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Title: Wedding Gifts
Pairing: Tao/Kris, Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 535
Summary: After their weddings, Taoris and Hunhan meet up to chat and catch up...and compare wedding gifts of course.
A/N: inspired by this post

Tao smiled as he waved Luhan and Sehun over. It was barely a week since their wedding. Coincidentally, Luhan and Sehun got married a week after him and Kris. Both weddings had been beautiful but in Tao’s opinion, his wedding was better because it was his and Kris’ wedding and how could anything be more beautiful or better than their wedding? He had Gucci specially design his wedding suit. And he had a 10 layer cake made for their wedding compared to Sehun and Luhan’s 3 layer cake.
Sehun and Luhan sat down with a smile after greeting him and Kris. “So how was the honeymoon?”
Kris smilled. “Good. Yours?”
“The same. Can you believe it? We’re actually married.” Luhan smiled as he held out his hand with his wedding band. It shone brightly in the sunlight. Sehun smiled as he grabbed Luhan’s hand and held it under the table.
“So are we going to do this or after we order food?”
“After food.” Sehun smirked before he looked at his menu.
Everyone placed their order with the waiter before starting the conversation again.
“So who goes first?” Luhan smiled as he settled back in his seat.
“The one who got married first should start.” Sehun smiled as he placed an arm around the back of Luhan’s chair.
Tao scoffed as he leaned back into Kris’s embrace. “Fine. We got some dishes.”
“We got pots and pans.”
“We got a coffee maker.”
“We got a rice cooker.”
“We got matching wallets.”
“We got matching jackets.”
Tao narrowed his eyes. “Oh yeah~ well someone gave me this beautiful lingerie set.”
“So did I.” Sehun smirked as he whipped out his phone to show off the picture of it.
Tao pulled out his phone and showed off his lingerie set.
Everyone crowded around to look at the two pictures. A flush crept over everyone’s face when they realized they were the exact same outfits.
Kris awkwardly coughed into his hand as Luhan looked away towards the window. Tao and Sehun were glaring at each other, silently judging the other.
Tao and Sehun pointed at each other. “Who gave you that present?”
“Jongdae gave it to you?”
“That troll!”
Tao and Sehun had matching pouts on as they glared at each other. It was a little creepy how the two managed to answer in sync. Kris and Luhan stared at the two a bit in awe and shock. They caught each other’s eyes and flushed red in embarrassment. Who knew Jongdae would be like this?
“So uh…I think we should end the discussion there.”
“Not without knowing something first.” Tao glared at Kris. “Who looks better in that outfit: me or Sehun?”
Kris looked at Luhan in a panic.
“Oh look, the food is here.”
Tao narrowed his eyes. “If you’re not going to answer the question, then no sex for a week.”
Kris groaned. “But Taozi~ you know my choice is going to be you while Luhan will choose Sehun. Why would you even ask us that question?”
Tao frowned for a moment before a bright smile crossed his face. He placed a peck on Kris’ lips. “Just testing you sweetie. Now let’s eat.”

A/N: so it kinda fit the answer a bit but obviously some things are a bit different XD I hope it’s okay :P
Tags: one shot, sehun/luhan, tao/kris

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