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Title: 1000 Ton Mallet
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1638
Summary: What Luhan wants, Luhan gets. PWP nothing more, nothing less (I mean there’s a bit of fluff near the end but yeah that’s the end and maybe at the beginning)
A/N: inspired by this

Luhan smiled as he held the 1000 ton mallet. Today was the day he would get his prey. He slowly walked behind him and raised his arms, bringing it down with all his might.
Sehun fell to the ground, knocked unconscious.
Luhan grinned as he tossed the mallet away, not even caring with it hit Kris in the solar plexus. He leaned down and gently picked Sehun up, caring him back to his room.
No one tried to stop him; they all knew this was coming after all the looks and touching and whispered conversations with Minseok.
Minseok just shook his head and went over to help Kris, where Tao was already trying his best to comfort him, letting him rest his head on his lap.

Luhan opened the door to his room and gently laid Sehun on the bed. He stared at him lovingly, liking the look of peace on his face as he slept.
Luhan grinned as he set to work, stripping Sehun of all his clothes.

Sehun woke up naked with his hands tied to the bed post and Luhan between his legs. “Luhan? W-w-what are you doing? What’s going on?”
Luhan sat up, licking his lips. “I’m having my wicked way with you. I hope you don’t mind.”
Sehun’s eyes bulged out. “You were the one to knock me out?”
“Yep~ I couldn’t take it anymore. Weeks of just watching you, seeing you, being close to you, and yet not being close enough led to this. So I hope you’ll be a good boy and just lay there while I ride you.”
Sehun arched a brow. “And what if I don’t?”
“Then I’ll have to gag you and I would hope not since I want to hear you moan my name. You have such nice lips. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to kiss them whenever you lick them.”
Sehun licked them out of habit and watched the light dance in Luhan’s eyes as his eyes followed his tongue. He smirked and did it again.
Luhan groaned before leaning down and crashing their lips together. The kiss was dirty and open-mouthed but Sehun loved it. He tried to bring his hands around Luhan but they were tied.
“Luhan~ let me go. I want to touch you.”
“No. You’re going to stay there and I’m going to do everything I’ve always wanted to do to you. Or well, not everything since some are best left for later. And I’ll need you to help me with some of them too. But for now, I’m going to do whatever I want. You just lay there and enjoy.” Luhan grinned as he licked his lips and winked at Sehun. He noticed his dick twitch and grinned even wider.
Luhan placed kisses around Sehun’s face, moving across his cheek to his forehead, down his neck, over his chest. Luhan paused to flick his tongue over his nipples before trailing his tongue over his stomach, dipping into his belly button for a brief moment, before heading straight to his dick.
Sehun choked on his breath when Luhan took his whole length into his mouth.
Luhan didn’t even flinch when it hit the back of his throat. He just pushed it as far as it could go before sucking and licking it. He worked at Sehun’s length, licking and sucking to his heart’s content. He paid no attention to Sehun’s wiggling body except to press his hips down so he wouldn’t accidentally fuck his mouth.
Luhan let Sehun’s dick fall from his mouth so he could mouth at his balls.
Sehun groaned and tried to move his hips but Luhan had a strong grip on him.
Luhan grinned as he sucked the tip of Sehun’s dick this time. He licked the vein underneath and watched the pleasure wash over Sehun’s face. He let his dick fall from his lips again as he slowly kissed down Sehun’s long legs.
Luhan leaned back on his heels and looked at Sehun. He was flushed with pleasure, a light sheen of sweat covering his body. “So pretty…and all mine.”
Sehun opened his eyes and stared straight into Luhan’s. “Are you done yet? Can I have my turn?”
Luhan shook his head. “Nope. Not down yet.”
He slipped off the bed, shedding his clothes as he moved over to his nightstand. Sehun watched Luhan, noting the lean muscles, pert little butt, and smooth skin. He wanted to run his hands over that body but was restrained, something he was beginning to really dislike.
Luhan smiled as he turned towards Sehun. “Aww, don’t you look so pretty spread out naked for me? Well now it’s time for you to have a little show.”
“A-a show?”
“Yep. So just watch me, okay?” Luhan winked as he pulled a chair over towards the bed. He sat down and spread his legs, making sure Sehun was paying close attention. He grabbed the bottle of lube and coated three of his fingers. Without hesitating, he slipped all three inside. He grinned when he heard Sehun’s gasp then forgot everything as he fingered himself.
Sehun watched with a dry mouth as Luhan fucked himself on his fingers. He tried to pull at his restraints so he could be the one touching Luhan but no luck. He held his breath when he notice Luhan reach for a vibrator.
Luhan smirked as he coated the vibrator before sticking it inside. He heard Sehun gasp and switched it on. He let out a low obscene moan as he slowly moved it in and out.
“Sehun~ Oh Sehun~” Luhan closed his eyes as he ran one hand over his chest, teasing his nipples, as his other hand continued to move the vibrator in and out of his hole.
Sehun struggled against his restraints, breathing harshly while drinking in the sight of Luhan before him.
“Luhan~ let me go.”
“No way, Sehun. I’m not done yet.” Luhan shuts off the vibrator and slips it out, setting it on the nightstand. He climbs onto the bed and straddles Sehun’s waist. He grabs the bottle of lube and coats Sehun’s dick before slowly slipping it inside.
Twin moans sounded as Luhan took all of Sehun into him. Luhan braced his hands on Sehun’s chest as he lifted himself up and brought himself back down. He rode Sehun’s dick as hard and as fast as he could but he just couldn’t get the leverage to ride it like he wanted.
“Sehun~ if I release you, will you pound into me like the slut I am?” Luhan bite his bottom lip as he ground his ass into Sehun’s dick, searching for that one spot.
“Yes, yes…you’re such a slut for me. You deserve to get your ass smacked. I’ll pound you into the mattress. I’ll pound you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.” Sehun had no idea what he was saying, just that he had to fuck Luhan now and hard. He registered his wrists being untied but instantly rolled them over. He grabbed Luhan’s legs and spread them. He pulled out and thrust back in, pounding as hard as he could.
Luhan moaned and clung to Sehun, begging for more, for harder. Sehun pushed Luhan’s legs so he was practically bent in half and pounded into him. The sound of skin slapping echoed in the room alongside Luhan’s shameless moans and groans.
“Oh Gawd Sehun~ HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER GAWDDAMN IT! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME LIKE THE BITCH I AM!” Luhan sobbed as he tried to grab onto Sehun’s hips to pull him in deeper, harder.
Sehun bent his head down, crashing their lips together. Their teeth banged together but no one seemed to care, too busy licking into each other’s mouth. Luhan sucked on Sehun’s bottom lip, staring up at him through his lashes.
Sehun groaned and thrust harder into Luhan. “Gawd Luhan, you’re so tight. How can you be so tight when you’re such a slut for me?”
“Because I’m a slut for you. I want you and only you. Now fuck me harder. I’ve been waiting forever for this.”
Sehun groaned as he kissed Luhan again. His hips worked harder to bring them both to the brink of orgasm.
Without warning, Luhan came between them, body falling limp. Sehun thrust in a few more times before spilling inside. He collapsed on top of Luhan, not caring about anything.
Luhan gave a sleepy smile as he brushed the bangs off Sehun’s forehead. He placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “That was great~ let’s do it again when I wake up. Only this time, you can tie me up and torture me, how does that sound?”
Sehun shook his head and smiled. “Who knew you were into some kinky stuff?”
Luhan laughed. “And that’s not all~ I have a whole box full of toys we can play with later. I thought I’d ease you in first.”
Sehun arched a brow. “This was easing me in?”
Luhan shrugged. “Kind of…but what can I say? You let out the beast in me so how am I suppose to think calmly and rationally?”
Sehun just shook his head. “Go to sleep, babe. I’ll rock your world in the morning. And you know you’re mine now, right?”
“Honey, I claimed you the moment I hit your head with that mallet. No one else is going to be bothering us for a while.” Luhan smiled as he pushed Sehun off of him and snuggled into his arms. “Now shh~ I’m tired.”
Sehun chuckled as he pulled Luhan closer. “Okay, okay. Go to sleep. Night, babe.”
“Night, Sehunnie. I love you~”
“I love you too.”
Both fell asleep with a contented smile on their face, wrapped closely together, hearts beating as one.
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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