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Title: Birthday Cake Sex
Characters: EXO (a little Sehun/Luhan and Kai/D.O.)
Word Count: 1205
Summary: All the fan sent birthday cakes were going to go to waste unless they figured out another way to eat them.

“What are we going to do with all these cakes?” Luhan looked at all the birthday cakes laid out on the table from the various fanclubs.
“We can just do what we do with the others.” Baekhhyun wiggled his eyebrows.
“But the other members aren’t here.” Luhan pouted.
“Was someone missing us?” A head poked out from around the corner with a smile on his face.
“Hey~ you got here just in time to enjoy the birthday cake.” Luhan smiled as the rest of the member spilled into the room.
“Aren’t they so pretty?” He gestured at the several cakes laid out on the table.
“Nice, but they share some similar themes.”
Luhan scoffed. “Yeah, me on top.”
“You’re not on top all the time.”
Luhan glared at Kai. “You weren’t complaining last night.”
“LAST NIGHT??!?!?!” Kyungsoo and Sehun looked at Luhan and Kai in disbelief.
Kyungsoo and Sehun looked at Luhan and Kai with matching glares.
“Hey~ it was nothing. We didn’t really do anything. Just a little quickie.”
“A QUICKIE~!!!!! Is that why you were still loose?” Sehun glared at Luhan.
Luhan had the decency to blush. “Maybe…”
Sehun glared. “That’s it, I’m not fucking you tonight.”
“But-but…our-our orgy…?” Luhan placed a pout on his face.
“With the birthday cake?” Kris arched an eyebrow.
“Uh yeah~ it’s like a tradition.” Luhan smiled. He looked at Sehun. “You’re not going to deny me my tradition, will you?”
Sehun gave Luhan a small smile. “No, of course not. But you’re probably not going to get fucked by me today.”
Luhan’s pout deepened. “But Sehun-ah~”
“No, Luhan hyung. It’s not going to happen.” Sehun glared at Luhan. “You ignored one of my rules and therefore, you need to be punished.”
‘But-but Sehun-ah~”
“No, Luhan hyung. You did this to yourself.” Sehun frowned and moved closer to Suho’s side, lightly clinging to his arm.
“Sehun-ah~” Luhan tried to reach for him but was stopped by Lay. He turned to see Lay shaking his head disapprovingly.
“Leave him be for now. Besides, we gotta finish your birthday celebration.”
“What?” Luhan looked at Lay wide-eyed.
“Caking time~!” Kai grinned as he grabbed a part of one cake and smashed it onto another member’s face.
This began the annual cake fight where all the uneaten cakes from the fanclubs were smashed into the members’ faces for an all out cake battle.
The room became littered with pieces of cake and the members were completely covered in frosting and cake.
No one knew who made the first move but soon, bodies were tangled together as lips locked together in a passionate kiss.
No one cared about the mess they were making, they just wanted to feel the press of lips against their lips, the heat and warmth of another body.
As they all moved together, pressing closer and closer, partners were soon exchanged, clothes were removed and soon, there was a pile of naked limbs covered in frosting and cake in the middle of the room.
No one could find where one body started and where one ended, everyone was tangled together. Fingers and tongues were everywhere as cake was licked off of bodies and people were being prepared.
Groans filled the room as cocks found their way into asses or mouths.
The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room. As people were fucked, the open mouths were spent sucking hickeys or making out with another member.
Luhan found his mouth occupied by Kris’s dick and his hole being thoroughly fucked by Sehun. He smirked as he sucked Kris’s dick. As much as Sehun wanted to deny Luhan sex, he could never keep that promise.
The moment Luhan was stripped naked, Sehun couldn’t stop the drool from almost spilling out of his mouth. Luhan enjoyed teasing Sehun by making out with another member first (typically Baekhyun because that boy sure could kiss). Then he would have Suho prep him as he sucked a hickey on Xiumin’s neck. And all this time, Sehun would just stand there, watching while Tao sucked his cock.
When everyone was prepped, bodies were pulled together. Naturally, Sehun grabbed Luhan first. And it stayed that way for the whole time.
While the other members might switch around, Sehun kept a tight grip on Luhan’s waist. Any protest Luhan would try to make gets swallowed up with a well-placed kiss or slid on his cock.
Luhan stood there as Sehun fucked him as hard as he could. He tried to muffle his sound but Sehun wouldn’t allow it.
Sehun kept a harsh grip on Luhan’s cock as he slammed his cock into Luhan’s ass.
Moans and grunts filled the room as people orgasmed.
Sehun kept a tight grip on Luhan’s waist as he came hard in him.
Luhan cried as his orgasm was denied.
“Sehun-ah~ let me come.”
Sehun leaned down and nipped at Luhan’s ear. “No, birthday boy is being punished.”
Luhan whined and tried to wiggle his ass but that only earned him a smack. He pouted as he felt the sting of that slap.
Sehun ignored Luhan and turned to look at the other members. A few were passed out. Suho was already doing his part as leader and cleaning up the mess people left behind.
Sehun caught Kris’ eye and smiled.
“Kris hyung~ can you come here and help me? Luhan hyung is being a bad boy on his birthday.”
Kris arched a brow. “Sure, Sehun-ah. Give him to me.”
“I suggest keeping a tight grip on him. We don’t want him coming too soon.”
“Good point. Here, I’ll keep a hold of him while you help clean up.” Kris’ hand replaced Sehun’s on Luhan’s cock. Sehun smiled and waved before walking over to help clean up the pieces of cake that hadn’t been consumed.
Kris lazily stroked Luhan’s cock as he watched the rest of the members clean up the room. Luhan tried to buck his hips to get more friction but Kris’ arm across his waist, kept him from moving.
When the room was cleaned and most of the members had woken up and dressed, everyone turned to look at the birthday boy, still naked and hard.
Luhan whimpered as everyone ran their hungry gazes over his body.
Sehun smiled as he stepped out of the circle. “I think you’ve had enough fun~ don’t you think, Luhan hyung?”
Luhan quickly nodded his head.
“Shall we let you come?”
Luhan nodded his head and bit his lip as he stared up at Sehun from beneath his lashes.
Sehun smirked as he placed a hand on Luhan’s cock. He slowly stroked up and down, gradually increasing his pace until Luhan was bucking up into his hand as he came all over himself and Sehun’s hand.
Luhan watched as Sehun licked his cum off his hand. Tissues were passed over as the rest of his cum was wiped off his stomach. He could barely help as people dressed him.
His eyes were just falling shut when he felt himself being lifted and cradled into a warmth body.
The last thing he heard before he passed out was “I love you, Xiao Lu. Happy birthday.”

A/N: I have no idea where this is going~ was started when I was tipsy :P and finished sober :T so yeah~ haven’t really tried to write an orgy so this is my first attempt…probably not that great but whatevs
A/N 2: yeah the orgy part kinda got pushed aside to make way for the hunhan :P
~Idea came from my co-admin on IHATFE XD~
Tags: exo, kai/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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