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Title: Stuff it til you can’t stuff no more
Characters: Sehun, Kai, and Tao with appearances by the other EXO members
Word Count: 503
Summary: The title says it all - Stuff it til you can’t stuff no more. Sehun’s mouth is full of balls but Kai and Tao aren’t satisfied, wanting to put more in.

“Come on, Sehun, I know you can fit another in there.”
Sehun shook his head.
“Come on, we know you blow Luhan all the time. It’s probably stretched your mouth wider.”
“Yeah but Luhan probably has the wider mouth from sucking Sehun’s dick. Maybe we should’ve played with him instead.” The two boys laughed as they stared at Sehun’s red face.
“Come on, Sehun. Put another in your mouth.”
Sehun shook his head.
Kai pouted. “Oh fine then. Your number is 15. Not bad but still not going to beat Minseokie hyung’s. How he could fit 25 in his mouth, I can never understand.”
“It’s his cheeks. I’m telling you, if we play with Kyungsoo hyung, he could reach or maybe even beat Minseok hyung’s record.”
“No way are you getting your hands on my precious boyfriend. Especially if you’re going to be stuffing balls in his mouth.”
“Yeah.” Sehun swallowed and gratefully accepted the bottle of water Tao handed him. “The only balls Kai wants in his boyfriend’s mouth are his own. He doesn’t like any substitutes.”
He laughed as Kai took a swipe at him.
“Are you boys done with the cheese balls yet? I gotta put them away before the others return.” Baekhyun walked into the room, arms crossed over his chest. The three of them turned their pouting faces towards Baekhyun, hoping a triple aegyo attack would work. No luck.
“Sorry boys, but I’m not duizhang or Joonmyeonie appa. Your charms hold no sway with me. Now if it was Chanyeol…”
At that moment, Chanyeol walked into the room and squealed with delight upon seeing the container of cheese balls. “OMG are you guys playing Chubby Bunny? Can I join?”
He sat down and instantly started stuffing cheese balls into his mouth. Tao made sure to keep count in his head.
“Oh my gawd, he’s getting close to Minseokie hyung’s record.” Everyone turned to stare at Chanyeol, still stuffing balls into his mouth.
Tao stared in amazement. “He’s beaten Minseok hyung’s record.”
“OMG WHAT?!?!??!?” All five boys turned their heads to see Minseok, Luhan, Kris, and Joonmyeon standing in the room. Joonmyeon and Minseok both had an expression of shock on their face. Luhan looked amused and Kris just had on a bitchface.
“Who said you guys could eat that?” Joonmyeon moved to grab the container but Minseok moved faster. He snatched it out of Chanyeol’s hands and started stuffing his mouth.
Chanyeol pouted (or would have if he had been able to) and started putting more into his mouth. Tao, Kai, and Sehun kept their gazes locked on their hyungs as they quickly counted the number of balls disappearing into their mouths.
Joonmyeon groaned in frustration and weakly hit Kris’ chest. “It’s all your fault for introducing them to that game. Now we can’t get them to stop. And I told you not to buy that giant container of cheese balls.”
Kris said nothing just shrugged his shoulders and settled down to watch the showdown of Chubby Bunny.

A/N: lol a quick little drabble inspired after reading lunathunderhead’s sekaihan where Sehun gave Luhan a bag of sour cream and onion lay’s to eat which got me craving some but I don’t have any. I have cheese balls instead which got me thinking of exo eating them and playing chubby bunny which lead to this
For those that don’t know, chubby bunny is when you stuff as many pieces of food into your mouth has you can. It’s ideal to play with an item like cheese balls or small round pieces of candy as they’re easy to put in and hold in your mouth. Besides, it’s easier to stuff small round things into your mouth than other food items. You puff out your cheeks as you store them inside, hence the name chubby bunny (this is all theory but it makes sense you know?)
Tags: exo, one shot

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