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Title: The Water Fountain
Pairing: Kai/Suho, (a hint of Sehun/Luhan)
Word Count: 650
Summary: It happened at the water fountain~
A/N: Written because of this, this, and this (and unrelated ~kinda~ this)

Kai smiled and laughed as he walked down the halls with his best friend Sehun and Luhan, “You guys go on ahead, I’m going to get a drink of water.”
“Alright, see you in class.” Sehun and Luhan smiled and waved as they walked down the hall. The two held hands as they headed to class.
Kai smiled, looking at their joined hands, before shaking his head and turning the corner for the water fountain. He pushed the lever to check the fountain (You could never be too careful. He didn’t want to end up with an unwanted wet spot.) It squirted out quite a lot. He laughed before leaning down to take a sip.
A hand on his shoulder stopped him.
Kai stood there as the hand moved from his shoulder to the back of his neck. His face was pushed forward as water from the water fountain spurted onto his face.
The person who had pushed him down checked his face, looked surprised and quickly moved away.
“Hey~!” Kai reached out to grab the guy’s wrist.
The guy turned around. Kai saw it was the school president Joonmyun but he was dressed a bit differently. He had a beanie on his head and his uniform jacket wasn’t buttoned.
Kai arched an eyebrow. Was he trying to be a bad boy dressed like that? He kept his face impassive as he looked at the school president. He could see the slight fear and surprise on his face.
“You got water on my face.”
Joonmyun cracked a small, sheepish smile. “Oh uh…right sorry. I-I uh thought you were someone else. Here, let me get that for you.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a hankerchief.
Kai raised an eyebrow but said nothing as Joonmyun wiped the water off his face. He looked at Suho, staring at his clear, pale skin, his lovely brown eyes, the little bit of hair sticking out from under his brow. His lips lifted in a small smirk.
Joonmyun stuck the hankerchief back into his pocket. He started to turn to walk away but a hand on his wrist stopped him.
“So how are you going to pay for this mistake?”
“What?” Joonmyun looked at Kai with wide eyes.
“How are you going to pay me back for splashing water on my face? You said you thought I was someone else.”
“Oh I uh…” Joonmyun nervously looked around. His friend Baekhyun had deserted him. “Oh well I…”
Kai leaned closer into Joonmyun’s personal space. “Well…?”
“I-I-I…My friend Baekhyun dared me to go over and splash you in the face with water.”
“And why would he dare you to do that?”
“Well uh…he told me he told me that he-he had a plan to-to-“
“A plan to what?”
Joonmyun looked at Kai before glancing away. He huffed and stared directly into Kai’s eyes. “A plan to get your attention because I have a huge crush on you.”
His cheeks were a bright red as he kept eye contact with Kai.
Kai felt his cheeks heat up as he stared into Joonmyun’s eyes. “I-I-“ He scrunched his face and sighed before pulling Joonmyun to him for a kiss.
Joonmyun’s eyes widened before closing as he leaned into the kiss. His mouth opened and Kai’s tongue slipped inside.
Kai pulled away and smiled down at Joonmyun’s flushed face. “Why don’t I take you home when school ends?”
“O-O-Okay…” Joonmyun gave a breathless smile.
“Great. I’ll see you after your student council meeting.” Kai dropped a kiss on top of Joonmyun’s nose. “Now run along to class. We’re already late.”
Kai smiled as he patted Joonmyun’s cheek. He waved as he walked down the hall towards class.
Joonmyun stood frozen in the hallway for a moment longer before hurrying off to class. He couldn’t believe Baekhyun’s plan worked. He smiled to himself, anxious for the day to end.
Tags: one shot, sehun/luhan, suho/kai

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