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Title: Lay Healer Drabble 1
Pairing: Chen/Lay
Word Count: 299
Summary: Chenchen has a stomachache and only Xingxing ge can fix it.
A/N: Inspired by my sister talking “imagine lay going chiu chiu chiu (lips puckered) and someone leans in and kisses him”

Yixing looked up from his composition, cocking an ear towards the door.
Yixing gave a little sigh before closing his notebook. He got up from his chair and headed out into the living room where he found Chen sitting on the couch, clutching his stomach.
“What’s the matter, Chenchen?” The elder carefully sat down on the couch, rubbing a gentle hand on his back.
Chen looked Yixing with a small pout on his lips. “I ate too much.”
Yixing chuckled. “I told you not to but you didn’t listen.”
“Xingxing~ heal me~” Chen stuck his bottom lip out further.
“Alright, Chenchen, I’ll heal you but try not to do it again.” Yixing got up from the couch and squatted in front of him.
“But you’ll be here to heal me so it’s fine~” Chen smiled brightly.
The elder shook his head and brought out his hands to begin the healing. Soft ‘chiu chiu’ noises fell from his lips as he wiggled his fingers, bringing forth his healing magic.
Chen smiled as he noticed Yixing’s little habit. As soon as he felt his stomach get better, he leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on Yixing’s puckered lips.
Yixing stopped his motions to stare blankly ahead.
“Thank you, Xingxing~ I feel all better now.” Chenchen grinned as he jumped up from the couch. “Now time to eat some dessert~”
He skipped his way to the kitchen.
Yixing sat frozen in his spot until Chenchen came back with a laugh, grabbing his wrist and pulling him towards the kitchen. “Come on, Xingxing, let’s share something delicious together. I promise I won’t get another stomachache but I’m going to steal some more kisses. I find them so deliciously sweet.”

Little bonus scene:
“What, Chenchen?” Yixing poked his head out of his room.
Chen smiled and quickly pecked his lips.
“Hey~ what was that for?”
“My lips hurted but now they’re all better.” Chen grinned seeing the flush spread across Yixing’s cheeks.
“I-I’m just…going to go back to my work.”
“Not before another kiss.” Chen grabbed hold of Yixing, placing another kiss on his lips before Yixing pulled away, rushing back into his room. Chen laughed before following, shutting the door tight behind him.


Title: Lay Healer Drabble 2
Pairing: Luhan/Lay
Word Count: 429
Summary: Yixing believes he can heal people and it’s up to Luhan to stop him.
A/N: another idea from my sister

After their time on Weekly Idol, Yixing had started to believe he could actually heal people. Whenever anyone got an injury, Yixing was there with his “chiu chiu chiu” to heal them better. Of course, Luhan was one step behind him with the first aid kit and medicine after Yixing’s attempt failed.
“Uh something needs to be done about Yixing hyung.” Baekhyun carefully wrapped up his wrist after he had accidentally sprained it from arm wrestling. “He can’t keep thinking his powers are real.”
“Yeah…this is going to confuse him even more and he’s 4D enough as it is.” D.O. pouted as he drabbed some rubbing alcohol onto a scrap Kai had gotten during dance practice. Kai let out a small hiss at the sting but was hushed by D.O.
Luhan smiled as he closed the first aid kit. “Oh don’t worry. I have a solution to this.”
“Really?” Everyone turned to look at Luhan.
“What? You don’t think I haven’t thought of this?” Luhan frowned, placing his hands on his hips. “Yixing is my best friend. Of course, I’d be worried and would’ve found a solution. Now do you trust me or not?”
Everyone exchanged glances before shrugging their shoulders.
Luhan scoffed. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. Real nice~”
“Well, what did you expect?”
Luhan huffed. “Fine, whatever. I’m going off to find Yixing.”
“He’s in our room right now.”
Luhan turned around with a smile. “Thanks. And don’t worry. I’ll fix this problem soon.”
He skipped down the hall until he reached Yixing’s bedroom door. He knocked once before opening and walking in. Yixing was hunched over his computer, busy working on something, probably his latest composition.
“Xingxing~ I have a headache. Mind fixing that for me?”
YIxing turned around with a smile. “Sure, Lulu. Come here.”
Luhan walked over and stopped in front of Yixing. The younger held up his hands ready to begin his healing process when Luhan leaned forward and kissed him. Yixing’s hands remained frozen in the air as Luhan gently kissed him.
Luhan pulled away, smiling at the blush on Yixing’s cheeks. “There~ now no more healing, okay? You need to save your powers for an emergency.”
“So what you’re trying to say is that I don’t have healing powers and it was all part of the company’s plan for us.”
Luhan beamed. “Right. Now come on, Xingxing~ it’s almost time for dinner.” He held out his hand and helped Yixing up. He intertwined their fingers as he dragged Yixing out towards the kitchen where the others were starting on dinner.
Tags: chen/lay, luhan/lay, one shot

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