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Title: Handcuffed
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 3259
Summary: Prince Luhan finds himself handcuffed and locked in a dungeon. Is this to be his fate or is there something else in store for him?
A/N: inspired by this

Luhan looked towards the ground with a haughty expression on his face. He refused to look his captor in the eyes as handcuffs were placed around his wrist. His arms were lifted and chained against the wall.
“There, all comfortable.”
Luhan refused to say anything, keeping his eyes averted.
“Still won’t talk, huh? Well no matter, maybe some time spent in the dungeon will change your mind.”
Luhan kept silent.
“But before I go, how about a little parting gift?”
Luhan resisted the hand gripping his chin but the hold tightened and he found his head turned to stare directly into his captor’s face.
His captor smirked before placing a hard brief kiss to his lips.
Luhan made a face of disgust before turning away.
His captor laughed. “You’re cute trying to resist. Have fun during your stay.”
He smiled with one last look before climbing up the stairs and exiting the room, leaving Luhan in the dark, silent dungeon.
Luhan glanced around, trying to find some way out. He glanced at his handcuffs and the chain, trying to find a weak spot but nothing. The chain and cuffs were solid.
He took in his surroundings, noticing the slight chill and damp musky odor of the place. He grimaced and resigned himself to his fate.
He knew better than to leave the castle without his guard but he had to get away. He had to get out.
His parents had betrothed him to some prince at some nearby kingdom that he had never even met. He couldn’t be pushed into marriage and had wanted out. He would’ve made it to his secret cottage if his captor hadn’t caught him. And he had no idea why he’d been caught either.
Luhan frowned and sighed. He tried to get comfortable but trying to sleep standing up was difficult and he didn’t want to lean against the wall and get his clothes dirty. He hoped someone would notice him missing and come after him but maybe not. He was known to slip away when he wanted but typically his guard was with him but not this time.
Luhan grumbled and stomped his foot, allowing for a little temper tantrum. After his little fit passed, he closed his eyes and tried to forget about his situation.

Luhan hadn’t realized he had fallen asleep when he heard the dungeon door creep open. Light flooded in and his captor stood illuminated in the doorway.
“Hello, my princess, did you enjoy your stay in the dungeon?”
Luhan turned his head away, refusing to speak.
“Aww, come now, princess, don’t be so mean. How about to be fair, I’ll let you stay in a more comfortable room?”
Again, Luhan kept his silence. He heard footsteps descending the stairs and walking towards him.
“Look at me.”
Luhan turned his head further away.
“I said look at me.”
Luhan’s head was turned roughly towards his captor. He found himself staring into deep brown eyes. His eyes raked over his captor’s face, taking in the features that he had to grudgingly admit were handsome.
“What do you want with me?”
His captor flinched before composing himself, a smirk crossing his face. “Oh many things…but the first, I want you to cooperate with me.”
“Hmph, how can I when you kidnapped me for no reason?”
“Oh, I have my reasons.”
Luhan huffed and turned his head away.
“Nuh uh uh, none of that now.” Luhan’s head was forced back to face his captor. “Now, would you like to cooperate and move to a better room or stay down in the dungeon for another night?”
Luhan scoffed. “I’m your prisoner. My opinion does not matter.”
“Actually, your opinion matters a lot but if you have no opinion on this, then I’ll make the decision for you.” His captor leaned over and unhooked his handcuffs from the chain. He kept a firm grip on his cuffed wrists and led him out of the dungeon.
Luhan took a glance at his captor’s home and gaped. Everywhere he looked, he saw signs of luxury. It made him wonder about his captor.
“And here is your room.” His captor gave a small smile as he opened up a door.
Luhan’s mouth dropped looking at the place he would be staying at. “H-H-How…are you a stalker?”
His captor smirked. “Not at all. I hope you enjoy your new surroundings. You’ll be here for a while.”
“Wh-what?” Luhan barely noticed when his handcuffs were removed but he watched as the door was closed and locked. It took him a moment before he ran to the door and pounded on it. “You can’t keep me locked up in here. What are you going to do to me? You can’t keep me a prisoner.”
It was useless and soon, he grew tired. He turned away from the door and looked at the room. He frowned, noticing nothing was out of place except for a mannequin standing in the corner. He walked over and picked at the fabric. He studied it and dropped it in shock.
He rushed back over to the door. “You can’t do this. You can’t force me to marry you.”
Luhan pounded on the door until it opened back up, revealing his captor. He started pounding on his chest, anger and frustration putting some strength behind it.
His captor stood there and accepted it, seemingly waiting.
Soon, Luhan grew tired and his captor gently grabbed his wrists, holding them in one hand. His other hand tipped his face up so he could stare into those brown eyes again.
“Listen to me, and listen carefully. You will marry me as I am your betrothed.”
Luhan’s eyes widened. He opened his mouth but nothing came out.
“Now, you will go get a good night’s rest and tomorrow, we’ll be married.”
“You-you…how…I –“
His captor chuckled. “Let me help you there.”
His captor leaned his head down and before Luhan could move away, his mouth was covered. He kept his eyes opened as his captor continued to kiss him. His mouth fell open on its own when his captor’s tongue gently swiped his bottom lip.
Luhan moaned, closing his eyes, and attempted to press closer to his captor.
His captor pulled away and stared down at Luhan. A small smile lifted the corner of his lips before he dropped a quick peck to Luhan’s lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow, princess. Get a good night’s rest. You won’t be sleeping much tomorrow.”
Luhan gasped, feeling slightly scandalized.
His captor grinned and left the room, remembering to lock the door.
Luhan flushed red in anger and threw a little temper tantrum. He stomped around the room, walking towards the bathroom and drew himself a bath. He bathed before changing into his pajamas and climbing into the huge king sized bed.
He pulled the covers tight around him and closed his eyes. He was asleep in a few minutes.

Luhan woke up to the sound of footsteps and bright sunlight.
“Wake up, Prince Luhan. We have to get you ready for your wedding today.”
He sat up and sleepily rubbed at his eyes. As the words sank in, Luhan scowled.
“Come now, Prince Luhan. You need to get ready.”
The covers were thrown back and Luhan found himself not so gently pushed off the bed.
He turned to growl at the person to find his old nanny grinning at him. He sighed and allowed the servants to do as they wished.
Luhan found himself being pampered and styled before dressing in his wedding suit.
“Now, now, Prince Luhan, you should be happy. You’re marrying a very fine young man today.”
“But XingXing, I don’t want to marry someone my parents chose for me.”
“Oh, Lulu, you know this boy. You used to play together when you were young.”
“What?!!?? Who is this person? I don’t remember meeting him ever.”
XingXing, his nanny, smiled and chuckled. “It was a long time ago but don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll refresh your memory. Now come alone, put a smile on your face and we’ll take you down to the great hall for the ceremony.”
Luhan pouted. “XingXing~!”
XingXing smiled and dropped a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t worry, Lulu. I know you’ll be happy. Now come along.” He gently pushed him out the door where some servants were waiting to escort him.
He was led down the stairs towards the entrance to what he assumed was the great hall. A bouquet of white roses was handed to him before the doors opened.

Luhan smiled and kept up a pleasant façade as people congratulated him and his new husband Sehun. He spent most of the time in a fog of his thoughts, wondering where he could’ve met him before and what their history was.
Sehun noticed his husband’s absentmindedness and chuckled, covering for him whenever needed. He kept a possessive hand on the small of his back, leading him around until it was acceptable for them to slip away.
Sehun kept a firm grip on Luhan’s wrist as he led him through the halls back up to Luhan’s room. He shut the door and quickly backed Luhan up against it, lips coming down to claim his.
“S-S-Sehun…s-stop…we-we need to talk.”
“Talk after. I’ll tell you anything you want just let me have you now.” Sehun trailed his lips across Luhan’s cheeks and down his neck to settle on the juncture between neck and shoulder.
Luhan moaned and clung to Sehun, tilting his head to give him better access. He felt hands run up his sides, reaching under his shirt.
Sehun pulled away and stared down at Luhan’s flushed face. He silently began removing his clothes, dropping little pecks to Luhan’s lips.
Soon the two of them stood naked before each other.
Luhan couldn’t stop the blush from spreading across his face. Sehun had a really nice body. His hand reached out to gently touch his chest. He stared in amazement as he ran his hands over Sehun’s body. He noticed him shiver and looked up to see Sehun staring down at him.
He shivered under his intense stare and allowed Sehun to bring their bodies together. His blush spread, feeling their bodies pressed so close together.
“Let’s move to the bed, yes?”
Luhan shyly nodded his head.
Sehun smiled as he bent over and picked Luhan up.
Luhan let out a small squeal and flung his arms around Sehun’s neck.
Sehun carried him over to the bed where he gently laid him down. His lips came over his, kissing him before slowly trailing down his body.
Luhan squirmed but didn’t stop him. He gasped when he felt a feather light touch over his cock. He wiggled his hips as Sehun took a firm grip and slowly stroked him.
Sehun grinned as he stared at Luhan. He leaned over and dropped a brief kiss to the tip before climbing on top of him. He pressed a gentle kiss to Luhan’s lips.
“As much as I would like to savor you this first time, I don’t think I can wait.”
“I promise I’ll be gentle.” He reached over for the small jar on the nightstand and dipped his fingers inside. His other hand reached for Luhan’s length, gently stroking him. His now slick fingers moved towards Luhan’s entrance, slowly circling around before slipping inside.
Luhan’s hand clenched at Sehun’s arms as he tried to adjust to the intrusion. Sehun gently kissed his cheeks and eyelids, doing whatever he could to get Luhan to relax and forget about the pain.
Sehun gently moved his finger in and out until he felt Luhan relax. He slipped another finger in and stretched Luhan. When he felt he was ready, he slipped them out and positioned his length.
“I love you, Luhan, even if you don’t love me yet. I know you will. Now relax, this may hurt a bit.”
Luhan looked up at Sehun with bleary eyes. He gasped, feeling something far larger try and squeeze into a too small opening. “S-S-Sehun…”
“Shh, princess, it’ll be alright. Trust me.”
Luhan’s knuckles turned white as he held on tightly to Sehun. He tried to relax and even his breathing as Sehun pushed further in. Tears slowly fell from his eyes that Sehun kissed away.
“It’s alright, it’s okay, princess. Just trust me, the pain will go away soon.”
Luhan shut his eyes tightly and willed his body to relax. When Sehun was seated fully inside him, Sehun leaned down and gently kissed Luhan. He coaxed his tongue to come out and play as he waited for Luhan to adjust. When he felt the subtle hip movements, Sehun pulled back and smiled.
“Hold on tight.”
Luhan clung tightly to Sehun as he slowly fucked him.
The sounds of their moans filled the room as Sehun gently fucked Luhan. He wanted to increase the pace but didn’t think Luhan would be able to handle it.
“S-S-Sehun…you-you can-can move f-f-faster…please…I-I need”
Sehun looked down at Luhan’s face and gently pecked his lips. “I suggest you hold on to the headboard then.”
Luhan looked at Sehun confused but obliged. As soon as Luhan’s hands wrapped around the posts, Sehun pulled back and thrust in hard.
Luhan gasped and arched his back as Sehun repeatedly thrust into him. “Yes, yes, yes!”
Luhan dragged Sehun’s head down to his to kiss him fiercely as he felt his orgasm nearing. White flashed behind his eyes as he came between their stomachs.
Sehun came not a few moments later. He collapsed on top of Luhan before remembering he might be crushing him and rolling to the side. He pulled Luhan into his embrace, nuzzling his head into his shoulder.
Luhan rolled over so he was facing Sehun. “Now that we got that out of the way, talk. Tell me our history and why you did that to me.”
Sehun sighed and leaned back from Luhan, prompting his head on his arm. “We met years ago when you were about 8 and I was 5. Our parents had gotten together for a meeting and we were out in the garden playing together. I saw you and instantly fell in love so when I was old enough, I asked our parents to betroth us. Thankfully, they thought it was good idea so now here we are.”
“Okay…now explain why you kidnapped me and put me in the dungeon.”
“Well…uh…” Sehun flushed, “I uh…I’d been keeping tabs on you thanks to my friend, Jongin who’s your guard and he told me about how you reacted to the news and that you were planning on running away. So I uh…went to get you before you went too far because no way was I going to lose you. And well the uh…dungeon part…that kind of was an impulse thing and I didn’t feel happy about doing it but you just…you were so haughty and royal and I wanted to do something to shake you up. Not that it really worked, actually I think you seeing your room shook you up even more. And no I’m not a stalker though I mean I did keep tabs on you because I wanted to know how you were doing and things like that. I didn’t think you’d forget me so easily since we bonded so well when we were children but then you didn’t remember and that really hurt and I…I’m rambling…”
Sehun turned an even brighter red before burying his face into his pillow.
Luhan stared at him, trying to process everything that had just happened. He coughed, trying to break up the awkward tension. “Um…oh okay…”
Sehun looked at Luhan for a moment before giving a loud sigh. “I’m sorry for everything but I-I really do love you and just wanted us to be married and I’m going to try hard to get you to love me back and I’m sorry and I know you probably don’t want to hear this but I think you’re the best and like I really enjoy sex with you and – mmph”
Luhan leaned over and sealed Sehun’s lips with his. “You ramble when you’re nervous, don’t you?”
Sehun nodded his head.
“Well I may not love you yet, but I’m starting to fall for you and your kisses.” Luhan shyly smiled at him.
Sehun beamed at him. “Well then, I guess I’ll just have to kiss you until you can’t think of anything but me.”
“Oh but I already do…” Luhan mumbled as he pulled Sehun towards him for kisses.
“Then you should love me. You said you loved me before and you’ll love me again.” Sehun pouted.
Luhan gasped. “Now I remember you. You would pout at me when I didn’t reply to your love confessions. You were so cute and we were too young.”
Sehun stuck his bottom lip out even further. “Lulu~!”
Luhan chuckled before nuzzling his head into Sehun’s shoulder. “And you called me that too. Now I remember…but refresh my memory.”
“Lulu~!” Sehun’s bottom lip had basically eaten his top lip in a very unattractive pout.
Luhan started chuckling that turned into laughter. “Oh Hunnie, you’re so cute.”
He reached out and squished his cheeks together, pursing Sehun’s lips. He leaned down and dropped a playful kiss on his lips. “Oh Hunnie, I do love you.”
Sehun sat up and crossed his arms. “Oh yeah, how do I believe you?”
“Well…since you took the liberty of taking all my stuff, I’m surprised you didn’t look through them. There’s a special box with your name on it.”
Sehun scrambled out of bed and started heading for the shelf. He found the box and quickly opened it up. “This-this is all my stuff I thought I’d lost. How did you get it?”
He narrowed his eyes at Luhan smiling from his perch on the bed.
“Your brother was kind enough to send me stuff throughout the years.”
Sehun’s jaw dropped. “You kept in touch with my brother but not me?”
“Well yes, we’re closer in age and we got along well.”
“But what about me?” Sehun’s bottom lip stuck out again.
Luhan chuckled as he stood up and walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around his waist and rested his head on his chest. “You were a kid. How was I supposed to fall in love with a kid?”
“But I loved you then and still love you now. But you know you love me or else why would you keep all this stuff?”
“Yes, I love you but I had to make sure you weren’t a kid anymore.”
Sehun looked at Luhan with wide eyes. “Wait…so that whole act in the dungeon was fake?”
“No, it was real. I hadn’t seen you for years even if your brother was sending me your stuff but never a picture of you.”
Sehun pouted. “This is all very confusing. Can we go back to bed and sleep? I’m really tired.”
Luhan chuckled. “Sure. Just carry me back.”
He pouted and held out his arms.
Sehun rolled his eyes but obliged, picking Luhan up like he weighed nothing and carried him to the bed.
Luhan smiled and snuggled close to Sehun when he lay down beside him. “I love you, Hunnie.”
“And I love you too, Lulu. Tomorrow we’re sort of this mess we got ourselves into, but for now, just sleep.”
“Yes, Hunnie.” Luhan smiled, giving him a goodnight kiss before going to sleep.
Sehun smiled and curled around Luhan, drifting off to sleep as well.

A/N: um…yeah…I don’t know what happened to this. Started out one way and ended up like this…kind of a giant mess at the end XD but yeah…not going to sort it out now XD so take it as is and yeah :P
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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