trying to fix what's damaged (read0write) wrote,
trying to fix what's damaged

Curiosity~ about Fic Requests

So this is just a question for whoever would be interested:

I'm thinking about opening up my Fic Requests again so those that would like a fic written for them can have one.
I like writing fics for people but I stopped since it kinda took me a while to write some of them >.<
And I would've opened them up again but I already have so many fics waiting to be finished, I thought it wouldn't be fair :T
But now I really want to write fics for people. I think if I start writing for people, I can get a move on with those other fics I've started but haven't finished :P

But first, I want to know who would be interested in having a fic written for them.
Because if no one is interested, then I won't open up my Fic Requests.

Now answer in the poll below. No one will see the response except for me since there are people who are probably shy~ ^^

Poll #1911190 Fic Requests: Yes or No?

Interested in having a fic written for you?

Up to you~
I don't care :P

I hope some of you vote just so I can get a good idea :P But it's not mandatory at all~
Tags: curiosity, poll
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