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Fic for channtique

Title: Smelling You
Pairing: Sehun/Lay
Word Count: 1794
Summary: Someone's come into their territory that's gotten Yixing curious...and various parts of his body tingling.

For channtique :) Hope you enjoy~

Colors blurred as Yixing ran through the forest. He had caught the scent of another wolf in their territory and instead of telling Kris, he had decided to try and catch it himself.
He had first caught the scent a few days ago when he had been out hunting. There had been something wild and sweet about that scent that had urged Yixing to go find the source. But every trail had ended with a dead end.
Yixing paused to sniff the air. It was faint but he could still smell it. He crouched low to the ground and quickly ran in the scent’s direction. He came across an empty clearing in the forest and stopped to look around. He heard some rustling next to him and quickly turned to catch sight of the leaves moving plus a small tuft of fur.
He didn’t think at all as he leapt towards the bush and ended up getting covered in leaves and seeing the tail of what was probably the intruder. Yixing slowly untangled himself, shaking his body to get rid of excess leaves and twigs. He huffed before moving back home to the pack.

Kris looked at Yixing but said nothing, just nodded his head towards today’s kill and meal. Yixing bowed his head and took his place near the others.
After checking to make sure everyone was there, Kris divided up the food and gave everyone an equal share. Everyone quietly ate their meal, chewing and swallowing the only noises made. After they were done, everyone washed up and either slept or played around with one another.
Yixing couldn’t get rid of the thought of that other wolf as he cleaned himself up. He had been so close…if only that bush hadn’t gotten in the way.
A shadow fell over Yixing. He glanced up to see Kris standing over him.
The two stared at each other before Kris let out a sigh. “Care you explain what happened today?”
Yixing rolled his shoulders. “I caught the scent of another wolf on the territory and thought I’d go after it. I just missed him by a hair.”
“You know you’re supposed to let me know if there’s any intruder.”
“I know but I was hoping I’d catch him myself. But no luck.”
“Okay…care to show me where you found him tomorrow? We’ll search for him together. Remember, we’re a pack and –“
“We do things together. Yes, I know.” Yixing sighed. “I’ll show you tomorrow.”
Kris nodded his head before moving off to another member of the pack.

Yixing led the way as he tracked a new trail left by the wolf. This one had come close to their pack before rushing off, probably in search of food. It was the first time this wolf had even gotten close to their home and Yixing was wondering how it even knew where it was.
He bent over and sniffed the ground. “It came this way.”
He pointed towards the clearing up ahead. The pack sniffed around.
“I can’t get the scent.”
“Neither can I.”
Everyone looked towards Yixing. He shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t catch his scent either. I guess it’s just a dead end.”
Some of them sighed; others just shook their head.
“Alright, we’ll deal with the intruder later. Now, we need to go hunt. Split up.”
Everyone nodded their heads before swiftly moving into the forest.
Yixing followed behind Joonmyeon and Jongin on their hunt for food. They sniffed the ground before catching the scent of a deer. They swiftly moved through the forest, going past trees and bushes on the pursuit of the deer.
Yixing paused, barely making a sound as he caught that elusive scent again. He glanced at Joonmyeon and Jongin up ahead before quickly making his decision. He headed off towards where he caught the scent.
Yixing found himself getting pulled deeper and deeper into the forest, close to the clearing where he had first caught the scent of the wolf. He burst through the bushes to find the wolf he had been searching for all this time.
In the blink of an eye, he was pinned to the ground, the other wolf on top of him. Their eyes locked and the world seemed to stop.
The other wolf bent down and whispered straight into his ear. “You’re mine…and no one else’s.”
Yixing shivered before baring his neck to the other, allowing him to mark him.
A light gleamed in the other wolf’s eyes before he leaned down and left a mark on his neck.
Yixing groaned in the back of his throat as the delicious sensations of being marked moved through his body. “Who are you?”
The other wolf lifted his head. “The name’s Sehun. And you’re Yixing, my mate.”
Yixing stared at Sehun with wide eyes. “How do you know my name?”
Sehun smirked at Yixing. “You think I wouldn’t know my mate when I first see him?”
“What do you mean? When did you first see me?” Yixing looked at Sehun confused. “And will you let me up?”
Sehun smiled. “Nope, I like seeing you beneath me where you belong.”
He smirked as he pressed his lower half into Yixing’s.
Yixing groaned and wiggled beneath him. Sehun barely budged. He sighed and resigned himself to his position. “Are you going to answer my questions or not?”
“Let’s see. I saw you a few weeks ago when you were out hunting with your pack. And no, I won’t let you up.”
Yixing frowned and wiggled beneath him. Sehun smiled and nipped at Yixing’s neck. “So are you going to take me to meet your pack after this? Now that we’re together and you’re marked, you’re not going to keep me from you.”
Yixing sighed. “Fine, fine, fine. It’s getting late anyway and I need to head back. Just follow me.”
Sehun moved off of him and followed Yixing back to his home.
As soon as they got there, Sehun was immediately surrounded by the others. Yixing stepped in front of him and waited for Kris to come forward.
“So this is the intruder?” He lifted a brow as he looked behind Yixing to the other wolf. Sehun kept his eyes on Kris, never wavering in his stare.
“Yes…his name is Sehun and he’s my…mate.”
A gasp could be heard from the pack.
“Your mate?” Kris’s eyes narrowed in on the mark on Yixing’s neck.
Yixing nodded his head as Sehun came up behind him, nuzzling his head into Yixing’s neck.
“Now if the introductions are over, I’m going to go take my mate and get well acquainted with him.”
Everyone’s eyes widened as Sehun pulled Yixing away to a secluded area.
Sehun smiled, watching Yixing follow obediently behind him. As soon as they were hidden from the others, he pinned Yixing towards the ground and nipped his neck right where the mark was.
Yixing moaned and arched his neck further. His body was pliant to all of Sehun’s assault.
Sehun grinned and moved his mouth all over Yixing’s body, down his neck, over his chest, back to his neck. He couldn’t stop playing with his mark on Yixing’s neck. It fascinated him.
Yixing wiggled beneath him. He was vaguely unsatisfied. He held back a groan as his hips rubbed against Sehun’s. He did it again and again until Sehun pressed his lower body down, stopping his movements.
“Yixing…what are you doing?”
“Sehun…I feel so hot…help me…” Yixing wiggled as best as he could beneath Sehun.
Sehun nipped at Yixing’s ear and he quieted for a moment before starting up again. “Yixing! Stop!”
“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” Yixing wiggled even more.
Sehun sighed before smirking. “Well, then I chose a good day to reveal myself to you. But then again, I knew you’d be so it’s not much of a surprise. Just wanted to make sure you really wanted this.”
Sehun captured Yixing’s lips as he moved his lower half against Yixing’s. Yixing clung to Sehun as his body moved on its own. He moaned as his crotch rubbed against Sehun’s. His legs wrapped around Sehun’s as he dry humped him.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”
“Shut up.” Yixing growled and nipped at Sehun’s neck as his hands reached down and grabbed his cock. He roughly stroked as his hips moved against Sehun’s.
Sehun did his best to stop Yixing’s frantic movements but nothing worked and he allowed himself to succumb to Yixing’s desires. When he felt Yixing guide his cock to his entrance, he immediately placed a hand on his wrist and stopped him.
“Nuh uh. That’s my job.” He pushed Yixing’s legs apart and positioned himself between them. Without a warning, he thrust inside and groaned, feeling the tightness wrapped around him.
Yixing’s hands clawed at his back as he felt himself being filled. He wiggled his hips, pulling a groan from Sehun.
Sehun stared down at Yixing before mumbling “fuck it” and fucked him rough and hard.
Yixing moaned and clung tightly to Sehun, letting his body take it all. He wiggled and moaned, hoping to reach his orgasm soon.
Sehun held down Yixing’s waist as he thrust in and out. He was worried he was being too rough on his mate but he had been asking for it and it looked like Yixing was enjoying himself. He angled his hips and grinned when he pulled a breathless gasp from him. He kept aiming for that spot as he thrust in and out and soon the two came together.
Yixing gasped when he felt something stretching his hole more than before.
“Shhh…it’s okay, it’s alright. It’s just the knot. Just stay still.”
Yixing stayed as motionless as he could as he felt himself being filled more than he thought he could be.
It seemed like forever before the knot finally disappeared and Sehun moved off of Yixing. He immediately pulled Yixing into his side, his head moving to nuzzle his neck, tongue licking out over his mark.
Yixing squirmed but allowed himself to sink into Sehun’s embrace. He smiled before something crossed his mind. He turned and looked at Sehun. “Why me?”
“Why not you? You’re my mate, there’s nothing to it.”
He looked at him with a pout. “There has to be more than that?”
“Nope, nothing else.”
Yixing frowned. “I don’t believe you.”
“It was love at first sight. Need I say more?”
Yixing looked at him skeptically. “Sure, sure…Now I’m going to sleep. You better protect me well like my mate should.”
“Of course.” Sehun smiled and dropped a kiss to his nose. “Sleep tight, my baby~”
“Eww…don’t call me that.” He stuck his tongue out before cuddling closer and going to sleep.
Sehun smiled and curled himself around Yixing.

A/N: sorry >.< I have no idea what I was/am doing…I hope this is okay but probably not what you expected. I had a different idea that just went byebye as I continued writing it…I really have no idea what I just did OTL
Tags: r/nc-17, sehun/lay

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