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Title: The Power of the Mask
Characters: SHINee
Word Count: 493
Summary: The mask makes the man. Choose your side but you can’t have both.
A/N: Inspired by this

Taemin opened the door to find a chest on their front step. He carried it into the house and left it in the living room, calling for the others to come check it out.
Jonghyun raced down the stairs quickly followed by Jinki, excited at the prospect of opening up a package. Kibum walked out of the kitchen from where he had been preparing dinner.
Taemin looked around but couldn’t find Minho. “Hey, where’s Minho?”
“Probably sleeping in his room. Go get him, I want to know what’s in this chest. It’s so cool~!” Jonghyun smiled as he ran a hand over the wooden chest.
Taemin sighed and headed up the stairs towards Minho’s room. He knocked once before opening the door.
Minho was passed out on his bed, fast asleep.
Taemin looked down at his sleeping face, hair lying in all directions, mouth slightly open. The blanket had slipped down to around his waist, showing off his chiseled chest. He flushed red and gently slapped his cheeks, willing the heat to fade. It wouldn’t do to have Minho see him blushing over his naked chest that he’s seen countless times now.
He reached out and tugged on Minho’s arm. “Wake up, hyung, we got a package.”
Minho groaned and sat up, sleepily rubbing his eyes. “Huh? What?”
“Come downstairs, hyung. We received a package in the mail today and we can’t open it until we’re all there. So come on.” Taemin tugged on Minho’s arm, trying to pull him from the bed.
“Alright, alright.” Minho rubbed a hand through his hair and shuffled after Taemin.
Everyone had settled around the chest, Jonghyun stroking it lightly.
“Alright, Jonghyun hyung, you can open the chest.”
“Yay~!” Jonghyun grinned as he reached for the latch and carefully opened it.
Inside rested 10 different masks: 5 covered in brightly color objects and 5 covered in black or metallic objects.
Jinki took the note placed on top.

The mask makes the man. One heightens the good and one heightens the bad. Make a choice but you can’t have both.

Everyone looked at each other confused.
“Uh…I guess we each just take two and that’s that?”
“I call dibs on that one.” Kibum reached in and grabbed one of the masks.
“I call that one.” Jonghyun grabbed a mask.
Everyone reached inside, grabbing a mask until they each held two of them.
“Uh…alright…well, I guess I’ll go put these away.”
“Same here.”
Everyone walked off to put their masks away.
Taemin walked to his room and shut the door behind him. He walked over to his mirror and looked down at the two masks in his hand. They looked so different…but which mask had the power to do what he wanted?
Was it good or bad?
Taemin shrugged his shoulders before lifting a mask and putting it on. A smile spread across his face as he felt the power of the mask flow through his body.

A/N: so this ended up not how I thought it would…not sure if I want to expand this or keep it as is :P and by expand, i mean turning it into a series/chaptered fic
Tags: one shot, shinee

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