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Title: Little Squishy
Pairing: D.O./Xiumin
Word Count: 640
Summary: D.O. + Xiumin + Pocky + Marshmallows = a whole lot of soft squishiness
A/N: inspired by this post

Kyungsoo smiled as he held out the pepero stick to Xiumin. “Here hyung, let’s play.”
Xiumin glanced at the stick to Kyungsoo and back at the stick. He clamped his mouth over one end and watched Kyungsoo take the other end.
Xiumin wasn’t sure what he was suppose to do, if he needed to move or stand there. His eyes widened when he noticed Kyungsoo’s face getting closer and closer to his. Soon they were only a few centimeters apart.
It happened so quickly Xiumin was sure he had blinked but that tell-tale pressure on his lips told him otherwise. One moment, Kyungsoo was right in front of his face, the next, he was a safe distance away, chewing on the last of the pepero stick.
“Mmmmm, that was delicious, hyung. But I think I want to eat something else now.” Kyungsoo turned away with a smile and searched through the kitchen cabinets. He let out a little squeal when he found what he was searching for.
“Look what I found, hyung~ Marshmallows.” Kyungsoo smiled proudly, holding the jar of marshmallows in front of Xiumin.
“Marshmallows?” Xiumin raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, marshmallows. Don’t you want to eat some? They’re so soft and squishy.” Kyungsoo opened the jar and popped one into his mouth.
“Are you kidding me right now?”
Kyungsoo’s eyes popped from his head. “What are you talking about, Woominie hyung?”
“You’re really going to eat something soft and squishy in front of me of all people?”
The younger shrugged his shoulders. “What’s the problem?”
Xiumin growled. “The problem? The problem is that I don’t want to eat something soft and squishy when I have something else equally soft and squishy and ten times more delicious than those things.”
“What are you talking about?” Kyungsoo looked at Xiumin confused, a slight pout on his lips at one of his favorite foods being insulted like that.
Xiumin groaned and grabbed Kyungsoo, pulling him into his embrace. He placed his lips over the other, slipping his tongue inside the other’s mouth. The younger clung to his shoulders as his grip on the jar loosened. The sound of glass breaking didn’t stir the two from their embrace until a cry of pain was heard.
Xiumin and Kyungsoo broke apart to see Chanyeol holding his foot where a cut could be seen.
“Oh no~” Kyungsoo quickly stepped around the glass and marshmallows to grab the first aid kit.
Xiumin frowned. “What happened to your slippers?”
Chanyeol hesitantly scratched the back of his neck. “I think someone might have stolen them or are using them currently. I didn’t think I would need them but guess I was wrong. Were you and Kyungsoo just making out?”
“That is none of your business. Now go take a seat and let Kyungsoo-ya take care of you while I go clean up this mess.” Xiumin left the kitchen in search of the broom and dustpan. He passed Kyungsoo in the bathroom, gathering the first aid equipment. He poked his head in and kissed Kyungsoo’s cheek.
“Sorry for the mess but I’ll buy you some more marshmallows. But you know they could never be as soft or delicious as you.”
Kyungsoo turned a bright red. He weakly hit Xiumin’s shoulder. “Go clean up the mess. I’ll see you later. And please don’t say any more cheesy comments. Leave them to Kris. It’s easier and more fun to tease him than you.”
Xiumin arched a brow.
Kyungsoo smiled brightly. “I like to tease you in another way. Now out of my way, I have an injured Chanyeol to take care of.”
He brushed past Xiumin with an extra sway to his hips. Xiumin’s eyes lingered on his bottom for a moment longer before he turned away with a shake of his head.
“That boy…I’m going to eat him up tonight.”

A/N: so yeah…I do not know what this is but I wrote it so yeah XD
Tags: d.o./xiumin, one shot

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