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Title: On Your Knees
Pairing: Suho/Chen
Word Count: 397
Summary: Suho makes Chen give him a blowjob. Enough said.
A/N: written in a few minutes or so :P just a quick little drabble inspired by this suhorny person *cough cough* lauren *cough cough*

Suho smiled as he forced Chen onto his knees before him. Chen still had a defiant look in his eyes and his mouth was pressed into a thin line but he reluctantly submitted to Suho. That had to mean something.
A slow smile spread across Suho’s lips as he slowly undid his pants and pulled out his half-hard cock.
“Now suck.”
Chen glanced at Suho’s cock before turning his head away in rejection.
Suho merely raised an eyebrow as he gripped Chen’s chen and forced him back to face his cock. “I asked you once. Don’t make me ask you again.”
Chen looked up at Suho. A corner of his lip lifted before he turned his head away in rejection again.
Suho’s smile hardened as he turned Chen’s face back towards him. He reached a hand down to grab a hold of Chen’s hair and jerk.
Chen opened his mouth in surprise and choked on Suho’s cock that was shoved into his mouth. He tried to pull back but Suho kept a firm grip on him, keeping him in place. Chen opened his mouth to try and accommodate Suho’s cock, spit dripping down the sides of his mouth.
Suho smiled as he pulled Chen back a bit before jerking him forward again.
This time, Chen was better prepared and sucked on Suho’s cock. After adjusting for a bit, Chen was able to lick and suck to Suho’s content.
Suho didn’t try to stop his hips from jerking and Chen choked when Suho’s cock hit the back of his throat. Suho held tight to Chen’s hair as he let his body do what it wanted and fucked Chen’s mouth.
Chen did his best to relax his mouth and throat and let Suho abuse his mouth as he pleased. Spit dribbled down the side of his mouth.
“Oh gawd, you’re so tight, ChenChen.” Suho kept fucking Chen’s mouth. He could feel his body tensing as his orgasm got closer and closer.
Without warning, Suho came in Chen’s mouth. Chen did his best to catch everything but some spilled out.
Suho pulled out and look at Chen. He looked a bit wreck with spit and cum around his mouth and his hair at strange angles.
“Ready for round two?”
Chen’s eyes widened as he looked up at Suho and his already hardening cock. He nervously swallowed before nodding his head.

Lauren stared at her screen as the video came to a close. She couldn't explain what happened but she felt flushed and hot all over.
"Curse you spawn of satan!"
A tear fell from the corner of her eye as she remembered how hot domineering Joonmyun was. Now she had a good idea what Chen would look like when she finally had him on his knees in front of her.

A/N: sorry if this is crappy...but like i said, written in a few minutes or so. just a little drabble or whatever :P
A/N 2: OTL i'm sorry for that little extra scene i just put in there...idky i did wasn't originally my first idea for the extra scene but had wanted to put you in there somewhere :P alskdjfaldsk >.< *debates on committing seppuku but settling for a slice on the arm or leg or both* and idky i went that dramatic either O_O but idk if you'd even read this so :P
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, suho/chen

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