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When Kris Bottoms – a set of drabbles where Kris bottoms for every member of EXO
A/N: I feel like I should apologize. This was written in the late hours of after midnight. Probably rushed some things and went a lil crazy in others but yeah~ Thanks to Ayumi's talk of Kris bottoming once for every member, this is the result

Kris/D.O. – 144 – warning: light bondage, hinted bdsm
Kyungsoo smiled, seeing Kris lying naked on his bed, arms tied to the bedpost. He gently ran the whip through his fingers. “Well…look who’s turned on.”
A smirk crossed his face, seeing Kris’ flush face and hard cock. Kris was biting his bottom lip in anticipation as much as embarrassment.
Kyungsoo ran a finger along Kris’ cock, making it jump. He let the whip touch Kris’ body. He saw the shiver but said nothing.
His finger came down to tease Kris’ hole. Kris nervously swallowed, hands gripping the bedpost tightly. His body tightened as Kyungsoo tried to push a finger inside.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk…you gotta relax, Kris, or this will hurt more. And we wouldn’t want our precious duizhang getting injured now, would we?” Kyungsoo saw the look in Kris’ eyes. “Or do you…?”
Kyungsoo dragged the whip against Kris’ butt. “Maybe next time.”

Kris/Sehun – 136 – warning: rimming
Kris moaned as Sehun looked at him from between his legs. He stuck his tongue out again, licking Kris’ hole.
Kris bit his lips as his hands gripped the bed sheets. A small whine left his mouth as Sehun did something with his tongue.
Sehun looked up and smirked. He sat up a bit higher, looking at Kris’ flushed face and heaving chest. His tongue came out and licked the tip of Kris’ cock.
Kris choked. He looked down and saw Sehun smiling at him, tongue poking out of his lips.
“Ready for the best part?”
A corner of Kris’ lip quirked up in a smirk. “That wasn’t it?”
“Not even close.” Sehun came over Kris, his cock pressing against Kris’ entrance.
Kris spread his legs a bit wider to accommodate Sehun. “Well then, show me.”

Kris/Chanyeol – 213
Kris smirked at Chanyeol fumbling with the condom. “Need some help?”
“Oh no, everything’s fine. Everything’s cool.”
“You sure?” Kris arched a brow.
“Yeah, yeah. It’s actually better if I’m fumbling now.” Chanyeol continued to struggle with the condom.
“Oh really?”
“Yeah because you’ll be begging me to slow down once my cock’s inside.”
Kris wiggled his hips. “Well, get it inside and we’ll see.”
“My pleasure.” Chanyeol’s mouth lifted into a smirk as he thrust into Kris.
Kris screamed as his hands clutched at Chanyeol’s biceps as Chanyeol’s hips worked its magic, slamming his cock inside Kris’ tight hole.
“Oh gawd, don’t stop. Don’t you fucking dare stop.” Kris clenched at Chanyeol as Chanyeol braced his arms on the bed to piston his hips in and out.
Chanyeol grinned. “I told you.”
“Don’t be so smug. I’m still taller than you.”
Chanyeol laughed. “Like that has anything to do with our situation. Who’s the bottom?”
Kris looked at Chanyeol a moment before he reversed their positions. The wind got knocked out of Chanyeol as Kris loomed over him.
“I may have your cock inside me but don’t forget, I rule this relationship, puppy boy.” Kris lifted himself up and sat back down on Chanyeol’s cock, pulling moans from the both of them.

Kris/Suho – 383 – warning: spanking
Joonmyeon smirked. Kris was naked on all fours in front of him, his ass bright red from the many spankings. His hand ached a bit but he still had one more to do before he could reward Kris for his good behavior.
His last smack resounded in the silent room, Kris biting his lip so hard he tasted blood.
“Good boy.” Suho rubbed a soothing hand over Kris’ ass. He reached for the bottle of lotion, pouring some onto his hands, rubbing them together to warm it, before gently massaging Kris’ ass.
Kris gave a soft moan of pleasure as Suho’s hands kneaded his ass cheeks. “Joonmyeon…”
“Shh, let me do this and then I’ll fuck you.”
“Joonmyeon~” Kris whined as he looked back at Joonmyeon.
“Kris…” Joonmyeon’s hands tightened on Kris’ ass warningly.
Kris frowned but allowed Joonmyeon to do as he pleased. The other members rarely ever listened to him so in the bedroom, Kris did his best to obey all of Joonmyeon’s commands. It typically resulted in good things, usually Kris being fucked into the mattress or sometimes Joonmyeon being fucked into the mattress if he felt like bottoming that day.
Kris sighed and relaxed under Joonmyeon’s gentle massage. He tensed when he felt a finger circling his entrance.
Joonmyeon chuckled. “Relax, babe. Isn’t this what you wanted?”
“Y-Y-Yes…” Kris gasped as that finger breached his hole.
Joonmyeon quietly chuckled, leaning down to press a kiss to Kris’ backside. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”
“Oh I know you will.”
“Good.” Joonmyeon pushed Kris down onto the bed, Kris’ chest pressing into the mattress as Joonmyeon positioned himself to thrust into Kris’ hole.
Kris’ hands dug into the sheets as Joonmyeon fucked into him hard and fast.
“Oh yeah…you’re so good, so tight.” Joonmyeon’s hips worked faster as he felt his orgasm nearing.
Kris whined, wanting friction on his cock but it was pressed firmly into the mattress. “Joonmyeon~”
“Hold on, babe.” Joonmyeon flipped Kris around so he could look at him and stroke his cock in time with his thrust. The two came at the same time with a breathless moan of each other’s names.
Joonmyeon smiled as he leaned down, pecking Kris’ lips. “Thanks for that, babe.”
“Any time. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

Kris/Luhan – 271
Luhan had two fingers buried deep into Kris’ ass as his hand slowly but firmly stroked Kris’ cock.
Kris whined, legs spreading wider to accommodate Luhan.
Luhan slipped a third finger inside and gritted his teeth at the tight squeeze. “Gawddamn, Kris you’re so tight. And we just had sex last night. You must really have a tight ass.”
Kris hit Luhan’s arm.
“But don’t worry, I’ll take good care of that.” Luhan winked as he slipped a condom on his dick. He pushed Kris’ legs aside and pulled him down onto his cock.
Kris gripped the bed sheets tightly as Luhan began to fiercely pound into him.
“Gawd, you’re so tight. It feels so good.” Luhan pushed Kris’ legs up so he was folded in half. Luhan pounded into Kris, pulling moans and grunts from the two of them.
Luhan could feel his orgasm nearing and so, he brought his hand between them to stroke Kris’ cock. He slowed down his pace as he quickened his hand, bringing Kris close to his orgasm.
When he felt Kris begin to tighten farther, Luhan resumed his fierce thrusting. The two came together, Luhan spilling inside Kris as Kris spilled over Luhan’s hand and his stomach.
Luhan pulled out, chest heaving, as he lay down next to Kris. He brought a hand down and felt Kris’ hole twitch as he teasingly rubbed around it. He stuck a finger inside.
“Oh, looks like you’re still tight.”
Kris whined, weakly moving on the bed. “Luhan~”
Kris’ eyes widened at Luhan’s smirk as his fingers teased around Kris’ hole. “Guess we’ll have to do this again.”

Kris/Lay – 401 – warning: rimming
Kris arched his back as Yixing did something with his tongue. His hands tightened on the bed sheets as he spread his legs wider. Yixing was always so sweet and gentle during sex, making sure Kris enjoyed it. He moaned as Yixing did something with his tongue. He moaned again when he felt Yixing’s finger slowly slip inside.
Yixing watched Kris’ face as he moved his finger in and out, slightly crooking them up in search of that one spot. Kris moaned, hands white against the bed sheets with how tight he was gripping them. Yixing slipped a second finger inside.
“Shh…I need to make sure you’re properly stretched first.” Yixing reached over to dribble more lube around Kris’ hole. Kris could hear the sound of Yixing’s fingers slipping in and out from how lubricated his hole was. It sounded obscene but turned Kris on further.
After adding a third finger and stretching Kris further, Yixing deemed Kris stretched enough. He grabbed a condom, rolling it on, dribbling more lube onto it before placing it at Kris’ entrance. With a gentle, slow push, Yixing eased inside.
Yixing leaned down, gently kissing Kris as he waited for him to adjust. When he felt Kris wiggling against him, Yixing gave a sweet smile as he gently eased out and pushed back in.
Kris wrapped his legs around Yixing as Yixing slowly fucked him. He whimpered and whined, wanting Yixing to speed up, but Yixing paid him no attention, keeping at his gentle, slow pace.
Yixing just smiled at Kris as his hand came to slowly stroke Kris’ cock in time with his thrusts.
Kris writhed on the bed, seeking more friction, but Yixing never let him increase the pace, going slow and steady. When he thought he couldn’t bear the slow pace anymore, Yixing quickened it at a dizzying speed, Kris could only hold on for the ride.
They came together, Kris spilling between their bodies, Yixing inside the condom. Yixing pulled out, pulled the condom off, tying it together, and tossing it in the trash. He headed towards the bathroom to get a wet cloth to wash the cum off Kris’ stomach. When they were relatively clean, Yixing cuddled up next to Kris, pulling the blanket over them and drifting off to sleep.
Kris gave a sleepy contented smile, placing a kiss on Yixing’s forehead before drifting off to sleep.

Kris/Tao – 245
Kris wasn’t sure how he had ended up in this position but he found he didn’t care so much with Tao fucking him hard into the mattress. All he remembered was Tao staring at him with those irresistible puppy eyes and pouty lips and now he was beneath him, naked on all fours, being fucked like there was no tomorrow.
Kris gripped the bed sheets tightly as Tao pressed himself down against him, chest to back as his hips worked a furious pace.
“How does it feel to get fucked by me, duizhang?” Tao’s tongue came out to lick at the shell of Kris’ ear, causing said boy to shiver. “Do you like it when I do this?”
Tao gave a particularly rough thrust, pulling a gasping moan from Kris. Kris could feel Tao grin as his hips moved even faster, if it was possible. One of Tao’s hands came around to roughly grip Kris’ dick, stroking it in time with his thrusts. It wasn’t long before Kris came over Tao’s hand from the stimulation. Tao spilled inside him moments later, feeling Kris tighten around him.
The two collapsed on the bed, Tao pulling out of Kris and rolling to lie beside him. Kris turned his head to see Tao’s bright happy smile.
“That was great, duizhang~ can we do it again?”
Kris cracked a smile before chuckling into the sheets. “Oh Taozi, whatever you want.”
Tao beamed brightly before attacking Kris for another round.

Kris/Kai – 332
“And this is how your hips should move.” Kai demonstrated, thrusting hard against Kris.
Kris gritted his teeth, hands braced against the wall, as Kai kept a firm grip on his hips.
When Kai had asked him to stay behind to practice their hip thrusts, he had not planned for this to happen. Kai had gotten him pantless and hard in seconds flat, just pressing his hips against his as he demonstrated the correct technique for hip thrusts. Thanks to his big mouth, he’d asked for a live demonstration and had failed to notice the glint in Kai’s eyes. Hence, Kris was up against the wall having Kai fuck the strength from him.
His knees felt weak as Kai performing a sinfully smooth hip thrust.
“Gawddamn your hips.” Kris saw Kai smirking when he looked at the mirrors to his side. He wouldn’t admit it but there was something very hot about watching Kai fucking him in the mirror. He could feel his cock swelling further and hoped Kai wouldn’t notice.
“Someone’s turned on.” Kai smirked as he whispered in Kris’ ear. His hand reached around to grip Kris’ cock, spreading the precum on the tip around. “You’re so wet.”
Kris flushed red but stayed silent, biting his lip.
“Aww, are you embarrassed? Don’t be.” Kris caught Kai’s wink in the mirror and flushed harder.
Kai gripped Kris’ hips tightly as he increased his thrusts. In a short time, Kris was falling apart in Kai’s arms, cum shooting out, a bit getting on to the wall. Kai came moments later, pulling out and spilling on the back of Kris’ thighs.
The room was filled with their harsh breathing, trying to catch their breath after the intense sex.
Kai pulled away and smiled at Kris using the wall for support.
“Ready to show me what you learned?”
Kris breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath. He saw Kai looking smugly at him, proudly standing naked before him, his cock already semi-hard.
“Oh yeah.”

Kris/Chen – 742 – warning: blowjob, use of a sex toy, spanking
“Are you religious because I think you should become a Krischen.” Chen winked at Kris who just facepalmed.
“You did not just do what I think you did. That was terrible.”
“You know what’s not terrible? My dick. Which I can have you begging for it in 3 seconds flat.”
Kris raised a brow, looking at Chen skeptically.
He was proven wrong when he found himself naked on all fours, begging Chen for his dick. It was so cute and pretty, two words he didn’t think he’d use to describe a dick but somehow Chen’s fit. It was nice and long, the perfect length for him to suck.
Kris looked up at Chen who was smirking down at him as he lazily stroked his dick, keeping it just out of Kris’ reach.
“Beg for it, Kris, beg for my cock.”
Kris huffed out a breath, still holding on to his pride even as he stood on all fours naked before Chen who had stuffed a butt plug up his ass before he could react. A vibrating butt plug at that which was doing things to his body as Chen upped the vibration.
Kris gritted his teeth, hands digging into the bed sheets as he fought against giving in so easily.
Chen’s grin widened as he increased the vibrations more.
“Alright you win. Let me suck that dick of yours. I want it in my mouth, I want mmph” Chen thrust his dick into Kris’ mouth who choked a bit before stretching his mouth to accommodate Chen’s dick. He moved his mouth around, a bit of spit dribbling out, as he moved to suck and lick.
Chen had one hand firmly gripping Kris’ hair as he shallowly thrust into Kris’ mouth. Kris held his mouth open enough to allow Chen to thrust into his mouth, making his teeth only scraped over his dick a few times for stimulation purposes.
When Chen felt his orgasm nearing, he pulled out of Kris. “Enough. I don’t want to come in your mouth but your ass. Now turn around and let me see it. It’s got to be stretched enough by now.”
Chen grinned, looking at Kris’ ass with the butt plug sticking out of it. He turned off the vibrations and slowly pulled it out, smiling with satisfaction of the low whimpering moan he pulled from Kris. His thumb pressed against Kris’ twitching hole and he grinned.
“Look at how much you want me, your hole just sucks my finger in.”
Kris growled. “Just fuck me, Jongdae. You’re an asshole for keeping me like this.”
“Uh no, you’re the asshole for keeping such a delectable ass like this from me.” Chen groaned as he slipped inside. “Gawd you’re so fuckin’ tight.”
His hands gripped Kris’ hips as he slowly thrust in and out. He was trying to hold on to his orgasm but Kris’ tight hole coupled with Kris’ blowjob earlier was bringing him close to the edge. He brought a hand around to stroke Kris’ cock, hoping to make him come before he did.
Chen grinned when he felt Kris tighten even more around him. “Oh yeah, you’re close. Come for me, Kris, come for me.”
“Not…yet…” Kris gritted his teeth, shifting his hips back, wanting Chen to come first.
“Oh, we’re going to play this game then?” Chen shifted a bit and smacked Kris’ ass. For every backwards thrust of Kris’ hips, Chen smacked Kris’ ass in retaliation.
Soon the room was filled with the sound of skin slapping, neither giving up. Chen spied the redness of Kris’ ass and gave it a gentle rub and light squeeze. “Still think to deny me?”
Kris’ hands had turned white against the bed sheets. Chen was furiously pounding into him now. “Damn it, Jongdae, you win.”
Chen felt Kris come over his hand and gave a triumphant groan as he spilled inside Kris. He pulled out, lying down besides Kris who was unsuccessfully glaring at him. Chen gave a cheeky smile as he leaned over and loudly smacked his lips on Kris’ cheek.
“That was fun. So have I successfully converted you?”
Kris snorted before bursting into laughter. “Damn it, Jongdae.”
Chen smiled as he snuggled close to Kris. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
Kris just shook his head but an arm wrapped around Chen to keep him pressed against his side. Chen smiled and buried his face into Kris’ body, drifting off to sleep.

Kris/Xiumin – 438
“Hey Kris, think you could help me with something?”
“Uh sure, Minseok.” Kris set aside his book and followed Minseok to his room. “What’s the problem?”
“Well I seem to get this boner each time I see your ass so I was hoping you could help me get rid of it.” Minseok beamed up at Kris who just stared, not sure if he heard correctly.
“Excuse me.”
Minseok sighed and sat on his bed. “I have a hard-on and was wondering if I could use your ass to get rid of it.”
“Um…okay…?” Kris looked at Minseok skeptically who just smiled brightly at him.
“Great.” And with that, Minseok attacked Kris, stripping him in no time flat. Kris found himself flat on his back, naked, with Minseok between his legs. He could feel Minseok’s dick pressing against his hole, which was actually twitching in anticipation.
Minseok reached out and gently stroked Kris’ cock into hardness. “You’re so hot, it seems unfair.”
“What do you mean? You’re hot as well.”
“Yeah, but not like you. You just ooze charisma. I’ve gotten so many hard-ons from your handsome face alone, it’s not even funny. I think you should help me with my problem from now on.” Minseok smiled as he watched precum drip from Kris’ cock. He grabbed the lube on the nightstand and spread some on his own cock and around Kris’ hole. He set it back on the nightstand before pushing Kris’ legs against his chest so he was somewhat folded in half.
“I’d be gentle but I think my patience has run a little thin now. So brace yourself but relax.” Minseok winked as he slowly slipped inside. Kris breathed deeply as his hands tightened on the bed sheets.
“Gawd, you’re so tight. We are definitely doing this more often. Actually, if I had known you’d be so helpful, I would’ve done this sooner.” Minseok smiled as he was finally in all the way. He waited for Kris to give him the go ahead before pulling out and thrusting back in.
It was over almost as soon as it had started.
Kris raised a brow as he looked at Minseok all sweaty and breathing deeply. “Satisfied?”
“Nope, I went too fast the first time so we’ll have to do it again so I can show you how slow I can go. Gotta drag out that pleasure and torture like you’ve been doing to me.”
“Hey! That was not my fault!”
Minseok shrugged. “It was since it was your body but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you enjoy my torture unlike what you did to me.”
“Hey! Mmph”

Kris/Baekhyun – 689 – warning: use of a blindfold, brief mention of rimming, light spanking, blowjob
One moment Kris was staring into Baekhyun’s puppy eyes, the next he was naked with Baekhyun humping him from behind.
“Uh Baekhyun?” It felt strange having Baekhyun hump him while he was naked but Baekhyun was still fully clothed. The rubbing of Baekhyun’s jeans over Kris’ ass created a slight burn that he wasn’t sure he enjoyed or not.
“Shhh…just a few more minutes.”
“Baekhyun…” Kris made a low growling sound.
“Oh, alright, alright. No need to get testy.” Baekhyun stopped his movement, getting off the bed and stripping.
Kris turned his head to see Baekhyun’s pale naked body before his view was blocked by Baekhyun’s grinning face.
“Uh, uh, uh. How dare you look at me. Well, we will fix that right up.” A cloth came up, covering Kris’ eyes.
Kris’ hands tightened on the bed sheets of their own accord. Having one of his senses temporarily blocked made him feel uneasy, especially with Baekhyun in the room. He felt very vulnerable.
He jumped a bit when he felt a cold hand on his ass.
“Oh Kris, don’t be so scared. I’ll take good care of you.” With that, Baekhyun spread Kris’ ass cheeks and stuck a lubed finger in.
Kris choked on his breath as Baekhyun slowly stretched him open. One finger turned to two which became three. Soon, Kris felt something wet around his hole and he gasped, realizing Baekhyun was now using his tongue in addition to his fingers.
Kris’s grip tightened as Baekhyun worked his tongue between his fingers into Kris’ hole.
Baekhyun lifted his head and grinned at how rigid Kris was keeping his body. He ran an appreciative hand down Kris’ spine, liking the way he arched his back. He slipped a condom on and placed his dick at Kris’ hole. He braced his hands on Kris’ hips as he slipped inside.
Kris choked and pushed his ass up into Baekhyun who just grinned, squeezing Kris’ ass.
“Look at how your ass just takes my dick, just sucking it in.”
Kris bit his lip. All sensations were heightened thanks to temporarily losing one of his senses. Feeling Baekhyun filling him up, hands tightly gripping his hips, and hearing him speak was doing things to his body. He could feel his dick dripping with precum.
“Oh, you’re so tight. It feels amazing.” Baekhyun bit his lip as he slowly eased out and pushed back in. He kept a steady pace, slowly increasing the rate of his thrusts as he felt Kris begin to fall apart beneath him. Soon he was hammering into Kris, working towards that orgasm.
Kris wiggled beneath him, seeking friction on his dick but Baekhyun was having none of that. He stopped his thrusts and lightly smacked Kris’ ass.
“Nuh uh, none of that. If you’re good, I’ll reward you but you have to stay still.” Baekhyun gave a teasing little thrust. A whimper fell from Kris’ lips but he kept his body still, allowing Baekhyun to use it as he pleased.
Baekhyun grinned, dropping a kiss to Kris’ back, before pulling out and fucking hard into Kris. He came a few moments later, coming inside Kris. He pulled out and flipped Kris over. His hands made quick work of the blindfold.
Kris blinked his eyes, trying to get his eyes to adjust. He choked when Baekhyun suddenly deepthroated him. His hands buried themselves into Baekhyun’s hair as Baekhyun worked his mouth up and down Kris’ cock, licking and sucking for all he was worth.
Kris came a few moments later, Baekhyun swallowing every last drop. Kris watched Baekhyun’s tongue come out to swipe at any lingering traces and groaned.
Baekhyun straddled Kris’ chest and grinned down at him. “Now wasn’t that fun?”
“I won’t dignify that with a response.”
“Good, so you won’t mind if we do it again?”
Kris’s eyes widened as he looked at Baekhyun’s brightly grinning face. He heaved a long-suffering sigh. “My body is yours to use as you please.”
Baekhyun’s grin widened. “I was hoping you’d say that.”
He dragged his hand down Kris’ body, already eager to begin his domination of Kris’ body.
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