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Title: Dream Guy
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1286
Summary: Sehun gets a package in the mail one day. Inside rests his dream guy, just not exactly what he was expecting.
A/N: inspired by this question and this post

The doorbell rang. Sehun sighed before picking himself off the couch and going to answer the door. His roommates were out for the day and probably wouldn’t be back later. He grumbled as he opened the door.
There was a small package on the front step. He leaned down and noticed it was addressed to him.
“Now who could’ve sent me a package?”
There was no return address. Sehun picked up the box and gently shook it. He heard a small cry. His eyes widened as he carried it inside to open it. He gently undid the wrapping to find a miniature Luhan staring up at him with tears in his eyes.
“OMG! What is this!”
The miniature Luhan scrunched up his face before bawling loudly.
“OMG! No no no, don’t cry. Please don’t cry, Luhan baby.”
The miniature Luhan stopped crying as soon as it heard “Luhan baby”. It cracked a small smile before giggling and trying to grab Sehun’s finger.
Sehun wiggled his finger above mini Luhan as he reached for his phone to call someone. The phone rang a few times before heading straight for voicemail. He ended the call and set his phone aside. He kept wiggling his finger above mini Luhan.
“What am I suppose to do with you? You’re just like Luhan but a cuter, miniature version.”
“Sehun appa~ I’m hungry.”
Sehun’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”
Mini Luhan pouted. “Sehun appa~”
Sehun felt his cheeks flush. He held out his hand. “Come on, let’s head to the kitchen and see if we can find you something to eat.”
Mini Luhan smiled brightly. “I want bubble tea. I want bubble tea.” He shook his little fists in excitement.
Sehun sighed. “Oh alright, let me see if we have any, okay? If not, I’ll just ask one of the hyungs to bring one back for us, okay?”
Mini Luhan beamed brightly. “Yay~!”
Sehun carried mini Luhan into the kitchen where he set him down gently on the counter. He started opening cabinets and the fridge to find something for them to eat.
Suddenly, he heard something knock over and a small cry. Sehun turned his head to see a box knocked over and Luhan crying his little eyes out.
“What happened?”
Mini Luhan sniffled as he wiped at his eyes. “Lulu was hungry and Lulu wanted to help so Lulu searched for food. But the big box fell on Lulu and hurt Lulu.”
“Where does it hurt?”
Mini Luhan held out his arm and leg. “It hurts here.” He pouted as he stared at Sehun with watery eyes.
“Let me go find some bandages for you.”
Luhan’s pout deepened. “No, I want you to kiss the boo-boo better.”
Sehun looked at mini Luhan. “Kiss it better?”
Luhan nodded his head.
Sehun looked at the little arm and leg. His lips would cover it completely.
Luhan shook his arm and leg.
Sehun gave a little sigh before leaning forward.
Luhan grinned and quickly pecked Sehun’s cheek before running away.
“Hey~!” Sehun looked around and noticed Luhan’s little head sticking out from behind a glass jar. He was about to go get him when he remembered something. If mini Luhan was anything like Luhan, then he didn’t like to lose if he was playing a game. And judging from how Luhan ran away after his little kiss, he was definitely playing.
Sehun turned his head, pretending to not have seen him. “Luhan~ oh Luhan, where did you go?”
He saw from the corner of his eye mini Luhan peeking out from around the jar. He pretended not to see him and continued searching around the kitchen. He moved closer to the counter where mini Luhan was but kept his head turned.
“Oh Luhan~ Luhan~ where are you?”
Sehun turned his head a bit and felt something smack him in the face. He instinctively brought his hands up and caught mini Luhan in his hands.
Mini Luhan had a bright grin on his face. “Did I surprise you?”
Sehun scrunched his eyes and glared at mini Luhan. “You’re going to pay for that.”
Mini Luhan started to shake. “W-W-What are you going to do to me?”
A corner of Sehun’s mouth lifted. He brought his finger up and began to tickle mini Luhan.
“Wah~ Sehun appa, Sehun appa, stop, stop, stop.” Mini Luhan wiggled around in his palm.
“Not until you apologize, Luhan-ah.”
“Sehun appa, Sehun appa-“
“Sehun appa?!?!?!”
Sehun turned his head to find his hyungs had returned. He spotted the bubble tea bag in one of their hands and instantly ran to grab it.
“Hey, hey, hey, what’s this Sehun appa business, Sehun-ah?” Baekhyun tried to hold the bubble tea bag away from him but with his height, Sehun was able to easily pluck the bag from his hands.
Sehun ignored Baekhyun and returned to the kitchen. Mini Luhan jumped up and down in Sehun’s palm, excited to drink some bubble tea.
“What is that?” Kai looked judgingly at mini Luhan in Sehun’s palm.
Mini Luhan cried at all the stares and clung to Sehun’s hand. “Sehun appa, make all the bad people go away.” He sniffled and buried his head in Sehun’s hand.
“Bad people? Who are you calling bad?” Baekhyun glared and scooted closer to grab at mini Luhan but Sehun held him out of the way.
“Hey, hey, hey, you’re upsetting Luhan-ah, so if you could all please leave and let us enjoy our bubble tea, that would be great, thanks.” Sehun pulled out the drink and stuck the straw in. He gently set Luhan on top where he happily grabbed at the straw and tried to take a sip.
Sehun watched mini Luhan struggle for a bit before he chuckled and brought out a smaller cup and put some of the liquid in there for mini Luhan to drink. Mini Luhan smiled and happily drank his drink.
Sehun smiled as he drank his bubble tea.
“SEHUN-AH~! I’M HOME!” Luhan smiled as he poked his head through the doorway. “Oh, you got my gift. Hello, baby.”
Mini Luhan grinned brightly and tried to run to Luhan. Sehun caught him before he fell off the table.
Luhan smiled as he picked up his mini self. “Hello, beautiful. I hope you had fun with appa today.”
Mini Luhan smiled brightly. “Uh huh. Look, we’re drinking bubble tea together.”
Luhan’s eyes twinkled as he noticed the two cups. “I can see. Now shall we get you to bed, sweetie pie.”
Mini Luhan nodded his head and yawned. Luhan smiled as he moved away to go tuck mini Luhan into bed.
Sehun smiled as he watched them leave. He turned back to his tea to finish drinking it when he gave a loud yawn and promptly fell asleep at the table.

Sehun woke up to find Luhan smiling at him.
“Hey sleepyhead, wake up~”
Sehun sat up and sleepily rubbed his eyes. “Huh? What’s going on?”
Luhan smiled and pecked Sehun’s cheek. “Did you forget, silly? We’re going to go pick out a puppy today for the both of us to take care of and love together.”
“Oh, that’s right.” Sehun smiled as he sat up. He grabbed Luhan to pull him into a tight embrace. “I love you.”
“I love you too. Now let’s go.” Luhan grabbed Sehun’s hand and pulled him from the bed.
Sehun looked at the back of Luhan’s head. His dream floated through his mind. He wouldn’t mind having a mini Luhan but the larger, real-life one was so much better, especially since they were getting a puppy to take care of together. A puppy would be easier to handle than a mini Luhan, most any day.

A/N: hopefully this is okay...kinda changed ideas as i was writing it and yeah ending is like blah again :P but side note: finished one of ____ [insert large number] fics i have waiting on my laptop
Tags: one shot, sehun/luhan

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