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Title: The Fan Towel
Pairing: Tao/Kris
Word Count: 978
Summary: Tao is not amused by the fan towel thrown his way at the Super Joint Concert in Thailand.
A/N: inspired by this incident 1 and 2

Tao was standing on stage when he noticed a fan throw something his way. He bent over and picked it up to find out it was a Krisyeol towel. He kept his face as expressionless as possible before walking over to where duizhang stood and handing him the towel.
Kris looked at the towel then at him but Tao was not going to deal with it. It wasn’t his problem at all.
Kris kept glancing at Tao while the other members interacted with each other and the fans but Tao refused to look his way.


The ride back to the hotel was pretty silent as everyone was catching up on some much needed sleep. Kris glanced over to see Tao resting his head on Luhan’s shoulder. The maknae had refused to talk with him since the incident, no matter how much he had tried.
None of the other members seemed to notice anything wrong but Tao seemed to be clinging to be sticking by Xiumin’s side a bit more tonight than before. It only bothered him slightly since usually Tao liked to stay near him.
Kris frowned before settling down into his seat for a short nap.


“What’s the matter, Taozi?” Kris looked at the maknae as he closed the hotel door. Tao had fallen to his bed, rolling onto his side and putting his back to Kris.
No response.
Tao moved a bit but kept his back to Kris.
“Taozi~!” Kris stalked over and turned Tao to face him. He was shocked to see tears in his eyes.
Tao glared at him as he struggled to sit up. “What?”
“Taozi~ why are you crying?”
Tao wiped his eyes. “I’m not crying and I’m not upset.”
Kris rolled his eyes. “Don’t pull that crap on me, Taozi. Not when I’m looking at you and I can see the tears.”
Tao pouted and crossed his arms. “Well if you already know the problem, then why are you asking me?”
“I don’t know everything. I just-“ A lightbulb went off in Kris’ head. “Are you upset about the fan towel?”
Tao’s frown deepened. “Yeah. What of it?”
“Why are you upset about that? It’s just a stupid fan towel.”
“Oh, so you would be perfectly fine if a fan threw up at Baektao towel on the stage for you to grab?”
Kris opened his mouth to respond when the question made him pause for a moment. He opened and closed his mouth for a bit before closing it.
“Ah-ha~ see? You would’ve been bothered by it just like me.”
“Yes but it’s nothing to cry over, Taozi.”
Tao gasped. “Fine, you can sleep alone tonight then. I’ll go room with Xiumin hyung.”
He got up and started for the door but Kris grabbed his wrist and pulled him back onto the bed. Before he could blink, Kris was straddling his hips, his arms pinning his wrists to the bed.
“Where do you think you’re going? You can’t just leave yet.”
Tao glared. “Try me.” He bucked his hips up to throw Kris off but Kris was surprisingly strong right now.
Tao looked at Kris and could see the barely restrained anger on his face. He scoffed. “What do you have to be so mad about?”
“You’re totally taking this out of proportion.” Kris glared down at Tao.
“Yeah? So what about it? I always take these things out of proportion as you’ve mentioned before.”
“Yeah and you haven’t fixed that, why?”
“That’s my business. Now let me go. I’m going to sleep with Xiumin hyung.” Tao moved his leg to knee Kris in the back/butt but Kris still refused to move even though it probably had to hurt. Tao was pretty strong if he could say so himself.
Tao’s gaze softened a bit when he noticed Kris clenching his teeth. “Kris ge~”
“What?” Kris glared at Tao but he found no tears but a soft, loving glance. He felt his anger slowly melt away. “What, Taozi?”
“Kiss me.” Tao smiled up at Kris.
Kris sighed and shook his head. He leaned down and gently pressed his lips to Tao’s. It was chaste kiss and only lasted for a second but Kris could feel it all the way down to his toes. “Why do you do this to me, Taozi?”
“Because you need someone to shake up that bitchface façade of yours.” Tao smiled as he leaned up and pecked Kris’ cheek.
“I should punish you for that.”
Tao winked. “Go ahead~ you haven’t punished me in a while, duizhang.”
Kris laughed as he placed a kiss on Tao’s forehead. “Another time. We’re going to have get up early.”
Tao pouted. “Fine~ but I’m holding you to that.”
“Of course. Now let’s get washed up and go to sleep.” Kris got up and held out a hand to help Tao up.
Tao glanced at Kris before turning on his side. “You go. I’m too tired.”
“Taozi~” Kris looked at Tao who already had his eyes closed.
“What?” Tao turned over with a pout on his lips.
“We can wash up together.” Kris smiled down at Tao.
Tao thought about it before sighing. “Alright, but I reserve the right to give you a blowjob.”
Kris laughed. “Alright, as long as I get to do the same back.”
“Fine~ it’ll help me sleep easier probably. You know how hard it is to sleep with a boner?” Tao got up, shedding his clothes as he headed for the bathroom.
“Uh yeah…I do it every time you fall asleep before we can have sex.”
Tao looked back at Kris scandalized.
Kris laughed and placed a kiss on Tao’s nose. “I’m just teasing you…it’s only partially true.”
“Duizhang~” Tao pouted.
“Go Taozi~” Kris patted his butt. “Or no sexy shower time.”
He chuckled at how quickly Tao scrambled into the bathroom.

A/N: written pretty quickly and left out the smut because I felt like it :P just had to fic the moment XDDDD
Tags: one shot, tao/kris

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