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Title: Give It to Me
Pairing: Kai/D.O.
Word Count: 628
Summary: Kai gives it to Kyungsoo, just the way he wants it. - PWP
A/N: so i kinda wrote this in like 16 mins O_O all thanks to this

Jongin had a tight grip in Kyungsoo’s hair as he held him bent over in front of him. Kyungsoo’s hands were tied behind his back as he bit his bottom lip in anticipation. He could feel Jongin’s cock rubbing between his cheeks.
“Jongin, Jongin, Jongin…please…” Kyungsoo whimpered as he pushed his hips back.
Jongin said nothing, watching as Kyungsoo worked himself into a frenzy. He ran his hand down Kyungsoo’s hair, along his spine, watching Kyungsoo arch up in pleasure. He leaned down, placing his lips by Kyungsoo’s ear.
“Beg me, hyung, beg for my cock.”
Kyungsoo closed his eyes as noises spilled from his mouth. He could already imagine what it would be like Jongin finally thrust into him. He spread his legs and pressed his ass into Jongin’s crotch.
“Please Jongin, fuck me. I need your cock inside me, fucking me, making me come so hard I –“ Kyungsoo choked as Jongin’s cock thrust inside.
Jongin smiled as he pressed a kiss to the back of Kyungsoo’s neck. “That’s my boy.”
Jongin’s hands gripped Kyungsoo’s waist as he pulled out and thrust back in. His hips created a steady fast pace, pulling gasps and moans from Kyungsoo as Kyungsoo spread his legs wider, causing him to fall deeper onto Jongin’s cock. His hands opened and closed, feeling the ridges of Jongin’s abs as he thrust into him.
“Jongin, Jongin, Jongin…” Kyungsoo wiggled, trying to get friction, anything on his dick.
Jongin didn’t take the hint, just gripped Kyungsoo’s waist tight that bruises would form later. “Hold still, babe, or I stop and leave you like this.”
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, Jongin, please, please. I need you, I need you.” Kyungsoo cried out as he pushed his ass back, legs spreading as wide as they could without causing them to fall.
Jongin smiled as he pressed kisses along Kyungsoo’s neck up to his ear. He gave it a tiny nibble. “I love you.”
“I love you too. Now fuck me like I want you too. Dominate me, make me your bitch.” Jongin could just make out Kyungsoo’s bottom lip jutting out in a pout. He chuckled as he turned Kyungsoo’s head and gently kissed him, teeth gently tugging at Kyungsoo’s bottom lip.
“Your wish is my command, princess.”
Kyungsoo’s mouth fell open as Jongin pulled out and thrust back in. Kyungsoo groaned in pleasure as he finally got what he wanted. Jongin changed the angle of his thrust, seeking that one spot that would cause Kyungsoo to erupt in his arms.
At Kyungsoo’s stiffened body, Jongin grinned, knowing he had found it. One hand reached down to roughly stroke Kyungsoo’s leaking cock as his own cock thrust in and out, hitting that one spot that would send Kyungsoo over the edge.
Jongin could feel Kyungsoo tightening, his orgasm nearing as Jongin kept up the rough pace.
“Jongin, Jongin, JONGIN!!!!!” Kyungsoo came apart in Jongin’s arm, cum spilling over Jongin’s hand and walls clamping tight to Jongin’s cock, pulling Jongin’s orgasm from him.
Jongin kept an arm tightly wrapped around Kyungsoo’s waist as the two breathed deeply from the strength of their orgasm. Jongin gently pulled out and untied Kyungsoo’s hands. He gathered a washcloth to clean the both of them before gently massaging Kyungsoo’s wrist.
“Are you okay?”
Kyungsoo gave Jongin a satisfied smile as he reached up to gently kiss Jongin. “Oh yeah, that was great, babe. I love you.”
Jongin smiled down at Kyungsoo. “I love you too.”
His smile widened as he leaned down to pick Kyungsoo up bridal style and carry him to their bed where he snuggled in beside him to sleep. Kyungsoo settled back into Jongin’s embrace, content smile on his face as he drifted off into sleep.
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17

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