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Title: Alone
Pairing: Ryeowook/Ryeowook
Word Count: 779
Theme: 017. Accidents Ryeowook/Ryeowook
Summary: Left alone to himself…it’s a dark world out there… (idk what kind of summary this is)

Ryeowook stared out at the pouring rain. How he wished he could go out there and feel it. He wanted to be cold to the bone; he was already halfway there.
Somehow, without his knowledge, his emotions had left him, leaving him a shell of a man. He could go through his daily routines but now there was no feeling left. No hint of passion. That had all left the day he left.
Ryeowook sighed, leaning his head against the cool window pane. He could feel his stomach rumbling for food but couldn’t bring himself to go make any.
The last few days had been worse than before. He was neglecting himself and work. He had called in sick so he could stay at home, letting this – this whatever take hold of him. Co-workers had come by with well-wishes and the like but as soon as they saw him, they would mumble a ‘get well’ and quietly leave just as they came.
The sound of the pouring rain was like a gentle rhythm to his head. He hummed a quiet tune as he closed his eyes to try and relax.
It was some hours later when Ryeowook opened his eyes again. The rain was still pouring but somehow it had gentled during his sleep. As he looked up at the dark sky, he thought he could make out little flashes of lightning.
As he gently rubbed his eyes and scratched his head, a thought settled into his head. This thought had been running through his mind for a few days now, almost as soon as this…thing he was feeling had started.
Ryeowook looked down at himself and gave a small smile. He should probably change.
After donning on head to toe black (a black long sleeved shirt and black pants), Ryeowook took his keys and headed out the door. He made sure to lock it before walking out into the rain.
Within minutes, he was soaked to the skin.
Ryeowook paused, lifting his face up towards the sky, letting the rain wash down his face. He felt his body start to chill and welcomed it.
He brought his head back down and looked out at the street. Everything looked gray and wet, thanks to the storm.
Ryeowook smiled as he set out onto the street.

Horn honking, lights shining…those were the last things Ryeowook remembers before everything went black.

“It was all an accident, It was all an accident. It had to be…”
Those were the words Ryeowook first heard as he slowly regained consciousness.
He opened his eyes to find himself lying flat on his back, white ceiling above his head. He took in the noise and realized he was in the hospital. He attempted to sit up but was unable to. He sighed before closing his eyes and drifting off into unconsciousness.

When next he woke up, he could feel someone holding his hand tightly but gently. He turned his head and spotted a dark head of hair.
The head moved and out poped Jongwoon’s worried but smiling face. “Ryeowook? Ryeowook, are you okay? Oh I was so worried.”
“What are you doing here?”
Jongwoon bit his lip as he glanced at Ryeowook. “I-I…I was coming to see you when I saw you step in front of that car. Did you even see it? Why were you even out in the rain in the first place? Do you know how careless you were being?”
Ryeowook carefully pulled his hand from Jongwoon’s grasp. “If you came to yell at me some more, you may leave. I don’t need you or your yelling.”
Jongwoon ran a hand through his hair. “Aish, that came out wrong. I didn’t come here to yell. I was worried about you so I came to see you.”
“You don’t need to concern yourself with me. I’m nothing to you.” Ryeowook turned his head away.
“That’s not true. I love you, Ryeowook-ah, I always have.”
Ryeowook resolutely kept his head turned away. “Yeah…well it’s a little too late for that confession, Jongwoon-ssi.”
Jongwoon stepped back as if he’d be hit.
“Just leave me alone, Jongwoon. If you want to talk, come back when I’m better. But not now…not now…”
Ryeowook refused to look at Jongwoon until he knew he had left. The tears he was trying to hold back suddenly slipped down his cheeks. He curled up into himself as best as he could and just let it all out.
He didn’t care if they thought it was an accident…but he had purposely wanted to go…especially with things being like they are now.
Ryeowook closed his eyes and willed his consciousness to slip away.

A/N: so yeah…started this when feeling upset, finished when feeling eh…kind of wanted the happy ending but then I remembered it should be more ryeowook focus according to the theme so ended it like that. Idk not sure if I like it or not but whatever. I can’t believe I did this to my baby though ☹
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, one shot, ryeowook/ryeowook

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