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SNCJ_Santa: For fridaysblues

Title: Pop the Vlogger
Recipient: fridaysblues
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chen
Word Count: 5020
Rating: PG-13 (for cursing and implied sex)
Summary: Rival Youtube bloggers, Byun Baek and Chen, have a friendly online competition but things change when they meet face to face (featuring a meddling friend idiot).

Originally posted here

“Hi everyone, it’s your shining light, Byun Baek, here with another vlog entry for you. Today, we’ll be talking about eyeliner, which brands are better, how to apply, the whole 411 on eyeliners. Now you see me here with my trusty eyeliner on~ I like to use…”
“Hey there, it’s funky funky Chen on the screen, ready to sing for your pleasure. Joking, I’ll be dancing to your song requests. Bet you didn’t see that coming~ [wink] Then we’ll get on to the interesting discussion for today which is hairstyles…”
Jongdae smiled as he read through the comments on his latest vlog entry.
You’re so funny~
I love you funky, funky Chen. I wish I could meet you in real life.
I never knew that about hair, thanks for the tips ^^

There were a few hate comments but he just skimmed over them. He smiled when he saw the view counter. Already 1,000 views and it had only been a few minutes.
Checking to make sure no one was around, he quickly pulled up his rival’s Youtube channel and checked his latest vlog entry. He clenched his teeth seeing the view counter higher than his and that it was posted at the same time as his. That little sneak…he’s going to pay for this…
Jongdae clicked on the video and allowed it to play. He had to analyze what made his rival’s video more popular than his.
Baekhyun grinned, happy that his latest video was beating his rival’s so easily. He had timed it so perfectly and the counts kept getting higher and higher. True, his rival’s was increasing but not as quickly as his and that he was grateful for.
Baekhyun laughed as he closed his rival’s video. It was nice of funky funky Chen to try and “dance” but he probably shouldn’t do it again. Good try, little Chenchen, but not good enough~
Baekhyun smiled as he walked with his friends through the school hallway. Everyone was excited at this new movie that was coming out so they were making plans to go watch it. Baekhyun was thinking in his head about using the movie for a new vlog entry. It had been a while since he did a movie review and this seemed like a good chance. Time to go retro…well not really but close enough
“Oh Baekhyun, I saw your latest vlog entry.” Jongin grinned as he smiled at him. “Eyeliner? What a manly topic to talk about.”
Baekhyun elbowed him in the stomach but didn’t stop the grin from spreading. He and Jongin had been friends for too long so it was all in good nature but didn’t stop him from reacting. Jongin deserved a good hit every now and then.
“Yeah but did you see Chen’s vlog entry? I thought that one was more entertaining. Sorry Baek.” Sehun flashed Baekhyun a slightly apologetic smile.
Baekhyun waved it off with a smile. “Whatever. It makes sense with your love of hair dye and him talking about hairstyles, it goes.”
“Hey~!” Sehun touched his newly dyed blonde hair. “That’s not why I watched it.”
Baekhyun leveled a stare at Sehun.
“Okay fine, that wasn’t the only reason I watched it. He’s a funny guy and handsome.”
Baekhyun rolled his eyes and headed off to class.
“Oh come on, Baekhyun, don’t be such a diva. You have to admit he is handsome even if you don’t think he’s funny.”
“Whatever~ I have to get to class.”
Sehun rolled his eyes as he watched Baekhyun strut away because there was no other way to describe how he was walking. “He is such a diva…and totally in denial.”
Jongin clapped a hand to Sehun’s shoulder. “Yeah and we’ll leave him there. You don’t piss of a diva, especially one as big as Baekhyun. See you at lunch.”
The two waved good-bye before heading off to their respective classes.
Jongdae kept his gaze to the ground as he walked up the steps to school. He pushed the glasses up his nose and shifted the books in his arms before opening the door and walking inside. He shuffled to his locker, putting things away and grabbing the materials he needed.
“Hey JD~! Why so shy?” A hand slapped Jongdae on the back, almost tipping him forwards. “You’re not like this on your vlog.”
“Shhhhhh!!!!” Jongdae quickly covered Chanyeol’s mouth, not caring about his books falling and hitting Chanyeol’s foot. He deserved it in Jongdae’s opinion. “Not so loud.”
“Yah~! What’s the big deal, Jongdae? Why the alias?” Chanyeol wrapped his arm around Jongdae’s neck.
Jongdae shrugged his arm off before bending down to pick up his books. “It’s my personal choice. Besides, I never thought the channel would hit it big. So now it’s not even an option anymore.”
“Whatever, dude. But hey, nice entry last night. Thought it was great but uh, why did you have to throw my picture in there?”
“What? Of your ramen hair?” Jongdae snorted. “How could I not when discussing back hairstyles?”
“Hey!” Chanyeol smacked Jongdae’s arm. “It wasn’t that bad.”
“Oh please, if you weren’t careful, you looked like you got electrocuted. Not a style everyone wants to be wearing.” Jongdae rolled his eyes.
“Whatever. So did you see Byun Baek’s video?”
“What? About eyeliner?” Jongdae scoffed. “Don’t even use the stuff so why would I watch a video about it?”
“To check out the competition.” Jongdae rolled his eyes. “Alright, then to check out a hot guy. Byun Baek can really rock the eyeliner look. Makes him smokin’ hot.”
“Whatever, dude. Now if you don’t mind, can I get to class?”
“Here, let me help you.” Chanyeol grinned as he grabbed some of Jongdae’s books and carried them to their classroom. He couldn’t stop chattering about Byun Baek the whole way, resulting in Jongdae smacking him upside the head after he had placed Jongdae’s books down.
“Hello everyone~ I bet you weren’t expecting another video so soon but I got something to get off my chest. This time about annoying friends who don’t shut up…even though I’m basically just ranting and I still love my friends but hey~ sometimes they just don’t know how to shut up.” Jongdae smiled at the camera. “Naw I’m just playing with you. I’m not going to do something boring like that. Besides, why would you guys want to watch me just rant about friends? I love my friends as annoying as they get. But let’s get on to the fun stuff. Now this is going to be stupid but I wanted to see what would happen…”
“Baekhyun! Time for dinner!”
“I’m coming.” Baekhyun turned back to his computer where he had paused it on Chen’s face up close. He scowled but quickly took a snapshot since it was an interesting face he had paused on. He quickly uploaded it to his sideblog of Chen derps before heading down to dinner.
Chen grimaced as he looked at the link his friend Chanyeol had sent him. “What the hell is this site?”
Chanyeol grinned. “Think of it as your fanclub.”
“But these are all unattractive pictures of me.”
Chanyeol shrugged. “They’re still your fans. Do you see the comments and stuff?”
“Chanyeol, these are freakin’ derps of my face. How is this supposed to make me feel better?”
“Hey, hey, hey…don’t get your briefs in a twist. I just thought it was interesting.”
“Hey, don’t yell. Besides, wouldn’t it be cool to address this? Maybe there are other Chen blogs out there.”
“Chanyeol! I deal with only youtube and my vlog. I do not blog.”
“Well I do and I think you should think about expanding on to there to connect more with your fans.”
“I already got a twitter thanks to you.”
“Which you should be using more. Seriously, some of the things you say would make great tweets. Which is why I tweet them for you.”
Jongdae just stared at Chanyeol. “What the hell, man? Any privacy?”
Chanyeol looked at Jongdae with a raised eyebrow. “This coming from the man who runs a vlog and discusses all manner of stuff.”
Jongdae waved him off. “Whatever.”
“You know Byun Baek has a blog.”
“What?” Jongdae stared at Chanyeol who was inspecting his nails.
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool actually. Here, check it out.” Chanyeol sent an instant message with the link. “Now, I gotta start my homework. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
He waved before hanging up.
Jongdae clicked on the link and stared at what was definitely Byun Baek’s blog. He scrolled through the page, clicking on links, and staring at pictures.
When he next checked the clock, it was close to midnight and he still hadn’t completed his homework.
“Crap!” Jongdae closed his laptop and set to work. It looked like he was only going to sleep a few hours.
Baekhyun smiled, seeing the view count on his latest video. It kept steadily rising which pleased him a lot. He was quite proud of his latest video as it had taken the whole week to film and edit.
He checked his rival’s blog and gaped seeing the play count on his latest video.
“What?!?!?! How does he have a higher play count than me and only posted it a few minutes ago?”
Baekhyun quickly clicked on it and watched as Chen’s face appeared on screen. He was going to hate himself for watching his rival’s video and adding to his play count but he had to know what the hype was.
Jongdae smiled, watching his latest video get tons of views in the first hour. He leaned back and noticed the time. “Oh crap, I have to do homework.”
He quickly shut off his computer and grabbed his bag for his supplies. He spent the next hour, getting as much work done as he could before he went back to his computer to check his play count.
The number had doubled within the hour, which made him smile and finish the rest of his homework in a good mood.
Baekhyun checked his email when he noticed a message from Youtube. He clicked on it and smiled.
It was for some anniversary special event thing. Youtube was inviting their popular vloggers to take part in a special event to be recorded and shown on Youtube. The email contained important information but the date fell right on the day he was planning something special. It fit in perfectly and had to be a sign.
He quickly responded, saying he’d be able to attend. Then he went into his closet to pick the best outfit for the event, even if it was a week or two away.
Jongdae smiled as he checked his reflection. He was in his casual best as he wanted to make a good impression on other popular Youtube vloggers. He never knew when he might want to make a collaborative video so good relations were necessary.
After a last once over, Jongdae grabbed his bag and headed off towards the restaurant.
He smiled brightly as he shoved his invitation at the door. Youtube had rented out a nice restaurant just for the event. Already, a few people were milling about. He walked over to a table and set his bag down before wandering over to the buffet table.
“Hi there, what kind of Youtube blog do you run?” Jongdae turned to see a smiling female.
“Oh just your run of the mill video blog.”
“That’s interesting. I run a makeup tutorial blog.”
“Oh really?” Jongdae’s eye lit up. “Maybe we could collaborate. I’ve wanted to do some makeup challenges.”
“Makeup challenges? Like what?”
“Oh you know, like having a guy friend put on your makeup or something like that. I know some of my subscribers have been wanting to see me play and fail with makeup but I don’t have the tools or any experience which I guess is the point.”
The girl chuckled. “Well, let’s see how this little meet up goes and if things look promising, maybe we can collab.”
Jongdae smiled. “Sure. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to picking some delicious things to eat.”
“Then you should try this. They’re very delicious.”
Jongdae looked up to see a male smiling sweetly at him as he placed said food onto his plate. “Oh uh…thanks. So what Youtube blog do you run?”
“Same as you, just your run of the mill video blog.”
“Oh, that’s cool. So uh…what’s with this meet up exactly?”
The guy chuckled. “I think they have an agenda set if that projector over there is a clue.”
Jongdae turned and blushed a light pink, not having noticed the agenda set for the day.
“It’s alright. It’s too bright in here for you to really see that. Well enjoy your food.” He nodded his head before moving away.
Jongdae went back to his seat with his full plate of food and tucked in.
The first thing Baekhyun did when he got to the meet up was stare unabashedly at Chen, his Youtube rival, because videos had nothing compared to the real thing. From this distance, Baekhyun could see his beautiful bone structure (those cheekbones were no joke), the cat-like eyes that would look fabulous with some eyeliner, and the soft looking caramel brown hair. He quickly moved his gaze before anyone else could realize where he had been staring. He had to make a good first impression on the other Youtube bloggers in hopes of future collaborations.
He slowly made his way over, dropping his bag into an empty chair, before heading towards the buffet table. He quickly made his selections and headed back to his seat.
As he quietly ate, he kept glancing over at Chen conversing with his tablemates. He really was very good-looking which explained all the interest in him and his blog. Baekhyun still felt a bit of resentment about that but he couldn’t fault the guy for being incredibly handsome but not as handsome as himself.
“Alright everyone, time to get to know each other with a fun game.” The representative from Youtube clapped his hands as he gathered everyone around. “We’re going to pair up and play games that way. Now line up.”
Baekhyun found himself paired up with his Youtube rival, Chen. Chen flashed him a bright smile as he held out his hand in greeting.
“So you’re Byun Baek. You look really good in that eyeliner, very feminine.”
Baekhyun kept the smile on his face as his eyes raked over Chen. “And you’re Chen or Chenchen as some of your subscribers like to call you. You look really different in your videos. Didn’t realize you’d be such a stick in real life.”
Chen’s grin widened. “So, you don’t like me and I don’t like you. Ready to play these partner games?”
“I can’t wait.”
Jongdae stared at the group photo of all the Youtube bloggers from the meetup. His gaze kept going back and forth between him and Baekhyun. He was a lot handsomer in person than in his videos. And he looked really good with the eyeliner. He finally understood why some people fell for the guyliner. On Byun Baek, it did wonders for him.
But the guy was even sassier in person than in his videos. It didn’t sit well with him as he should be sassier.
Jongdae sighed before pulling out his video camera to record his latest vlog entry about the meet up.
Baekhyun gritted his teeth as he watched Chen’s video about the Youtube meet up. He had been polite and didn’t really mention names when giving his opinion but Baekhyun knew some of his comments were directed right at him. He could tell from the description and look in his eyes. He knew Chen knew of his camera appeal and used it to his ability.
Baekhyun huffed and quickly pulled out his video camera to give his own account of the Youtube meet up.
“So how was the meet up? Meet any nice people?” Chanyeol grinned as he leaned against Jongdae’s locker.
“If you saw my video, you would know.” Jongdae opened his locker, putting away his books and pulling out the ones he needed.
“So how was seeing Byun Baek in person? Is he as gorgeous as I think he is?”
“Gorgeous for your tastes but eh for mine.”
Chanyeol gaped at him. “Are you serious?”
“Very.” Jongdae closed his locker door and headed off to class, Chanyeol trailing behind him.
“But, Jongdae, it was Byun Baek. He’s like handsome and gorgeous and has curves no man should ever possess.”
Jongdae turned to stare at Chanyeol. “How do you know about his curves?”
Chanyeol had the decency to blush. “Well uh…maybe…”
“Maybe what?”
“Oh look, the bell’s about to ring. I’ll see you at lunch.” Chanyeol hurriedly walked away, not giving a backwards glance.
Jongdae glanced at him with a raised eyebrow before slipping into his classroom just as the final bell rang.
Baekhyun glanced at the email, not sure if he was reading it correctly. He skimmed the contents again and again but nothing changed. He quickly typed out a reply and sent it.
In a few minutes, a beep notified him of a new email. He opened it and arched a brow.
He pulled up his instant messenger, signed on, and sent a quick message. A bing notified the incoming message.
parkithere: Hey Byun Baek, how are you doing?
itsbaekbuns: What do you want, Park? Why that email?
parkithere: I just think it would be a good opportunity for you. Come on, Baek. It’ll make a great video.
itsbaekbuns: Oh and you know what will make a great video?
parkithere: Yes. Come on, you know it’ll be killer. Just give it a chance.
itsbaekbuns: idk sometimes your ideas are a bit … they don’t pan out well.
parkithere: oh just trust me. it’ll be good for you.
itsbaekbuns: it better be, Park, or I’m kicking your ass.
parkithere: :D so I’ll see you Saturday?
itsbaekbuns: yeah and I’m bringing my nunchuks with me just in case.
parkithere: you don’t have nunchucks?
itsbaekbuns: Dec 10th, I showcased my new nunchuks for everyone in a cute little skit of mine.
parkithere: oh right, crap. Well I’m not giving you a chance to use them.
itsbaekbuns: we’ll see about that, Park. I’ll see you Saturday.
parkithere: see you there.

Jongdae tapped his foot, staring at Chanyeol grinning at him. “You did what?”
“Invited Byun Baek over for a collab video between you two.”
“Why would you do that without my permission?” Jongdae raised an eyebrow at Chanyeol.
“Oh come on, it’ll be a good video. I’m sure you’ve gotten some comments about you and Byun Baek collaborating. Come on, it’ll be good for the two of you. As rivals, you should have a friendly relationship yet fiery fun competition.”
“What does that mean?”
The doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of Byun Baek.
“What you think it means.” Chanyeol winked as he went to go open the door.
Byun Baek gave a small smile when he spotted Chanyeol at the door. “Yo Park, so what’s the plan?”
Chanyeol just smiled, sweeping a hand out, signaling Byun Baek to come inside. “Byun Baek, meet Chen. Chen, Byun Baek.”
His eyes twinkled, seeing the two standing next to each other.
“Don’t forget, Park.” Baek waved a slim bag around.
“Are those your nunchuks?” Chen’s eyes widened as Baek and Chanyeol turned to stare at him.
“How do you –“
Chen realized his mistake and quickly tried to fix it, making a lot of flailing gestures, causing Baek and Chanyeol to look at him strangely.
“Okay…so shall we do this, Park?”
“Yep, right this way.”
Chen glared at Chanyeol, not entirely sure how he ended up in this situation.
All had been normal. He and Byun Baek had sung a duet together and they actually sounded really good together. He had to give Chanyeol praise for that idea but this idea he had was not something he had ever expected.
Chen looked at Byun Baek who was carefully keeping his face turned away from him, yet the scene called for them to “stare lovingly into each other’s eyes before sharing a heated and passionate kiss”. Why this type of scene was necessary was totally beyond him or Byun Baek, judging from his expression, but Chanyeol refused to tell them the main idea for his video so they were following him blindly, a fact neither of them really liked.
“Come on, you two. It can’t be that hard to stare at each other.” Chanyeol smiled from his position behind the camera.
“What is the point of this, Park? Do we really need to do this?”
“Yes, now get on with it.”
Chen breathed a heavy sigh before turning his head to stare at Byun Baek. He could see every part of his face in close detail at this distance. He could make out the individual eyelashes, the brightness of his eyes, the slope of his nose, and curve of his lips, and the way his hair brushed his forehead. He slowly swallowed as Baek stared straight back into his eyes, gaze never wavering.
As if suddenly drawn in by a large magnet, Chen gently pressed his lips against Baek’s. It was just a simple pressing of the lips but then Baek slowly moved his head, changing the angle of the kiss. Chen gasped a little, allowing Baek to slip his tongue inside. He choked a bit before letting out a quiet moan, willing to let Baek lead the kiss for now.
His lips were softer than he had imagined but it tasted like heaven. He pulled Baek closer as the kiss deepened.
Baek wrapped his arms tighter around Chen, trying to meld his body into his. One of Chen’s hands began to wander down the side of Baek’s body, causing him to stretch and press himself closer. He gasped when he felt something hard pressing into him. He pulled away and stared at Chen, face flushed and breathing heavily.
It took a few moments for the two to regain their breath. As one, they turned to see Chanyeol smiling brightly at them.
“That was great…but I think you guys need to do it again.”
Chanyeol continued to beam at them. “It was really good and all but you need some more heat in there. Don’t be afraid to slip a hand under clothes and stuff.”
“Park Chanyeol! We are not here to film anything sexual or pornographic.” Byun Baek had his hands on his hips, glaring at the grinning giant.
“And it won’t be but you really do need to turn up the heat if this video is going to get the most views ever.”
“What the hell are you talking about, Chanyeol? What exactly do you have planned?” Chen moved away from Byun Baek and took a step towards Chanyeol.
“Hey, hey, hey! I’m not doing anything I know you two don’t want to do.”
“What the hell do you mean, Park? Do you need a few nunchuks to the head?”
“Uh no. But you two need something up your ass to get you moving.”
Chen and Baek gaped at him. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT!?!?!?!?”
“Because it’s obvious you two would be good together and it’s obvious you two like each other.”
“What the hell?!??!?!?! We’ve never even spoken to each other til the Youtube Meetup and even then, it was barely anything.”
“How the hell do you just make that assumption, Park?”
“Because I know the two of you and can read between the lines. Besides, I have my sources who’ve told me that you two secretly like each other.”
“What the hell, Park?!??!!? You’ve stepped out of line this time.” Baek moved to grab his nunchuks but Chanyeol already had them in his hand and out of reach.
“That’s not fair, Park.”
“Oh forget it, Baek. You’re not getting these. Now admit it, you two. You enjoyed that kiss just now, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, what of it?”
“I want you two to kiss again and keep kissing until you admit your feelings for one another.”
Chen and Baek looked at him like he was crazy which he probably was. “What the hell!?!?!? How is that –“
“Just go.” Chanyeol had set down the video camera and Baek’s nunchuks and had now taken ahold of both their arms and was manhandling them towards a closet.
“What the hell!?!?!?” The two struggled but Chanyeol was surprising strong. He pushed the two inside and shoved the door close.
The two tried to push against the door but it stood firm.
“You’re not getting out until I hear some kissing or a confession or plans for an actual date after the confession.”
“What the hell, Park? Did someone hit you on the head really hard because this idea is stupid? And where the hell do you think you can assume of what I feel and don’t feel?”
“Chanyeol! Open this door. Seriously, this ain’t cool, you idiot. How do you know I like Byun Baek?”
“What!??!” Baek turned to stare at Chen. “You actually like me?”
Chen rolled his eyes. “Look, Chanyeol isn’t going to let us out until we satisfy him. So yes, I think you’re attractive and I really liked kissing you even if that giant idiot made us do it under those circumstances.”
Baek blushed. “Oh uh well…I think you’re attractive too and I enjoyed that kiss as well…maybe we can do it again but this time, uh…”
“Make it more real with our feelings?” Chen grinned as Baek flushed an even brighter red. He reached out a hand to smack his arm but that didn’t stop the grin from spreading.
“You’re a real idiot too you know?”
“Yeah well that’s because of prolonged exposure to the one outside.” Chen smiled as he wrapped his arms around Baek’s waist. “So want to kiss again?”
“I don’t know…”
Chen leaned in and pecked Baek’s lips.
“Well that’s a start…”
Chen pecked his lips again.
“That’s a bit better…”
Chen huffed. “Either seriously kiss me or else I’m going to tell all my viewers how – mmph.”
Baek clung tightly to Chen as his mouth devoured his.
Chen groaned and pulled away. “Now that is a kiss.”
“Shut up, Chen.” Baek pulled him back.
Chanyeol stood outside the door and smiled. He slowly moved away and headed up to his room to check his video feed on his laptop. Thank goodness, he had stored a camera in the closet. Now his video idea was complete. He might get killed later but it was all worth it to get his two friends together.
He checked the time and quickly pulled out his phone.
Chen and Baek stumbled out of the closet some time later, clothes messed up and hair sticking up in every direction. The house was dark save for a single light on the table nearby. On it was a note written in Chanyeol’s handwriting.
Now that you’re done having sex in my closet (which I will need to disinfect later), you may go to this restaurant on your first date, courtesy of me. Everything’s been paid for, just go there, give them your name and enjoy.
I also left a little package for you. Enjoy it with my blessing but please do it at one of your houses so I don’t have to clean up your mess.
By the way, I’m going to edit the video and as a “favor” to me, you have to upload it to both of your channels at the same time without watching it beforehand. Think of it as a thank you for coming all over my closet (and not just once but twice – you guys really have a lot of energy).
Now go have fun and don’t be sure to tell all your followers about it later, AFTER you post my video for you two.

Chen and Baek had the decency to blush before scowling.
“That Park Chanyeol…when I get my hands on him –”
“You mean when we get our hands on him.”
“Oh yeah, right…well, uh…when we get our hands on him…”
“We’re going to create a great video: 100 ways to thank and punish your friend for meddling in your affairs.”
Chen smiled and pecked Baek’s cheek. “Good idea but we’ll have to change that title.”
“Hey, I just thought of it off the top of my head.”
“Which is why I’m better at improv than you, proven by my many viewer counts and the Youtube Meetup activities.”
Baek rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Chen. Now let’s go enjoy that dinner, courtesy of Mr. Giant Idiot.”
“Of course, Mrs. Byun Baek.”
Baek narrowed his eyes at Chen, smacking his ass as they walked out the door.
The viewer count went through the roof when Byun Baek and Chen posted the same video at the same time announcing their relationship and how they got together. Thankfully, it had been artfully edited but it revealed almost everything that had happened that day, thanks to Mr. Giant Idiot as the narrator dubbed himself.
The video got flooded with all sorts of comments, resulting in Baek and Chen making another joint video to address all the different questions.
Their next joint video received a lot of views as the two thanked and punished their matchmaker friend, Mr. Giant Idiot.
Eventually, the two created a joint channel so their own personal channels wouldn’t get spammed by all the comments and questions.
Baek and Chen were very happy together, filming videos together between dates and other activities.
“As much as I don’t like his methods, I have to thank that idiot for getting us together.”
“Me too. Now can we get back to what we were doing before you got sidetracked?”
Chen smiled. “Of course.”
He dropped a kiss to Baek’s nose before turning the camera on.

A/N: I’m sorry but I have no idea where the title came from but it amuses me so I’m going to keep it XD But seriously, I have no idea what it’s suppose to mean so don’t think too much about it :P
Sorry if it gets a bit confusing with the names…I changed POV, meaning name changes so in the end eventually just used their “Youtube” names.
Tags: baekhyun/chen, one shot

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