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Title: Pas de Deux
Pairing: Kai/D.O.
Word Count: 447
Summary: Kai and D.O. doing ballet~
A/N: brought about by my friend's comment about Kai and pointe shoes (full scenario at the bottom) sorry if this isn't accurate to ballet or dance in any way :P

Kai smiled as he put on his pointe shoes. He couldn’t wait to practice today. He stepped up to the bar to begin stretching. He carefully watched his reflection in the mirror, making sure his posture was correct.
The door to the room opened, revealing a petite man. He smiled as he crossed the room.
“Hi Kyungsoo.”
“Hi Kai.” Kyungsoo dropped his bag before digging around for his shoes. He put them on and joined Kai at the bar.
The two stretched for a while until their limbs were lose and ready.
Kai called out the different positions for them to do.


Kyungsoo smiled as he relaxed his body and looked at Kai. “Ready for a break?”
“In a bit. I just want to practice my spins some more.”
“Okay.” Kyungsoo smiled and walked over to his bag to get his bottle of water. He opened it and took a gulp.
“Hey, Kyungsoo.”
Kyungsoo turned his head and his eyes widened.
“Catch me~”
Kyungsoo dropped his bottle of water as he braced himself to catch Kai running at him. He caught him around the waist and lifted him up.
He was able to hold him for a few seconds before his arms began to waver.
The two dropped to the floor with a thud, Kai spread out on top of Kyungsoo.
“OMG KYUNGSOO ARE YOU OKAY?!?!” Kai scrambled to get off of him but Kyungsoo wrapped his arms around Kai, keeping him in place.
“Please don’t move or you’ll –“
Kai paused and realized where his knee was. “Oh…right…” He gently lifted himself off of Kyungsoo so he could look at him.
“Are you okay?”
“Uh yeah…I think so…” Kyungsoo took stock of his body and only noticed a few minor aches. “Could you carefully get off of me?”
“Uh yeah…just…one moment.” Kai looked down at Kyungsoo’s flushed face. Before he could change his mind, he quickly pecked Kyungsoo’s lips. He turned his head away to hide his blush and to not see Kyungsoo’s reaction.
“Kai~ look at me.”
Kai closed his eyes and shook his head.
“Kai~” Kyungsoo reached up and gently grabbed Kai’s face and turned it towards him. A gentle smile graced his face as he slowly pulled Kai’s face towards his. His lips lightly brushed over Kai’s.
“So ready to go back to practice?”
Kai blushed. “Uh yeah…” He got up and held out a hand to help Kyungsoo.
Kyungsoo smiled as he grabbed Kai’s hand. As soon as he stood up, he placed a quick kiss on Kai’s cheek before moving across the room towards the sound system.
Kai stood there frozen for a moment before hurrying over to join Kyungsoo.

[words not exact~ pulled from my memory or modified from my memory :P but you get the gist]

My friends and I watching Lee Joon pole dancing on Strong Heart
My friend: I really like it when Lee Joon does ballet. He spins really well.
My friend: Imagine Joon in pointe shoes.
My friend: Imagine Kai in pointe shoes.
Me: But he probably wouldn't -
My friend: He probably wouldn't have enough experience for that.
My friend: OMG Imagine Kai doing a pas de duex.
My friend: Imagine Kai going "Kyungsoo, catch me." And Kyungsoo lifting him up into the air.

And yeah...that's how this came about :P (I think I really messed up the scenario on how this came about but eh~ it's the general idea XD)
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot

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