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Title: Tutor Me
Pairing: Suho/Chen
Word Count: 777
Summary: Jongdae goes to Joonmyeon for some tutoring.

Jongdae wandered into the library, glasses perched on his nose as he searched around for his tutor, student president Kim Joonmyeon. He spotted him at a table in the back, glasses slipping down his nose. He walked over and not-so-subtly dropped his books on the table, startling Joonmyeon and causing the glasses to fall off his nose.
Jongdae quickly caught it and slipped it back onto his face with a smile. “So hyung~ ready to tutor me?”
Joonmyeon smiled his angel smile. “Sure.”


Jongdae panted as Joonmyeon mouthed as his neck. His necktie was undone and on the floor and the first couple buttons of his shirt had been undone. He gripped Joonmyeon’s waist as his hips rubbed into his.
“Shh…it’s time for you to learn a few things.” Joonmyeon smirked as he leaned back and slowly undid the rest of the buttons on Jongdae’s shirt. His hand trailed down, brushing over sensitive nipples before dropping to the top of Jongdae’s pants. With some quick hand gestures, Jongdae’s pants were open and his cock pulled out of his boxers.
Jongdae choked on his breath, seeing Joonmyeon on his knees in front of him. He brushed a hand along Joonmyeon’s cheeks, taking in the heated gaze magnified by his glasses and nervously gulped.
Joonmyeon grinned before gently stroking Jongdae’s cock. A bead of precome formed at the head that Joonmyeon quickly lapped up.
Jongdae shuddered and gripped the bookshelf behind him. Joonmyeon took that as his cue to take as much of Jongdae into his mouth as he could. As he busied himself with sucking Jongdae, he reached into his pocket for the small bottle of lube. He quickly coated two fingers and slipped them inside of Jongdae’s entrance.
Jongdae gasped and took a death grip on Joonmyeon’s hair. His hips bucked into Joonmyeon’s mouth when Joonmyeon’s fingers brushed against that spot inside of him.
Joonmyeon smiled as he let Jongdae’s dick slip from his mouth. He twisted his fingers and watched the pleasure rush over Jongdae’s face. He put the tip back into his mouth and gently sucked as his fingers stretched Jongdae’s entrance. When he deemed Jongdae prepared enough, he let his fingers slip out of Jongdae before removing his mouth. He stood up and pecked Jongdae’s lips as his fingers quickly worked to remove his pants. He slipped a condom on before gripping Jongdae’s thighs and lifting him up. He positioned his cock right at Jongdae’s entrance and slammed his hips down onto him.
Jongdae groaned and quickly tried to muffle the sound by burying his head into the crook of Joonmyeon’s shoulder. He held on tightly as Joonmyeon slowly fucked him open. He could feel Joonmyeon’s shirt buttons rubbing his chest as his spine rubbed over stacks of books and the wooden shelves. He tightened his grip as he allowed Joonmyeon to use his body in whatever way he wished.
Joonmyeon kept a slow rhythm for a few minutes but knew the librarian would be making her rounds soon so he did his best to move Jongdae onto the floor. This involved Joonmyeon slipping out of Jongdae to his disappointment but when Jongdae was comfortable laid out on the floor, Joonmyeon quickly spread his legs and thrust back in hard.
Jongdae cried out, causing Joonmyeon to quickly cover his mouth with his own. His tongue thrust inside in rhythm to his hips. It wasn’t long before Jongdae was quivering in his arms, close to release. Joonmyeon thrust a few more times before Jongdae was coming all over his chest and Joonmyeon was spilling into the condom.
There wasn’t time for any after cuddling as the librarian could walk past any time. Joonmyeon quickly covered up Jongdae and himself before helping Jongdae up off the floor and back to their things. They quickly packed up and rushed off to the bathroom for cleanup and a possible round two. Jongdae still had a lot of learning to do.
First lesson: How to last longer than 5 minutes

Lauren stared at her computer screen for a moment before letting out a loud cry and grabbing her Suho fan to wave in front of her face. Suchen in glasses doing it in the library was too much for her to handle. It was way too hot in the room. But of course, her Suho fan did nothing and Lauren had to suffer for the rest of the night.
But before she went too far down the road of despair that is Suchen, she grabbed her black/green BWCW to throw it at the writer of this fic :P [yeah I broke the fourth wall in this fic]

A/N: heeheehee~ because I wanted to 'torture' Lauren ^^ I hope this is okay :D

Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, suho/chen

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