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Title: Enchanted Forest
Pairing: Kris/Xiumin
Word Count: 1395
Summary: Xiumin follows a trail of candy to an enchanted forest?!?!?
A/N: inspired by this and i guess requested by this

Xiumin was on his way to his grandma’s house to eat some of her delicious cooking when he noticed something sparkling in the distance. He walked closer to find a piece of candy on the ground. He gasped before picking it up to look at it. He wasn’t going to eat it but it looked so pretty all wrapped up and besides, who wanted the forest to be littered with – candy?
Xiumin’s eyes widened when he spied another piece of candy not too far away. He bent to pick it up and slip it into his pocket. He found another piece a few paces in front of him. He bent to pick it up and slipped it into his pocket. Soon he had collected over 20 pieces of candy.
Xiumin stood up and smiled to himself before turning back around to walk back the way he came. Except when he looked behind himself, all he saw was a thick wall of trees.
“Hmmm…where did those trees come from?” Xiumin turned back around to find another wall of trees blocking his way.
“What’s going on?” Xiumin looked around him confused. “What do I do?”
“May I be of assistance?”
Xiumin looked down and stared at the bright sunflower smiling up at him. “Were you talking to me?”
The sunflower smiled. “Yes. My name is Joonmyeon, pleased to make your acquaintance.”
“Hello, my name is Xiumin. Uh…you said you could help me?”
Joonmyeon smiled. “Of course. Right now, you’re in the enchanted forest, a place of beauty and fun. Feel free to go around and explore to your heart’s content.”
“Uh thank you. But uh…do you know how I can get home?”
“Go…home?” Joonmyeon looked at Xiumin confused.
“Uh yeah…home. I-I’m not from the enchanted forest.”
“Where are you from?”
“Seoul, South Korea.”
“Ah~ so you come from that world.”
“That world?”
Joonmyeon smiled. “Go follow that path and you’ll find Luhan to help you.”
“Oh uh…thank you.” Xiumin nodded before following the now open path before him.
He carefully picked his way to a new clearing in the forest where a deer was lying on the ground with a young boy with colorful hair lying next to him.
“Are you Luhan?”
The deer lifted his head and smiled. “I’m Luhan. And you are?”
“Uh…Xiumin. Uh Joonmyeon told me you could help me get home?”
“Oh~” A glint appeared in Luhan’s eyes. “You’re one of those people. Sehun-ah, go be a dear and tell the others.”
Sehun nodded his head before walking away. Luhan turned back to Xiumin with a smile. “So how did you come here?”
“Uh…well…I-I was picking up some candies on the ground and –“
“Ah~ you’re one of those people. Sehun-ah~ Call Yixing to hurry over quickly. I think Kris would like to see this one soon.” Luhan grinned as he looked Xiumin over. “So how are you today?”
“Uh…okay…I guess.” Xiumin looked around. “So can you –“
“Sorry, I’m not one for small talk. Oh look, Sehun-ah and Yixing are here. That was quick.” Luhan tipped his face up for a quick peck on the nose from Sehun. A unicorn stood behind the pair.
“Xiumin, this is Yixing, he’ll take you to where you need to go.”
Yixing the unicorn smiled politely before getting down to allow Xiumin to ride him. Xiumin looked towards Luhan who nodded in approval. He tentatively climbed onto Yixing’s back.
Yixing slowly stood up which Xiumin clinging tightly to his mane.
“Hey, hey, hey, easy on the hair there, Minnie. Although Xingxing won’t complain, you’re hurting him. Here~” Sehun walked over holding some rope. “Hold on to this and you’ll be just fine.”
Xiumin looked at the piece of rope Sehun had placed in his hands. “Uh…how is this suppose to help me?”
Luhan winked. “Just hold on. Now go, Xingxing. Run like the wind.”
Xiumin’s shriek echoed through the entire forest causing the trio of puppies, a little kitty, and an owl to poke their heads out to search for the noise.

In moments, Yixing had taken Xiumin to a giant castle set amongst a forest of bamboo trees hidden in the side of a mountain. Xiumin carefully slid off, still holding on to the piece of rope. How holding on to that rope kept Xiumin from falling off during Yixing’s sprint is beyond him. No matter how Yixing moved, Xiumin was kept upright and in some kind of invisible seat while holding that rope.
“Welcome to the Alpacastle.”
Yixing nodded his head. “Solely named for the prince’s love of alpacas. Please go in. They have been expecting you.”
“They?” Xiumin’s eyes widened. He stood frozen at the bottom of the steps. Yixing had to nudge him to get him moving up the stairs.
Xiumin paused in front of the huge wooden doors where a giant alpaca design was carved. The doors opened with a creak to reveal a grand hall where crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling. At the end of the room was a set of double doors surrounded by two grand winding staircases.
“Now go on, Xiumin. Just walk to the end of the hall. The prince is waiting for you.”
“T-T-The prince?” Xiumin’s eyes widened further.
“Go on.” Yixing nudged Xiumin’s back again as he slowly stepped forward, causing Xiumin to follow.
The doors opened as Xiumin and Yixing walked inside. At the end of the hall sat the prince and his pet panda.
“May I present Xiumin, your highness?” Yixing bowed his head before backing away.
Xiumin stood in the center of the hall, hands clasped tight together and keeping his head facing the ground.
“Xiu…min, is it?” A male chuckle echoed through the hall. “What a cute name and for an especially cute person.”
Xiumin’s cheeks flushed as he kept staring at his feet. He hunched in more on himself as he heard careful footsteps making its way towards him.
“Will you please look at me?” A gentle hand on his chin lifted his face up into a face so handsome and familiar.
“W-W-Wufan?” Xiumin’s eyes widened in shock.
“Actually I’m known as Kris here.” Kris/Wufan smiled as he leaned down and kissed Xiumin’s cheek. “How are you doing, love?”
The color in Xiumin’s cheeks heightened. “I-I-“
“You followed the trail of candy I left for you, didn’t you?”
Xiumin bowed his head in embarrassment.
Kris laughed. “It’s okay, love. I planned it just for you so I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.”
Xiumin puffed his cheeks in annoyance. “Why would you do that?”
Kris grinned. “To bring you to my world. And to ask you to marry me.”
The color drained from Xiumin’s face. “M-M-Marry you? But-but-“
“You’ll be free to travel back home whenever you wish but I hope you won’t mind living here with me. You know I first fell in love with you the moment I saw you that one day in the forest.” Xiumin blushed a deep red. “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind and wish for you to be mine. So please, Xiumin love, say you’ll stay and be mine.”
Kris bent down to look up into Xiumin’s face. There was love shining brightly in his eyes along with the hope and joy of a beautiful future.
Xiumin flushed even redder. “I-I-“
“Xiumin~” Kris smiled sweetly up at him.
A corner of Xiumin’s lips lifted up and a bright grin crossed his face as he threw his arms around Kris, his lips landing directly on Kris. The two shared a loving kiss until the panda came over and bopped Kris on the head.
Kris pulled away with a frown but smiled when he heard Xiumin’s chuckle. “So I take it that you accept?”
“Yes, you giant dork.” Xiumin dropped a kiss on Kris’ nose and laughed at the look on his face. He wrapped his arms tightly around Kris’ neck as Kris lifted him up and spun him around.
“I love you, my adorable Xiumin.” Kris nuzzled his face into Xiumin’s neck.
“And I love you, my dorky Wufan Kris.” Xiumin clung to Kris as he tried to snuggle closer.
“Btw, you can keep all that candy you picked up. But don’t eat it all at once or you could become my cute little baozi.”
Kris’ laugh could be heard amongst Xiumin’s shrieks and punches.

A/N: um…yeah I don’t know what this is :P but I kinda followed the question a bit? XD
Tags: kris/xiumin, one shot

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