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Title: Chocolate Abs (Sequel to Trapped in a Closet)
Pairing: Suho/Kai
Word Count: 1836
Summary: Suho’s got to punish Kai for disobeying him. And what better way than with some chocolate?

A/N: reading a bit too much smut and feels so writing some :P and this sequel was going to be written eventually~

Suho smiled as he dragged Kai into his and Kyungsoo’s shared room. He pushed Kai in the direction of the bed and turned to lock the door.
Kai was looking warily at Suho from his bed. His eyes widened when he caught the look in Suho’s eyes. “W-W-What are you going to do to me?”
The corner of Suho’s lips lifted in a small smirk. “I thought I told you, I want to show you something I bought but I also have to punish you for what you did.”
“But what did I do?”
Suho shook his head and gently smiled at Kai. “You didn’t wait for me in my room.”
“But-But Sehun and Luhan were going –“
Suho stopped Kai’s words with a finger over his lips. “Doesn’t matter. If I tell you to wait, you wait.”
“But-but they were going to –“
“You know you could’ve just waited in my room and not hide in a closet.”
Kai blushed. “It was instinct.”
Suho raised an eyebrow.
“Okay so it was a habit. I like to sneak into your room when you’re not there.”
Suho’s smile widened. “And now I have something else to punish you for.”
Kai’s bottom lip trembled. “But-but”
“Shh, silence or I’ll gag you.”
Kai’s eyes widened.
“That’s right, I have to show you what I bought.” Suho smiled as he got off the bed. “Stay there while I go get them. Don’t move.”
Kai leaned back on the bed and watched as Suho walked over to the bag he had dropped. His eyes widened when he saw the things Suho pulled out.
“Like what you see?”
Kai stared speechless as Suho placed his new toys on the nightstand.
“Now let’s get those clothes off. Strip for me, Jongin-ah.”
Kai quickly sat up and took his clothes off in record time. He knew the faster he complied to Suho’s commands, the better it was for him later on. As soon as he shed his clothes, leaving them scattered around the room, he climbed back onto the bed.
Suho smiled as he looked at Kai’s lean body and half-hard erection. He slowly took of his clothes, taking his time folding them neatly and putting them to the side. He leaned over and grabbed the first item from the nightstand. “Put your hands above your head.”
Kai raised his arms. Suho tied one scarf around one wrist, looped it through the headboard, and around the other wrist.
Kai watched as Suho smiled at his handiwork. Suho dropped a kiss to each of Kai’s wrist. He grinned down at Kai.
“Ready for more?”
Kai hesitantly nodded his head.”
“Good boy.” Suho dropped a light kiss to Kai’s lips before reaching for the next item.
“I hope you’re ready~” Suho grabbed the bottle of chocolate sauce.
“Is this really a punishment?” Kai arched a brow.
“Nope.” Suho smiled brightly. “This was for us to play with. We’re still going to play but now you don’t get to do anything.”
“What do you mean?” Kai looked at Suho wide-eyed.
“I mean that you just have to lay there while I do all sorts of fun and delicious things to your body. You can’t touch yourself, you can’t move your hips. You’re a statue. Got it?”
Kai nodded his head.
“Good boy.” Suho leaned down and quickly slipped his tongue inside before pulling back. He opened up the bottle and began to carefully dribble it onto Kai’s abs.
“Look, now you have some real chocolate abs.” Suho smiled as he drew little hearts over Kai’s nipples. “And now your nakedness has been censored.”
Kai raised an eyebrow. “And my dick?” He wiggled his hips, making his cock bounce.
“Hey~! I told you not to move.” Suho frowned and reached over onto the nightstand. “And here I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but then again, my fun will last longer.”
Suho slipped the cock ring on and grinned as he dropped a kiss to the tip.
Kai choked on his breath but kept his body as still as he could.
Suho smiled as he teasingly licked Kai’s cock. He slowly moved his tongue over the tip, down the side and back up. He placed his mouth over the tip for a second before moving away. Suho licked his lips as he looked down at Kai.
“Mmm…delicious but now to finally get a taste of those chocolate abs.” Suho leaned down and licked a stripe of chocolate.
Kai held his breath as Suho ran his tongue up and down his abs, licking off all the chocolate sauce. He noticed a spot of chocolate on the corner of Suho’s mouth but said nothing.
Suho licked his lips, picking up any leftover traces of chocolate. He quickly leaned down and lapped up the rest of the chocolate on Kai’s nipples. “Mmmm…delicious~ But I’m still hungry.”
Suho grinned as he picked up the chocolate sauce again. “More chocolate abs for me.”
He quickly dribbled sauce on Kai’s abs. Just as quickly, he lapped it all up again.
“Mmm…so good but I think I want something a little more filling.” Suho grinned as he eyed Kai’s erection. He leaned down and ran his tongue teasingly over the length.
Kai tried to stop his hips from bucking up but it was too late.
Suho leaned up and gripped Kai’s cock in a hard but gentle grip. “Now what did I tell you about moving?”
“You told me not to.”
“That’s right. Now I would gag you or blindfold you but I do want you to participate a bit even if you can’t move or come.” Suho smiled gently at Kai. “Oh well…I guess I should just drag this out as long as I can, right?”
He leaned over and pecked Kai’s lips as he slowly stroked Kai’s cock. He kept a steady rhythm as he gently stroked up and down.
Kai bit his lip as he fought against seeking more friction. Suho was torturing him, first his tongue and now his hand. And it was worse that he couldn’t even come.
Suho bent down and licked the bead of precum at the tip. He decided to tease Kai a bit and took only the tip into his mouth. He gently sucked, running his tongue along the slit. It was very faint but he could feel the little tremors from Kai’s body as he tried to stop himself from moving.
Suho smiled and took more of Kai’s cock into his mouth. He gently sucked as his hand continued its movement up and down Kai’s cock. Suho glanced up to see Kai biting his lip. He reached up and gently ran a thumb over Kai’s lips.
“Let me hear you, Kai.”
Kai opened his mouth and let out a low moan as Suho tongued his slit. His hands balled into a fist as he tightened his body to keep from moving.
Suho grinned as he teasingly stroked Kai’s cock. He leaned down and deep throated Kai’s cock, relaxing his throat to take all of it in.
Kai choked and pulled against his restraints.
Suho pulled off with a slight pop and glared at Kai. “Tsk tsk tsk~ I really do need to teach you a lesson about obeying my commands.”
Suho rolled Kai onto his side, taking care not to put too much weight or twist Kai’s wrists. When Kai was turned as much as he could, Suho raised his hand and spanked Kai’s bottom hard. He smiled at the red imprint on Kai’s left cheek and brought his hand down again. He did this nine more times, alternating between butt cheeks. By the time he was done, Kai’s ass was glowing a nice red.
Suho gently rolled Kai back onto his back and leaned over to press a gentle kiss to his lips. “Good boy, Jongin-ah~ I should reward you, shouldn’t I?”
Kai tentatively nodded his head.
Suho grinned and pecked Kai’s lips again. He reached over for the chocolate syrup and dribbled a bit on Kai’s chest. He leaned down and slowly licked it all up, paying special attention to Kai’s nipples and belly button. He trailed down towards Kai’s cock, placing a kiss to the tip before standing up.
Suho walked over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube and condom. He opened the condom and slipped it onto his cock. He grabbed Kai’s legs and bent them up towards Kai’s chest, making his ass stick up into the air. He grabbed the lube and poured some around Kai’s hole.
“Brace yourself, Jongin-ah~ this is going to hurt.” Suho grinned as he closed and tossed the bottle of lube towards the nightstand. He positioned himself before thrusting in hard.
Kai cried out in pain and shock. Tears sprang to his eyes that Suho gently wiped again.
Suho leaned over and gently kissed Kai’s lips. “Sorry baby, but you know this is punishment for you. But don’t worry, it’ll be better in a second. Gawd, you’re so tight.”
Suho experiementally thrust a little, pulling a groan from Kai. “Ready babe? This is gonna rough~”
“Just-just fuck me now, Joonmyun hyung~ Fuck me now~ please.” Kai was crying as his body shivered with sexual frustration.
“As you wish~ Jongin-ah.” Suho held onto Kai’s ankles as he pulled out and thrust back in. He kept a rough pace as he practically abused Kai’s hole with his thrusting. He bent Kai some more as he thrust in harder.
Kai couldn’t hold back the noises anymore as Suho pounded him into the bed. He pulled against his restraints as he tried to find some relief for his aching cock.
“Joonmyun, Joonmyun…I-I need you…I-I…my-my-“
“Shh baby, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten.” Suho smirked. “I’m just going to make you come without touching you.”
Kai sobbed as he tried to wiggle around.
Suho placed an arm around Kai’s waist to hold him in place as he adjusted the angles of his thrusts. He grinned when Kai let out a strangled moan. He started thrusting in harder, abusing Kai’s prostate. He could feel the familiar tightening in his stomach.
“Okay babe, come for me.” Suho reached down and slipped the cock ring off.
Kai came all over Suho and his stomach.
Suho gritted his teeth as he felt Kai tighten around him. “Yes~ that’s it, babe.”
He thrust in a few more times, feeling Kai’s hole clenching around him. He came after a particularly harsh thrust. He would’ve collapsed on top of Kai but he caught himself and rolled to the side. He lazily reached up and untied the knot.
As soon as his hands were free, Kai wrapped them around Suho, pulling him into the warm cocoon of his arms. He placed a kiss on Suho’s forehead.
“That has got to be one of the roughest and hottest sex I have ever had, hyung. But next time, I get to enjoy your chocolate abs, hmm?”
Suho gave Kai a sleepy satisfied smile. “Of course.”
Then he passed out.

A/N: krisus this smut seems so filthy >.< chocolate sauce and a rough domineering suho :P there’s a bit on bondage and like yeah~
Well I hope you enjoy? For those that read this XDDD
and sorry about the ending but yeah~ it was like 1 or 2am so just wanted to finish it :P
Tags: r/nc-17, suho/kai

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