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Title: Winding My Way In
Pairing: Kris/Luhan
Word Count: 4541
Rating: PG (NC-17 at the end)
Summary: Luhan, manly Chaser of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, gets along with everyone but one person, Slytherin Quidditch captain and Prefect, Kris. This doesn’t stop Kris from trying to befriend Luhan but will his efforts be in vain or get Luhan to change his mind?
Author's Note: I’m sorry but I feel like I butchered your prompt but I hope you still like it

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Luhan smiled as he mounted his broom and pushed up into the sky. The wind whipped around his face as he did a few laps around the Quidditch field. It felt great to be flying again after not being airborne all break.
“Hey, Luhan, want to toss the Quaffle around?”
Luhan turned his head to find his best friend, Minseok, up in the air, gently tossing the Quaffle. He grinned. “Sure.”
Luhan was busy changing when he heard footsteps behind him. He spared a glance, seeing the familiar green robes and stiffened. He quickly pulled on his robes and gathered his things before heading out.
“What? No friendly greeting between rivals, huh, Luhan?”
Luhan turned his head to see a smirk across the Slytherin’s face. Using his coldest voice and a stiff nod, Luhan greeted the boy.
Kris chuckled as he set his stuff down. “Still holding a grudge, huh?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Luhan huffed, crossing his arms across his chest.
“Oh really now?” Kris copied Luhan’s pose, eyebrows lifting in amusement.
Luhan gritted his teeth and stomped out of the changing room, Kris’ laughter following him out like a ghost.
“What’s got your panties in a twist, Luhan?”
Luhan glared at Baekhyun who just grinned even wider. “Shut it, Baekhyun.”
“Why? You wearing a thong today?” Baekhyun didn’t even flinch as Luhan grabbed the front of his robes.
“Shut it, Baek, or I’ll make you.” Luhan growled as he pushed his face close to Baekhyun’s.
“Sorry, thanks, but I already have better offers.” Baekhyun winked and made a kissy face at Luhan.
Luhan threw him a disgusted face before letting him go. He did make sure to cast a small spell to trip Baekhyun up as he walked away, laughing. Baekhyun glared and mouthed “I’ll get you later.”
“Bring it, pup.”
Baekhyun scowled before leaving the common room.
Luhan heaved a heavy sigh, plopping down into one of the comfortable armchairs set around the common room.
“He was there, wasn’t he?” Minseok sat down opposite Luhan.
Luhan dropped his face into his hands. “Yes…and he was as irritating as ever.”
Minseok shook his head, huffing out a small breath. “What is your problem with him? Even though he’s a Slytherin and a prefect, he’s a pretty decent guy if you’d ever talk to him.”
“I have talked to him and he’s a jerk, a pompous, snobby jerk.” Luhan frowned, crossing his arms across his chest.
Minseok sighed. “Oh come on, Luhan. It doesn’t make sense for you to dislike someone this much. You like everyone and everyone loves you.”
“Except for him, but that’s fine with me.”
“That’s what you think,” Minseok mumbled under his breath.
“What was that?” Luhan raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing, ready to work on Charms homework together?”
“Fine.” Luhan stuck out his tongue. “Accio homework.”
“Show off.” Minseok crinkled his face as Luhan’s homework flew to him.
Luhan just flashed him a bright smile. “Alright, question one.”
“Luhan, Luhan, Luhan. Help me, help me, help me.” A flying figure crashed into Luhan, knocking them both to the ground.
“Five points from Gryffindor and five points from Slytherin.” The two figures looked up to see Joonmyun standing over them. The two quickly picked themselves up off the floor and scurried away to one of the many alcoves around the castle.
“What is it, Sehun?” Luhan tapped his foot, looking at Sehun with a pleading expression on his face.
“Jongin is after me.”
Luhan crossed his arms. “What did you do this time?”
“How can you think it was my fault?” Sehun’s bottom lip jutted out.
Luhan just raised an eyebrow.
Sehun huffed. “Fine, we were mixing something in Potions when something happened.”
“And that something was…?”
“Uh…let’s just say it temporarily disfigured Jongin enough for him to visit the Hospital Wing.”
Luhan heaved a heavy sigh. “Seriously, Sehun? I thought we talked this out and you were getting a tutor for the class.”
“Uh yeah…about that…” Sehun sheepishly scratched the back of his neck.
“Alright, alright, we’ll discuss this later. I have to get to class.” Luhan crinkled his face at Sehun. “You’ve already made me late.”
Sehun smiled. “That was the plan so I wouldn’t have to suffer through detention alone.”
He winked before skipping off to class.
Luhan sighed. He always fell for this trick, no matter how many times it happened (this was the third time this month).
Luhan slipped into his seat after apologizing to the professor. He noticed Kris looking at him and resolutely looked away. Pulling out his quill and parchment, he quickly began to take notes.
A piece of parchment was tossed in his direction.
Late again?
What do you want? >:(
I take it, Sehun’s work?
Nothing. Just making polite conversation.
You’re trying to get me in trouble again. Now buzz off.

Luhan sent the note back and refused to look at it when it returned to him. He quickly crumpled it, ready to toss it away when class was over.
Before he could race out the door, Kris was standing over him with a smile on his face.
“Didn’t you read my response?”
Luhan looked down his nose at Kris, which was interesting considering he was still sitting down and Kris towered over him in this position. “No. I was paying attention to class, which you should’ve been doing.”
“You’re right. Think I could borrow your notes?” Kris flashed him a bright smile.
Luhan huffed. “Ask someone else.”
He grabbed his bag, got up, and left the room, ignoring Kris following after him.
“Peeves, I need you!”
“Did someone call?” Peeves the Poltergeist popped his head from around the corner.
Luhan pointed to the person behind him. “Help!”
“With pleasure.”
Luhan walked down the hall, smiling as he listened to Kris’ “manly” screams as Peeves did whatever he did.
Walking into his dorm, Luhan dropped his bag by his trunk and quickly looked around, making sure he was alone.
Once it was clear, he opened his trunk and muttering a quiet spell, pulled out a notebook. Fishing in his pocket, he pulled out the note from earlier and stuck it inside.
Luhan smiled, flipping back through the pages, reading the different messages. His smile widened, seeing the latest message.
Come meet me by the one-eyed witch after your detention.
For years, Luhan and Kris had a rocky relationship. Kris would always be nice and courteous but Luhan would always rebuff his efforts. No one knows what started it but Luhan himself. Others have guessed but never was the truth revealed. It could be pinpointed to an incident but almost no one was present except for Luhan and Kris but any attempt to learn more always failed. Kris rarely shared personal details and Luhan always found a way to evade questions; his charm never failed to stop curious minds.
Luhan gave a sigh as he made his way towards detention. “Stupid Sehun, always doing this to me.”
He thought back to the note but knew he wouldn’t be meeting Kris. It’s been years since Kris tried to get him to meet him and Luhan always stood him up. But something had to be said for the gentle, persistent way Kris kept coming after him. Luhan smiled to himself.
“Oof, get off, you’re too heavy.” Luhan buckled forward a bit at the unexpected weight. He turned his head and got a face full of Sehun’s multicolored hair. He always wondered how he could get away with that but it made him more approachable given his normal face was blank.
“Luhan!” Sehun’s bottom lip jutted out into a pout.
“Come on, brat. Let’s go serve detention.” Luhan turned around and came face to face with Kris. Kris had a small smile on his face as he looked at the duo.
“Now where are you two headed?”
Luhan turned his head, refusing to talk to Kris.
“Detention.” Sehun slings an arm around Luhan’s shoulders. “See you later, Kris. Come on, Lulu, let’s go.”
Luhan allows Sehun to drag him away. He doesn’t spare a glance at Kris though he can feel his eyes on him.
Luhan collapses on his bed, exhausted from classes and Quidditch practice. It had been almost nonstop work now that he was a 5th year. Things were getting tough as his magical education increased. It didn’t help that he would be dealing with O.W.L.s later this year as well. At least he wouldn’t suffer alone.
Luhan glanced over to see Minseok already asleep on his bed. Right after practice, everyone had gone back to the dorms and collapsed in bed, not bothering with grabbing some food. Maybe after some rest, he’ll sneak down to the kitchens for some food.
When Luhan opened his eyes again, it was the middle of the night and most everyone was snoozing. He carefully slipped on his robe and slippers, grabbed his wand, and quietly slipped out of the dorm.
Luhan moved down the corridors, making sure to stay clear of ghosts, Peeves, Mr. Filch, and Mrs. Norris. After 5 years of roaming these halls, Luhan had gotten good at sneaking around. Of course, it helped that he was good friends with Baekhyun and Chanyeol, the two Gryffindor troublemakers. They seemed to know all the secret passages and schedules for Mr. Filch, Mrs. Norris, and Peeves. He didn’t want to know their secret but he believed that Ravenclaw, Jongdae, had a hand in it.
Luhan shook his head; he needed a clear head when sneaking around the castle at midnight. As he moved closer to the kitchens, he kept his ears cocked for a sound of nearing footsteps or the sound of Peeves’ laughter. So far, so good.
Luhan smiled as he rounded the corner and bumped into a hard frame. He rubbed his nose before staring up in dark brown eyes. He could feel himself paling as he took in the sharp eyebrows and blonde hair. He gulped before taking a step back.
Kris said nothing, shoving something into Luhan’s hands and retreating.
Luhan stood in the corridor, frozen, before common sense returned and he quickly hightailed it back to his dorm, holding the package tightly. As soon as he was in the safety of his bed, curtains closed, he studied the package Kris had given him. He turned it over in his hands before decided to unwrap it.
The smell of food filled his nose as he looked at the delicious meal spread out before him. He looked at the plates of food, everything his favorite, and wondered how Kris could’ve known.
Over the weeks, Luhan found Kris subtly taking care of him. At first, it was little things slipped into his bag like notes from class or small snacks. Sometimes, during his late night snack runs, Luhan would meet Kris who would give him a small package full of his favorite foods before leaving. He rarely questioned it though he had to wonder why a prefect like Kris wouldn’t deduct points or give him detention when he caught him. But he wouldn’t complain especially when he was getting free meals from it. Later, it was bigger things, nothing that took from his daily routine but enough to capture his attention. Sometimes he stumbled upon a meal set just for him after detention because somehow Sehun always managed to get him in detention once a month or once every two weeks. Other times, when he needed a book from the library or a table to study at, one would be reserved for him. He found his supplies refilled whenever they were running low. Visits to Hogsmeade even had Kris’ attention on him, with his bag being filled with goodies he himself hadn’t purchased but would’ve if he had the money and allowed himself to buy them.
Luhan didn’t know how to handle all this attention. And the constant attention was making his feelings for Kris change. He was starting to feel weird around the other boy and it wasn’t making him feel any better. It was actually affecting his mood, which everyone seemed to notice.
Luhan scowled as he collapsed on his bed after another Quidditch practice. He had found a water bottle by his stuff after practice that for sure was placed there by Kris. It was faint but he could recognize Kris’ cologne.
Luhan punched his pillow a few times before searching his trunk for something he had started on a whim.
The wind was blowing around him as he studied the field. It was only a few minutes before the game would start. Luhan glanced at his teammates and gave them a nod.
Their opponents were Slytherin. Luhan surveyed his enemy. He knew the Chasers by face, giving them a stiff nod. He noticed Kris by the goal, their Beaters scattered about, and their Seeker up above.
Luhan knew where all his teammates were and braced himself on his broom as he watched Professor Hooch bring out the balls. As always, the Bludgers were released followed by the Snitch, and then the Quaffle was tossed.
It was a flurry of brooms and arms as the riders swarmed together to take possession of the Quaffle. One of his teammates caught the ball and soon it was a race towards the goal, dodging Bludgers, Beaters, and the opposing Chasers. The Quaffle was passed back and forth between the three of them until it was just Luhan facing off against Kris at the goals.
With a strong throw, Luhan made the first goal. A smug smile lit his face as he stared at Kris who just frowned.
And with that, the game progressed. Luhan rarely stood still, always moving as he chased after the Quaffle. Most of the time, Luhan made many of the goals, putting them at a 100-point lead. Of course, no lead is worth anything as the Snitch could reverse the winner.
From the corner of his eye, Luhan had seen both Seekers flying around in search of the elusive ball but to no avail. Only quick reflexes saved Luhan from the Bludger headed his way. He was able to catch the Quaffle thrown to him and score another goal for their team. He stuck his tongue out at Kris as he flew past.
The game ended with Gryffindor winning. Minseok and Luhan high-fived each other before the team descended for a group hug.
Luhan spotted Kris looking at him and stuck his tongue out again before turning to grin at his teammates.
Luhan was exiting the locker room when someone grabbed his wrist and dragged him away. He tried to pull away but the person was stronger than him. Luhan frowned; he was manly and had enough strength to get away whenever needed. He looked up and recognized the blonde hair and struggled harder.
He failed and was forced to follow Kris to an area near the lagoon, far enough away from everyone.
Luhan glared up at Kris.
But before he could open his mouth, Kris briefly placed his lips on Luhan’s.
Luhan barely had time to process it before Kris was turning around and making his way back towards the castle.
Luhan’s fingers came up to gently press against his lips. They still tingled from the brief brush of lips and he felt his cheeks heating up. He quickly wrapped his arms around himself and headed back towards the castle, not paying attention to anyone as he hurried back to his dorm. He bypassed the celebrations to flop on his bed, pulling the blankets around him and shielding him from the outside world as his thoughts whirled around his head.
“I’ll see you guys when break is done.” Luhan smiled as he waved to his friends. He pulled his clothes tighter around him as he dragged his trunk and bags behind him. The last few months before break had been tough ever since that incident after the Quidditch match against Slytherin.
Luhan made sure to avoid any chance of contact with Kris. This meant rushing to and from class, going straight to his dorm after classes or meals were finished, as Kris had no access to the Gryffindor common room. Many students had noticed this change in behavior but were wise to not comment. They knew for his innocent looks, he had a mean punch. Luhan was the manliest chaser ever (or so they liked to let him believe. They knew to stay on his good side).
Luhan had gotten bags under his eyes from all the late night studying and avoiding Kris. He had lost some weight, which had gotten his friends to force food down his throat, which he only allowed as he had a weak spot for his friends.
Luhan walked out of the station and looked around. He smiled brightly when he spotted his parents in the car. He waved and accepted their hugs and kisses before being bundled in the car. He gave a contented smile as his eyes drifted close and he fell into a peaceful slumber.
Luhan smiled and laughed as he boarded the train back to school. He was feeling better after having rested at home with family and the occasional visit from friends. Yixing, his oldest friend and a Ravenclaw, came by his house almost daily. Minseok had stopped by once to drag him to a gathering with their other friends: Jongin, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Joonmyun, Tao, Yixing, Jongdae, Sehun, and Kris. How they had all arranged this without his knowledge was beyond him but he had to admit to being a zombie the last few weeks before holidays.
Luhan liked seeing Kris outside of school but he still avoided him for most of the night, even though everyone was subtly and not so subtly pushing the two together.
Luhan found an empty compartment and setting his bag down, took a seat. His eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.
Next time, he opened his eyes, he found another pair of eyes staring directly into his.
“Oh my gawd, Get off!” Luhan shoved with all his might but Chanyeol just had a pleased grin on his face.
“Want some?” Chanyeol held out a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
“Uh no thanks.” Luhan wrinkled his nose and sat up, noticing the rest of the compartment had been filled with various friends. Yixing was asleep by the window as Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Jongdae were munching on snacks. Minseok had the last seat, reading a book and ignoring the chaos that was the snacking trio.
Luhan stood up and checked his bag overhead, giving a small smile when he felt the package safely tucked inside.
“So, what’s that package and who is it for?”
Luhan slowly turned around to see four grinning faces. “What?”
“That package you have hidden in your bag. Going to give it to someone special at school?”
“That’s none of your business.”
“So it is for someone. Can’t wait to see who’s the lucky winner.”
“Oh shut it.” Luhan grabbed one of the treats and chucked it at one of the grinning foursome.
Luhan clutched the package tightly in his arms. He had no idea why he was doing it but doing it, he was. He surveyed the hallway, making sure no one was around, before sneaking down towards where he knew he would be. He was just turning the corner when he bumped right into him.
His arms came out, dropping the package, as he was hauled up against a strong frame.
Luhan gave a manly squeak before pushing away. He didn’t forget to grab the package before running away.
Kris stood there confused but said nothing as he continued on with his duties.
The same thing happened for several days until Kris’ brows were in a constant furrow as he studied the petite male several feet away. Luhan had been acting strangely before the holidays and it only got worse after the break. Kris rubbed his head, unsure of what to do.
“Hey, Mr. Perfect, what’s troubling you?” A hand rested against his shoulder.
“It’s Luhan, like always, isn’t it?”
Kris sighed, burrowing his head into his arms.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Sehun laughed as he dug into his meal, uncaring that Kris’ face was now buried in his own meal.
“Come on, Luhan. You’re a man, you can do this. It’s nothing new, nothing strange. You’re just giving a friend a gift, a gift you handmade for months, nothing that bad. So what if he doesn’t like it or rejects it? As long as you give it to him, it’ll be alright. Just go on up to him. What’s the problem? He’s just another guy like me or Minseok or…” Luhan stopped his pacing to sigh deeply. He sat down on the floor, head resting on his bent knees. “Oh what am I doing?”
“I was just about to ask the same question.”
Luhan jumped up in surprise. “Kris, how long have you – what are you -?”
Kris kept a neutral expression as he walked towards Luhan. He reached down and grabbed the package in Luhan’s hands. Slowly, he undid the wrapping and pulled out a knitted scarf in red and green.
Luhan stood there frozen as Kris stared at the scarf.
“Is this for me?”
Luhan stiffly nodded his head.
A smile spread across Kris’ face as he wrapped the scarf around his neck. He leaned down and pecked Luhan’s cheek. “Thank you, Luhan. I love it.”
“Oh uh…well…I…”
“What?” Kris had such a sweet smile on his face, Luhan had to close his eyes.
“Can you…stop looking at me like that?”
“Like what?”
“Like you…care about me.”
“But I do. I care about you a lot.” Kris beamed as he wrapped his arms around Luhan’s waist, giving him an Eskimo kiss.
Luhan frowned and pulled away but Kris wouldn’t let him go. “Kris…”
“Luhan…don’t fight this. I know you like me back or you wouldn’t have done this.”
“It was a spur of the moment thing. I was making it before I realized it. And well…there was no one else willing to take it.”
“Luhan…” Kris smiled. “You’re rambling.”
“Oh…” Luhan’s cheeks took on a light pink shade.
“Let me help you with that.” Kris leaned in and pressed his lips against his. Luhan froze before melting, hands coming up grip at the ends of the scarf he had knitted for Kris. When he had started it, it was just on a whim until halfway through, he realized he was knitting it for Kris because he had started to really care for him. Actually, he might have cared for him before this but was too stubborn to admit it.
Kris had rubbed him the wrong way when they first met, enemy Quidditch players and enemy housemates. But now things had changed or Luhan was now willing to accept the affection Kris had so freely offered him before.
Luhan smiled into the kiss and pulled Kris closer.

Bonus scene:
“Lemony sweet.”
The door opens, allowing Luhan into the Prefects’ bathroom. Already, he can smell the scents from the bath water, beckoning him in. He walks further into the room, making sure the door is securely closed. He isn’t sure how it locks but considering only those with the password can enter, he is sure no one will interrupt him.
As he sets his stuff to the side, the mermaid giggles at him from her perch as she brushes her hair. Her gaze drifts to the person already soaking in the tub before turning away to allow them some privacy.
As Luhan sheds his clothes and slips into the water, Kris comes over to him, wrapping his arms around his waist. Luhan’s face flushes, feeling Kris’ naked body against his. He can’t deny his attraction to him when he can feel it poking right at him.
Kris leans down, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Hey, beautiful. Wanna get clean?”
“Actually I want to get dirty first but since we’re already in the water getting clean, it makes no difference.” Luhan smiles brightly up at Kris.
Kris smiles, rubbing his nose against Luhan’s nose. “You’re right. So you wouldn’t mind if I did this?”
Kris’ hand reaches between them, grabbing their erections in his large hand. Luhan groans, angling his hip up, as Kris slowly strokes them.
“Oh Kris…” Luhan’s hands rest on Kris’ shoulders as his hand strokes at a steady pace. He enjoys the feel of Kris’ hand on his length against the warmth of the water. He wiggles his hips as he starts to feel antsy, wanting something else.
Kris gives a low chuckle, pressing a kiss to Luhan’s lips. He pulls Luhan deeper into the water, back to where he was first resting. Kris settles himself on the ledge, fitting Luhan’s leg around his waist. One hand gripping Luhan’s waist, Kris lets his other hand wander down to tease around Luhan’s entrance.
Luhan lets out a soft moan, shifting his hips to encourage Kris’ finger. Kris gives a small smile as he slowly slips a finger inside. Luhan’s hand tightens as Kris gently moves his finger, fitting in a second finger. He gently moves his fingers, stretching Luhan’s entrance to fit a third finger inside.
Luhan’s panting as Kris eases his fingers out and positions him above his erection. He leans in to kiss Luhan as he slowly eases him down, slowly letting his length fit inside.
Luhan breathes deeply as he felt himself be stretched and filled. He moves his hips and gasps, hands turning white as they grip Kris’ shoulders.
“Are you okay?”
Luhan lets out a shaky breath. “Yeah…just…move.”
Kris grips Luhan’s waist as he slowly lifts him up and down. Luhan moans, clinging to Kris.
“Oh Kris…” Luhan shifts in his arms, wanting more, wanting harder. “Kris…I-I want…”
“Shh…” Kris leans in, pressing his lips to Luhan as he gently moves him towards the center of the tub. With careful movements, Kris slowly increases his pace, making sure to keep their heads above the water. The water ripples around them, splashing out of the tub as their movements increase. Kris’ arm wraps around Luhan’s waist as he reaches between to stroke Luhan’s length in time with his thrusts. He’s soon thrusting erratically as he feels his orgasm nearing. Kris’ thumb pokes at Luhan’s slit, pulling a cry and causing said boy to fall apart in his arms.
Luhan’s tightening walls pull Kris’ orgasm from him, Kris pressing his lips against Luhan’s neck as he comes inside.
Heavy breathing mingles with the steam from the bath water as Kris reaches for towel and accidentally hitting on the many faucets around the tub.
Breathless chuckles fill the room as Kris and Luhan stare at each other, evidence of their lovemaking bright on their faces.
Kris gently pecks Luhan’s lips. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up now.”
Luhan smiles and nods, snuggling into Kris. “As long as you wash my back.”
Kris chuckles, Luhan feeling the rumble from deep in Kris’ chest. “Of course.”
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