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Title: 2 Tease
Pairing: Kris/Baekhyun/Suho
Word Count: 2392
Summary: What Baekhyun wants, Baekhyun gets - PWP
Warning: genderswitch (2 girls 1 guy), threesome

Baekhyun smiled as she opened the door. “Come in, come in.”
Suho smiled brightly as she stepped inside, toeing off her shoes. “Eager, aren’t we?”
Baekhyun grinned widely. “Yes and because we don’t have much time.”
Suho arched a brow.
“Kris doesn’t know about this so we gotta trap him before he can leave.”
Suho laughed as she allowed Baekhyun to drag her into her bedroom. “You’re sneaky.”
“Yes but you enjoy it.”
“I sure do.” Suho allowed her gaze to roam over Baekhyun’s body clad in only what could be called a negligee. The see-through material skimmed over her curves teasing a person to push it aside and feel the body beneath. Suho let her hand move to do just that.
Baekhyun turned with a teasing glint in her eye. “Someone’s feeling naughty.”
Suho laughed and placed a kiss on her nose. “You expect a person to keep their hands to themselves when you’re dressed like that.”
“Nope, not at all. But come here. You’re too overdressed.”
“What are you talking about?” Suho indicated to her white sundress.
“It’s cute and you look beautiful in it but,” Baekhyun reached for the zipper in the back, slowly pulling it down.
“Please don’t say something cheesy. Kris already rubs off on you enough.”
Baekhyun smiled. “You have no idea how right you are.”
Suho made a face. Baekhyun laughed and dropped a kiss to Suho’s collarbone. Suho whined and pushed Baekhyun away.
Baekhyun frowned but allowed Suho to push her onto the bed. She quickly flipped them over, straddling Suho’s waist as she slowly pulled the dress off Suho’s body, revealing her white lacey bra and panties beneath. She quickly slipped her hand between Suho’s thighs and grinned feeling the wetness there.
Suho flushed red. “What? You look really good in that negligee.”
“I know, that’s why I wore it. Do you want me to take it off now or later?”
“Later.” Suho smiled as she dragged Baekhyun down for a kiss.

Kris opened Baekhyun’s front door and slipped off his shoes. He glanced around but found his girlfriend nowhere in sight. “Baekhyun?”
He wandered into the apartment and found everything as it should be minus his girlfriend. He turned and noticed the bedroom door closed. He quietly made his way over and opened it.
His cock instantly hardened seeing his girlfriend dressed in sexy negligee, straddling and making out with another girl in white.
Baekhyun lifted her head and Kris’ eyes widened, seeing Suho beneath her, face flushed.
“Oh hey, sweetie. Welcome home.” Her eyes narrowed in on his pants. “Like what you see?”
Kris found it hard to form words.
Baekhyun held out her hand. “Come join us. You remember Suho right?”
Suho smiled as she gave a little wave.
Kris swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked at his girlfriend and Suho in such an intimate position. Before he could run away, Baekhyun had gotten off the bed and taken a tight grip on his wrist.
“Come, Kris. Take a seat on the bed and relax.” Baekhyun smiled sweetly at him as she gently pushed him on the bed. Suho moved over to give Kris space but as soon as he was seated, she cuddled up to his side. He tried hard not to touch anything but that proved to be a problem when Baekhyun made herself comfortable on his lap.
“Now where were we?”
“Right here.” Suho smiled as she pulled Baekhyun back to her. She slipped her tongue inside Baekhyun’s open mouth, running a hand down her body as her other hand cupped the back of her neck. She made sure she “accidentally” ran a hand over Kris’ chest, feeling him jerk next to her.
Baekhyun pulled away with a pout. “Sweetie, don’t be so jumpy.”
She leaned in a placed a kiss on his cheek. Suho leaned in and placed a kiss on his other cheek.
Kris turned to stare at her in shock. Suho winked. “What? Why do you look so surprised? You’re very attractive.”
“Yes he is.” Baekhyun grinned as she began unbuttoning his shirt. “Come help me and let us show him how attractive he really is.”
Kris looked up at the ceiling, trying to keep a hold on his emotions. He could feel Baekhyun’s confident touches and Suho’s teasing brushes as they slowly undressed him. His shirt was pulled aside and someone brushed their lips across his nipples, pulling a little gasp from him. He heard his belt being unbuckled and his pants unzipped.
It was a mistake but he looked as Baekhyun pulled out his cock and teasingly licked the tip. He groaned and tangled a hand in her hair, holding her right above him. At the same time, Suho leaned into his side, her breasts practically mashed up against his arm, as she mouthed at his neck.
Baekhyun grinned before taking his entire length into her mouth. Kris moaned and grabbed Baekhyun’s head, hands tangling themselves in her hair. He heard a disgruntled sound and turned his head to find his lips covered by Suho’s. At the same time, one of his hands was removed and placed between Suho’s thighs.
Kris gasped, feeling the wetness there.
Suho grinned as she pulled away. “You know, it’s okay to touch me and not just Baekhyun. We’re here for your pleasure.”
Baekhyun pulled off Kris’ length to nod her head. “Yep. I’ve seen the way you look at Suho and I know how she looks at you and me so I thought this would be fun for all of us. So relax, sweetie and we’ll take good care of you.”
“Yes we will but if you don’t want us to…well, we can take care of ourselves.” Suho moved away, moving closer to Baekhyun and pulling her into her lap for a heated kiss. Her hand ran up Baekhyun’s thigh and under her negligee. She pulled back and smiled at Baekhyun.
“I think it’s time we lost this, isn’t it?”
“Same with this.”
Their hands tangled as they removed their clothing.
Kris could only stare as he watched the two made out in front of him. He lost track of hands as they roamed over each other’s body. His cock felt like it was going to explode as he watched the scene in front of him. He must have made a noise since the two broke out of their embrace to grin at him.
“Ready to play?”
Kris moved so quickly the two girls had no idea what hit them when Suho felt Kris’ fingers buried in her and Baekhyun’s mouth was covered by Kris’.
Suho moaned and wriggled her hips as Kris teased her entrance. Baekhyun whined and clung to Kris, allowing him to do as he wished. Her legs opened to accommodate him between.
“Kris…” Baekhyun whined and wiggled her hips as Kris trailed his lips over her cheek, down her neck, over her chest and stomach before stopping just at her entrance. She shivered in anticipation, feeling his breath but gaped when he quickly pressed his face between Suho’s thighs.
Suho gasped and clutched at Kris’ head as his tongue laved at her entrance. Baekhyun sat up and watched her boyfriend eat out her friend. She felt herself get even wetter and pouted, sad at being left out of the action. She leaned down and claimed Suho’s lips for another kiss. Her hand reached out and gently kneaded Suho’s breasts.
Suho whined and moved her hips but Kris’ arms on her hips stopped her movements. She took one hand off Kris’ head and moved it to between Baekhyun’s thighs.
Baekhyun gasped and spread her legs wider as Suho teasing moved her finger over her entrance. “Suho…don’t tease…”
“Then come here.” Suho smirked as she gently guided Baekhyun to straddle her face. She leaned up her head and licked her entrance from top to bottom.
Baekhyun gasped and sank down further. She would’ve braced her hands on something but Suho stopped what she was doing and stared at her.
“Touch yourself, Baekhyun. Touch yourself.”
Baekhyun kept her eyes on Suho as one hand moved to cup her breast as the other moved down to touch that one spot. Suho smiled and gently licked Baekhyun’s entrance as Baekhyun touched herself.
Kris pulled away and stared at the two. He sat up and reached around Baekhyun to cup her breasts.
Baekhyun gasped and fell back against Kris.
Suho frowned as Baekhyun moved away. She carefully crawled out from under her and pressed herself against Baekhyun. Her head came down and she fastened her lips against Baekhyun’s neck.
Baekhyun gasped and tried to move away but she was trapped between Kris and Suho’s body. Her hands settled themselves around Suho’s waist and Kris leaned down and gently rubbed his erection between her legs. Baekhyun wiggled her hips, pushing back into Kris.
Kris chuckled and gently pulled Baekhyun out of Suho’s grasp. Suho frowned and would’ve moved back towards Baekhyun but he shook his head. She jutted her bottom lip out further but conceded, moving back to give them room.
Baekhyun looked at her confused and turned to Kris to have her lips covered.
Kris reached out towards the nightstand and grabbed a condom. “Bend over, Baekhyun baby.”
Baekhyun got on her hands and knees, giving Kris a splendid view of where he wanted to be. He slipped the condom on and placing his hands on her waist, slipped inside.
Baekhyun moaned and pushed back against Kris.
Suho smiled and moved to touch herself but Baekhyun’s voice stopped her.
“Come…here, Suho.”
Suho carefully moved over.
“Lie down and spread your legs for me.” Baekhyun gave a little moan as Kris gently thrust in and out.
Suho spread her legs, giving Baekhyun a nice view of her entrance. Baekhyun smiled and dipped her head down, tongue coming out to lick at Suho.
Suho gasped and tangled her hands in Baekhyun’s hair.
Kris grinned and experimentally thrust in hard. He pushed Baekhyun further into Suho, her tongue slipping into her entrance. Suho gasped and wiggled her hips.
Baekhyun lifted her head and tried to glare at Kris. He gave her a cheeky smile and a rough thrust, pulling a gasp from her.
Suho frowned and moved Baekhyun’s head back to where it had been. Baekhyun gripped Suho’s wrist and allowed her tongue to lick her. At the same time, she moved her hips back, meeting Kris thrust for thrust. In no time, she could feel her orgasm nearing.
Baekhyun moved erratically, trying to chase her orgasm. Her hips moved frantically as her tongue moved faster and faster.
Suho’s grip tightened as she felt her orgasm nearing.
Kris groaned, feeling the tightness that was Baekhyun and reached a hand under her body to tease her entrance. Just one touch and Baekhyun was coming with a scream, falling limp to the bed.
Kris thrust a few more times, feeling her walls clench around him before pulling out. He gently moved Baekhyun so she could rest comfortably but Baekhyun would have none of that. She gently moved herself so her back was resting against the headboard and stared at the two of them.
“I want to watch you fuck her, Kris. She’s so close. I want to watch you both come when you’re inside her.”
Kris stared before slowly smiling. He pressed a kiss to her forehead before turning to Suho lying on the bed with a lazy smile.
“Come here.” Her hand reached up and pulled Kris’ head down for a kiss. Her legs came up around his waist, wrapping around them and putting her entrance right above his erection.
He slowly slid inside and groaned. Suho felt different from Baekhyun but it was a good different. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in.
“Mmm…but I know you can do better.” Suho smiled up at him. “I actually like it a little rough so give me your best shot.”
She winked and tightened her hold around him.
Kris raised an eyebrow and caught Baekhyun’s encouraging movements. He braced his weight on his arms, pulled out and thrust back in hard.
“Yes! That’s it. Just like that.”
Kris roughly fucked Suho, encouraged by her moans and Baekhyun’s gentle praises. He lifted his head to see Baekhyun lazily touching herself. He groaned and thrust harder into Suho.
Suho’s nails dug into his arms as she felt her orgasm nearing.
“Oh gawd…yes, yes…just-just a bit more…”
Baekhyun moved her tired body over and tipping Kris’ face to hers for a kiss, her hands reached out and pinched Suho’s nipples.
Suho screamed and came.
Kris gasped but kept fucking her as he felt his orgasm nearing. Baekhyun’s hand ran over his back and gripped his ass tightly, pushing him deeper into Suho and pulling his orgasm from him. He pulled out and rolled to the side, arm coming over his head as he tried to control his breathing. His hands reached down to remove the condom. He tied it and went over to toss it in the trashcan. He turned back to see Suho cuddling into Baekhyun’s side.
Baekhyun indicated to her other side. “Come here and cuddle.”
Kris gave a sleepy smile as he lay down next to Baekhyun.
Baekhyun wiggled her body back into Kris’ giant frame, pulling Suho with her. One arm was wrapped protectively over Suho’s waist as she tangled her legs between his. She grabbed one of Kris’ arms and wrapped it around her and Suho.
Suho was already asleep as Baekhyun placed a kiss on her cheek. She turned her head and pecked Kris’ lips.
“That was good…maybe we can do it some other time?”
Baekhyun smiled. “Good. But I should warn you. When you’re not around, I might be fooling around with Suho so don’t be surprised if you come home to find us a bit…intimate.”
Kris coughed. “Uh…um…sure…?”
“And feel free to get intimate with Suho as long as it’s only Suho. Both of you are mine now.”
“Sure, baby. Now get some sleep. If I know you, and I do, you’re going to want another round when you wake up.”
“You mean right now?”
Two shocked faces stared at Suho’s brightly grinning one. She slipped a hand between Baekhyun’s thighs as her head leaned down to capture Kris’ lips in a kiss.

A/N: OH DEAR GAWD WHAT HAVE I DONE? This idea has been in my head for a while now and just had to get out but like WHAT HAVE I DONE? This is like my first genderswitch threesome. And for a totally random pairing TT_TT I can’t even… OTL
Tags: kris/baekhyun/suho, r/nc-17

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