grab Jongin but he quickly evaded, stepping out of reach.

“Hey, it’s not like it’s a bad thing right? I mean you love math, you’re a total genius when it comes to numbers, so I thought this would be easy for you. You’ll get paid and get to meet someone new to hang out with.”

“Jongin, I am going to kill you!” Sehun ran after Jongin who sprinted away.

The two maneuvered around people as they headed towards an empty area to have their discussion.

Sehun caught Jongin, trapping him against the wall. “Why the hell would you do something like that without consulting me? I am not a toy you can just lend to someone.”

“Oh come on, Sehun. This is a friend of mine. He’s totally cool.”

Sehun growled. “You better not be trying to set me up with him.”

Jongin scoffed. “Oh puh-lease, he is so not your type. Besides, you guys wouldn’t be compatible.”

Sehun sighed, stepping back from Jongin. “Alright, fine, I’ll do it. Who is this friend?”

Jongin grinned. “Luhan.”

Sehun kept his books close to his chest as he took slow steps to the library. Jongin had arranged for them to meet in the library in some private corner away from everyone else. He could feel his pulse racing the closer he got to the library. How Jongin thought this was okay was beyond him but no way was he going to tell Jongin the reason for his nerves. He’d rather deal with all these emotions than Jongin’s incessant teasing.

It was bad enough Jongin could see how nervous and sweating Sehun was as he led the way. Jongin had a bright grin on his face every time he turned to look at Sehun.

“I don’t see what the big deal is. I know you don’t like meeting new people but come on, you’ll be tutoring him in math. You love math so it should be an cinch. But really, Luhan hyung is super cool and nice so there’s no reason to be nervous. Now come on, the sooner I take you there, the sooner I can get back to the dance studio.”

“You know you didn’t have to walk me to the library. I could find it myself.”

“Yeah but I doubt you could find him. Besides, you might flake and then I’ll have to hunt you down and then hurt you before dragging you to Luhan. And I’m sure you don’t want his first impression of you with bruises and tied up, being dragged to him.”

Sehun stuck his tongue out at Jongin before he snapped it back as he found large round eyes staring at him. He willed the blush to fade but tints of pink colored his cheeks as he neared Luhan.

“Luhan hyung! This is my friend Sehun, the math genius I was telling you about. He’ll be able to help you with any math problem you have.” Jongin smiled as he pushed Sehun into the seat opposite Luhan. “Now have fun, you two. Don’t forget to call me later with details.”

He waved his hand before skipping away.

Sehun just stared at his friend with a raised brow, questioning how the two of them were friends. He set his books down, taking his time to pull out his notes, pens, and pencils. When he had dragged it out long enough, he looked up to see Luhan looking at him curiously.

A smile spread across Luhan’s face. “Hi, I’m Luhan. Uh…I’m not sure what Jongin-ah has told you but I really need help with math and was hoping to have someone to tutor me. It’s different learning in another language. I’m not completely fluent yet so sometimes I have trouble understanding what the professor is saying. So if you could help, that would be great.”

Sehun just stared at Luhan, not sure he could believe what he had just heard. “Oh uh…um alright. So…what are you learning now?”

Luhan gave a small smile as he pulled out his own notebook and textbook. “Here you go.”

Sehun’s eyes lit up, seeing the title of the textbook. “Oh my gawd, that’s my favorite subject.”

He began talking a mile a minute as he scanned through Luhan’s textbook. Luhan just smiled, watching the joy cross Sehun’s face as he got lost in all the technical terms.

The tutoring sessions weren’t as bad as Sehun had originally thought. Of course, Luhan was a good student and seemed to understand it once Sehun explained it slowly enough for him. There were times he got lost in teaching, rambling for a while, until a touch from Luhan brought him back. He would flush a bright pink before embarrassingly asking Luhan what the problem was.

Spending all this time with Luhan wasn’t helping his crush on the older man. When he wasn’t rambling about math, he would get caught just staring at Luhan. Luhan was always polite and would blink before asking him what was wrong, causing Sehun to blush and look away in embarrassment.

“Dude, why didn’t you tell me about your crush on Luhan hyung?”

Sehun froze in horror as Jongin patted his back with a grin. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t lie to me, old friend. I saw one of your tutoring sessions. Your face was so red - *glug*” Jongin’s hands came up to grabbed at Sehun’s wrist.

“Oh Sehun, what do you think you’re doing?” Sehun turned around to see Joonmyeon staring at him. He removed his hands from Jongin’s throat, brushing them on his body before turning away to head to class.

Joonmyeon narrowed his eyes but said nothing, turning to look at Jongin. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you, Joonmyeon hyung. I’ll see you later, I guess?”

Joonmyeon flashed his signature smile. “Of course.”

Sehun knew his time was up when Jongin came swaggering into his room, a packet of papers in his hands. Jongin dropped the papers on his desk.

“What is this?”

“Ways for you to woo Luhan hyung.”

Sehun sighed. “I don’t need your help.”

“Yes, you do. If it’s not related to math or numbers or dance, you’re utterly clueless.” Jongin settled himself onto Sehun’s bed. “Just take a look at it and see if it’ll be useful.”

Sehun flipped through the pages, noticing the different titles of the various articles. “Seriously, Jongin?”

Jongin shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, he’s a Lit major. One of those will probably work on him.”

Sehun dropped his head into his hands. “How did I end up with a friend like you?”

“Because you saw how awesome I was and wanted to be just like me.” Jongin grinned as he lounged on Sehun’s bed, not caring about the glare Sehun was sending him.

Sehun flipped through the pages before tossing his book at Jongin. “Off my bed and out of my room.”

Jongin rubbed his head. “Just promise you’ll read through it. You never know what might work.”

“If it’ll get you to leave, then fine, I will.”

“Great. See you later, buddy.” Jongin waved as he shut the door behind him.

Sehun let his head drop onto his desk with a thud. “What have I gotten myself into?”

“An unbelievably cute mess.”


Sehun took a deep breath before walking towards Luhan at their usual table. He set down his books and gave a small smile. Luhan looked up and beamed at him before returning to his paper.

Sehun fiddled with the paper in his hand. He had written down a few of the pickup lines from the articles Jongin had given him that he thought would work on Luhan, not that he held much faith in pickup lines but he had nothing to lose but his pride, which was out the door now that Jongin knew of his crush.

“Alright, I’m ready for tutoring.” Luhan put his paper away and smiled at Sehun.

“What were you working on?”

“Just a paper for class.”

“About what?”

“Just a book by Dickens.” Luhan shrugged his shoulders as he reached for his math textbook.

“Oh uh well…I-I have Great Expectations of you, me, a greasy bucket of butter popcorn, and Friday night at the movies.”

“Excuse me?” Luhan arched a brow at Sehun as his lips quirked up in a half smile.

“Oh uh, I mean…I have…I have some notes that might help you with your math problems.” Sehun ducked his head into his bag, making a show of searching for his notes. He missed the glint in Luhan’s eyes as Luhan readily opened his textbook to his homework.

Sehun fiddled with the hem of his shirt as he watched Luhan work on some of his math problems. He was debating which pickup line to use next since his last one kind of failed. Well Luhan didn’t say anything though he had been serious about the movie date on Friday. Though delivering it as a pickup line might have been his mistake but no way was he going to embarrass himself again. Just the one time was good enough.

And yet here he was, bracing himself to deliver the next pickup line to woo Luhan.

“Hi, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun jumped in his seat, knocking over some of his notes. He bent down to gather up his notes. His hand brushed Luhan’s and he jumped, knocking his head against the table.

Luhan winced, giving a quiet chuckle. “Ow, are you okay?”

“Uh yeah, yeah I’m fine. Uh…so ready for some tutoring?”

“Yep. Here are your notes.”

“Uh thanks.” Sehun blushed as he accepted his notes from Luhan, their hands brushing. It might be a trick of his mind but he thought Luhan’s hand lingered a bit. “So uh… do you know how I can contact Sherlock Holmes? Because I need to solve the mystery of how to win your heart.”

Luhan coughed. “Uh excuse me?”

“Um uh, do you know how to do your math problems today or need me to help you?”

Luhan gave him a wide smile. “I need your help. Think you can sit by me today?”

Sehun swallowed. “Uh um…sure.”

He stood up and sat in the seat next to Luhan.

“Can you help me with this one?” Luhan pointed to a problem Sehun couldn’t see.

“Uh which one?”

“This one.” Luhan reached over, grabbing Sehun’s hand to point at the problem. “How do you do it?”

“Oh uh…um, here.” Sehun took Luhan’s pencil and began solving the problem. He didn’t realize how close they were until he turned his head and found Luhan’s face mere inches from his. He saw Luhan’s lips curve and immediately stumbled back, face as red as a tomato.

“Uh well, I-I think you can solve it now.”

“Thank you, Sehun-ah.” Luhan beamed at him before turning to work on his math homework.

Sehun sat in his seat, willing his heart to calm down as he took quiet, deep, calming breaths.

“So how’s the wooing going?” Jongin grinned as he peered at Sehun from across the lunch table.

Sehun grabbed Jongin’s apple and tossed it at his face. Jongin frowned as he rubbed the red spot on his forehead.

“I take it not very well.”

“I beg to differ, I think it’s working splendidly.”

Jongin sat up with a grin. “Yixing hyung. Long time no see.”

Yixing smiled and laughed. “Now that’s a lie. You saw me not even two hours ago at dance.”

“Yeah, but I like seeing your pleasant face around more than this frowning face.” Jongin jerked his thumb towards Sehun who had his head hidden in his arms. “So what were you saying about it working splendidly?”

Yixing’s smile stayed in place as he took a seat.

“Oh I hear things but our dear little Hun-ah’s effects aren’t wasted. Though his execution could be better.” He gave a tiny chuckle before digging into his food.

“What do you mean by that?” Jongin leaned closer, curiosity in his eyes.

Yixing’s smile widened. “Oh nothing. Finish your food, Jongin-ah. You too, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun groaned and buried his head deeper into his arms.

Luhan beamed as he watched Sehun walk over to their study table. “Sehun-ah!”

Sehun felt his cheeks heat up. “Hi, Luhan hyung. Um, ready to start?”

“Yes but first,” Luhan leaned in close, lips brushing Sehun’s ear, “I hope you’re one of the best minds of my generation, because I’d sure like to see you naked.”

Sehun’s face turned bright red as his body reacted accordingly. “Uh, uh, uh…”

“Not to your liking, then how about: are you the master of Expelliarmus spell? Because I think your smile is disarming.” Luhan’s smile widened as he watched Sehun gape like a fish.

“You’re so cute.” Luhan patted Sehun’s cheek before settling back in his chair. “Your pickup lines weren’t subtle and your timing was definitely off but your efforts were adorable.”

Luhan’s hand came to rest on Sehun’s thigh, giving it a light squeeze. Sehun kept his eyes downcast, willing his blush to go away. “Come on, Hunnie, come tutor me in math.”

Luhan’s eyes held a twinkling of amusement as Sehun shyly lifted his head to look at him. “Come on, help me with this and then we can go to the movies like you suggested.”

Sehun’s face flushed a deep red as he shyly took his pencil and began helping Luhan with his homework as Luhan’s hand kept rubbing up and down his thigh.

2 months later

Sehun raised a brow, looking at the note on his desk.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d really like to have sex with you.

The sound of a door opening caused him to turn around. His eyes widened when he saw Luhan resting against the doorframe of his bathroom, silk robe barely covering his naked body.

Sehun swallowed the extra saliva pooling in his mouth, not wanting to drool in front of his hot boyfriend. “Um…uh…”

A smirk crossed Luhan’s face as he took slow, careful steps towards Sehun. His robe slipped off a shoulder, showing Luhan’s collarbone that Sehun wanted to nibble on. Sehun felt the heat rise up, face probably red as his jeans began to constrict. Luhan stopped just short of touching him, leaning in so his breath could flutter over Sehun.

“What’s the matter, Hunnie? Feeling a bit hot?” Luhan smiled as his fingers ran up and down Sehun’s chest. “Why don’t we remove some layers?”

His hands grabbed the bottom of Sehun’s shirt, pulling it off and tossing it behind him. Luhan’s eyes lit up, seeing Sehun’s naked pale chest, hands excited running along it before hooking around Sehun’s neck. His robe parted more, revealing his own smooth chest.

Luhan pressed himself against Sehun as he pulled his head down for a kiss. His hands moved down to begin removing Sehun’s pants, hands accidentally on purpose brushing against Sehun’s erection.

Sehun’s hands fisted in Luhan’s robe, accidentally loosening it further. Luhan removed the offending fabric away, leaving him stark naked as his mouth assaulted Sehun’s. He frowned, feeling Sehun’s boxers rubbing against him.

“Let’s get rid of these.” Luhan bent down, hands dragging Sehun’s boxers down. He grinned, seeing Sehun’s erection spring free. Without a warning, he opened his mouth, taking Sehun’s erection as far as it could go.

Sehun groaned, hands digging into Luhan’s hair as he held him in place.

Luhan grinned around Sehun’s erection before taking it into his grasp as he bobbed his head up and down. His tongue teased the slit, causing Sehun to tighten his fingers.

With a pop, Luhan pulled off. His hand wrapped around Sehun’s wrist as he pulled him over the bed. With a shove, Sehun tumbled back, legs sprawled open with Luhan grinning down at him.

“So beautiful my Hunnie is.” Luhan spread Sehun’s legs further apart as he settled between them. He wasted no time, a finger already teasing Sehun’s entrance.


“Oh right,” Luhan smiled as he reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the lube he had placed there earlier. He uncapped the bottle, squirting some onto his hands. After making sure his fingers were sufficiently covered, he slipped a finger inside, causing Sehun to choke on air.

Luhan just grinned, leaning down to peck Sehun’s lips. His finger moved in and out of Sehun’s hole. When he deemed Sehun ready, he slipped a second finger in. His fingers moved in and out, occasionally scissoring to prepare Sehun for his dick. He teasingly crooked his finger up, pulling a low moan from Sehun as he shifted on the bed.

Luhan’s grin widened as he leaned down to lick at Sehun’s nipples while his fingers repeated the same action.

“Luhan…” Sehun whined as he reached for Luhan.

“Shh…just a bit more and then you’ll have my cock inside you.” Luhan gritted his teeth as he slipped in a third finger. He gently moved his fingers in and out, stretching Sehun as best as he could. When he deemed Sehun prepped enough, he let his fingers slip out, hearing Sehun’s little whine.

“Shh…” Luhan smiled as he pecked Sehun’s lips as his hands reached for the condom on the nightstand. He tore it open, slipped it on, and positioned himself between Sehun’s legs.

“Ready?” Luhan grinned as Sehun gripped his forearms.

Sehun took a deep breath. “Yes.”

Luhan chuckled. “Relax, babe. I’ll make sure you feel good.”

“LuHAN!!!!” Sehun’s nails dug into Luhan’s arms as Luhan pushed into Sehun’s entrance.

Luhan groaned. “You’re tighter than I thought.”

Luhan waited, allowing Sehun time to adjust. When he felt Sehun wiggle his hips, Luhan grinned, leaning down to kiss Sehun as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in.

Sehun’s arms wrapped around Luhan’s neck as Luhan slowly increased the pace of his thrusts. Soon, moans and pants, along with the sound of skin slapping against skin, filled the room. Luhan braced his arms on either side of Sehun as his thrusts increased in frequency and strength.

“Luhan, Luhan, Luhan.” Sehun’s arms had fallen to the side, now gripping his bedsheets tight as Luhan fucked him into the mattress.

“Come on, Hunnie, I know you’re close. I can feel how tight you are. Gawd, you feel so good on my dick.”

Sehun’s eye rolled to the back of his head as his pleasure spiked. His stomach tightened before he released between their stomachs. Luhan came a few moments later, pushing through Sehun’s orgasm to reach his own, spilling inside the condom. He slipped out, took the condom off, tied it, and placed it back into the wrapper before getting up to toss it away. He returned with a wet washcloth to clean them up before tossing it into the bathroom.

Sehun had already snuggled under the covers, Luhan lifting the blankets to slide beneath. Sehun opened his arms, allowing Luhan to fit into his embrace.

Luhan didn’t mind being the little spoon as he was forever going to top Sehun in bed, though Sehun might not have realized it yet. Luhan smiled as he leaned back to kiss Sehun, getting his chin.

Sehun gave a sleepy chuckle and bent his head to kiss Luhan’s lip. “Good night, Luhan.”

“Night, Hunnie.” Luhan smiled as he settled down to sleep for the night. Later, he’ll tell Sehun he loved him but he probably already knew that.

“I love you, Luhan.”

Luhan turned around, eyes open wide as he stared at Sehun’s face. His eyes were shut but a smile crept on the edges of his lips. Luhan shook his head but mumbled back, “I love you too, Sehun.”

Sehun’s arms tightened around Luhan’s waist. He pressed a kiss to the nape of Luhan’s neck before finally drifting off to sleep. Luhan dozed off a few moments later, content smile on his face.

A/N: I’m sorry if things seemed a bit rushed? I have little experience with wooing, hence Sehun’s very awkward attempts
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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