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Title: Punishment
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1673
Summary: Luhan's too close to Minseok hyung which doesn't sit well with Sehun. Hence, punishment.

“So…did you enjoy your time with Minseok hyung, Luhan hyung?”
Luhan slowly turned his head to see Sehun sitting in the armchair, arms carefully resting on the armrests, the glow from the table lamp just barely illuminating his face. “Look, I know I’m late but we just lost track of time and –“
Sehun held up a hand, stopping Luhan’s rambling. Luhan tried not to let his nerves and anticipation show, hands fisting at his side. Sehun slowly stood up from the chair, making his way towards Luhan. He stood directly in front of him, staring down into his eyes.
Luhan shifted in his spot, feeling uncomfortable under Sehun’s unwavering stare. Maybe his plan hadn’t been a smart idea. A chill ran up his spine, the longer he stared at Sehun. “S-Sehun-ah?”
Sehun said nothing as he picked Luhan up and laid him over his shoulder. One hand possessively rested on his ass while the other held tight to his legs. He silently walked towards their bedroom, filling Luhan with apprehension. Sehun had never stayed this silent for long. He was starting to dread the consequences of his action.
Sehun gave one hard smack to Luhan’s ass before tossing him on the bed. Luhan bounced a little but stayed motionless, unsure of what Sehun would do. Sehun came over him, systematically removing all his clothes until Luhan lay bare on the bed. Sehun moved towards the dresser, rummaging around the top drawer before pulling some items out. He came back towards the bed, setting the items on the nightstand.
Sehun grabbed one of Luhan’s hands, looped the tie around his wrist and attached it to the headboard. He took Luhan’s other hand and repeated the action.
Without warning, Sehun leaned down and took Luhan’s soft length into his mouth. Luhan gasped and felt himself harden quickly. Sehun worked his length, licking and sucking, bringing Luhan close to the brink before slipping on a cock ring.
Luhan whined, wiggling his hips, but a press of Sehun’s arm against his stomach stopped him. Bringing his finger down to Luhan’s entrance, Sehun teasingly ran his finger around the entrance before slipping it in. Luhan tried to protest against the intrusion but Sehun didn’t budge. It had only been a few days since they last had sex but they typically used some kind of lubricant. As quickly as his finger slipped in, as quickly as it slipped out.
Sehun reached over to the nightstand and grabbed some lube, coating his fingers before slipping two inside. Luhan moaned a bit and would’ve wiggled his hips had Sehun allowed him. Quick finger movements had Luhan decently stretched. Grabbing the vibrator, Sehun coated it in lube and stuck it inside. Without a word, he set it on the highest setting, causing Luhan to moan out loud. Sehun kept a hold of the vibrator, making sure it stayed inside. He could feel the tremors raking Luhan’s body from the onslaught of emotions. He leaned down and mouthed at Luhan’s neck, gently sucking little marks here and there.
Luhan twisted his head, giving Sehun greater access. “Se-Sehun-ah…”
“Bad boys need to be punished.” Sehun sucked particularly hard at Luhan’s neck, pulling a cry from him. His hand reached up to undo the ties. When Luhan was freed, Sehun quickly flipped him over, propping him on all fours. He fixed the vibrator that threatened to slip out, pushing it in and out a few times before holding it in place.
After a few moments, Sehun pulled the vibrator out, switching it off and setting it on the nightstand. He adjusted Luhan’s backside, lifting his ass up a bit higher.
A loud smack echoed through the room. Luhan whimpered a little but kept his position. Sehun’s hand smacked his ass again and again until a red handprint could be seen. Sehun gently caressed Luhan’s ass, hand rubbing soothingly at the red mark. He placed a gentle kiss on Luhan’s nape. His mouth trailed down Luhan’s spine, ending near his entrance. He placed a kiss on each of Luhan’s cheeks before flipping him back over. He pulled the cock ring off and spread Luhan’s legs, sliding between. He positioned his cock at Luhan’s hole.
“So…are you going to be a good boy now?”
Luhan gripped the bedsheets as he nodded his head.
“Really? How do I know I can trust you? This is what? The third time this month and you still haven’t learned.” Sehun stared down at him with cold eyes. “Maybe this has all been for nothing.”
Luhan furiously shook his head. “No, no, it’s not…I-I…I like when you get this way. You can trust me, honest. I’m only yours, no one else’s. I only stayed away so long because I wanted you to punish me. I like when you punish me.”
Sehun’s face remained casually blank as he absorbed Luhan’s words. Quietly, he arranged Luhan’s legs, spreading them as wide as he could. He grabbed some lube and poured some into his hand. He coated his length before easing just the tip inside.
Luhan tried to wiggle down to take in more but Sehun stopped him.
“Nuh uh, you don’t get to do anything. Your body is mine to do with as I please.”
“S-Sehun…” Luhan’s bottom lip quivered.
“No, bad boys don’t deserve rewards.” Sehun teasingly moved his hips back before pushing it in, only using the tip.
“Are you going to do this again?”
Luhan fiercely shook his head. “No, no I learned my lesson.”
“Have you really? This is your third time this month.” Sehun moved his hips, letting his cock slip out.
Luhan groaned and wiggled beneath him, pout on his face. “Yes, yes, yes. Next time I want some hot, rough sex, I will tell you instead of spending extra time with Minseok.”
“Are you sure about this? You seem awfully close to Minseok hyung. You’re always clinging to him and playing with him.”
“Yes, yes, yes, now fuck me, Sehun, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Luhan grabbed at Sehun, who just moved out of the way and off the bed. Luhan growled and sat up.
“Nuh uh. Bad boys don’t get anything.
“But Sehun!!!!” Luhan’s bottom lip jutted out even more as he spread his legs as wide as possible. His hands reached down to play with his length and entrance.
Sehun saw this and quickly moved back to the bed, grabbing Luhan’s hands and trapping them above his head. “Who said you could touch yourself?”
“But Sehun~” Luhan pouted. “I want you to fuck me. Why won’t you fuck me?”
“Because you don’t deserve it.”
“But Sehun~”
Sehun stared down at Luhan. “Are you going to let me use your body as my sex toy?”
“You’re not going to come until I tell you to?”
“Yes.” Luhan furiously nodded his head. “Just fuck me. I need your huge cock up my ass, filling me to the brim and – AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
Luhan’s hands clutched at air as Sehun pushed his cock in. He groaned and wrapped his legs around Sehun’s waist. “Yes, please Sehun. Fuck me, use me, I’m yours, all yours. Please just…I need you, only you.”
Luhan rocked his hips against Sehun, trying to get him to move.
Sehun stared down at Luhan desperately trying to get him to move. With a quick kiss to Luhan’s lips, he pulled out and slammed back in.
Luhan’s breathy, triumphant “yes” was all the encouragement needed for Sehun to fuck him into the mattress. Sehun thrust his hips in and out, balls slapping against Luhan’s ass.
Luhan’s legs fell open as he let Sehun pound into him.
“Sehun~” Luhan could feel his orgasm nearing.
“Don’t you dare come or else I pull out right now and leave you.”
“Sehun~!” Luhan whined but screwed his eyes shut as a particularly hard thrust had him seeing stars. He willed his body to hold on to his orgasm.
“Oh yeah baby, you’re so tight. Come on.” Sehun gritted his teeth as he thrust in, harder and deeper.
“Sehun, Sehun, Sehun.”
“Luhan, Luhan, Luhan.” Sehun thrust in one, two, three more times before spilling inside Luhan.
“Sehun~!” Luhan whined and wiggled his hips, wanting to come.
Sehun pulled out and quickly leaned down, taking Luhan’s length into his mouth. He licked and sucked, teeth lightly scraping the tip, before with a choked gasp, Luhan spilled in his mouth.
Luhan collapsed on the bed, sweaty and spent, a lazy smile on his face. Sehun went to grab a washcloth, gently wiping the cold fabric over Luhan’s body. Luhan sighed and turned towards Sehun. Sehun gave a small smile as he brought a hand to cup Luhan’s cheeks.
“You’re incorrigible.”
Luhan gave a sleepy smile. “But you still love me.”
“Yes, yes I do. But don't think you can get away with being all close and touchy-feely with Minseok hyung now. You do it again and I’m leaving and you’ll have to grovel if you want me back.” Sehun lifted a corner of his mouth before going to toss the washcloth in the bathroom.
Luhan scooted aside to give Sehun room when he came back. As soon as Sehun settled under the covers, Luhan draped himself all over Sehun, snuggling closer, trying to burrow into him.
“I love you, Hunnie.”
“Love you too, Hannie. Even if you’re a bit…”
“Bit what?”
Sehun just smiled and kissed Luhan’s forehead.
“A bit what? Hunnie!” Luhan shook Sehun, trying to get an answer from him.
“Shh, time to sleep.” Sehun settled his head down and closed his eyes.
Luhan pouted but snuggled closer to Sehun. “You’re mean.”
Sehun cracked open an eye and raising an eyebrow, stared at Luhan. Luhan had the decency to look sheepish as he buried his head in Sehun’s neck.
“I’m sorry. I’ll go sleep now.”
“Good.” Sehun wrapped his arms around Luhan and closed his eyes. Luhan snuggled down and closed his eyes. In moments, the two were asleep, tangled tightly together with a contented smile on their lips.

A/N: um yeah…kind of died at the ending. This was written in response to seeing all the Xiuhan around >.< got mad at them and so had to make Sehun punish Luhan. Seemed fair because SELU FTW (sorry, as adorable as xiuhan are, they will not beat hunhan for me)
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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