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Title: A Piece of Me
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1261
Summary: Just before leaving for a business trip, Luhan gives Sehun a little gift.

“Here’s a little present from me to you.” Luhan gave Sehun a wink and a kiss before walking out the door, suitcase in hand. He was off to China for a few weeks and wouldn’t be back for a while.
Sehun was going to miss him but he wondered what kind of gift Luhan could have given him. It wasn’t their anniversary and their birthdays weren’t for another month or so. Was it just a random gift or did something happen that he was trying to sweeten him up?
Sehun stared at the present suspiciously before shrugging and picking up the card.
I know you’re going to miss me these few weeks in China so I took the liberty of giving you a piece of me. I hope you like it (actually you’ll love it) and use it well.
Think of me always~ and Love me forever like I love you.
XOXO, Luhan

Sehun’s eyebrow rose but he untied the ribbon and pulled off the lid. He picked up the item, not sure how he should feel that he could recognize it so easily. He noticed a tag hanging off of it.
Here’s a dildo of my dick ;) Since I can’t be here for a few weeks, use this to keep your urges in check. I hope you enjoy it and imagine me as you fuck yourself on it.
XOXO, Luhan

Sehun held the dildo in his hands, turning it around. It was an uncanny copy of his boyfriend’s dick. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know how that was done.
Sehun grabbed his phone and quickly dialed Luhan’s number. He still had time before Luhan’s flight left.
“Like your gift?”
Sehun could hear the smile in Luhan’s voice. “What, how, why?”
Luhan chuckled. “I know it’s your first sexy toy but I hope you know how to use it. Just pretend it’s me and you’ll have no problem.”
“Luhan! How can you ask me to use it?”
“I know how horny you are so now you actually have something that can fuck you while I’m in China. And it is me fucking you so I know you like that.”
“But how – wait, I don’t want to know.”
“Oh don’t worry. I make a dildo of yours for me to use.”
“Wait, what?!?!?! When?!?!?!!”
Luhan laughed. “I’ll tell you later. My flight is boarding. So go have fun, babe, and I’ll see you in a few weeks.”
Sehun stared at his phone before setting it aside. He took the dildo in hand, staring at it, unsure if he should really use it. He’s never really used a sex toy before. Luhan and he were pretty tame sexually though things did get rough at times. But no toys had been used before.
Sehun walked into their shared bedroom. He had nothing better to do so why not test out the toy right now?
Shedding his clothes, Sehun rested against the headboard, legs spread. He reached into the nightstand drawer and took out their bottle of lube. He noticed it was running low so he’d have to buy some more later. Squeezing some on his fingers, he gently teased around his hole before slipping a finger inside.
Sehun let out a quiet moan before slipping in another finger. Going nice and slow, Sehun made sure he was stretched properly before adding in a third finger. He crooked his fingers, searching for that one spot. He let out a pleased sound when his fingers brushed against that spot.
Sehun closed his eyes as his fingers moved in and out, occasionally brushing against that one spot. When he deemed himself stretched enough, Sehun grabbed the dildo, generously lubing it up before positioning it at his entrance. Slowly, he pushed it inside.
A low moan slipped from his lips. Breathing deeply, Sehun slowly pushed the toy in and out of his hole. He shifted his hips as he moved the toy faster.
“Luhan…Luhan…” Sehun quietly whimpered as he changed the angle of the toy’s thrust, aiming for that spot. His whole body shivered as the toy brushed it.
“Oh…” Sehun closed his eyes in bliss as he moved the toy in and out, hitting that spot. His stomach tightened as his orgasm neared. Ropes of cum shot out, spilling over his hand and thighs and staining the sheets.
Sehun took deep breaths, trying to get the strength back. He never knew a toy could be so much fun. But then again, it was a replica of Luhan’s dick and he loved that. It felt like Luhan was with him even though he wasn’t.
Sehun grabbed his phone with his clean hand and sent Luhan a quick text.
Love the present. Thank you, boo.
☺ I knew you’d love it. You’re welcome, baby. XOXO

Sehun gave a sleepy smile. He snuggled down for a little nap, unworried about the mess he’d have to clean up later.

Luhan’s eyebrow rose as he heard the ping of an incoming email. He grabbed his laptop to check it. His eyebrows rose further when he saw it was from Sehun.
Hi, boo. I know you probably weren’t expecting an email from me so soon (or at all) but I had to thank you again for the present.
Luhan gave a quiet chuckle.
So I decided to give you a little present as well ;) Just take a look at the attachment. I love you.
Hugs and Kisses – Sehun

Luhan smiled to himself, shaking his head at his adorable boyfriend. He clicked on the attachment and downloaded it. His brows furrowed together, seeing it was a video.
He opened it and his mouth dropped open.

Sehun had barely opened his mouth when Luhan attacked him. Luhan’s mouth covered his as his tongue thrust in deep.
Sehun tried to push Luhan away to close the door but Luhan clung tightly. Luhan insistently pushed Sehun back, trying to get him to go to the bedroom but their little tug of war just caused them to fall over, Luhan landing on top of Sehun.
Sehun jerked his mouth away and stared up at Luhan. “Luhan, Luhan, Luhan, Luhan, what are you doing?”
Luhan frowned as his hands rested on Sehun’s chest. “Punishing you for what you did.”
Sehun’s eyebrow rose. “Punishing me?”
Sehun sat up, shifting Luhan. “First, close the door. Then explain how you’re ‘punishing’ me.”
Luhan’s frown deepened but he did as Sehun asked. He shut the door and sat back down on Sehun before he could even move. Sehun just blinked his eyes and waited.
Luhan leaned down to kiss Sehun but he moved his head to the side. He pouted and crossed his arms. “Sehun!”
“Tell me why you feel the need to punish me, Luhan.” Sehun’s hands came to rest on Luhan’s waist.
“For that video. How dare you tease me like that?”
“Tease you like what?” A smile flitted on the edges of Sehun’s mouth.
“Sehun…” Luhan whined, body wiggling on top of Sehun’s. “How could you tease me like that? If I didn’t have a dildo of your dick, I would be very angry with you for that video.”
“Wait, what?!?!? You have a dildo of my dick?” Sehun stared in shock. “How did you get that?”
Luhan’s lips curved into a smirk. “I have my ways. Now stay there while I punish you and see how well you’ve been using my dick these last few weeks.”
Sehun made a gurgling sound before Luhan covered his mouth with his, swallowing any more noises Sehun was making.

A/N: after a week, I finally finish this fic. This is the fic I put the blame on kaihanbitches because her dildo tweets inspired this :P
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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