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Fic for aimaw

Title: The Captain and the Manager
Pairing: Kyumin
Word Count: 2658
Summary: Lee Sungmin, the captain of the football team, doesn't work well with Cho Kyuhyun, the manager of the football team. But these two must work together for the sake of the team. Lots of heated discussions and heated feelings abound between the two~ and it'll all come to a head when someone finally takes that step.

For aimaw :) Hope you enjoy~

Kyuhyun looked at the team roster again. He let out a heavy sigh as he looked at the name circled in red. “What a way to start the school year…”
He turned when he heard the door open and found the product of his heavy sigh staring at him with a glare.
“Good morning.”
Sungmin huffed and turned away, putting his equipment into his locker. “Would be better if I didn’t have to meet with you so early in the morning.”
Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “Can we just make this quick and painless?”
“I can guarantee the quick but not the painless.”
Kyuhyun frowned. “Whatever, let’s just get started.”
The next few minutes were spent quickly discussing the upcoming season of football with only the two agreeing on when practices would be. Other than that, nothing else was finalized.
Sungmin frowned. “I’ll give you my notes on what I want to happen for the team. Look it over and let me know when we’ll implement them.”
“Uh no. I’ll look it over and compare it to my plan then we’ll see what we’ll implement to the team.”
Sungmin rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’m going to late for class. I’ll see you at practice later.”
He walked off with a wave of his hand.
Kyuhyun frowned and rubbed his eyes. It was definitely going to be a long school year.

Kyuhyun arrived at the field to see most of the team members already stretching and warming up. Some newcomers were standing near the side of the field, looking scared and frightened. He made his way over and greeted them. “Hello, don’t be nervous. Go stretch and warm up and the captain will be here soon.”
As soon as the words left his mouth, Sungmin came jogging onto the field. He scowled before turning back to his clipboard and notes, taking a seat on the bench.
Sungmin lead the team through their warm-ups before gathering them around for a practice match.
Kyuhyun watched and took notes, allowing Sungmin to do his things. He had received his notes earlier and had reviewed them, noting which things would and would not work for the team this year. As soon as practice was over, the two were going to discuss them.

Sungmin was getting dressed when Kyuhyun walked in. He glanced at him before looking away. “What?”
“We need to discuss your notes.”
“Yeah? What about?”
“Some of them will work and some will not.”
“Oh really?” Sungmin narrowed his eyes as he looked at Kyuhyun.
“Yeah. Here, I made comments. You can look it over and we’ll discuss it later.”
“Oh yeah? Well here’s what I think of your notes.” He took the paper and tore it in half.
Kyuhyun stared as he watched the paper float to the floor. “Was that really necessary?”
“Yes it was. I’m captain of this team so anything I say goes.”
“Well I am manager of this team so my word goes above yours.”
“Yeah right, when did a manager hold more authority than a captain?”
“Well you can captain the rest of the team but I manage all of you. I know what plays will and won’t work out on the field.”
Sungmin scoffed. “How would you know what works if you don’t even go out on there?”
“A thing called observation which is easier done from a distance than up close and personal like you.”
“Oh really? Well how about at our first game, I’ll call all the plays the first half and you’ll call all the plays the second half. Whoever gets more points will win, showing they have more authority over the team.” Sungmin stuck out his hand. “Do we have a deal?”
“Yeah.” Kyuhyun shook his hand.

The game was tied in the first half of the game. Sungmin had a smug grin on his face when he caught Kyuhyun’s eye. He said nothing as he coolly called out the play for the next half.
Sungmin grit his teeth when he looked at the scoreboard at the end of game. They had more than doubled their points and beaten the other team. He clenched his fists before relaxing as he accepted congratulatory hugs and pats from the team. He caught Kyuhyun’s eye and thought he saw a smug smirk on his face but when he blinked, it was gone.

The next few weeks, the team worked hard at praciting. Sungmin grudgingly admitted in his head that Kyuhyun was a good manager and knew what he was doing. There was no way he’d tell this to him as he disliked the guy enough already. He didn’t want to make his life insufferable if Kyuhyun knew he liked his skills.

Kyuhyun watched the team practice, making notes here and there. Most had improved over the weeks and were doing well. He noticed something was a bit off with Sungmin though. He made a note to discuss it with him later.

The team had all showered and dressed, leaving Sungmin alone in the locker room. He had stayed behind to help clean up and answer some questions some of the members had. He rubbed his shoulders, trying to work out the knot in them.
A hand came up to rub at his shoulders and he turned around shocked to see Kyuhyun standing there.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“You’re really tense. What’s the matter? Something stressing you out?”
“No, it’s nothing. What are you doing in here?”
Kyuhyun frowned. “I wanted to talk to you. I noticed you were a little off today at practice.”
“Yeah, so? That doesn’t really affect how I play.”
“Not if it happens once in a while to someone else but not you. You’re always in top form to practice and play football. So tell me what’s bothering you now.”
“You. You’re what’s bothering me.” Sungmin frowned and shoved Kyuhyun away before stalking into the showers.
Kyuhyun frowned but left him alone. He made sure to hang a towel by his shower stall as he had forgotten one when he walked in.

“Alright, you’ve been avoiding me and it’s getting annoying now. So tell me what’s wrong?” Kyuhyun frowned at Sungmin trapped against the wall.
“Who gave you the right –“
“You wouldn’t talk to me any other way. Now talk. Tell me why you’re avoiding me.” Kyuhyun pressed his lower half into Sungmin’s to stop him from wiggling around, his grip tightened around his wrists.
Sungmin glared at Kyuhyun. He tried to wiggle free but Kyuhyun was surprisingly strong and he was tired from their game. He just wanted to shower and go home but someone just wasn’t letting him do what he wanted, like always. “Let me go.”
“No, if you won’t talk, I’ll…” Kyuhyun looked a bit uncertain as he trailed off.
“You’ll what?”
“I’ll-I’ll-“ Kyuhyun leaned his head down and captured Sungmin’s lips in a kiss.
Sungmin kept his lips shut but under the gentle coaxing of Kyuhyun’s lips, his mouth fell open and he allowed Kyuhyun’s tongue to slip inside. A small moan slipped out which caused Sungmin to straighten his back and push even harder against Kyuhyun. He was able to push him away but he stood there staring down at Kyuhyun’s disbelieving face as he breathed heavily. He quickly turned around and ran out, grabbing his stuff, not caring that he hadn’t changed or showered. He just had to get away.

The next week was extra tiring with Sungmin avoiding Kyuhyun at every turn. As soon as a glimpse of the manager came into his view, he hightailed it out of there. It was extra difficult at practice but he did his best.
So far he had been lucky to avoid him but his luck was bound to run out.

Kyuhyun nodded as each member of the team left the locker room. He mentally counted and checked, making sure only one team member was left. He closed and locked the door before stripping his clothes and walking towards the shower.
He could hear the water still running and quietly opened the curtain.
Sungmin had his back turned as he scrubbed his hair and mumbled something about that good for nothing manager. He jumped when he felt hands wrap around his waist and spin him around.
“Kyuhyun~! What are you doing here?”
Kyuhyun said nothing as his hands moved up to massage at Sungmin’s scalp.
“Kyuhyun~! I’m showering. Get out!”
“How about…no?” Kyuhyun smirked as he leaned down, hovering an inch above Sungmin’s lips.
Sungmin held his breath, unsure of what it was he was feeling. He placed a hand against Kyuhyun’s chest and flushed, feeling the muscles beneath. He noticed Kyuhyun was naked as well and flushed even brighter. “Kyuhyun…”
“You’ve been avoiding me and I’m tired of it. So you’re going to tell me why or…” Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin’s lips.
Sungmin licked his lips. “Or what?”
A corner of Kyuhyun’s lips lifted before he leaned down and captured Sungmin’s lips in a kiss.
Sungmin gasped, allowing Kyuhyun’s tongue to slip inside. His arms came up to grip Kyuhyun’s arms. A noise grew in the back of his throat to quietly slip out as a small moan. His knees began to wobble.
Kyuhyun noticed and pulled Sungmin close to his body.
Sungmin gasped, feeling Kyuhyun’s wet, naked body pressed against his. His eyes widened when he felt something poking his hip. He reached down and heard Kyuhyun groan when his hand brushed it.
“Kyuhyun…?” Sungmin pulled away and glanced up at Kyuhyun’s face. Water dripped down his face as he slowly opened his eyes.
“Sungmin…you’re so…” Kyuhyun leaned down and captured Sungmin’s lips in another kiss. His hands ran down Sungmin’s body, cupping his bottom. He pressed his hips against Sungmin’s, pressing their lengths against each other. He smiled feeling the other’s hard length.
“Sungmin…” Kyuhyun pulled away and looked at him with a gentle expression.
Sungmin flushed and lightly hit Kyuhyun’s chest. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s creepy.”
A corner of Kyuhyun’s mouth lifted as he bent down to whisper into Sungmin’s ear. “I like you, Lee Sungmin. Please be mine.”
“What?!?!?” Sungmin pushed Kyuhyun away but only succeeded in pushing him a few inches away. “You-you what?”
“I like you. I have for a while now. You were just so cute when you snapped at me, how could I not fall for you?”
“Yeah well if you like that part of me, you’re going to like this side of me. You know how I feel about being called cute.” Sungmin raised his arm but Kyuhyun quickly grabbed it and pressed it against the shower wall. He pulled Sungmin’s other arm up and held it there as his mouth covered Sungmin’s.
Sungmin squirmed and tried to wiggle free but Kyuhyun pressed his body against his, pressing him into the cold tile. He moaned as Kyuhyun’s tongue slipped inside and his hips began to move on their own, rubbing against Kyuhyun’s.
“Shh…be quiet.” Sungmin’s hands slipped out of Kyuhyun’s loosened grip and came up to cup Kyuhyun’s face as he took charge of the kiss. One leg slid up Kyuhyun’s to wrap around his waist, pressing their lengths against each other. Sungmin slowly moved his hips, creating a slow friction between their two cocks.
Kyuhyun growled and reached between the two of them to grip both of their cocks and jerk them at a fast pace.
Sungmin groaned and clung tightly to Kyuhyun as his body writhed in pleasure; however, it wasn’t enough. “Kyuhyun…”
Kyuhyun panted as he rested his forehead against Sungmin’s. “Sungmin…”
“Kyuhyun…I-I want you…could you…maybe…”
“Maybe what?”
“Could you…I mean…I just…” Sungmin flushed a light pink.
Kyuhyun smirked. “You know what? Be quiet and I’ll just fuck you against the wall like I’ve been thinking about the last week, okay?”
Sungmin looked up at him with his mouth agape. Before he could make a sound, Kyuhyun had pressed his lips against his as his other hand slide down and around Sungmin’s body to grope his ass.
Sungmin’s arms clutched Kyuhyun’s biceps as that first finger teasingly brushed his entrance. His mouth fell open with a breathless gasp as Kyuhyun slid that first finger in.
Soon, a second and then a third finger joined the first. Sungmin clung to Kyuhyun as gasps and moans dropped from his mouth.
“I-I’m ready…Kyuhyun…please…”
Kyuhyun smiled as he pulled his fingers away. He dropped a gentle kiss to Sungmin’s lips before positioning his cock and pushing inside.
Sungmin gasped, clutching tight to Kyuhyun. He felt so full and the burn was slightly welcome.
Kyuhyun waited with bated breath, watching Sungmin’s face for any sign of discomfort.
“Kyuhyun~ move.”
Kyuhyun braced his hands on the wall as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in.
Sungmin moaned. “Faster. Kyuhyun~ I won’t break.”
A corner of Kyuhyun’s mouth lifted. “Oh yeah?”
Kyuhyun pulled out until he was almost completely out before roughly pushing back in.
“Yes~! Yes, just like that.” Sungmin ran his hands down Kyuhyun’s back, leaving red marks as Kyuhyun pounded into him.
Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin’s other leg to wrap it around his waist as he fucked Sungmin against the wall.
The sound of the shower running mixed with the groans and moans of the two as well as the sound of wet skin slapping together.
Sungmin pulled Kyuhyun’s head down for a sloppy passionate kiss. “Yes~ yes~ Kyuhyun…move, move…I’m so close.”
“So-So am I.” Kyuhyun huffed as he continued to pound relentlessly into Sungmin.
Sungmin came apart with a muffled scream as he buried his head into Kyuhyun’s neck, teeth coming out to bite at him. Kyuhyun groaned, coming not even a few seconds later.
The water poured down as the two tried to catch their breath. Kyuhyun pulled away from Sungmin, his softening cock slipping free. Sungmin whined and kept a hand on Kyuhyun, not allowing him to pull too far away.
Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun from under his lashes. “Don’t you need to wash off?”
Kyuhyun shook his head. “I’m fine.”
He moved to leave but Sungmin’s hand on his arm kept him in place.
Kyuhyun looked into Sungmin’s eyes, unsure of the emotion he was seeing in them. He stepped closer to Sungmin. “What is it that you want, Lee Sungmin?”
“I…want…you. I want you.” Sungmin gave Kyuhyun a small smile. “I always have. It’s just you’re too stubborn sometimes that you make me so angry.”
He pouted and flicked Kyuhyun’s forehead.
“Yeah, well same goes to you.”
Sungmin grinned. “That just means the make-up sex will be even hotter.”
Kyuhyun arched a brow. “What are you proposing, Sungmin?”
“Be my boyfriend, you stupid manager.”
“As long as you try to be more open minded, stubborn captain that you are,” Sungmin opened his mouth to protest but a finger to his lips stopped him, though he did glare at Kyuhyun, “then sure, I’ll be your boyfriend.”
Sungmin smiled brightly. “Great~ Then the first thing you can do as my boyfriend is wash me since you dirtied me all up.”
“Uh no, you have five minutes to shower and change before I take you back to my place for some sex.” Kyuhyun stuck his tongue out at Sungmin. “Now go, whatever the manager says goes. Captain’s gotta listen to his manager.”
“Yeah right.” Sungmin had a smile on his face as he pushed Kyuhyun out of the shower stall but not before popping a kiss on his lips and a smack on his ass.
Sungmin said nothing as he hummed a happy tune and washed his hair. Kyuhyun shook his head and smiled as he toweled himself off.

The two might be dating now but that wasn’t going to stop their arguments. Now it was going to have a more heated undertone, not that it didn’t already, but now it included hot make-up sex which was a win for the two of them.

A/N: lol omg XD I have no idea what that ending was but that hot shower scene probably wasn’t as hot as you would’ve liked? Idk…same with the heated debate :P but hey~ I tried XDDD gave you both scenes you wanted because I couldn’t resist and like doing that XDDDDD hope you enjoy~ kyumin ftw~
Tags: kyumin, r/nc-17

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