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Wufantastic: for madhardcandy

Title: Coming Around For You for madhardcandy
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2271
Summary: He’s been around the world but no one fits him better than the man he left at home.
Author Notes: so uh I stuck to your prompt but kinda focused more on one aspect >.< sorry if it’s not what you were expecting, it wasn’t what I imagined writing but I hope you like it (I think I put a bit more than a pinch of angst (well my idea of angst) and I’m sorry for that)

Originally posted here

“I think we need a break.” Kris looked at his boyfriend of two years. “I’m packing up my things and putting it into storage while I travel around the world.”

Junmyeon looked at Kris, no evidence of emotion on his face. He inclined his head. “Okay. Have a safe trip.”

“Thanks. Uh…” Kris scratched the back of his neck, his first sign of nervousness. “I…I don’t expect you to wait for me so I-I hope you find someone that can make you happy.”

Junmyeon gave a small smile. “Same to you too. Now would you like me to help you get your things or…?”

Kris gave a small smile. “Oh no, I did most of the work already. But uh…if I could get a lift to the airport…?”

Junmyeon gave a small chuckle. “Sure, come on.”
He grabbed his keys and Kris followed him out to his car.

Shanghai, China
Kris looked out at the Shanghai skyline. The buildings were lit in bright colors and music could be heard from the river. He held out his camera and snapped a picture for posterity sake. His arms rested on the railing as he watched the boats floating in the river and saw tourists and locals out for some night air.

He let out a sigh and started the trek back towards his hotel room. Being in China was nice and comforting but there was something missing. It felt like home yet it wasn’t home. Of course he was from farther south but any place in China would do. Plus he wasn’t ready to go home to see family just yet so Shanghai was the place to rest.

Kris opened the door to his hotel room, letting it shut behind him as he took off his shoes and fell onto the bed. He buried his face into the pillow, hoping for a sense of comfort but feeling very empty.

Pattaya, Thailand
Kris adjusted his sunglasses before grabbing his sunblock. He squirted some onto his hands and rubbed it all over his exposed skin. He didn’t want to get burned by the bright sunlight.

He smiled seeing the crowds of people enjoying the water. There were umbrellas set up around and stalls with things for sell and rent. People were out on the water, some splashing around in the waves, others riding water jets or water skies, some in the air enjoying parasailing, some on banana rafts. There were a variety of water activities for people to enjoy. The water looked so cool and refreshing, he couldn’t wait to take a dip once he was properly protected from the UV rays.

His eyes lit up, looking at all the bare skin and young men around. This felt like the life. He noticed a few men giving glances and long looks at him and smiled even brighter. He could get use to this attention.

Kris took off his sunglasses, setting them aside. He made sure his stuff was secured before taking off for the waves.

It wasn’t soon before some brave souls were coming to enjoy his company. He smiled and splashed along with them.

Choosing to come to such a bright vacation spot helped improve his mood a lot. Who could worry with the bright sun and handsome men for company?

Istanbul, Turkey
Kris smiled as he took in the peaceful park. He snapped a few pictures before walking around, liking the calm atmosphere. There were people scattered here and there and he could make out the noise of the crowds some streets over but none of it affected the peacefulness of Yıldız Groves.

After the excitement from his time in Thailand, he needed some calm. He wandered through the park until he reached the entrance again. He walked out onto the street and paused for a moment.

Kris took a deep breath, taking in the many aromas floating around. His nose tingled at the delicious scents of cooking food along with the light rumbling of his stomach. He let his feet and stomach lead the way to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

After settling down at a table, Kris looked around, noticing the various people at the restaurant. He smiled as his eyes looked over families, groups of friends, and couples dining, but it faded a bit when he realized he was eating alone. He wondered if he should’ve taken up that dinner invitation but found he didn’t want a stranger’s company after having spent so much time with strangers in Thailand. Of course, they couldn’t be considered strangers after how much time he had spent with most of them. He actually had some of their contact information, as they had become good friends. But for all the time he spent with them, he couldn’t help missing one presence. And he really wished that presence could be here with him now, enjoying this food with him.

Kris had a wistful smile on his face as he remembered meal times with a certain male. He took a bite of the delicious food with a sigh, not enjoying the meal as much as before, his appetite waning at the surge of emotions pushing down on him.

The sun shone brightly off the glistening water of the fountain. Kris adjusted his sunglasses before chancing a closer look. He had to weave through the many tourists to get close enough to the fountain. He kept a tight grip to his bag, keeping it close to his body, as he gently moved pass people, mumbling an “excuse me” as he accidentally hit people.

Once he stood before it, he took his time, admiring the architecture and art that went into the creation of the Trevi Fountain. The figures stood tall and imposing, timeless in their frozen state.

Kris looked at the water and could make out the many different coins littering the bottom. He reached into his pocket and fingered the Euro he had saved for this occasion.

Keeping it tight in his fist, he turned around, closed his eyes, and made a wish before tossing it over his shoulder. He heard the light plop of his coin and others as it disappeared beneath the surface.

Kris shouldered his bag, never letting his grip waiver as he pushed back through the crowd. He walked down a street, just letting his feet take him wherever.

He found himself outside a little restaurant café area. He sat at a table and ordered something.

As he waited, he watched people walk past. Tour guides with their megaphones and loud, chattering tour groups went past with cameras going off every few second. Individuals came by, some running errands, others out for a stroll. Couples walked hand in hand, the love between them shining so bright. Kris had to look away, jealousy eating away at him alongside vague hints of happiness for them. He couldn’t envy those that were lucky enough to find the one person that made them happy and complete as much as he did envy them and their confidence to get that love.

Someone petite with dark hair walked past. Kris rubbed his eyes and stared again but it wasn’t who he thought it was. He reached for his camera and took a few snapshots of the scenery, liking the way the light reflected off the windows and buildings.

He smiled, seeing his picture, but that satisfaction went away when he realized he had no one to share it with.

Cornwall, England
Kris breathed in the warm air as he looked out at the field in front of him. He saw the blades of grass gently sway in wind, could smell the scent of the ocean mixed with the wildflowers surrounding the little cottage he had rented. He stared out at the bright scenery and gave a smile. He snapped a few shots, smiling a half smile at the end result. No picture was worth it if he was alone to enjoy it.

Kris went inside, setting his camera away, before locking the door behind him and walking out into the field. He let his feet carry him wherever they wanted. The next cottage was several meters away, so his chances of running into someone were slim.

The bright sunlight felt great on his skin; the fresh air blowing around him smelled sweet. As he walked around, his mind wandered back to soft, pale skin, subtle, smooth cologne, a bright, shining smile. He smiled imagining the small face beneath a cap of light brown hair.

Kris lay down in the field, arms resting beneath his head, as he stared up at the blue sky. He fell asleep with a smile on his face as images of a petite male filled his head.

London, England
The grey skies overhead matched his mood perfectly. Kris kept his head down as he walked amongst the crowd. He had visited many of the local tourist sites – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London – and had taken the obligatory touristy photos plus some scenery pictures, but his heart hadn’t really been in it as he looked at the sites. He loved the sightseeing but everything felt empty without a companion.

Kris wandered into a tavern as the skies opened up, bringing down the rain. He settled at a small table near the back, ordering a pint and some food.

So far this trip around the world had cleared Kris’ head and yet confused it even more. He’s gone up and down with his emotions, thinking his decision had been made then changing it the next. But everything was reaching towards that one point and hopefully his next location would provide the answer he needed.

San Francisco, USA
The city was bursting with life, buildings crowded together in colorful array. He could hear the sounds of people enjoying some free time at the park and only had to look out the window to see them. Kris settled back in his chair by the window with his mug of coffee.

Last night, he had gone out with some friends, going from club to club and bar to bar. He had enjoyed himself but had wanted that one presence he’d missed throughout his trip. Today, instead of going shopping with his friends, he decided to have a day in all to himself to sort out his feelings. He would be returning home in a few days and hoped to have everything settled once he returned.

Kris took a sip of coffee and let his mind run wild.

He had visited many beautiful sights, enjoyed different activities, but under all the fun and joy was a sense of sadness and loneliness. He liked meeting new people and making friends but he was always searching for that one face, that one presence to share it with.

After traveling everywhere, he finally realized that what he was searching for was right at home where he left it. He just hoped he wasn’t too late to get it back.

Junmyeon glanced at his watch again. “He’s late…again.” He heaved a sigh before gathering his bag and standing up from the table.

The bell above the door rang, signaling another customer. He paid no attention as he walked away only to bump into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry…Kris? What are you doing here?”

Kris shook the water out of his hair. He brushed his bangs away and glanced down at Junmyeon, the person he’d been longing for during his time away. “Junmyeon, can we-can we sit down somewhere?”

“Oh uh yeah…sure.” Junmyeon walked back over to the table near the back where they could get some relative privacy. “So how was your trip?”

Kris took a deep breath before letting it out.

“Junmyeon, I traveled around the world, visiting different sites and taking in the beautiful scenery, yet nothing I saw could compare to what I had at home, to the beauty that is you.

Junmyeon, you are my light, my love, and I am nothing without you. It took a trip around the world and time away from you for me to realize that all I wanted, all I needed was you.

I’m sorry I broke your heart and left you all those months ago for this trip but if you’ll take me back, I promise to love you and cherish you and try to not hurt you again.

Junmyeon, I love you and I can’t live without you.”

Kris looked at Junmyeon whose expression was unreadable for once. He tried to hold his gaze but soon glanced away. His nerves were starting to get the best of him as he waited for a response.

When it felt unbearable, Kris tried to stand up but found his hands caught in Junmyeon’s. He glanced at Junmyeon to see silent tears falling down his face.

“Junmyeon, oh my gawd, please don’t cry.” His hands came up to start gently wiping them away but Junmyeon moved his head away, shaking it.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, Kris. Just…I love you and I don’t want you to ever leave me again.”

Kris gently smiled as Junmyeon. “I won’t. I promise you I’m not going anywhere without you. You’re stuck with me for life. Think you can handle that?”

Junmyeon smiled brightly through his tears. “I think I can.”

The two leaned forwards, their lips meeting in a gentle loving kiss. Kris pulled away, cupping Junmyeon’s cheek. His thumb swiped at a stray tear.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

Kris stood up and held out his hand. Junmyeon took it firmly in his grasp and lead them home.
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