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Sooheaven: for spaceturnsaskew

Title: A Scam for Your Life
For: spaceturnsaskew
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun
Rating: PG-13
Length: 3998
Author’s notes//messages for the recipient: I tried to stick as close to your prompt as possible but there are little tweaks here and there
Summary: Kyungsoo is an accomplished conman, very suave and charming that the many people he steal from barely press any charges. It helps that his targets are the wealthy who could care less about a few thousands or a random bauble gone missing. But his next target, though a seemingly routine con, brings something different to the table: his feelings.

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Kyungsoo adjusted his tie, fixed his hair, and stepped through the door.

“That was brilliant, Kyungsoo. Superb as always.” Joonmyun smiled as he looked at their haul for the night: 6 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, 5 wristwatches, a pocket watch, 8 rings, and 5 wallets. He flipped through several of the wallets, taking note of the many credit cards inside with a few bills. “Well, these will come in handy if they ever ask for them back. We’ll just have you return them for a little reward.”
Kyungsoo gave a small smile. “Of course, if they’re feeling generous.”
“Well considering you stole them from people known to be generous with rewards, it works in our favor.” Joonmyun nodded his head in slight acknowledgment.
Kyungsoo nodded back and gently put the car in reverse. He drove through traffic, heading for their home.

Joonmyun smiled as he pulled up an image of their next target. “This is Byun Baekhyun, a typical rich boy. Born in money, lived with money, and just got even richer, thanks to an inheritance from a wealthy uncle with no children. He’s still quite young, went through school and barely graduated. Now he just lazes around at home since finishing school.”
“What about his parents?”
“Off traveling around so it’s normally just Baekhyun in the house. Besides, when his parents do come home, they have another residence to stay in. So you’ll just have Baekhyun to deal with when it comes to the family for the most part. Baekhyun has a slew of servants but fires them as quickly as he hires them, or at least the new ones. The few that have stayed have been with him since he was a baby so they have immunity. Anyway, he is our next target.”
Kyungsoo nodded his head as he finished jotting down some notes. “And our target amount?”
“His home is host to a multitude of valuable items: priceless vases, original paintings, a vault full of money and jewels. We can take our pick as long as we scope out the place first.”
Joonmyun clicked through his slides. “Now I was able to find out some information regarding security and blueprints but not enough for this heist to be successful. It will require an inside job and snooping after hours.”
“So what will be my position this time?”
Joonmyun smiled as he held out the white uniform. “A chef.”

Kyungsoo adjusted the jacket and fixed his hat before taking a deep breath and ringing the doorbell.
A butler opened the door, bowing deeply, as he signaled Kyungsoo to come in.
A young man came down the stairs with a smile. “Ah, welcome. You must be the new chef. My name is Lu Han and I am Baekhyun’s personal assistant. Let me show you around the house before taking you to the kitchen.”
Lu Han walked over and shook Kyungsoo’s hand. His eyes ran a quick assessment, taking in the petite body and sharp eyes, but said nothing as he quickly took Kyungsoo around the house, pointing out important places he should know.
“And here is the kitchen.”
Kyungsoo’s mouth fell open as he took in the state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel appliances and plenty of counter space. The refrigerator was restaurant worthy with different food items in their own space.
“Wow…this is really…”
“It’s a dream come true for a chef, isn’t it?” Lu Han smiled. “No expense has been spared as the Byuns always did enjoy their food. Only the best quality for the best quality made food. Everything is well stocked but if you ever need anything, there is a list by the back door where you can write down anything you need. Now, I suggest you spend some time in the kitchen, familiarizing yourself with the ingredients and appliances. The schedule of Baekhyun’s eating habits are on the island for you so you have a few hours before he requires food.”
Lu Han winked. “I’d take a look through that binder as well since it lists everything Baekhyun likes and dislikes. It’s very thorough and updated frequently. Well, good luck, Kyungsoo. And welcome to the mansion. I’ll be back later to take you to your room.”
Lu Han left with a swish of his blonde hair.
Kyungsoo gave a sigh before sitting in a stool and flipping through the binder.

Baekhyun was quite a picky person if the binder full of all his food likes and dislikes were anything to go by. Based on Joonmyun’s report, Baekhyun was a typical rich guy and so far, he was fitting the stereotype well. Kyungsoo had seen neither hair nor hide of the man since entering the mansion, which was a week ago. All his contact with Baekhyun was always through Lu Han or another servant named Chanyeol.
So far, Baekhyun enjoyed Kyungsoo’s food, if the spotless plates that came back to him were any indication, along with the request of “Seconds!” that, after the first time, Kyungsoo made sure to make extra.
“Time for Baekhyun’s midday snack.” Lu Han smiled as he stepped into the kitchen.
“Yes, Lu Han.” Kyungsoo nodded his head and moved towards the fridge where he’d prepared the snack for the day.
“Oh and Baekhyun wants you to deliver it to him this time. I’ll show you the way.” Lu Han smiled as he waited for Kyungsoo to arrange the tray before picking it up, ready to follow him through the halls.
The two moved down the hall and up a set of stairs before down another hallway and stopping in front of a set of double doors. Lu Han knocked twice before opening the door, indicating Kyungsoo to precede him.
Kyungsoo stepped into the room and paused in the doorway. The room was bathed in bright sunlight from the two large floor-to-ceiling windows. Someone was seated before one of the windows, legs tucked up beneath him as he stared outside.
“Baekhyun, your snack is here along with your new chef.”
The man turned his head and Kyungsoo felt the breath leave him. Before him was one of the most beautiful people he had the pleasure of looking at. His light brown hair looked soft as it gently fell across his face. His eyes were rimmed with the lightest touch of eyeliner, making his eyes stand out against the pale face even more.
Baekhyun gave a small smile and nod, watching as his new chef took careful steps towards him.
Kyungsoo set the tray down on the table by Baekhyun’s elbow and stepped back, clasping his hands in front of him, waiting for Baekhyun’s reaction.
Baekhyun ran his eyes up and down, surveying his new chef, before leaning over to take a bite of the snack. As always, it was delicious, causing a bigger smile to spread across his face. He carefully set down his fork and rested his hands on his laps as he looked at his new chef.
“Kyungsoo, is it?”
“Yes, sir.” Kyungsoo bowed low.
Baekhyun chuckled. “Oh, no need to be so formal. You’ve been here for a week now and you cook very well.”
“Thank you, Baekhyun.” Kyungsoo bowed again.
Baekhyun chuckled again, shaking his head. “Well, I just wanted to get a look at my new chef and compliment him on his cooking. Back to the kitchen with you or feel free to explore the house. I’m sure you’ve seen enough of the kitchens for now.”
Kyungsoo gave a small smile, not mentioning the nights or breaks where he had wander the halls, making notes on everything. Joonmyun had been happy with his latest updates about the Byun mansion. He bowed again. “Thank you, Baekhyun.”
With a nod towards Lu Han, Kyungsoo left the room.
Baekhyun watched him leave before turning towards Lu Han. “He’s not bad.”
Lu Han inclined his head. “Of course. Satisfied your curiosity now?”
“For now.” Baekhyun gave a long sigh. “Now to go back to staring out the window.”
“You know what I’m going to say, right, Baek?”
“Yes, and you know my response.” Baekhyun turned to see Lu Han looking at him with slight pity and sympathy. “It’s no use, Lu Han. I just don’t see any importance to finding something to do when I have enough money to just live comfortably and be lazy.”
“But you’re miserable just lazing around. Go find a hobby or something. What happened to singing?”
“There’s no passion in it anymore.”
“Come on, Baek, you need to get out of this funk.” Lu Han came over, resting a comforting hand on his back. “You know money isn’t everything and yet you have the privilege of all this money to find what you want to do. I know there’s something out there for you. You just need to go out and explore which won’t happen if you stay inside all the time like a hermit.”
Baekhyun stuck his tongue out at Lu Han. Lu Han smiled, seeing a sign of the old happy Baekhyun. After that incident with his ex, Baekhyun had withdrawn into himself, hiding the light that typically shined on everyone.
“Go finish your snack. I’ll see you later.”
“Alright, Lulu.” Baekhyun gave a cheeky grin as Lu Han playfully smacked the back of his head.

Kyungsoo was walking down the east wing when a noise caused him to pause. He strained his ears and could faintly make out the sound of someone singing. Taking slow, careful steps, he moved down the hall towards one of the doors to his left. It was open just a crack, light spilling out into the hall.
Pressing his face against the door, making sure not to move it, Kyungsoo peered inside.
Baekhyun was standing by the grand piano in the room, holding what must be sheet music or lyrics, singing. He had a lovely voice, a nice tenor, with good projection.
Kyungsoo could’ve stood there listening to him sing but that moment of relaxation caused him to lean against the door, pushing it in and startling Baekhyun.
“Who’s there?” Baekhyun turned to find Kyungsoo sprawled on the floor. “Kyungsoo?”
Kyungsoo quickly stood up, brushing dirt off his clothes and bowing deeply. “I’m sorry, Baekhyun. I-I heard something and noticed the light coming from the room and couldn’t resist peeking in. I’m sorry. I will be going to bed now.”
Baekhyun waited for Kyungsoo to finish talking before chuckling behind his hands. “Done?”
Kyungsoo flushed a light pink. “Y-Yes…I’m sorry. I’ll just be –“
“No, stay.” Baekhyun smiled, beckoning Kyungsoo forward.
Kyungsoo took careful steps until he stood in front of Baekhyun.
“So Kyungsoo, how did you like my singing?”
“It-It was lovely, one of the best voices I have ever heard.”
“Why thank you.”
“So how come you don't sing more or do something with that amazing voice of yours?” Kyungsoo decided to sit down at the piano bench, looking at Baekhyun shuffling his feet.
“Oh uh well…I didn’t think there’s much I could do with a voice like this.”
“Hey, you’re rich with good looks. Not sure about your charms but you have a lovely singing voice. If you wanted, you could become a singing idol.”
“Eh,” Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t think I cut out for something like that.”
“Why?” Kyungsoo arched a brow. “Because of all the hard work and tough schedules?”
“I guess…” Baekhyun started wandering around the room.
Kyungsoo noticed his restless nature but didn’t say anything. He just watched as Baekhyun walked around the room several times. He noticed the time on the clock on the wall and stood up.
Baekhyun stopped his pacing and glanced at the clock on the wall. “Oh…I guess, we should head to bed. Uh…after you.”
Kyungsoo bowed his head before leaving the room. Baekhyun left after him, turning off the lights. He watched Kyungsoo’s petite figure disappear down the hall with a small smile.

“So have you finished scouting the place?”
“Yes, Joonmyun. And our best bet is to take most of our things from east wing. Rarely anyone ventures in that direction. There are many things we can take, little items here and there, but be careful of the dust as that will give us away.”
“Duly noted.” Joonmyun nodded his head. “What about the safes and whatnot?”
“I haven’t been able to discover their location but it would typically be in the office or study which, if you noted on the blueprints I sent you, are by the kitchen where you can enter from. Have you figured the amount you want to take?”
“Nothing too large if we’re going to take items from the east wing. I’ll get started on gathering our supplies. Give me a week, two at most. I’ll get in contact with you when everything is ready.”
“Alright. I have to head to bed so I can wake up and cater to the rich boy.” Kyungsoo lifted a small corner of his mouth.
“Of course. Got to keep him happy so he doesn’t suspect anything.”
Kyungsoo nodded his head before signing off. He set his laptop away and climbed into bed to get a few hours of sleep before he was up fixing breakfast for Baekhyun.

When Kyungsoo walked into the kitchen, fixing his uniform, he was surprised to see Baekhyun seated at the counter with a smile.
“Hi, Kyungsoo.”
“Hello, Baekhyun.” Kyungsoo gave him a weary look. “Uh…is there a reason why you’re here?”
“Nope.” Baekhyun smiled brightly, startling Kyungsoo.
“Oh uh okay. What would you like for breakfast?” Kyungsoo headed towards the refrigerators.
“Something quick.”
“Okay…so an omelet?” Kyungsoo began grabbing ingredients from the fridge.
“Okay.” Baekhyun watched as Kyungsoo began to chop up vegetables and meat to put inside the omelet.
Kyungsoo cracked a couple eggs into a bowl, whip it a few times, and then set them aside. He grabbed a pan, put some oil, and waited for it to heat up before adding the eggs. Then he added the filling before filling the omelet to let it cook before putting it on a plate. Kyungsoo didn’t forget to garnish the plate before passing it to Baekhyun along with the silverware.
Baekhyun smiled and dug in. “Mmm…delicious as always. Where did you learn to cook?”
“From my mother.”
“Did you get any formal training?”
“No. I wasn’t able to afford it.”
“Oh…well your cooking is definitely first class, just as good, if not better, than some chefs at five-star restaurants.”
“Oh well thank you.” Kyungsoo turned to begin cleaning up his workstation.
“If you want, I could help you get more training if you’re interested, of course.”
“What?” Kyungsoo turned around. “You’d pay for me to go to a culinary school?”
“Yeah, you have some real potential here. I would hate to see it wasted.”
Kyungsoo arched a brow. “I could say the same for you and your singing. Why are you being nice and helping me?”
“I help people I consider my friends. Considering what we talked about last night, I think you’re my friend so I wouldn’t mind helping you out if you need it.”
“You’d help me but not yourself? Why is that?”
Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. “The offer stands. I’ll just let you think about it. Thanks for the omelet.”
Baekhyun passed over the empty plate. He got off his stool and walked out of the kitchen without a backwards glance.
Kyungsoo took it warily, not entirely sure of what had happened in the last 10 minutes of their conversation.

For the next week, Baekhyun was almost constantly in Kyungsoo’s presence, which was annoying at first but soon began to grow on Kyungsoo. He began to take notice of Baekhyun, learning more about the man beneath the rich boy exterior. He realized how caring Baekhyun was when he tried to help Kyungsoo around the kitchen or when Kyungsoo would lose himself around the mansion. He noticed the little habits Baekhyun had when he was happy, nervous, sad, etc.
The longer Baekhyun spent in his presence, the more Kyungsoo seemed to be falling for him. It didn’t help that sometimes, when Baekhyun was feeling particularly happy and generous, he would gift Kyungsoo with a song.
“So why are you in this house all alone?”
Baekhyun nudged Kyungsoo’s side. “I’m not alone. I have you, Lu Han, Chanyeol, and the other servants wandering around this house.”
“Yeah but I’ve never seen you go out of the house. Why is that?”
“Outside doesn’t agree with me.”
Kyungsoo arched a brow. Baekhyun stared back before cracking a smile. He turned away, shaking his head. “After an incident, I just…don’t want to go outside anymore. It’s just better for me to stay at home, surrounded by all my wealth…or well my parents’ wealth but I have some of my own wealth, thanks to my uncle, may he rest in peace.”
“Ah…okay. And you’re okay with being alone with our wealth?”
“Yeah, I mean what else is there for me to do? I have enough wealth to last me a lifetime, why bother doing something to make more money?” Baekhyun made a bitter face before turning to stare out a window.
Kyungsoo could hear the pain and bitterness beneath his words. It seems as though someone in Baekhyun’s past had hurt him far too deeply, which didn’t sit well with Kyungsoo. His care for the target was going to get in the way. Sure, Baekhyun wouldn’t care about the items being missing or getting stolen from but he would probably be hurt far more deeply that someone he considered a friend would betray him.
Kyungsoo was finding that he couldn’t betray Baekhyun after Baekhyun had essentially been betrayed by a former friend or someone he had cared for. He didn’t want to be that person to Baekhyun, especially now that it seemed his own feelings had come into play. There would be no more deny it: Kyungsoo was in love with Baekhyun.

“Kyungsoo, the heist has been set for tomorrow. Are you prepared?”
Kyungsoo stared around his room, most of his things had been packed up, ready for a quick getaway. But his feelings and conscience were still telling him to not do this to Baekhyun but a job was a job. Feelings were not to interfere. Kyungsoo could deal with his conscience later.
“Yes. Everything has been set up as per request.”
“Good.” Joonmyun gave a smirk. “I will see you tomorrow. Remember, your job.”
“Yes.” Kyungsoo nodded and ended the call. He heaved a sigh as he put his computer away.
Kyungsoo settled down in bed, preparing to get some sleep before the big heist.

Kyungsoo quietly made his way towards the kitchen. He had the alarm disabled and was opening the back door to bring in Joonmyun and two others. Slowly, they made their way to the east wing.
Going from room to room, they each took an item of value. Joonmyun had gotten some items to help them cover the spots left when they stole the items. Kyungsoo had not been kidding about the dust revealing which items had been stolen. Joonmyun would do a quick sweep to make sure their tracks were covered before heading into the next room.
By the time they finished with the east wing, Joonmyun, Kyungsoo, and the two others each had about 5-6 items in their bags worth over several thousand dollars.
“Alright, let’s get the safe and then we’ll head out.” Joonmyun nodded towards everyone.
Kyungsoo lead the way before going towards his room to grab his things. It was Joonmyun’s job to handle the safe.
Kyungsoo turned the handle and froze in the doorway. Baekhyun was waiting for him on his bed.
“Kyungsoo…” Baekhyun stood up, arms wide, smile on his face. He came over and hugged him tightly.
“Why are you here, Baekhyun?”
“I just wanted to come see you. Is this wrong?”
“Yes.” Kyungsoo frowned at Baekhyun, pushing him away.
Baekhyun frowned and came back to Kyungsoo, clinging tightly to him.
“Baekhyun, you can’t do this.”
“Why not? You care for me and I care for you. Can’t I hug you?”
“No, you can’t.”
Baekhyun noticed the bag on Kyungsoo’s back and grabbing a hold of it, quickly opened it before Kyungsoo could react.
“What is this, Kyungsoo?” Baekhyun riffled through the bag.
“Kyungsoo, are you –“ Joonmyun froze in the doorway.
Baekhyun dropped the bag. “Kyungsoo, what’s going on?”
Before anyone could react, Joonmyun had pulled out a gun, aiming it at Baekhyun. Everyone froze, eyes drawn to the gun.
“Joonmyun, why…what are you doing?”
“He knows too much.”
Kyungsoo slowly walked over to Joonmyun. “We just steal things. We’ve never resorted to killing anyone before. You know this will get us into more trouble if there’s a dead body.”
“There’s a first for everything.” Joonmyun’s arm remained steady as he kept it pointed at Baekhyun who barely moved.
“Joonmyun, think about it. Would it really be worth it to just kill him?”
“These cons have gotten too boring and routine. Time to spice it up a bit.” Joonmyun’s mouth lifted in a mock smile.
Kyungsoo didn’t even think. He went for Joonmyun’s arm as the shot fired.

Kyungsoo looked around the room he had lived in for the last few weeks. After the incident that had happened last week, Joonmyun had been taken in for attempted murder. Somehow Kyungsoo had gotten off with community service when it was made known he had been involved in multiple scams and robberies. He wouldn’t question his sentence, only grateful it hadn’t ended with a prison sentence.
With a last look and sad sigh, Kyungsoo grabbed his things and left.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Baekhyun stood leaning in the doorway, blocking the only entrance.
“Somewhere.” Kyungsoo tried to move past Baekhyun but he wouldn’t budge. He sighed and set down his bag. “What do you want, Baekhyun?”
“Don’t you remember the terms of your sentence?”
“Yes, some number of hours of community service.”
“Yes, to be served while at residence at this mansion.”
Kyungsoo arched a brow.
“I worked it out with the judge. You’re going to use your cooking skills to help feed the poor. I’ve already created a soup kitchen near the gate entrance where you and I can hand out food to the poor or any hungry soul that comes by.”
Kyungsoo’s eyebrows rose higher. “You mean after all this, you still want to be around me?”
“Yes but I’m going to be keeping you on a tight leash, a very tight leash.” Baekhyun smiled as he attached a metal necklace around Kyungsoo’s neck. “I got the judge to give you house arrest. You are now a prisoner on this mansion until you have served out your sentence.”
“Oh well…that shouldn’t be too bad.”
Baekhyun smiled brightly. “And once you’re done filling out your sentence, we can discuss our future together. I plan to keep you in my life from now on.”
“Oh really? And what if I think differently?”
Baekhyun stared at Kyungsoo like he couldn’t believe he would try that. “Did you forget I know how you feel about me? That was the one thing you couldn’t hide from me very well you know?”
Baekhyun stuck out his tongue at him. “Now let’s go. You need to start cooking. I got an old friend of mine to advertise the free food we’ll be serving. I expect a long line which will grow even longer once they taste your cooking.”
Kyungsoo gave a short laugh before covering his mouth in surprise. Baekhyun gave him a fond smile. “You should do that more often. Happy looks good on you now that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.”
Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow as he watched Baekhyun saunter off. Exactly how much did Baekhyun know of his past? But none of that matter to the future they would soon have together. He dropped his bag on the floor and chased Baekhyun down the halls towards the kitchen.
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