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Title: Kill for Hire
For: fanxings
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun
Rating: R
Length: 3449
Disclaimers: Byun Baekhyun took control of this story. Kyungsoo tried to stop him but it was futile.
Author’s notes//messages for the recipient: I really enjoyed writing this fic and the prompt but sometimes, it kind of got away from me. I hope you like it :D
Summary: Fresh out of school, Kyungsoo’s first solo assignment as an assassin is to kill Byun Baekhyun, his childhood friend.

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Kyungsoo bowed as he accepted the sword presented to him. Inwardly, he was grinning as years of training had come to an end. He was finally trained and licensed to kill.
As he stepped down from the platform, he followed the line of other students waiting to receive their new license, which was to be kept on them at all time but in a concealed spot. While the license listed their name and what degree of killing they were allowed, it was still not acceptable in society to hold such a license. The license was to be used only in special cases, listed in the special handbook all trained assassins received. For that is what every student from the academy had become: an assassin, trained to kill people when needed.
Many students enlisted in the military after graduation to help keep the country safe. Others turned to police enforcement to help keep society safe. A few went underground and became kill-for-hires or mercenaries. And that was the path Kyungsoo would follow.

Kyungsoo smiled as he moved the last of his boxes into his new apartment. It was small but had everything he needed. With a few personal touches here and there, the place would feel just like home.
A knock on the door had Kyungsoo heading to the door with a smile. It slipped off his face when he saw who stood before him.
“Kyungsoo! Long time no see, old friend.” Baekhyun beamed at him as he threw his arms around him for a tight hug.
Kyungsoo was too shocked to do anything but just stand there.
Baekhyun pulled away with a pout. “What? You’re not happy to see me?”
“Oh, no, no I am…I just…I’m surprised is all. How did you –“
“Your mom told me. And I’m glad since now we get to be neighbors.” Baekhyun flashed him a smile before moving past him into Kyungsoo’s apartment.
Kyungsoo stood there frozen before a noise caused him to quickly go back inside. He shut his door and turned to find Baekhyun making himself at home, already seated on Kyungsoo’s kitchen counter and rummaging through his groceries.
“So what’s for dinner?”
“Uh…” Kyungsoo scratched the back of his neck. “I didn’t have anything planned yet –“
“Great, then you can make your –“
“Fine, fine, fine. I take it I have the ingredients.” Kyungsoo walked into the kitchen.
Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know.”
Kyungsoo looked at him with an arched brow. Baekhyun stared back with a deceptively innocent face. Kyungsoo sighed and checked his groceries. He gave Baekhyun a stare as he pulled out the ingredients he needed. Baekhyun just grinned, hopping off the counter to take a seat on one of the breakfast stools.
Soon the smell of cooking permeated the apartment, causing Baekhyun to drool a little bit. “Mmmm…that smells delicious.”
“Go set the table.”
Kyungsoo stiffened when he felt arms slip around his waist and a head resting on his shoulder. “Baekhyun, I’m still cooking here.”
“But I don’t know where your dishes and utensils are. How can I set the table if I don’t know where they are?”
“You’ve already made yourself home here. So I would think you’d know where my plates and utensils are.”
Baekhyun shook his head, burying it into the crook of Kyungsoo’s neck. “Nuh uh. I wasn’t able to snoop in your cabinets before you started cooking.”
“Well, then go snoop around now. Get two plates and two sets of chopsticks and spoons for us. Set them on the placemats on the table. Then grab whatever you want to drink. Now let me get back to cooking or we’ll have burnt food for dinner.”
“Alright, alright, alright.” Baekhyun pouted, letting his lips graze Kyungsoo’s cheeks for a moment before searching around his kitchen for said items. Kyungsoo stood there frozen, unsure of what had just happened. He was brought back to his senses by the food cooking in front of him almost burning like he had threatened earlier.
Kyungsoo turned off the heat and scooped out the food into a bowl and brought it to the table. Baekhyun had found his small stash of wine and had immediately dug into it. He had also found some wine glasses and a couple candles that he had lit, giving the table a romantic feel.
Kyungsoo arched his brow as he looked at Baekhyun sitting across the table with a gentle smile on his face. “Care to explain the mood?”
“No.” Baekhyun grinned cheekily at him. “I’m starving. Pass me the food.”
Kyungsoo frowned but placed the bowl into Baekhyun’s outstretched hands. Baekhyun gave a cry of delight and began putting it onto his plate. Kyungsoo just shook his head as he sat down and waited for Baekhyun to finish. He looked at the half empty bowl and sighed, but that didn’t stop the slight grin creeping across his face.
“Glad to know you haven’t changed.”
“And neither have you. You’re a fantastic cook as always.”
“Thank you. So what do you do now that you’re done with school?”
“Oh, things here and there. I’ve been floating around from job to job but might have found one that actually sticks. A friend needed someone to be a model for them so I’m going to see them tomorrow to see if I fit the description. If it works out, then you’re going to have a famous friend for a neighbor.” Baekhyun smiled brightly, his eyes turning into little half moons.
“Uh huh and why would I care about that?”
“Hey!” Baekhyun pouted and pointed his chopsticks at Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo arched a brow but Baekhyun disregarded him. “You never know when a famous friend could come in handy you know? Imagine you’re stuck somewhere and call me for help and -”
“Okay, let me stop you right there. Why would I even be stuck somewhere? I always know where I’m going and why would you even assume I’d call you for help?”
Baekhyun gasped in mock horror. “What? You wouldn’t call me, your closest and oldest friend for help? Do I mean nothing to you?”
Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. “Oh cut the dramatics, Baek. Try them on someone who’d actually fall for them.”
“Already did and it worked beautifully. I got a short little acting gig from it and a great new friend who calls me whenever he needs a one second cameo or something.” Baekhyun grinned as he took a bite of his dinner.
Kyungsoo just shook his head and continued to eat his meal in peace.


Kyungsoo accepted the manila envelope with a nod.
“This is your first assignment. Everything you need to know is in there. Daily reports are nice but if you could give us a weekly report, we’ll be satisfied. Now, this is your first solo assignment since graduation so we expect only the best.”
“Yes, sir. Duly noted.”
“Good. Now off you go. Anything you need, remember…”
“Go through the school warehouse and cover all traces.”
“Good.” The man smiled and with a nod of his head, Kyungsoo was escorted out.


Kyungsoo stared, unsure if this was real or not. His client had asked him to kill Byun Baekhyun, the same Byun Baekhyun who lived next door, the one who was his oldest and closest friend.
He wiped his suddenly sweaty palms on his pants.
A job was a job and no personal feelings were to interfere.
Taking a deep breath, Kyungsoo pushed aside all emotion and strengthened his resolve. He slipped the papers and photos back into the manila envelope and placed it inside his safe. He spun the dial and checked to make sure it was locked before grabbing his bag and heading out the door.

Baekhyun smiled from behind the counter. “Hello, how may I help you?”
“A small latte, please.” Kyungsoo smiled brightly, shifting the bag on his shoulder.
“Alright, coming right up.” Baekhyun beamed. “I’ll bring it to you when it’s ready.”
“Okay, thanks.” Kyungsoo smiled and settled at a table on the side. He pulled out a notebook, pencil, and book. He flipped to a clean page and began to furiously write.
“Here you go, one small latte.” Baekhyun smiled as he slipped it onto the table. Kyungsoo gave him a smile before turning back to his work. He missed the little pout on Baekhyun’s face before he returned to his spot behind the counter.
Kyungsoo reached for his latte and paused. On it was a heart.
Kyungsoo carefully set his cup down and closed his notebook. He looked up to see Baekhyun busy with customers. He shook his head and decided to drink his latte.


“Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, I need your help!” Baekhyun burst into Kyungsoo’s apartment just as he was getting out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist. He barely reacted, just threw himself at Kyungsoo, knocking them both to the floor.
Kyungsoo stared up at Baekhyun as he kept a blank face. Baekhyun had positioned himself so he was straddling his waist. He tried not to think about the fact that their crotches were practically pressed against each other with a very thin cloth between them.
Baekhyun appeared oblivious as he ground his hips down more in his excitement. “Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo. Help me!”
Kyungsoo huffed out a breath, placing his hands on Baekhyun’s waist to stop his movements. “With what?”
Baekhyun’s eyes twinkled. “With a kiss scene.”
“What!??!!? What are you doing that involves a kiss scene?”
Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. “I have a cameo in my friend’s next video.”
“And you have to KISS someone?”
Baekhyun shrugged. “Yeah. So are you going to help me or not?”
Baekhyun started moving up and down, causing Kyungsoo sharply grip his hips.
“Stop it, Baek, or I won’t be able to produce any children.”
Baekhyun crinkled his face before reluctantly stopping. “So are you going to help me?”
“Kyungsoo~! I really need help with this.”
“No. And you’re going to make me late for work if you don’t get off of me now.” Kyungsoo pushed at Baekhyun, who very slowly got up. He thought Baekhyun’s hand may have hit something it shouldn’t have but he just shook it off as his imagination.


“You’ve been delaying your assignment, Kyungsoo. It’s been 5 weeks since you got this assignment. You’ve been prompt on your weekly reports, which include everything needed but you have an issue. Something is causing you to hesitate. Why is that?”
The man gave Kyungsoo a pointed look, who kept his face blank.
“Everything about this assignment couldn’t be easier and yet you are hesitating. I know this is your first solo assignment since graduating but you’ve always had the highest discipline for completing an assignment.” The man clasped his hands together in front of him. “Did you want to talk to someone about this?”
Kyungsoo quickly shook his head. “No, no, no. I’m okay. It’s…just nerves getting in the way. Plus Byun Baekhyun is quite persistent. He gives me many opportunities and yet somehow he takes them away at the same time.”
The man raised his eyebrows. “Would you care to elaborate?”
“He gives me the perfect opportunity and yet before I can brace myself to take it, something changes and it’s lost.”
“Well, work harder.” The man turned around, hands coming up together. “I never knew you were this slow, Kyungsoo. If needed, I can reassign this to someone else.”
“No, no, that is unnecessary. I can do this assignment.” Kyungsoo gave a firm nod before leaving the room.


“Kyungsoo, come to the amusement park with me.”
Kyungsoo heaved a deep sigh as Baekhyun waved two tickets in front of his face. “I’m busy. And don’t you have work today?”
“Nope, I got someone to cover my shift. Now come on, go change and we’ll get going.” Baekhyun skipped to Kyungsoo’s bedroom.
Kyungsoo could hear him going through his drawers and pulling out various items. He gave a long suffering sigh and walked to his bedroom. Baekhyun was not making his job easier.
Thanks to them living next door and Baekhyun’s sense of privacy, Kyungsoo was forever being invaded by the whirlwind that was Baekhyun. He found himself going out and hosting to a clingy Baekhyun. Nothing was sacred for Baekhyun if all the accidental touches were anything to go by, not that Kyungsoo thought they were accidental after the 10th time it happened in a row. He had tried his best to appear unaffected but Baekhyun had always been a very sensual creature. Every movement exuded sex.
“Come on, Kyungsoo. Go change now.” Baekhyun tossed clothes at him before shoving him into the bathroom.
Kyungsoo didn’t even blink as Baekhyun attacked his pants, having it unbuttoned and unzipped in record time. He obediently stepped out of his pants and allowed Baekhyun to fit him in skinny jeans. He disregarded the blatant cupping of his crotch as Baekhyun zipped up his jeans. His shirt was pulled off with some light fingers running over his chest before another shirt was pulled over his head.
Baekhyun spent extra time making sure all the wrinkles were out before deeming Kyungsoo ready.
Kyungsoo just arched a brow, causing Baekhyun to flush a light pink before flashing a bright smile.
“Come on, let’s go.” Baekhyun grabbed his wrist and led him out the door.
Kyungsoo made sure he shut and locked it properly before being dragged into elevator.

Baekhyun pressed close to Kyungsoo’s side as they wandered through the amusement park. They’d already ridden several roller coasters and eaten their weight in amusement park food. They had decided to take a break and walk around, looking at the different booths and various people.
“Ooo, ooo, ooo, can we go play that one?” Baekhyun tugged excitedly at Kyungsoo’s arm. He pointed towards a shooting game where the big prize was a stuffed puppy.
Kyungsoo glanced at the booth, noticing the guns and flimsy ammunition and the strong target. “You know those things are a rip-off.”
“Yeah, but who knows? You could get lucky and win. Besides, it’s essential to try and win a stuffed animal for the one you like when you’re on a date.”
“We’re on a date?” Kyungsoo looked at Baekhyun.
Baekhyun just rolled his eyes. “Come on, go win that for me. I won’t stop bugging you until you do.”
Kyungsoo sighed. “Fine, but you’re paying for it.”
“Whatever. You’ll win on the first try so it’s not a big loss.”
Kyungsoo had half a mind to waste Baekhyun’s money but he didn’t have it in him to do it. He waited until Baekhyun had paid the few dollars before taking up the rifle. Calculating the weight and speed, he carefully got into position before firing.
Bells sounded as the target fell over. The man running the booth reluctantly grabbed the stuffed puppy and handed it to Kyungsoo who gave it to Baekhyun.
“Oh Kyungsoo, you shouldn’t have.” Baekhyun smiled brightly as he threw his arms around Kyungsoo’s neck, squishing his new stuffed animal between them. He placed a quick kiss on Kyungsoo’s lips before pulling back with a smile.
Baekhyun’s smile slipped off his face as he stared at Kyungsoo. “Kyungsoo…?”
Kyungsoo lifted a hand and gently cupped Baekhyun’s cheek. His thumb brushed over Baekhyun’s lips before he leaned in and covered them with his own.
Baekhyun let out a small noise before opening his mouth and sinking into the kiss.


Kyungsoo stared at the manila envelope. He carefully opened it and stared at the papers. He gently ran a hand over Baekhyun’s photo, tracing the shape of his nose and lips. It had to be tonight or else he would never be able to do it, now that he had accepted his feelings.
A silent tear slipped out of the corner of his eye as he gently put the materials away. He grabbed his things, strapping them to his body. Once he was all set, he closed his door and walked over to the window.
Carefully opening it, he climbed out onto the ledge and slowly made his way over to Baekhyun’s open window.
Slipping inside, he stalked over to Baekhyun’s bed where a lump laid bundled in blankets. Gently pulling the small blade from its sheath, Kyungsoo loomed over the bundle and quickly stabbed it where the heart should be.
His eyes widened when his hand touched what should have been a body. He quickly removed the blade and pulled back the covers. A lump of pillows laid there, one now containing a tear with feathers spilling out.
The lights flashed on, temporarily blinding Kyungsoo.
“Well, took you long enough to creep into my room. Was expecting you at least a week ago but you’re a stubborn lil thing.” Baekhyun was leaning against the doorway, arms crossed and a small smile on his face.
“B-B-Baekhyun…I-I can explain.”
Baekhyun held up a hand. “Don’t bother. I know you’re here to kill me.”
Kyungsoo’s eyes widened in fear. There was no way he could deny it but it hurt hearing Baekhyun say it so callously. “I-I’m sorry, Baekhyun. I-I…it was an assignment. I’m sure you can tell what my real occupation is.”
Baekhyun smirked as he straightened. “It’s not that hard to tell, considering you snuck in here as quiet as a ninja and plunged a blade into what would’ve been my back. So want to explain why you have to kill me?”
“Like I said, it was an assignment. Someone hired me to kill me but now that you know, I-I can’t kill you.” Kyungsoo dropped the blade he was still holding. “I…I care too much to kill you, Baekhyun.”
“Well, that’s good to know. But are you sure you just care for me or…?” Baekhyun smiled as he walked towards Kyungsoo, stopping to stand directly in front of him. His hands slowly moved up Kyungsoo’s chest to wrap around his neck. He pulled his body flush against Kyungsoo’s.
Kyungsoo sighed. “You always did want everything. Fine, I love you. Happy now?”
“Ecstatic.” Baekhyun grinned as he pulled Kyungsoo in for a kiss. Their mouths moved together, tongues tangling, as Kyungsoo wrapped his arms around Baekhyun’s waist. He pulled Baekhyun closer as his tongue thrust deep into his mouth.
Kyungsoo pulled away with a breathless smile. “Now, don’t you have something to tell me?”
Baekhyun smirked. “I was the one who hired you to kill me.”
Kyungsoo gaped at him with an open mouth. “What?”
Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. “I wanted you to spend more time with me so I hired you.”
“What? But then,” Kyungsoo shook his head, “But what about my assignment? If you knew then…this is going to reflect badly on me.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll write a good review and explanation and pay you half of the money.” Baekhyun gave him a cheeky grin.
“Only half?”
“Yep, since it was incomplete and I need it for our wedding.” Baekhyun grinned.
Kyungsoo frowned but a quick peck from Baekhyun chased it away. “Fine…but you definitely owe me for this.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I already know how to pay you back.” Baekhyun’s grin widened as he heard Kyungsoo’s quick intake of breath, his hand palming at the half hard dick in Kyungsoo’s pants.
Before the haze of lust overtook him, Kyungsoo grabbed at Baekhyun’s hand and stared into his eyes. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“There’s condoms and lube in the nightstand drawer.”
Kyungsoo huffed out a breath. “That’s not what I was asking.”
“Fine, fine, fine.” Baekhyun pulled his hand from Kyungsoo’s grasp and squished Kyungsoo’s cheeks together. “I love you too. Now can we get back to me making it up to you?”
Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow as Baekhyun reached for his clothes. “Shouldn’t we wait until after the wedding?”
“Considering I’ll need at least a month to plan it, no because I need to do all the things I’ve been imagining us doing ever since I hit puberty.” Baekhyun had gotten his pants open and slipped a hand inside.
“Since puberty? That long, huh?” Kyungsoo had a cheeky grin on his face as Baekhyun’s hand moved up and down.
“Oh, shut it. Don’t try and deny you haven’t liked me as long. We’ve been together forever and like I’d let anyone else have you.”
Kyungsoo laughed as Baekhyun scowled. He scrunched his face before a smirk began to spread. Baekhyun got down on his knees in front of Kyungsoo.
Kyungsoo gasped, digging his hands into Baekhyun’s hair, as Baekhyun used his mouth to show who was really in control, not that Kyungsoo ever doubted it, considering all he went through the last couple months.
Tags: baekhyun/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17

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