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Title: Taking the Hat
Pairing: Kris/D.O.
Word Count: 350
Summary: He's not sure why but the hat sitting on that boy's head is compelling him to take it so he does. (not an adequate summary but idk what would be :P)

Kris looked at the small boy standing in front of him. He had on this baseball cap that he kept staring at. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not but he just kept looking at it.
The boy himself was dressed in a sweater and shorts. He looked very small and smart. When he turned around to look at him, Kris couldn’t help the fluttering of his heart seeing such an adorable face on such a tiny package.
Of course, being the bad boy that he is aka someone that doesn’t know how to handle his feelings, he could only think of one way to get this guy’s attention. He reached out and grabbed the cap off his head and passed it off to his friend Joonmyeon.
But this got no reaction from the little boy standing in front of him.
Kris looked at him confused. “Uh hey…aren’t-aren’t you going to say something about me taking your hat?”
“Huh? What? You took the hat?” The boy looked at him with big eyes and a curious smile. “That’s alright. It was a loan from Joonmyeon. Thanks for giving it back to him. Didn’t expect it to happen so soon but it’s cool with me. Have a nice day.”
The boy smiled before walking away, leaving Kris feeling uneasy and not entirely sure of what had just transpired.

“Hey Kyungsoo, I think you’re part way there in getting Mr. Bad Boy Kris to notice you. He’s been staring at you for some time now.”
Kyungsoo chanced a glance over his shoulder to see Kris looking at him, biting his lip. He turned back to Jongin with a grin. “Great~ in another week or so, I’ll have him asking me out.”
Jongin raised a brow. “You sure?”
Kyungsoo glanced back at Kris and smiled. “Oh yeah~ I’m sure.”
He adjusted his bowtie before going back to munching on his lunch, the feeling of eyes boring holes into the back of his head getting stronger with each second. Without a doubt, Kris was going to come after him very soon…very, very soon.

A/N: idk what this is. got inspired by this and had some krisoo feels from another drabble i read earlier so yeah
Tags: kris/d.o., one shot

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