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trying to fix what's damaged

Title: Fly me to the Moon
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Word Count: 972
Summary: Kris and Suho flying higher than ever before. Basically just PWP

“Are you ready?” Kris smiled as he wrapped his arms around Suho’s waist.
Suho beamed as he wrapped his arms around Kris’ neck. “Ready.”
Kris pulled Suho tight as he spread his wings and flew up into the air. Suho’s legs naturally came to wrap themselves around Kris’ waist. His crotch rubbed against Kris’.
Kris grinned as his hands naturally found their way to Suho’s ass, giving a light squeeze. “How does it feel?”
“Great. Now I know why you enjoy flying so much.”
“Yeah, well I didn’t enjoy as much til I had you in my arms.” Kris winked down at Suho.
Suho blushed and lightly smacked Kris’ chest. “Do you always have to be so cheesy?”
“For you, yes.” Kris leaned down and pecked Suho’s nose. “Now you ready to do this or what?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, just let me get used to the altitude.” Suho chanced a glance around him and clung tightly to Kris.
Kris chuckled, feeling Suho shiver against him. “Cold?”
“A bit since my ass is hanging out in the frigid air now but I didn’t realize we were so high.”
“Well we have to be out of sight of people on the ground and any aircraft in the area. The clouds won’t be able to hide us forever so we have to do this quick.”
Suho frowned. “Fine, fine, fine, totally ruining what should be a romantic moment.”
Kris arched a brow. “This is suppose to be romantic? Us naked in the sky getting ready to fuck?”
Suho smacked Kris’ chest. “Keep that up and this isn’t going to happen.”
“Yeah right, like you’re going to give up this perfect opportunity. Everyone’s out and won’t be back for a while. After we do it out here, we can go back and do it in the nice hot bath I’m going to draw for us and then on our bed with the nice fluffy comforter I just bought for us.”
Suho flushed red, burying his face into Kris’ neck. “Oh right…there was that.”
Kris leaned down, burying his head into Suho’s hair and sniffing. “So you wanna prep yourself or…”
“I-I can do it.” Suho reached down behind him and pulling a bit of moisture from the air, ran his wet finger around his hole before slowly pushing a finger in. He slowly pushed it in and out and when he felt ready, he slipped a second inside. Soon a third finger was added, stretching his hole.
Kris moved his hand to trace around Suho’s hole. He slipped his finger in alongside Suho’s three fingers, pulling a choked gasp from the boy.
“Shh…we need to make sure you’re well prepped especially since this is going to be a quickie.” Kris slowly moved his finger in and out, not matching Suho’s pace so at least one finger always remained inside.
Kris grinned. “Well that was fast.” He leaned down, pecking Suho’s lips as he let his fingers fall away.
He reached for his length, tugging on it a few times before positioning it at Suho’s entrance.
“Hold on to me.”
Suho wrapped himself around Kris, holding on tight. Kris slowly pushed the tip in, feeling Suho slowly sucking him in. Soon, he was fully in and breathing heavily. Suho slowly wiggled his hips then nodded his head.
Kris braced his hands on Suho’s ass as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He slowly picked up the pace as Suho’s moans increased. Soon, Kris’ hips were creating a harsh, fast pace as he pounded into Suho.
Suho buried his head in Kris’ neck, his teeth coming out to bite at his neck.
Kris growled and pounded harder into Suho.
“Oh gawd…Kris…Kris…”
“I know, I feel it, babe. Just a bit more.” Kris moved faster, the sound of skin slapping together loud to both their ears.
“Yes, yes, Kris…I’m so close.” Suho’s hands clung tightly as he felt his orgasm nearing.
Kris moved one hand to grabbed at Suho’s length pressed between their bodies. A few strokes and Suho came between them.
Kris felt Suho tighten and came a few moments later, spilling inside him. Kris wrapped his arms tightly around Suho, feeling him relax in his embrace. He started to head back to their dorm, moving slowly as to not jostle Suho who had drifted off to sleep.
Kris gently stepped onto their balcony, carrying Suho straight into their bathroom. He gently set him down on the chair as he set to work, filling the tub.
Suho fluttered his eyes, opening them to see Kris bent over the bathtub. He slowly pulled his body up only to flop himself onto Kris’s body. Only Kris’ fast reflex stopped them from falling straight into the tub.
“I wanna sleep.” Suho nuzzled his head into Kris’ back.
“You can relax in the tub while I wash you and if I get a little frisky…”
“No funny business mister. I’m sore from the sky sex.” Suho pouted as he slipped off Kris’ body.
“You know you can’t resist my dick.” Kris grinned, pointing to his half hard cock.
“Not now, babe. Carry me.” Suho held out his arms.
Kris chuckled and reached down to pull Suho into his arms. He walked over to the tub and carefully slipped inside, positioning Suho between his legs. Suho leaned back and rested his head on Kris’ shoulder.
“Mmm…this feels nice.”
“And it’s about to get even better.” Kris gently nibbled on Suho’s ear as his hand reached down and around for Suho’s length.
“Kris, Kris! I said no…no…oh gawd, that’s good.”
Kris grinned, pecking Suho’s cheek. “I knew you couldn’t resist me.”
Suho wiggled, almost splashing the water out of the tub. “Just shut up and kiss me.”
“My pleasure.” Kris leaned down, capturing Suho’s lips in a heated kiss.

A/N: quick pwp because I can. Written while waiting for the Melon Awards :D
Tags: kris/suho, one shot, r/nc-17

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