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Title: Through the Hedges
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol/D.O.
Word Count: 2291
Summary: Those that peep are justly Baekhyun - PWP
Warning: genderswitch (2 girls 1 guy), threesome, use of a toy, use of the word "cock" and "clit"

Chanyeol set her drink down as she set the recliner to a comfortable position. She adjusted her bikini top before lying down. Her sunglasses shaded her eyes from the sun as she looked around the backyard. The pool water glistened, beckoning Chanyeol to take a dip but she was waiting for…
“What do you think?”
Chanyeol barely raised an eyebrow as Baekhyun walked out of their house naked. She stood in the sunlight and slowly turned, letting Chanyeol run her eyes over her naked body. She smoothed a hand down her side, skimming her breasts and resting on her hips. “So?”
“What am I suppose to say that I haven’t said already?”
Baekhyun pouted. “Oh come on, Channie~ I’m naked just for you.”
“Baek, you’re always naked around me whenever you get the chance.”
Baekhyun shrugged a shoulder and sat down on the other recliner. She stretched out her legs, her breasts rising up and down, before she shifted on her side to look at Chanyeol.
Chanyeol held out the bottle of sunblock. “Put it on me?”
Baekhyun sat up and smiled. “Sure, come here.”
She scooted on the recliner, spreading her legs and patting the space between. Chanyeol got up and sat between them.
“Now let’s get this top out of the way.”
“There’s barely any top to get in the way.”
“Still…” Baekhyun tugged on the strings, loosening the straps, letting the top fall off Chanyeol’s chest. She pulled the scrap of fabric away, tossing it somewhere. She squirted some sunblock onto her hands and went straight for Chanyeol’s breasts.
“Always get straight to it, don’t you, Baek?”
Chanyeol could feel the smile on Baekhyun’s face from where her head was resting on her shoulder. “Well, they’re so pale, I don’t want them to burn.”
Baekhyun slowly moved her hands in circles, gently rubbing the sunblock into Chanyeol’s skin.
Chanyeol let out a sigh, leaning back and resting her head on Baekhyun’s shoulder. She settled back into Baekhyun’s body, allowing Baekhyun’s hands to slowly wander down.
“Baek…” Chanyeol shifted her hips as Baekhyun’s fingers delved beneath her bikini bottoms.
“Shh…I think we have a peeper.” Baekhyun pecked Chanyeol’s cheeks. “I think it’s our cute next door neighbor.”
“The new one that moved in a week or two ago? Yum~!”
“I know. Want to give him a show?” Baekhyun dropped a kiss behind Chanyeol’s ear, pulling a small gasp from her.
Kyungsoo held his breath. He hadn’t meant to spy on his neighbors but when he saw one of them step out naked, he hadn’t been able to look away. And his gaze was captivated when one of them began to intimately touch the other under the guise of putting on sunblock.
His pants were feeling tight as he watched hands wander over naked bodies. He could hear the sounds of pleasure as he watched the two get more intimate.
Slowly his hand began moving towards the top of his pants. It was at that moment, the two girls stopped.
With a brief kiss, one of them walked away and headed straight for him.
Kyungsoo’s eyes widened and he started to step back when the girl stood directly in front of him with a smile.
“Hello there, neighbor. Like what you see?”
Kyungsoo nervously swallowed. “Uh I um I-”
“Here, let me help you.”
Kyungsoo found a strong grip on his wrist, leading him from his property into his neighbors’. He stumbled before straightening himself. He noticed the girl on the recliner looking at him carefully, not caring that her breasts were on display. Of course, her friend was still naked and unfazed by it.
“So Kyungsoo, care to join us?” Baekhyun’s eyes lightened as they ran down his body, taking note of his straining pants.
“Oh uh…well I mean…I-I didn’t mean to –“
Baekhyun stopped him with a finger to his lips. “Oh we know but since you were enjoying the show, we thought you’d be more comfortable with a front row seat than peeping through the leaves.”
She tugged him over to the unoccupied recliner.
“Now, I’m sure you’re forgotten our names and you’ll need to remember them later as we pleasure you so I’m Baekhyun and this is Chanyeol.”
Chanyeol gave a little finger wave as she leaned back on her arms, pushing her breasts out farther for Kyungsoo’s inspection.
“So sit down and make yourself comfortable. We’ll just get back to what we were doing before.”
“Yes, relax and enjoy yourself, Kyungsoo. I promise we don’t bite…hard.” Chanyeol winked before pulling Baekhyun down for a kiss.
Kyungsoo watched as Baekhyun crawled on top of Chanyeol, lips never leaving hers, as she straddled her waist. His pants felt tighter as he watched Baekhyun slip her fingers back into Chanyeol’s bikini bottoms.
He slowly moved his hand down and undid the button, hoping he could relieve the ache there. The zipper was next, loosening the fabric. He paused when he felt another small restraint on his wrist.
“You know that’s not going to help at all.”
Kyungsoo stared with wide eyes, not realizing he had glanced away or that the two of them were observing him with twin grins. “Wh-What?”
“Here, let me help. Chanyeol?”
Baekhyun and Chanyeol moved on either side of Kyungsoo, gingerly sitting on the recliner. With almost identical movements, the two attacked Kyungsoo’s clothing, getting him naked in seconds flat.
Kyungsoo wasn’t even sure what had happened but he felt hands moving over his body and decided to forget it. He slowly lay back, letting Baekhyun and Chanyeol do as they pleased. His cock was definitely enjoying the show. Baekhyun and Chanyeol kept teasing it, lightly running their hands over it, never giving enough pressure to ease the ache there.
He choked when he felt little kittenish licks. Kyungsoo looked down to see Baekhyun and Chanyeol alternately licking his cock before Baekhyun took the whole thing into her mouth. He gasped and dug his fingers into her hair.
At the same time, Chanyeol moved off the recliner to come stand by Kyungsoo’s head. With a finger under his chin, she tipped his head up to kiss him, tongue invading his mouth.
Kyungsoo’s body didn’t know how to handle the stimulus overload and allowed himself to be used as they wished.
With a pop, Baekhyun pulled her mouth off of Kyungsoo’s dick and stood up, walking over to Chanyeol and pulling her away for a kiss.
Kyungsoo watched them fiercely make out, not sure what he was suppose to do.
“Go inside and grab it, sweetie.”
“Alright, be back in a bit. Go have fun with Kyungsoo.”
Baekhyun smiled. “Oh I will.”
She smacked Chanyeol’s ass as she walked into the house before turning to grin at Kyungsoo. “Ready for some more fun?”
“” Kyungsoo looked at Baekhyun who’s grin widened even more.
“Yeah…because you’re about to get the best fuck of your life.” Baekhyun pushed Kyungsoo down and straddled his waist. She magically pulled out a condom from who knows where, tearing it open and putting it on Kyungsoo.
Before he could say anything, she had slipped it inside. Both moaned at the sensation, Kyungsoo’s hands coming up to rest on her hips of their own accord.
Baekhyun gave a teasing grind and let out a pleased moan. “Oh gawd, that feels good.”
Slowly, she lifted herself up and moved back down, bracing her hands on Kyungsoo’s chest. Keeping a slow rhythm, she moved up and down Kyungsoo’s body, gasping and moaning.
Kyungsoo couldn’t do anything, transfixed by the sight in front of him.
“Touch me, Kyungsoo. Touch me. I need to feel your hands on me.” Baekhyun reached down and grabbed Kyungsoo’s hands, dragging them to her breasts and trapping them there.
Kyungsoo took a tentative squeeze, pulling a small moan of “more” from her. Bolder, Kyungsoo squeezed them harder, pulling out a breathy moan of “yes”.
“Oh gawd, that’s it…” Baekhyun let her hands fall away, bracing them behind her as she rode him.
Kyungsoo startled when he felt another set of hands coming to rest on top of his. He looked up to see Chanyeol grinning down at him.
With wide eyes, he watched as Chanyeol took two of her fingers, licked them, and placed them at Baekhyun’s entrance. He watched as Baekhyun slowly began to fall apart, her movements turning erratic as Chanyeol played with her clit.
“Oh gawd…Oh yes…please, please, please.”
“Come on, Baek, you can do it.” Chanyeol mouthed at her neck as she sped up her fingers.
Baekhyun reached back, getting a tight grip on Chanyeol’s hair, as she felt her orgasm nearing.
With a loud cry, she came apart. Chanyeol kept playing with her clit as she slowly melted back against her. Kyungsoo started to slow down his hips but a whine from Baekhyun had him keeping the rhythm.
Soon, Baekhyun fell forward, head resting against Kyungsoo’s shoulders.
Chanyeol chuckled as she gently helped pick her up from Kyungsoo. She gave a little whine when Kyungsoo’s dick slipped out but quieted with a kiss from Chanyeol.
“Don’t tell me you’re falling asleep so soon.”
Baekhyun gave a sleepy grin. “Of course not, but I do need some rest.”
“And I think not.” Chanyeol grinned as she laid her down on the recliner. “Guess what I have for you?”
Baekhyun’s eyes lit up, seeing the strap-on. “Oh goodie. Come here.”
Baekhyun’s legs spread open, Chanyeol easily slipping between. With a gentle push, the strap-on was inside and Baekhyun gave a pleased moan.
“Now come here, Kyungsoo. Come fuck Chanyeol as she fucks me. And give it to her good.”
Kyungsoo hesitated a moment before coming to stand behind Chanyeol. With a slight bend to his knees, he was able to slip inside Chanyeol.
“Oh yeah…that’s good.” Chanyeol wiggled her hips back to get Kyungsoo in deeper.
Baekhyun whined, hands coming to Chanyeol’s waist to pull her back. Chanyeol whined, feeling Kyungsoo start to slip out.
“Kyungsoo, fuck her. You gotta – AHHHH!” Baekhyun cried out, feeling Chanyeol slam into her.
Kyungsoo braced his hands on the recliner before pulling out and thrusting back in hard. Chanyeol and Baekhyun gasped, ripples of pleasure going up their spine.
“Yes, yes, yes, that’s it.”
Kyungsoo thrust into Chanyeol, setting a rough pace. It took some coordination but eventually Chanyeol was able to meet Kyungsoo thrust for thrust. She would roughly thrust into Baekhyun before pulling back to be met with Kyungsoo’s thrust.
Moans soon filled the space along with the sounds of slapping skin.
Kyungsoo pounded into Chanyeol, feeling his orgasm getting closer and closer.
“Oh gawd, Baek…I think he’s close.”
“Gawd…I’m getting close. Are you?”
“Almost…almost…” Baekhyun pulled Chanyeol down for a fierce kiss. The moment her tongue slipped inside, Chanyeol fell apart, her orgasm ripping through her.
Kyungsoo felt Chanyeol tighten around her and felt his own orgasm rip through him.
The two collapsed on top of Baekhyun, tired and spent.
Baekhyun smiled as she placed a kiss on Chanyeol’s cheeks. “He’s got some pretty good stamina, don’t you think?”
“If he could make it through your orgasm to my orgasm without coming, he’s a definite winner. You have some pretty intense orgasms.”
Baekhyun grinned. “I know. Ready for more?”
Kyungsoo’s eyes, that had been starting to close, snapped open. “More?”
With some struggling, Chanyeol and Baekhyun were able to untangle themselves from each other and Kyungsoo.
“We’ve got a bunch of different positions to try out, now that you’ve joined us.”
“Wh-what?” Kyungsoo stared, unsure of what he was getting himself into.
Baekhyun and Chanyeol shared matching smiles. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.”

[For the sake of everyone around, here is a break down of the positions they went through]
Positions tried and successfully completed with orgasms:

  • Kyungsoo fucking Baekhyun from behind as she eats out Chanyeol

  • Kyungsoo fucking Chanyeol from behind as she eats out Baekhyun

  • Baekhyun riding Kyungsoo as he eats out Chanyeol making out with Baekhyun

  • Chanyeol riding Kyungsoo as he eats out Baekhyun making out with Chanyeol

  • Kyungsoo fucking Baekhyun from behind as she fucks Chanyeol with the strap-on

  • Kyungsoo fucking Baekhyun as she eats out Chanyeol who is making out with Kyungsoo

  • Kyungsoo fucking Chanyeol as she eats out Baekhyun who is making out with Kyungsoo

The three lay spent on the recliner, trying to catch their breath as their bodies essentially refused to move after the sexathon they had.
“I’m so glad you decided to peep on us. This has to be one of the best sex times I’ve had, right, Chanyeol?”
“Right, Baek. That means you’ll have to join us for sex whenever we feel like, okay, Kyungsoo?”
“Uh sure…okay…”
Kyungsoo sighed. “I did not expect the afternoon to go like this.”
“Neither did we, but thank goodness for your peeping, huh?”
“Why did you peep on us?”
Kyungsoo turned his head to look at Baekhyun and Chanyeol. “Uh well…I didn’t mean to but when Baekhyun walked out naked…”
Baekhyun and Chanyeol exchanged glances and a quick kiss.
“You still got it, babe.” Chanyeol smiled as she ran an appreciative hand down Baekhyun’s body.
Kyungsoo lifted an eyebrow. “I got a question.”
“Okay.” Baekhyun and Chanyeol looked at Kyungsoo expectantly.
“So uh Baekhyun, why no swimsuit?”
“Duh! I didn’t want tan lines.” Baekhyun winked and laughed as Kyungsoo stared at her with his mouth open. She dropped a kiss on his nose before snuggling closer.
Kyungsoo glanced at Chanyeol. She shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t try and understand. Now get some rest. We’re going to do this all again but inside the house.”
Chanyeol hit a button and the remote controlled sunroof came out, shading the naked trio so they could nap without fear of sunburns.

A/N: gawd i feel so dirty after writing this. i think i just feel dirty when i do genderbend smut and this is a threesome so it's just dirtier >.< what have i done?!?!?!
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol/d.o., r/nc-17

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