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Title: Slap That Ass
Pairings: Lay/EXO, Lay/Chen, minor Tao/Kris and Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1673
Summary: Lay's sent on a little mission: to slap every ass in EXO
A/N: inspired by this post

Lay smiled as he woke up. He looked over to see Luhan grinning at him.
“Today’s the day. You ready?”
“Alright~ Good luck.” Luhan shook hands with Lay.
Lay arched an eyebrow. “You know if I succeed what that will mean?”
Luhan beamed at Lay. “Yep. Now go. I think I can hear some movement outside.”
Lay scoffed. “Oh come on, it’s just the six of us. How can anyone else be up now?”
Luhan wiggled his eyebrows. “You forgot…again. The other six are staying with us while their apartment gets fixed. Who knew there would be so many dents and things?”
“Well with six sexually active guys in one apartment…plus another six that come to visit on occasion…”
Luhan shook his head. “I really hope it doesn’t happen to our place or else we’re just going to be moving back and forth between apartments.”
“Eh, maybe SM will invest in a good apartment for all twelve of us then if that keeps happening.”
Luhan shrugged his shoulders. “Eh it’s a nice thought but whatever. Now shouldn’t you get outside before others arrive? Kyungsoo-yah should be in the kitchen preparing breakfast now.”
“Good, I’ll go see if he needs some help.” Lay got out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen.
Kyungsoo was already in the kitchen, almost done with food.
Lay smiled as he sniffed the air. Good, he’s almost done cooking so I won’t have to worry about burnt food. He carefully walked into the kitchen and right up to Kyungsoo.
“Hey, Kyungsoo-yah.”
Kyungsoo froze in his place when he felt a hand on his ass.
“Uh hi Lay hyung. What are you doing?”
“I came in to see if you wanted help with breakfast but since you’re all done, I guess there’s nothing left for me to do.”
“Well you can set the table for me.”
“Okay, Kyungsoo-yah.” Lay kept his face blank as he spanked Kyungsoo’s ass before walking away.

lay checklist kyungsoo

Kyungsoo turned around to stare at Lay but nothing seemed out of the ordinary so Kyungsoo thought nothing of the slap.
Once the table was set, a few of the other members had wandered in.
“Could someone go wake up the other members?”
“I’ll go do it.” Lay smiled as he wandered off to wake up the still sleeping members.
He approached the first door and carefully opened the door. Kris was sprawled on the bed. Tao was also lying in Kris’s bed as he had so graciously given up his bed to one of the K members.
Lay smiled as he walked over to the side of the bed. Thank goodness they were sticking out, just waiting for him…
He leaned over and gave a loud smack to each of their asses.

lay checklist taoris

“What the hell!?!?” Tao sat up straight, causing Kris to roll off the bed.
Lay beamed at the two. “Time for breakfast.”
He skipped out of the room to the disbelief of Tao and Kris. He moved on to the next room only to find Suho waking Sehun. He pouted then decided to go help since the maknae wasn’t moving.
Lay moved over and smacked Suho’s butt to get his attention.

lay checklist suho

Suho jumped and turned to see Lay smiling at him.
“Need help?” Lay leaned over Suho’s shoulder to stare at the passed out maknae.
“Uh…I think I got this but you’re welcome to wake him if you want.”
“Sure.” Lay grinned as his hand came out and smacked the maknae’s butt.

lay checklist sehun

“Yo lazy bum, get up and go eat. Your boyfriend is waiting for you.”
Sehun grumbled and turned his head.
Lay frowned and smacked his ass again. “Get up, lazy bum.”
“Hey, stop smacking my boyfriend on the ass.” Luhan frowned with his hands on his hips in the doorway. He stomped in and threw himself on top of Sehun. “Get up, lazy bum or you won’t be allowed to spend any time with me today.”
Sehun shot up off the bed, careful not to let Luhan drop. “I’m up, I’m up.”
He left the room, grabbing hold of Luhan’s hand.
Lay and Suho looked at each other a bit confused. Lay shrugged his shoulders and followed the two out the door. Along the way, Kyungsoo and Kai walked out from one of the rooms.
Lay smiled as he smacked Kai’s butt in greeting.

lay checklist kai

Kai flashed him a sleepy smirk before slumping in a chair.
Breakfast passed quickly, everyone stuffing their faces before moving off to their own activity.
Lay patted Luhan’s butt as he walked past with dirty dishes.

lay checklist luhan

Luhan gave him a cheeky grin as he walked away.
Lay looked around and noticed most of the members had either gone to their rooms to change, shower, or collapsed on a couch in the living room to watch TV. He decided to claim a bathroom before one of the other members could and quickly went into the one Chanyeol vacated (but not before smacking his butt).

lay checklist chanyeol

Lay emerged an hour later, towel drying his hair. He patted Baekhyun’s ass as he passed by.

lay checklist baekhyun

Baekhyun turned to look at Lay who just walked past with a dreamy look on his face. He shrugged his shoulders and walked into the bathroom to shower.
Lay collapsed on the couch, still drying his hair. “So what’s the plan for today?”
Suho smiled from his perch on a nearby chair. “Well Luhan and Sehun left for their date. Tao dragged Kris out shopping. I think Chen decided to go practice his Chinese and had dragged Xiumin with him to the office. Kai and Kyungsoo are having a Pororo marathon in their room. Chanyeol’s in his room, waiting for Baekhyun so the two can go out. And I’m just going to relax here at home with a good book.” He smiled as he held up the book in his lap.
“Ah okay…” Lay smiled as he settled down into the couch. He turned on the TV to see if there was anything to watch. He flipped through a few channels before deeming there was nothing to watch. He got up from the couch with a little sigh.
“I think I’ll head to the office and go dance or something. Maybe I’ll check if there’s a music room free to practice.”
Suho made a noise of agreement. “Okay, just be back for dinner or call if you’re going to be late.”
“Alright.” Lay smiled as he walked to his room. He hung up his towel and grabbed his bag. He checked to make sure his phone and wallet was there before leaving.

It didn’t take long for Lay to reach the SM building and coincidentally, Xiumin was leaving just as Lay was walking in.
“Oh hi hyung, Leaving already?”
Xiumin smiled. “Yeah, got in my hours of practice for today. I’ll see you at home?”
“Yep.” Lay smiled as he smacked Xiumin’s ass on his way out.

lay checklist xiumin

Xiumin looked back at Lay who just smiled sweetly as he continued into the building.
Lay headed towards the practice rooms, trying to find an empty one. He smiled and bowed to everyone he passed.
He heard a familiar voice and quickly made his way towards it. He quietly opened the door to find Chen sitting by the piano, practicing his singing.
Chen stopped and turned to find Lay in the doorframe. “Oh hi hyung. Want to practice with me?”
“I was actually going to go practice some dancing.”
“Oh, great. I was just about done here and I’ll come join you.”
“Okay.” Lay smiled as he waited for Chen to grab his things and follow him to another practice room.
Lay set down his bag before going over to stretch. Chen placed his bag next to Lay’s and joined him in stretching.
“Hey~ that’s not how you should be doing it.” Lay got up and walked over to Chen. “Here, let me help you.”
Lay leaned over and gently placed his hands on Chen’s shoulders. He gently pushed him down, closer to his knees.
“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. That hurts.”
“Hey~ no pain, no gain. Besides, aren’t you the dansheen masheen? You need to get loose and limber to dance.”
“Yeah, but you don't have to break me.” Chen huffed and got out from under Lay’s hands. Before any of them could react, Chen’s hand reached out and slapped Lay’s ass.
The two stood frozen, Chen’s hand still on Lay’s ass.
Lay looked at Chen wide-eyed. “Did you just…spank me?”
“No, I just slapped your ass.” Chen smirked. “If I was going to spank you, it would be more like this.”
Before Lay could blink, Chen had him bent over and his hand smacked his ass again, just a bit harder this time.
“Hey, hey, hey~” Lay struggled to move away from Chen but Chen had a surprisingly strong grip on his waist.
It took a few moments of wrestling but Lay was finally able to get Chen on his knees and his ass up in the air. He quickly smacked Chen’s ass three times.

lay checklist chen

“Hey, hey, hey~” Chen tried to twist around but Lay kept a firm hold on him. “No moving. You’ve been a bad boy.”
Chen raised an eyebrow. “A bad boy, huh? We’ll just see about that.”
Chen twisted around and grabbed Lay’s wrist. He grabbed the back of his neck and pulled Lay down for a kiss.

Luhan was waiting by the door when Lay and Chen walked through the door. He spotted their joined hands but said nothing, just an arched brow.
“Go on ahead, Chen. I have to talk with Luhan for a moment.”
Chen smiled. “Okay.” He leaned over, dropped a kiss on Lay’s cheek, before heading to the kitchen where everyone else was already eating dinner.
“So I guess you were successful?”
Lay smiled. “Yep. Got my reward?”
“It’s on your desk along with a little something extra.”
Lay arched an eyebrow.
Luhan grinned. “You’ll thank me for it later. Now come on, let’s go grab dinner before it’s all gone.”

Extra Scene:
Lay looked wide-eyed at the package on his desk.
“Hey hyung~ can I come in?” Chen carefully entered the room. He stopped and grinned when he saw the package on Lay’s desk. “Hyung~ was there something you wanted to tell me?”
“Uh Luhan left this for me?” Lay looked sheepishly at Chen.
“Well…I guess I should thank him later then.”
“What do you mean?” Lay looked at Chen puzzled.
Chen smirked. He said nothing as he grabbed the unicorn blindfold and quickly covered Lay’s eyes.
Lay stood there frozen as he heard Chen pick up the little feather toy with a bell attached.
“Time for some fun, Lay~”

[In case you were wondering what Luhan left~ a unicorn blindfold, a feather toy with a bell attached, a two boxes on condoms (one with unicorns on the cover and one with ducks on the cover), two small bottles of lube, a lacy negligee, and a small trashcan]

A/N: my first time using pictures between text ^^ hope it’s okay *lip bite* thought it would be an easy way to keep track :T but eh, doubt I’ll do this to future fics unless I see fit lol
Tags: chen/lay, exo, one shot, sehun/luhan, tao/kris

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