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Title: Back Hug
Pairing: Tao/Kris
Word Count: 1336
Summary: Tao knew what he was doing when he made Chanyeol back hug him in full view of Duizhang. In fact, he was looking forward to the consequences later.
A/N: inspired by this

Kris looked to his side and found Chanyeol back hugging Tao.
Tao smirked when he caught the look on Kris’s face as he pulled Chanyeol closer. Right after he pulled Chanyeol closer, Chanyeol just as quickly moved away. But the damage was already done…and Tao couldn’t wait until tonight back at home.

Tao kept his face expressionless as he walked into his room. He closed his door but heard it open and close again. Tao looked forward as he slowly stripped off his clothes.
“Yes? Did you want something, duizhang?” Tao glanced over his shoulder to see Kris staring at him.
Kris said nothing as he slowly stepped closer to Tao. He turned Tao around so he could stare directly into his eyes. He smirked as his arm wrapped around Tao’s waist, pulling him flushed against him. His other hand slid up into Tao’s hair and pulled his head back so he was looking at him. “No, but I think you do.”
Tao smirked as he gripped Kris’s waist. He pressed his hips up against Kris’s and rubbed up and down. He could feel Kris’s half hard length. “Don’t lie to me, duizhang. You want this too. I can feel how much you want it.”
Tao pressed himself closer to Kris. “You can’t lie to me with this, Kris ge.”
Tao looked through his lashes up at Kris with a little smile.
Kris glared. “Someone should teach you some manners.”
“Wasn’t that your job, duizhang? You seem to be lacking a bit.” Tao grinned cheekily up at Kris.
“Maybe I should start now.” Kris grinned as he leaned down to kiss Tao. He thrust his tongue into Tao’s mouth and invaded the space.
Tao moaned and clung to Kris as Kris just dominated his mouth. He clung to the back of Kris’s shirt as his knees began to wobble.
Kris smiled as he pulled away and stared at Tao’s flushed face. “Thanks for saving me some of the trouble of undressing you.” He grinned as he ran his hand down Tao’s back to the top of his pants. His other hand reached towards the front and unbuttoned his pants enough for his other hand to slid into the back to grab his ass.
“Hey~ that’s not far.” Tao frowned as he started attacking Kris’s clothes.
Kris said nothing as his clothes were taken off and thrown away. He smiled seeing Tao standing naked in front of him in all his glory. His erection stood straight at him, bouncing slightly.
Tao smiled as he looked at Kris’s naked body. He sank to his knees so Kris’s dick bobbed in front of him. He stuck his tongue out and gave it a teasing lick.
Kris’s hand slid into his hair. “It’s not nice to tease.”
Kris stroked Tao’s cheek, his thumb brushing his bottom lip. “If you’re going to do this, do it properly.”
Tao pulled away and smirked up at Kris. He opened his mouth wide and took as much of Kris’s dick into his mouth. He gently licked and sucked.
Kris groaned as he gently massaged Tao’s head. “That’s it, babe…you’re so good to me.”
Tao smiled around Kris’s dick and increased his licks and sucks. He made obscene noises as he tried to get more of Kris’s dick into his mouth.
“Oh Tao…you’re so good.” Kris massaged Tao’s head, keeping him there for a bit before pulling him away. “Get on the bed now.”
Tao licked his lips and smirked. He turned around and wiggled his butt as he climbed onto his bed. His smirk widened when he felt a slap to his ass.
Tao lay on the bed and spread his legs. He stared directly into Kris’s eyes as he ran his hands down his body to his cock. He slowly stroked it before moving his hands down to his hole.
“No, that’s my job.” Kris grabbed Tao’s hand and pulled it away. He grabbed Tao’s other hand and gripped both of them in one hand as he reached for the drawer containing the lube and condom. He opened it up and coated his fingers before pushing two fingers into Tao’s hole.
Tao tensed for a bit but Kris’s gentle nibbling at his neck and ear relaxed him. He relaxed more as Kris stretched his hole. He soon wiggled on the bed, seeking something larger. “Kris ge~ Kris ge~”
Kris grinned. “Yes, Taozi?”
“I want you to fuck me now~ I’ve been waiting so long…” Tao moaned and bit his bottom lip.
“But have you been good enough for me to fuck you, Taozi?”
“Yes, duizhang please…I want your big dick inside me…NOW!” Tao tried to move his hips up but Kris kept him in place.
“Nuh uh uh, this behavior won’t make me fuck you.”
Tao whined. “Duizhang~ please…I want you to fuck me. I need your dick inside me. I’ve been wanting it all day. Please duizhang, please.”
Tao pouted and bit his lip as he tried to minimize his wiggling. “Duizhang…”
“Hmm…maybe if you whine my name, I could fuck you.” Kris grinned.
“My real name, Taozi.” Kris grinned.
Kris grinned and leaned down to peck Tao’s lips. He released Tao’s wrist to grab the condom and slip it on. He gently pushed Tao’s legs farther apart. He positioned his cock at Tao’s entrance and slowly slipped inside.
Tao moaned and clutched the bedsheets. “Wufan, Wufan, Wufan…”
“Gawd, Taozi, you’re so tight.” Kris gripped Tao’s legs as he felt Tao clenching him.
“Wufan…move…move.” Tao wiggled on the bed.
“Taozi…” Kris gritted his teeth. “I’m not going to be gentle.”
“And I don’t want you to. Now fuck me.” Tao reached around and gripped Kris’s ass.
“Okay…but you asked for this, Taozi. You’re not going to walk tomorrow.”
Tao smirked. “That’s fine with me. Now fuck me.”
Kris braced his hands on the bed as he pulled out and thrust back in.
Tao moaned and gripped Kris’s ass as Kris pounded into his ass.
“Gawd, Taozi, you feel so good.” Kris pushed Tao’s legs up towards his head so his body was bent. He pushed in and out, trying to find that spot that would make Tao crumble.
“Oh gawd, Wufan…Wufan…right there, there.” Tao gripped the bedsheets as Kris’s cock hit his prostate.
“Wufan…please…I-I want to come…make me come…”
Kris leaned down and captured Tao’s lips in a heated kiss. His tongue swept inside as his body thrust into Tao’s. He stroked his tongue in time with his thrusts.
Tao clung to Kris as he felt his orgasm closing in on him. “Wufan, Wufan, Wufan~!”
Tao spilled between their chests as Kris spilled into the condom.
Kris pulled out and rolled to his side. He reached over and handed Tao some tissues to clean himself up. Once they were clean, Kris tossed them away before cuddling with Tao under the covers.
“You really should stop all this jealousy attempts.”
Tao pouted. “But I like making you jealous. It shows that you care.”
Kris frowned at Tao. “Don’t I tell you I love you every day?”
“Yeah but I still prefer you showing me you love me.”
Kris raised an eyebrow. “I think you just want the rough sex.”
Tao grinned. “Well there’s that too.”
Kris sighed and shook his head. He still smiled when he kissed Tao’s forehead. “You’re so –“
“Adorable is the word you’re looking for.” Tao smiled as he pecked Kris’s lips. “Now go to sleep. I wanna do this all again in the morning.”
Tao wiggled closer to Kris.
“Hmm…we’ll see about that.” Kris wrapped his arms around Tao, nuzzling his neck.
“Oh count on it, duizhang~ you’re not leaving this bed until I’m satisfied.” Tao stuck out his tongue before shutting his eyes and drifting to sleep.
Kris shook his head but smiled as he kissed Tao’s forehead and wrapped himself around him, drifting off into sleep.
They were oblivious to the sounds coming down the hall that kept the other members wide awake.

A/N: :P amazing how long it took me to write this like 2-3 hours? Maybe 4 since I went back and forth XD and I had to hint at a side story because I seriously want to write it XDDDDD and because I always have trouble ending fics sometimes :P
I totally neglected my homework for this but eh~ XDDDD
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, tao/kris

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