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Title: Twister with a Twist
Characters: EXO
Word Count: 1967
Summary: Someone gives EXO the game Twister. Everything is normal until Luhan gets to change the rules. (based on this)

“Hey, look what I found outside our door.” Chanyeol smiled as he carried in a package address to all of them.
“Hmm…must be from another fansite or whatever.”
“Nope, there’s not return address.”
The other members stared at each other as Chanyeol set the box down to open it.
“I don’t think you should be opening it, Chanyeol-ah.”
“Oh come on, what could be the worst that could happen?” Chanyeol smiled as he opened up the box and looked inside. “See? They’re just a harmless board game, right, Kris hyung?”
Chanyeol held out a box towards Kris. Kris took it and looked at it with a raised brow. “Well, that’s interesting.”
“What is it?” Luhan looked up at Kris curiously.
“It’s a board game.”
“A board game?” Luhan’s face lit up. “Can we play?”
“Sure, but we can’t all play at once.”
“There’s another one in the box.” Chanyeol smiled as he pulled out a second one.
“Ooo cool, so we can all play at the same time.” Luhan smiled as he grabbed the other box. “So how do we play?”
Kris sat down and opened up the box, pulling out the mat and spinner. “Well, this is called Twister.”
“So basically, one person will spin this and wherever it lands, the other people playing will follow.”
Kris looked at the confused faces of the EXO members. “Okay, so the four different options are left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot. There are four different colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. So one person is designated the spinner. You spin the wheel and call out the body part and color. Everyone playing will follow. You cannot place hands and feet next to each other. The point of the game is to get as twisted as possible without falling.”
Everyone looked at Kris confused.
“Basically, everyone gets tangled up and the one left standing wins.”
“Oh~ sounds fun. So who’s going to play with who?”
“I want to play with Sehun and Xiumin.” Luhan latched onto Sehun and Xiumin’s arms.
“I call Lay and Kai.” Chen grabbed Lay’s arm and the back of Kai’s shirt. Kai grabbed onto Kyungsoo, pulling him along.
“I want to play with Tao.” Sehun pouted as he grabbed Tao’s arm.
“Okay, okay, okay. I’m going to put out the two games side by side, leaving some room for each of us and everyone will choose one to play on.” There was some shuffling but soon everyone had chosen a mat.
On one side was Sehun, Luhan, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Tao. On the other side was Kris, Suho, Kai, Lay, Chen, and Kyungsoo.
“So who wants to spin?”
“I will.” Xiumin raised his hand.
“Suho will.” Kai smiled as he pointed at Suho.
Suho gave a small sigh. “Fine. Come on, Xiumin, you can sit next to me while we spin and watch them.”
Suho and Xiumin grabbed the two spinners and sat between the two mats. “Alright, shall we start?”
Everyone took a spot around the mat. Suho and Xiumin spun the spinners and called out the moves. There was a bit of scrambling around but everyone was able to get the first move.
Suho and Xiumin spun the spinners again and called out the next move. There was more scrambling as people moved to follow the move. Already, signs of tangled limbs could be seen.
Suho and Xiumin continued spinning and calling out moves and watched as the other members got tangled together. So far no one had lost yet but everyone was tangled together. It was hard to tell whose arm or leg that was, people seemed to be sitting on each other, faces were pressed into different body parts.
No one knew how it happened but everyone collapsed except for Luhan and Lay.
“YEAH~!” Luhan and Lay got up and high fived each other.
“Winners get a prize.”
“What?!?!?! When did we decide this?”
“Just now.” Luhan and Lay had matching grins.
Everyone else felt a sense of dread in the pit of their stomach.
“Lay, the supplies.”
Lay smiled as he went back to his room and brought out a box. Luhan walked over and pulled items out.
“Go change into these and we’ll play again but only you four.” Luhan handed them out to Kris, Tao, Chanyeol, and Sehun.
Kris raised an eyebrow as he took the clothes. “And why us four?”
“Because I said so. Now go change while we set things up for the next game.” Luhan and Lay pushed the members into a room to change. As soon as they were squared away, Luhan got the other members to help him lay out plastic mats before setting one of the Twister mats on top.
“Now let’s add some paint onto the spots. Here, Chen, you can take red. Baekhyun, you can take yellow. Xiumin, you can take blue and Lay, you can take green.” Luhan smiled as he passed out the colors to the members.
“Kai, you can set up the camera to record this. Kyungsoo, you can just sit and watch or you can help Suho spin.” Luhan smiled as he shoved the items into Suho’s hands.
Luhan clapped his hands. “So is everyone ready?”
The members looked at Luhan confused. The four members changing came out of the room dressed in white wifebeaters and drop crotch sweatpants.
“Alright, let’s get started. The rules are the same but with a twist. People with the paint are allowed to splash anyone playing whenever they wish. Understand?”
Everyone nodded their head.
“Good, I’ll be the referee. Now let’s start.”
Kris, Tao, Chanyeol, and Sehun took their spots around the mat.
“Alright~ let’s go. Suho, will you spin the wheel?” Luhan smiled. He sat down and watched as Suho spun the wheel. He grinned when the first move was pulled out.
Kris, Tao, Chanyeol, and Sehun moved to take their spots.
“Omg, what is this?” Kris has a shocked and disgusted face on as his hand landed on the spot.
Luhan grinned. “It’s paint. We upgraded the game.”
Kris arched an eyebrow. “Upgraded it?”
“Yep. We have paint.” Luhan’s grin widened. “Now let’s keep going. Suho~!”
Suho spun the wheel and the others moved to follow. Luhan grinned as he spotted Chen shifting his bucket of paint. He did nothing as Chen splattered some paint on a few of the members.
“Hey, hey, hey, what was that?” Kris looked up annoyed.
“An upgrade to the game. Now do what Suho says.” Luhan grinned as he leaned back in his chair to enjoy the game.
Things went off without a hitch and soon Kris, Tao, Sehun, and Chanyeol were covered in paint and tangled together. It was hard to distinguish whose leg or arm that was, especially with the paint splattered all over. A bit had gotten onto some of the other members and the floor (which Suho and Kyungsoo hadn’t been happy about but Luhan assured them it would come right out). So far, no one had fallen yet but there had been a few mishaps.
Time to up the game…
Luhan smiled as he got up from his perch and headed over to the box. The other members minus Lay barely noticed him, too absorbed in the game and paint. He reached inside and pulled something out.
In the blink of an eye, a resounding slap was heard around the room.
“What the fuck was that?!?!?!?!”
Everyone tried to look for the source of the noise. Luhan stood there smiling and tapping his little fan on his hand.
“I decided to change the rules a bit. Since no one has fallen yet, even with the obstacles, I decided to add something to the game.”
“Oh yeah…” Sehun narrowed his eyes at Luhan.
“Well then, let me show you what I think of your new rule.” Sehun untangled himself from the group and walked over to Luhan. Before anyone could react, Sehun had Luhan bent over his knee and spanked him 3 times with the fan.
After that, all hell broke loose as people grabbed paint and various other items and began to throw them at each other.
Sehun was continuously spanking Luhan as pandemonium raged around him. He was just concerned with punishing Luhan for his idea of a game.
“Harder, Sehun-ah, harder…mmmm…that’s good.”
Sehun paused in his spanking. “Are you enjoying this, hyung?”
Luhan turned his head to smirk at Sehun. “You can feel my dick, can’t you? Just like I can feel yours. You’re enjoying this...more than I expected. I think I’ll have to try this later when we’re alone.”
Sehun nervously gulped. He dropped the fan and pushed Luhan off of him. “Uh…I’m going to go wash up now.”
Luhan stood up with an evil looking grin on his face. “Oh no no no, you’re not getting away from me that easily, Oh Sehun.”
He jumped on Sehun, toppling the two over onto the abandoned Twister mat. Paint splattered everywhere as Luhan leaned down to kiss Sehun. His hand slipped into Sehun’s pants and gripped his erection tightly.
“Ooooo…ORGY~!” Baekhyun grinned as he spotted Sehun and Luhan making out. He leaned down to pull Luhan’s pants down before pushing two fingers into his hole.
Luhan cried out in pain and shock. He glanced over his shoulder to see Baekhyun grinning at him as he pushed his fingers in and out. Luhan was helpless as moans began to spill from his lips.
Sehun leaned up to mouth at Luhan’s neck. “Thanks, Baekhyun hyung, but I think I can take it from here.”
Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. “Suit yourself.” He moved off in search of another member to assault. He was quickly dragged by Kris to join him, Tao and Chanyeol getting it on. Kyungsoo, Kai, and Suho were tangled together with Chen, Lay, and Xiumin nearby.
Sehun pulled down his pants enough for his cock to come out before shifting Luhan and slamming him down onto his erection. The two moaned shamelessly.
“Hey, hey, hey~ that’s not fair.” Chen pouted as he walked over, followed by some of the other members. He leaned down and captured Luhan’s lips for a kiss. Lay leaned down and kissed Sehun. From there, the other members just kind of joined in, looking for any available mouth or ass.
Sehun experimentally moved his hips, causing Luhan to moan into Lay’s mouth. He grinned around Suho’s cock before moving his hips again.
Luhan pulled away from Lay and pushed Suho’s cock out of Sehun’s mouth. He leaned down and attacked Sehun as he moved his hips in rhythm to Sehun’s thrusts.
“Oh gawd Sehun…right there, right there…you got it….” Luhan clung to Sehun as his hole got abused.
“Come on, baby, come on…I know you’re close. I can feel it. Come for me, Luhan ge, come for me…”
Luhan’s hands dug into Sehun’s shoulders as his orgasm hit him. His cum shot out and mixed with the paint. Sehun came soon after, shooting inside of Luhan. He carefully pulled out and tucked Luhan into his side, not caring about anything else.
Around him, he heard the other members cry out in ecstasy as they came as well. Everyone collapsed in a heap atop one another.
“Can I just say that this was a great idea, Luhan hyung?”
“Shhh…he’s asleep.” Sehun smiled as he wiped Luhan’s bangs off of his face.
“Yeah well so is Kyungsoo…and Suho…”
“And Chanyeol…and Baekhyun”
“Yeah, well I vote we all get some rest. We can clean when we wake up later.”
“Yes sir.”
One by one, the EXO members drifted off to sleep, wrapped around each other. Just before sleep claimed him, the phrase ‘We are one!’ floated into his mind. Sehun fell asleep with a smile on his face.

A/N: um yeah…somehow I got my hunhan into this when originally I was going to write EXO orgy…well I kind of did? But hunhan go the spotlight XDDDD finally finished this fic though~ now got a million more to go ^^
Tags: exo, one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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